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					Welcome to EXCEL/
Advanced Academics
 Parent Information

    October 11, 2007
    Who is the specialist at my child’s
Tracey Besgrove- Advanced Academics Consultant
   Leigh Ballard- Foster Village, John D. Spicer
   Phillip Benham- Binion, Snow Heights
   Emily Biggers- Green Valley, Carrie Frances Thomas
   Linda DiVall- South Birdville, Birdville, Richland
   Jackie Frederiksen- Smithfield
   Angie Husbenet- North Ridge
   Stacye Onstott- W.A. Porter, Carrie Frances Thomas
   Jacqueline Piasecki- Hardeman, David E. Smith
   Chantelle Read- O. H. Stowe
   Sara Rector- W. T. Francisco, Watauga
   Kathi Watkins- Holiday Heights, Mullendore
   Stefanie Woodard- Walker Creek, West Birdville
FAQs about
    What is EXCEL vs Advanced

   Advanced Academics is the district
    department that coordinates classes
    and programs for BISD’s gifted
    students K-12
   EXCEL is the gifted pull-out class at
    the elementary level
How do I explain “gifted” to my
         Indicators of Giftedness:

   General/Specific/Creative aptitude
   Problem solving ability
   Awareness/ sensitivity
   Pace of learning
   Depth of understanding
Does my child work with the
   Advanced Academics
Specialist on his/her campus?
   First and Second grades-
     • 1 hour pull-out class

   Third, Fourth, and Fifth grades-
    • 2 hour pull-out class
    How does the EXCEL class
    meet the needs of my gifted
   Address Social and Emotional aspects
    unique to gifted individuals
   Work with other gifted students
   Add Depth and Complexity
   Develop Critical Thinking Skills
   Develop Creative Thinking Skills
         What does my child do in
             EXCEL class?
   Curriculum units designed around
    themes and generalizations:
    •   1st Grade- Thinking Skills
    •   2nd Grade- Mysteries
    •   3rd Grade- Challenges
    •   4th Grade- Explorations
    •   5th Grade- Power
    What forms of communication
       will I expect from the
       Elementary Advanced
       Academics Specialist?
   Progress Report Card
   Newsletter
   Website
    • Department
    • Campus
   Information about in-district and out-
    of-district opportunities
Is my child required to make up
    the work missed while in
   BISD Policy
    •   Responsible for content
    •   Not required to make up work
    •   May have to show competency
    •   Talk to teacher first
    •   If further concerns, contact specialist
How are my child’s academic needs
  met in the regular classroom?

    Cluster grouping
    Trained classroom teachers
    Differentiated assignments
    Will my child be re-assessed for
    the gifted program each year?

   Gifted label will stay with a student
    throughout BISD years
     What happens when my child
    goes to middle and high school?
   Middle School
    • Pre-AP Math Classes
    • GT-Pre-AP Classes
         English/ Language Arts/Humanities
         Math/Science

   High School
    • Content Area AP Classes
    • 9th Grade GT-AP Classes
         All Core Areas
Unanswered Questions?