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Alston Moor Community Chest by huanghengdong


									           Alston Moor Community Chest Application Criteria

This Fund brings together money from Alston Moor’s European Regional Development Fund
programme and grant programmes managed by Cumbria Community Foundation including
Strengthening Rural Communities and Local Network Fund. The fund is managed by Cumbria
Community Foundation and delivers a small grants programme directly into Alston Moor.

Alston Moor Community Chest has been developed to enable community organisations to access
grants for projects that support the aims of the Alston Moor Partnership.

The Fund will be supporting projects that address one or more of the following themes:
    Developing enterprise and employment on Alston Moor
    Improving access to employment and learning opportunities on Alston Moor
    Developing and maintaining the quality of the built and natural environment on Alston Moor
      in ways that directly stimulate economic development

Who is eligible to apply?
Applications will be welcomed from community organisations with charitable aims but your
organisation does not have to be a registered charity to apply.

What can be funded?
Projects will need to benefit one or more of the following groups:
            People on low incomes including people who are unemployed
            Children and/or young people
            Older adults
            People experiencing stress and/or mental health problems

Priority will be given to projects that tackle one or more of the following issues:
              Creating new or supporting existing social enterprises on Alston Moor
              Improving access to and take up of health, counselling/advisory or learning
                 opportunities on Alston Moor
              Creating and/or contributing to the maintenance of local services on Alston Moor
              Increasing and improving the ability of Alston Moor to help itself
              Creating and/or improving provision which addresses rural isolation on Alston Moor
              Promoting economic development on Alston Moor
              Providing information/guidance to individuals wishing to become self employed on
                 Alston Moor
              Improving the built and natural environment in ways that directly stimulate local
                 economic development on Alston Moor

Projects will need to demonstrate that they can provide a lasting community benefit and that the
community has been involved in identifying and developing the project. We welcome projects that
involve the development of innovative solutions.

What cannot be supported?
Activities that are the responsibility of statutory bodies
Projects that discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability
Retrospective costs

How much can you apply for?
Grants of between £500 and £5,000 are available for revenue and capital costs.
Application process
Please contact Sam Gilchrist Regeneration Officer for Alston Moor(Tel: 01434 381639) or Clare
Edwards Grants Development Officer at Cumbria Community Foundation to discuss your project.
Your organisation will need to complete an application form (available from the address listed
below, our website www. or from Sam Gilchrist at Alston Town Hall).
Applications will be assessed by a committee of local people as part of the Alston Partnership. Final
decisions will be made by Cumbria Community Foundation’s Grants Committee who meet alternate
months. You will be notified of the Committee’s decision within 2 weeks of a meeting.

Assessment criteria
The following criteria will be used to assess the quality of your application. Please tell us how your
project meets these criteria.
     Evidence and degree of community involvement
     Evidence of community use of service/facility
     Evidence of need, what issues will the project address
     How well the project will address the problem you have identified
     Evidence that the grant is required
     Ability of the organisation/individual to manage the project
     Value for money
     Evidence of local fund raising
     What other organisations are active in this area of work

You must nominate someone who can act as an independent referee for you or your organisation.
That is someone who knows about you or your organisation, but who is not a member of its

Any group undertaking project work or activities with children must submit a child protection
policy. Please let a Grants Officer know if you need support in developing a policy.

Supporting information
All successful groups or individuals will be required to keep records of how money is spent
including receipts, and make them available at short notice to the Community Foundation if
required. All records will need to be kept for three years from the completion of the project. The
Foundation or Alston Moor Partnership may also request to visit your project as part of the
assessment process or to see how a grant has been spent.

Who do I contact?
If you would like to find out more about this Fund please contact:
Clare Edwards Grants Development Officer Tel: 01900 825760
Sam Gilchrist Regeneration Officer Alston Moor Partnership Tel: 01434 381639

Details of all Grants Programmes managed by Cumbria Community Foundation and
relevant application forms are available from our office:
Cumbria Community Foundation Unit 6b Lakeland Business Park Cockermouth Cumbria
CA13 0QT Tel: 01900 825760 Fax: 01900 826527

Alston Moor Community Chest is funded by


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