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					                               The Boy Who Dared

                               By Susan Bartoletti

       My favorite book is The Boy Who Dared, by Susan Bartoletti. This book is
about a boy named Helmuth and his family. They struggle through the Holocaust
to live. Helmuth starts out as a three year old boy who grows up in the Holocaust.
He goes to a Jewish school and is in the Hitler youth. He starts his own detective
agency and solves one crime. When his friend gets injured they take the agency
card and think they are spies. Helmuth is let off without getting into trouble.
Helmuth grows up his two brothers move out and he gets a job. Helmuth is
sneaking around and looking at books he shouldn’t and gets sent to a
concentration camp.

      I liked this book because I am interested in World War 2. My family went
through the Holocaust and moved to America. I liked this book because it shows
how tough Helmuth had to be to live through the Holocaust. It teaches you to be
tough when you need to be. The best part was when Helmuth helps figure out a
murder and he does.

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