The All New State Ultra Force by uRQ2xgE


									The All New State Ultra Force
Improved Product Performance

           • The new SUF is a product you already
             know, but now it’s tougher, smarter and
             easier to service
           • New features include:
              –   Higher efficiencies
              –   New improved burner system
              –   Powered anodes
              –   New electronic control system
              –   Flexible venting
                   Features & Benefits

Up to 96% efficiency    Ultra efficiency

New burner system       Quiet operation

Powered anodes          Long-lasting tank

New control system      Eye-level, user-friendly
                        display with plain
                        English diagnostics

Flexible venting        Power-vent or power
                        direct-vent installation
Designed For Efficiency & Durability
1   Power from the top down
     – Pre-mixed burner delivers high           3
2   Easier to install and service       1

     – All controls, gas values, and
       air blower located on top for
       easy access
3   Detailed heater status
     – Heater status information
     – Includes logs and diagnostics
Designed For Efficiency & Durability
4   Powered titanium anodes
     – Long-lasting titanium anodes
       protects from corrosion
     – Require no maintenance or
5                                        4
    Built to last
     – Corrosion-resistant tank with
       durable commercial-quality
       glass-lining on all water-side        5
       surfaces and heat exchange coil
     – Thick foam insulation
               Increased Efficiency

• Ultra Force delivers up to     Model     Thermal Efficiency
  400,000 BTU input with up to
                                 SUF 120          95%
  96% efficiency
• Greater energy savings and     SUF 150          95%
  more hot water delivery for    SUF 199          95%
  each energy dollar spent
                                 SUF 240          95%
                                 SUF 300          96%
                                 SUF 400          96%
Advanced Control System

            • Large LCD display
            • Status of operation, including
            • Strict temperature control
            • Self-diagnostics with plain
              English display
           Advanced Control System
What it does…
• The all new intelligent control
  system makes the State Ultra
  Force the smartest commercial
  water heater ever built.

Control Benefits:
• Large backlit LCD gives “Plain
  English” instructions and
• Provides precise temperature
• Delivers unit operating information
• Gives current operation mode
• Tank temperature and operating
  set point
• Easy to navigate menu
           Advanced Control System

How it makes service & repair easier:
• If service is ever required, the control alerts the
  user of the fault and provides plain English
  diagnostics to assist in correcting the issue
• Control monitors the powered anodes and
  automatically adjusts the anode protection depending on the water
• If the control senses an anode system malfunction it alerts the
  user of the situation allowing them to have the tank inspected and
  avoiding an emergency leak
• Provides detailed heater status information: blower, igniter, igniter
  current, gas valve, flame detection, air inlet restrictions, exhaust
  vent restrictions, acceptable gas supply pressure
           Advanced Control System

How it makes service & repair easier:
• Precise temperature setting with actual tank
  temperature at upper and lower probes
• Maintains a constant log of the number of cycles
  and burner operating time
• Monitors and reports on 32 different potential operating faults.
  Communicates the details of the fault and gives diagnostic
• Maintains a log of any fault occurrence and the time a fault
               New Burner System

• The new SUF burner and blower
  system provides dual benefits
   – Added efficiency
   – Reduced noise levels with NO
     muffler required
             Powered Anode System

• Provides longer-lasting tank protection

Connecting Wires     Perforated Electrodes

     Anode Control
             Powered Anode System
What Benefits does it offer?
• The State powered anode system provides “Ultra”
  tank protection
• Unlike traditional sacrificial anodes that are
  designed to be consumed over time leaving
  the tank unprotected, eventually leading to
  tank failure. However the durable State powered
  anode uses the most modern technology available
  to provide long lasting tank protection.
• No Anode Maintenance or Inspection = Years of dependable
• Powered anodes eliminate the potential for smelly water.
• Proven Dependability - Powered anodes have been used for
  years in Europe and on a limited basis in the United States with
  excellent results.
            Powered Anode System
How does it work?
• The powered anode system consists of two main
   – Potentiostat built into the intelligent control
   – Titanium anode probe
• The potentiostat measures conditions in the tank.
  Based on this information the precise current
  required to meet the reference potential is
  calculated. This exact amount of current is then
  fed to the titanium anode located in the tank so the optimum
  protection level is achieved. These measurements and supply
  cycles alternate at millisecond intervals. Over time or as water
  conditions change the amount of power needed to protect the tank
  is adjusted.
• In the event of an powered anode malfunction or failure the
  intelligent control will flash an alert and explanation.
                          Flexible Venting

• Power-vent and power direct-vent provides uncontaminated air to be
  pulled directly into the unit with the flue gas products being expelled
  directly through the wall outside.

     Sealed                     Sealed                   Indoor                 Indoor
   Direct-vent                Direct-vent             Conventional           Conventional
    Vertical                   Sidewall                 Vertical               Sidewall

          4” Vent                      3” Vent
          120’ Intake                  50’ Intake             4” Vent               4” Vent
          120’ Exhaust                 50’ Exhaust            120’ Exhaust          120’ Exhaust

          3” Vent                      4” Vent                3” Vent               3” Vent
          50’ Intake                   120’ Intake            50’ Exhaust           50’ Exhaust
          50’ Exhaust                  120’ Exhaust

    Note: Chart applies to SUF 120 through 240 models only.
    4” PVC required on SUF 300 – 400 for up to 70 equivalent feet of venting.
Multiple Sizes For Almost Any Job

                     Model    BTU Input   Gallons
                    SUF 120    120,000      60
                    SUF 150    150,000      100
                    SUF 199    199,000      100
                    SUF 240    240,000      100
                    SUF 300    300,000      130
                    SUF 400    399,000      130
Industry Certifications

                SUF 120 - 240

                SUF 300 - 400

            Plus Lox NOx emissions
Control Display – Launch Support

                 • Mobile display for the
                   electronic control panel offers
                   a working demonstration.
Trade Advertising – Launch Support
    Literature – Launch Support

4 Page Color Brochure   4 Page Spec Sheet

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