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					NET100 Introduction to Networking
15-Day Lesson Plan
Effective: 5 January 2006

Week       Day                                        Lesson and Assignment
          Day 1    Networking Basics
                   Introduction to course. Understanding Network Communication. Network Media, LANs, WANs, and
                   MANs, signals and protocol, broadband and baseband communications. Introducing the OSI
                   Reference Model. Protocol interaction, data encapsulation; Physical, Data-Link, Network, Transport,
                   Session, Presentation, and Application layers.
                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 2    Network Cabling
 Week 1

                   Understanding network cables: topologies, standards, and types. Pulling cable: external and internal
                   installations. Making connections: two-computer networking, connecting external and internal
                   cables. Review for Quiz 1.
                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 3    Quiz 1: Networking Basics and Cabling
                   Network Connection Hardware
                   Using network interface adapters. Understanding adapter functions, selecting and installing network
                   interface adapters. Configuring the adapter. Installing adapter drivers. Network interface adapter
                   tools and troubleshooting. Using network hubs. Understanding Ethernet Hubs and Token Ring
                   MAUs. Using Advanced network connection devices: bridging, routing, switching, and using
                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 4    Data-Link Layer Protocols
                   Ethernet and Token Ring standards. The Ethernet frame, CSMA/CD mechanism, physical layer
                   specifications, Token Passing, Token Ring frames. Fiber-Distributed Data Interface: physical layer
                   specifications and FDDI frames. Wireless networking standards and the IEEE 802.11 physical and
                   MAC layers. Review for Quiz 2.
                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 5    Quiz 2: Network Hardware and the Data-Link Layer
 Week 2

                   Network Layer Protocols
                   Internet Protocol (IP), standards and functions, understanding IP addressing. Internetwork Packet
                   Exchange (IPX) and functions. NetBEUI standards, naming, and the NetBEUI frame. AppleTalk
                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 6    Transport Layer Protocols
                   TCP/IP and the Transport layer. TCP and UDP ports and sockets. Novell NetWare and the
                   Transport Layer: SPX and NCP.

                   Introducing TCP/IP: development, standards, and the protocol stack. Link layer protocols, address
                   resolution protocol, Internet protocol (IP), Internet control message protocol (ICMP), TCP/IP
                   transport layer protocols, application layer protocols.
                   Workbook Assignment:
NET100 Introduction to Networking
15-Day Lesson Plan
Effective: 5 January 2006

Week       Day                                          Lesson and Assignment
          Day 7    TCP/IP
                   Understanding routing, router products. Understanding and building routing tables. Configuring
                   TCP/IP for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and NetWare. Review for Quiz 3.
                   Workbook Assignment:

          Day 8    Quiz 3: Transport and Network Protocols and TCP/IP
 Week 3

                   Networking Software
                   Client/Server and Peer-to-Peer Networking. Server Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Novell
                   NetWare, UNIX/Linux, and Apple Macintosh. Connecting Clients: Microsoft Windows, UNIX/Linux,
                   and Macintosh Client Capabilities. Understanding directory services: the NetWare bindery, Novell
                   eDirectory, Windows NT Domains, Active Directory, Network Information System (NIS).
                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 9    Networking Software
                   Understanding TCP/IP Services: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Host files,
                   Understanding the Domain Name Service (DNS) and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).

                   Network Security and Availability
                   Understanding Firewalls; packet-filtering and stateful packet inspection. Using NAT:
                   communications, types, security, port forwarding, and implementations. Using a proxy server: proxy
                   packet inspection, adaptive proxy, proxy server implementations.
                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 10   Network Security and Availability
                   Understanding security protocols: IPSec, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), Secure Sockets Layer
                   (SSL), and Kerberos. Providing fault-tolerance: data and server availability. Performing backups of
                   hardware and software. Review for Quiz 4

                   Remote Network Access
                   Remote connection requirements, WAN connection types: Public switched telephone network,
                   ISDN, DSL, CATV networks, leased lines, Frame Relay, SONET/ATM.
 Week 4

                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 11   Quiz 4: Network Software and Security
                   Remote Network Access
                   Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP), Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Point-to-Point over Ethernet,
                   Virtual Private Networking, terminal connections.

                   Network Troubleshooting Tools
                   Logs and Indicators: power and drive lights, link pulse LEDs, speed indicator LEDs, collision LEDs,
                   error displays, event logs, Network Management products, performance monitors, protocol
                   analyzers. Crossover cables, hardware loopback connectors, tone generators and locators, wire
                   map testers, multifunction cable testers, fiber-optic cable testing. TCP/IP ultilies: ping, traceroute,
                   Ifconfig, IPconfig, winipcfg, ARP, Netstat, Nbtstat, and Nslookup.
                   Workbook Assignment:
NET100 Introduction to Networking
15-Day Lesson Plan
Effective: 5 January 2006

Week       Day                                        Lesson and Assignment
          Day 12   Network Troubleshooting Procedures
                   Troubleshooting a network: establishing symptoms, identifying the affected area, establishing what
                   has changed, selecting the most probable cause, implementing a solution, testing the results,
                   recognizing potential effects of the solution, and documenting the solution.

                   Network Troubleshooting Scenario
                   INCIDENT: “I can’t access a web site.”
                   Gathering information. Possible causes: Internet router problem, Internet communication problem,
                   DNS failure, LAN communications problem, computer configuration problem, user error. Review for
                   Quiz 5.
                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 13   Quiz 5: Network Access and Troubleshooting
 Week 5

                   Review for Final Exam
                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 14   Review for Final Exam
                   Workbook Assignment:
          Day 15   FINAL EXAM: CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

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