Gulfport Elementary

Parent-Student Handbook

     2014 52nd Street South
      Gulfport, FL 33707
                              OUR MISSION
   We believe in our students. Gulfport Elementary School’s
mission is to guide and empower our students while we all learn
              and develop in our global community.

                               OUR VISION
 A positive learning environment where personal success is an
  achievable objective every student, family, and staff member
                  believes and actively pursues.

                        OUR SHARED VALUES
ALL of the adults in our school bear the ultimate responsibility for
learning and for creating a safe, civil and productive school climate.

ALL students should perceive unconditional acceptance and high
expectations from ALL school personnel.

Collaboration, inquiry and equity among staff, students and families are
critical to student success.

All of the people in the school community should be treated with dignity
and respect.

Student needs are the priority.

Expectations for student behavior in all school settings should be clear,
consistent, equitable and directly taught to students.

School is important to our student’s success in life.

We positively can teach ALL students and ALL students can learn.

                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

People, Places and Things to Know    5

Staff Roster                         6

District Student Calendar            7

General Policies and Procedures      8

Transportation Procedures            16

Communication                        19

Breakfast and Lunch Program          20

School Behavior Management Plan      21

Uniform Policy                       25

Title I Compact                      27

Sign off Sheet                       29

                      PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS TO KNOW!

       Monday through Friday                                      8:50 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.
                        School begins promptly at 8:50 a.m.
            Students should be in class ready to begin the day by 8:50 a.m.

                           GULFPORT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                                   2014 52nd Street South
                                   Gulfport, Florida 33707
                                    Phone 727-893-2643
                                     Fax 727-552-1574
                            Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Lisa Grant                     Suzanne Hester              Angela Shepard
Principal                      Assistant Principal         Secretary/Bookkeeper
grantli@pcsb.org               hesters@pcsb.org

Hanne Farrow                   Rachael Henry               Mary Ruth Bumgarner
Data Management Tech.          Receptionist                Office Clerk

Precious Barr                  Ashley Joinville            Barbara Henderson
Guidance Counselor             Nurse Assistant             School Nurse

Linda Clifford                 Sean Campbell               Randy Deering
Manager                        Head Plant Operator         Family & Community
Food Service                                               Liaison

                               Pinellas County School Board
                                  Administration Building


                                             Gulfport Elementary School
                                              2008-2009 Staff Roster

Principal                  Lisa Grant                Assistant Principal       Suzanne Hester
Secretary/Bookkeeper       Angela Shepard            Data Management Tech.     Hannelore Farrow
Receptionist               Rachael Henry             Head Plant Operator       Sean Campbell

Traditional-Kindergarten   Holly Brody               Kindergarten-Montessori   Senen Balce
Traditional-Kindergarten   Karen McCord              Kindergarten-Montessori   Fran Strayhorn
Traditional Kindergarten   Cheryl McCullers          1st-3rd Montessori        Patricia Barnard
1st Grade                  Felicia Evans             1st-3rd Montessori        Penny Dawson
1st Grade                  Joanne Lentino            1st-3rd Montessori        Conchita Davis
1st Grade ESP              Teralyn Hodge             1st-3rd Montessori        Donna Mulholland
2nd Grade                  Daisy Bradwell            1st-3rd Montessori        Wanda Rothrock
2nd Grade                  Jason Horner              2nd-3rd Montessori        Venus Kalakauskis
2nd Grade                  Carolyn Maguire           4th-5th Montessori        Kari DeKalb
3rd Grade                  Beth Myers                4th-5th Montessori        Kathy Ludlum
3rd Grade                  Stephanie Stenger         VE Pre-K                  Lori Westlund
3rd Grade STARS            Don Sankovitch            VE Kindergarten-2nd       Joan Glover
4th Grade                  Jennifer Taylor           IVE Pre-K                 Elaine Harris
4th Grade                  Lamar Washington          VE 3rd-5th                Jeffrey Jackson
5th Grade                  Susan Campbell            Guidance Counselor        Precious Barr
5th Grade                  Laura Gorman              Schoolwide Instr. Coach   Brenda Butler
Music                      Chavis Cook               ESE Resource              Estella Hall
PE Teacher                 Paul Hanson               Read 180                  Emily Lahm
Art                        Craig Petersburg          Montessori Coord.         DonnaJo Reynolds
VE Resource                Amy Robles                Media Specialist          Sara Smith
Behavior Coach             Mike Temples              Speech                    Rosalyn Walker
Hourly Teacher             Andrea Allen              Hourly Teacher            Annette Anthony
Hourly Teacher             Diane Bains               Hourly Teacher            Erin Clary
Hourly Teacher             Karen Hinz                Hourly Teacher            Carol Hoffmann
Hourly Teacher             Stacy Jordan

Montessori Assistant       Debora Auman              ESE Associate             Dawn Ballard
Montessori Assistant       Camille Barnes            Montessori Assistant      Cheryl Bayonet
Montessori Assistant       Marjie-Jean Blanton       PE Assistant              Patricia Borland
Plant Operator             Don Brown                 ESE Associate             Latrenda Browne
Office Assistant           Mary Ruth Bumgarner       Fam. & Comm. Liaison      Anne Cavazuti
ESE Associate              Elizabeth Cesal           Pre-K Group Leader        Stephanie Collins
Montessori Assistant       Ines de Azevedo           ESE Associate             Lisa Fairchild
Plant Operator             Glenn Ford                Montessori Assistant      Carolyn Hale
Nurse                      Barbara Henderson         Plant Operator            Edward Henderson
Montessori Assistant       Darlene Heyne             Montessori Assistant      Noel Hugan
Food Service               Beverly Jackson           Nurse Assistant           Ashley Joinville
Cafeteria Assistant        Matty Lane                Montessori Assistant      Monique Lee
Fam. & Community
Liaison                    Jim Martin                Night Foreman             Tommie Mason
Montessori Assistant       Donna McGill              PE Assistant              Freddie Middlebrooks
Montessori Assistant       Jessica Morin             Food Service              Rosie Parker
Staffing Clerk             Laurie Pedersen           Cafeteria Assistant       Johnnie Rhines
ESE Associate              Lisa Robinson             ESE Associate             Kathi Socia
ESE Associate              John Terrana              Food Service              Edward Walker
ESE Associate              Janice Watkins            Plant Operator - PT       Allen Williams

                                          District Student Calendar

Aug. 19   Schools open; classes begin.

Aug. 21   Open House - 6:00 p.m.

Sept.1    Labor Day holiday. Schools closed.

Sept. 6   PTA Workshop at PPHS

Sept. 12 School Pictures taken

Sept. 22-Oct. 3 Bus Evacuation Drills

Oct. 15   Picture Retakes

Oct. 17   Schools closed for students. State Professional Development Day.
          (designated hurricane make-up day)

Nov. 19 Progress Energy Great American Teach-In.

Nov. 24-28   Thanksgiving holidays. Schools closed for students.

Nov. 14 Report Cards distributed

Dec. 22-Jan. 2   Winter holidays. Schools closed.

Jan. 16 Schools closed for students. Professional Development Day
        First semester ends

Jan. 19 Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Schools closed.

Feb. 7 Annual Pancake Breakfast

Feb. 9-20 Bus Evacuation Drills
Feb. 10-13 FCAT Writing+ Test (4 grade)

Feb. 16 Schools closed for students. Professional Development Day

Feb. 27   Report Cards distributed

March 4 Group Pictures
                                                              rd   th   th
Mar. 10-23 FCAT Reading, Math, Science, SSS and NRT (3 , 4 and 5 grades)

Mar. 30-Apr. 3   Spring holidays. Schools closed.

April 8 Volunteer Appreciation

May 25 Memorial Day holiday. Schools closed

June 2 Last day for students - two-hour early release for students.
       Second semester ends.
       Report Cards distributed

    An AIP will be developed for each student.

        Each student will be issued an agenda book and a white binder. Teachers will consistently
use the agenda books as a home-school communication tool. Parents are asked to review and
sign the agenda book regularly. Parents are welcome to write notes to the classroom teacher in
the agenda book.
        Agenda book use is required of all students. If a student loses his/her agenda book, he/she
will be required to purchase a replacement book.

       Arrival: Students arrive at school between 8:20 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. For student
safety, students are not to be on school campus before 8:20 a.m. unless they are enrolled in
the R’Club. If a student arrives before 8:20 a.m., parents/guardians will be called to come
supervise the child until 8:20 a.m. Breakfast is served from 8:20 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. Students
need to arrive before 8:40 in order to eat breakfast. Students arriving between 8:20 and 8:40
report to the cafeteria for breakfast or report directly to their classrooms. Students arriving
between 8:40 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. report directly to their classroom.
       Dismissal: Students are to walk with their teacher directly to their dismissal area when they
are dismissed. If you need to pick up your child before the regular dismissal time, please
report to the school office to sign your child out. Your child will be called from class.
Notify the office of any dismissal changes for your child before 2 p.m. The office is unable
to accommodate early pick-ups after 2:30 p.m. Parents must pick up their child no more
than 30 minutes after the school day ends. All students must be picked up by 3:20 p.m.
Supervision will not be provided beyond that time. Students not picked up will be taken to the
R‟Club at 3:20 p.m., and parents will be required to pay R‟Club when they pick up their child.

           Half of life is showing up. Come to school every day on time and ready to learn.
        Regular student attendance is critical to each child‟s success at school. Please be sure
your child is at school on time each day. Please schedule appointments and vacations so your
child misses as little school as possible.
        Absences: If a student is absent, please call the school office at 893-2643. A written note
is required for all student absences. According to Pinellas County School policy excused
absences include: illness, major illness in the immediate family, death in the immediate family,
religious holiday, subpoena or parental request as judged appropriate by the administration (and
submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the absence).
        TRUENCY INTERVENTION PROGRAM: As per state statute, we are required to report
excessive absences.
     After 3 unexcused absences, the teacher contacts the parent/guardian.
     After 5 unexcused absences, an Attendance Warning Letter is sent home and the school
        social worker is notified.
     The social worker will monitor the students attendance
     If there are further unexcused absences, the social worker must file a referral with the State
        Attorney‟s Office

       Tardies: A student is considered tardy if he/she is not in class by the 8:50 a.m. bell. After
8:50 a.m., a child must report to the office for a tardy slip. If a student is habitually tardy, the
teacher will call the parent and a letter of concern will be sent home. A referral to the State
Attorney‟s office may be made. IF A STUDENT ARRIVES TO SCHOOL AFTER 8:50 A.M., A

         Elementary students are not allowed to have cell phones at school without prior written
permission from the principal. If a student brings a cell phone to school without written permission,
it will be confiscated. The cell phone will be returned to the parent/guardian.

        If a significant change occurs in your home, please notify the teacher as soon as possible.
All information will be kept confidential. Sharing the information will help the teacher best support
your child and address his or her needs. Use your best judgment and share the changes that
might affect your child‟s behavior, academics, security and general well being. Some common
causes of distress include: either or both parents/guardians away from the home for an extended
period of time, new person living in the home, illness or hospitalization within the family, accident or
death within the family, new employment, moving, death of a pet, etc.
        It is important that you notify the teacher and/or office of any changes in phone
number, address or emergency contacts immediately.

         For your child‟s health and safety, it is important that the office have a current clinic card on
file for your child. At the beginning of the year or at registration, each parent is asked to complete
the yellow clinic card and return it to school. Please update the clinic/office when any changes
(phone numbers, contacts, etc.) occur.
         The clinic and/or office cannot contact or release your child to anyone not on the clinic
card/office card. A current clinic card allows us to best help your child if he/she is sick or injured.

       Parent-school communication is critical to the student‟s success. Parents are encouraged
to communicate regularly with the classroom teacher. Please write a note or call with any
questions, comments or concerns. A monthly newsletter will be sent home with students to inform
parents of activities and events. The Connect-Ed phone system will also be used to share
important information with families.
       Office card and Clinic card: It is imperative that parents keep an up-to-date white office
card and yellow clinic card. A new card must be completed each year or each time there is a

SCHOOL. All students are expected to dress in uniform every day.
       For your convenience, the uniform policy is included in the back of the handbook. Uniforms
must be worn daily. Clothing should be kept clean and in good repair.
       Gulfport Elementary Uniform:
             TOPS:        Blouses and shirts with a collar. SHIRTS ARE TO BE WORN
TUCKED IN. All blouses, shirts, sweaters and jackets should be solid navy blue, light blue or
white. Gulfport Elementary School t-shirts are also allowed.
             BOTTOMS: Slacks, shorts, jumpers, skirts or skorts in navy blue or khaki. All
bottoms should be belted or fit securely around the waist.
             SHOES: Sneakers, enclosed toe shoes or sandals with a back strap. Flip flops or
other backless sandals are not safe for required school activities.
             No headgear is to be worn at school.
             Uniforms are available at J.C. Penny, Bealls, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target and thrift and
consignment shops.
       Parents are encouraged to donate outgrown uniforms to the school to help other students in

       Emergency drills are conducted monthly.        Evacuation, tornado and lock-down drills are

        Field trips are an integral part of the school program and students‟ learning. Students will
take field trips to enrich their learning experiences. Parents will be notified of all field trips in
advance. Each student must return a signed permission slip prior to the trip. Written permission
on the Pinellas County Field Trip Permission form is required before a student can be allowed to
participate. Phone, faxed or handwritten permission cannot be accepted.

       The Pinellas County grade system is as follows for grades 1 and 2:
              E            Excellent
              V            Very Good
              S            Satisfactory
              N            Needs Improvement
              U            Unsatisfactory
       The Pinellas County grade system is as follows for grades 3, 4, and 5:
              90-100       A
              80-89        B
              70-79        C
              60-69        D
              0-59         F
              Incomplete I
       Kindergarten has a separate report card indicating progress toward kindergarten
       Students in grades K-5 receive an Art, Music and PE grade of E, V, S, N, or U each grading
period. Students in K-5 also receive conduct and work habit marks of E, V, S, N, or U each
grading period.
       Grade Reports: Grade reports are sent home three times a year for students in grades 1
through 5 (November, March, and June) and twice a year for students in kindergarten. At
approximately the half way point of each grading period, mid period reports are sent home to
parents/guardians in grades 1-5 with an N, U, D, or F in any subject.
       Student Honors:
              Honor Roll: Students in grades 3-5 who receive no grade lower than a “B” in the
academic subjects and who achieve all “E‟s”/”V‟s”/”S‟s” in grades for conduct, work habits, physical
education, art and music shall have their names entered on the Honor Roll.
              Principal’s List: Students in grades 3-5 who receive all “A‟s” in the academic
subjects, and who achieve all “E‟s”/”V‟s”/”S‟s” in grades for conduct, work habits, physical
education, art and music shall have their names entered on the Principal‟s List.

       Clinic: The clinic serves ill and injured students and dispenses medication. The clinic is
staffed by our full time nurse assistant. If a student is sent to the clinic, the parent will be notified.
       Be aware that only people listed on the clinic card may take a student from school.
       Emergency Procedures: Student safety is of extreme importance to school staff. In case
of an accident or sudden illness, the school will not hesitate to seek proper care for a child. The
parent will be called and, if necessary, 911 will be contacted. It is very important that you keep
emergency contact information current. If there are any changes in a phone number or contact
person, inform your child‟s teacher or the office immediately.
       Medications: If a student must take medication at school, either prescription or over
the counter, the medication must be kept and administered through the clinic.
Arrangements must be made ahead of time through the school nurse. If your child needs to take
any type of medication at school, including cough drops and Tylenol, please contact our school
nurse at 893-2643, ext. 2003 or 429-8649.
       Emergency Cards: Please be sure to keep your child’s emergency information
updated. If any changes occur, notify your child’s teacher or the school office.
       Nurse Services: A registered nurse serves Gulfport Elementary students two days a week.
A nurse assistant is on duty each day during school hours to help with student‟s health needs. If
you have any health concerns or questions, please call our nurse at 893-2643 ext. 2003 or 429-

        Students are expected to complete homework. Homework is designed to support learning,
foster independence and enrich each child‟s school experience. Assignments will be designed to
meet individual student‟s needs and abilities. Homework assignments will support the lessons and
learning in the classroom. Homework assignments will vary according to the child‟s age and
needs. Teachers will inform parents of the homework policy at the beginning of the school year.
Each child is expected to read at home nightly.

      Students will visit the Media Center regularly to check out books. Students may also visit
the Media Center before and after school to check in or check out books. Lost or damaged books
must be paid for in a timely manner.

      To avoid problems, please be sure your child leaves all valuables, toys and other items at
home. Clearly mark all clothing and lunch bags with your child‟s name.
      The Lost and Found is located in the front office. You are welcome to check the Lost and
Found periodically for any lost items. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each

        Our food service program offers breakfast and lunch daily.
        Free & Reduced Lunch Forms: A new free/reduced lunch form must be completed each
year. If anything in the family situation changes during the year, a parent can complete a new
        Charges: Students are unable to charge meals. When a student‟s lunch account balance
is low, a reminder note will be sent home with the child. Students who owe money or do not have
money on their account will have a cheese sandwich and milk for lunch until payment is made.

      A multicultural committee composed of staff and students will promote activities to learn
about different cultures and continually improve the school climate.

        The school publishes a monthly newsletter to keep parents informed of school events and
activities. The newsletter will be sent home with students on the third Monday of each month.

        Parent/guardian participation is highly encouraged and a critical part of the success of
Gulfport Elementary School and of our students. Research shows that parent involvement has a
positive and long term effect upon a child‟s learning and growth.
        Parents are encouraged to communicate with the teacher on a regular basis. It is important
to attend conferences, open house, family nights and other school activities.
        Parents are invited to volunteer at school. The Family & Community Liaison coordinates all
volunteers and matches each person‟s skills, talents and desires to the needs of the teachers and
the school.
        We invite you to be an active member of our school community!
        Classroom visitation: Parents are welcome to visit the classroom to observe their child.
Parents must call the teacher or school office to schedule a visit allowing 24 hour notice.
        Siblings may not visit the classroom during school hours (unless special arrangements have
been made with the teacher).
        Conferences: Parents are expected to conference at least twice each year with the
classroom teacher. Call the school office to schedule a conference.
        When parents are divorced or separated, both parents have full rights to participate in the
child‟s school activities and know what is happening at school unless there is a court document
limiting that access. If such a paper exists, then the principal must have a certified copy. The non-
residential parent will not be allowed to remove the child from school without the permission of the
residential parent unless there is a certified copy of a court order saying that the non-residential
parent can remove the child from school. A non-residential parent has access to student records
and information unless a court order prohibits such access.
        Give the school written permission if you want a stepparent, who is not the legal guardian of
the child, to have information about the child or sign forms related to the child. Permission must be
submitted to the school every year.

      Students are asked to keep all personal belongings, toys, cards, etc. at home. Candy, gum
and other similar products should also be left at home.
Elementary students are not permitted to have cell phones, pagers, beepers,
electronic games, CD players or MP3 players at school without written
permission from the principal. If a student brings personal items to school,
the item will be confiscated and only returned to the parent/guardian.
       If you find unfamiliar objects in your child‟s pockets, back pack or room, please return them
to the school. Many of our materials, such as the small pink cubes and beads are intriguing to
children. However, many of the pieces are expensive and difficult to replace. We appreciate your
       Please be sure all lunch boxes, coats, sweaters and other personal items are clearly
marked with your child‟s name.

      The teacher and principal must give prior approval before pets can visit the classroom.
Parents will be notified before any pets or live animals visit the classroom. Any pets must be
leashed or caged. For health reasons, students may not handle amphibians, reptiles or birds.

       Individual student pictures will be taken in the fall. Group class pictures will be taken in the
spring. Students wear uniforms on picture day.

      The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a tremendous volunteer organization that supports
our school and our students. Every parent is encouraged to become a PTA member. PTA
meetings are held throughout the year and all parents are invited to attend. The PTA also sends
home a newsletter to keep parents informed of activities and opportunities.

      The R‟Club offers on-site before and after school care. They open at 6:30 am and close at
6:00 pm. To make arrangements call R‟Club at 327-4489.

      Students, staff and parents are expected to be respectful of themselves, others and all
property at all times.
      Be prepared to pay for any damage done to School Board property by your child. If
payment is not made and the amount is substantial, the principal will forward the matter to the

       The School Advisory Council (SAC) is composed of staff, parents and community members.
The purpose of SAC is to support the development and implementation of the School Improvement
Plan. Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings once each month at 6 p.m. Parents are invited to

       Our School Improvement Plan outlines our school goals and the strategies to accomplish
those goals. A copy of the SIP is available at the school or on the school and state website.

        You have the right to look at your child‟s school records. To look at records, submit a
written request to the principal listing the records you want to see. A time will be arranged for you
to view the records. You have a right to request a change in your school records if you believe the
records are inaccurate, misleading or violate privacy rights. Any request for changes must be
submitted to the principal in writing listing what change is requested and the reason for the change.
        You have the right to let other people see your school records. The law also allows some
people to see your records without your consent. A school district employee or adult volunteer
may see your records if information is needed to do their job.
         Release of information: Some information is not confidential and may be released
without your consent. This is called “directory information” and includes: legal name, dates of
attendance, field of study, participation in activities, awards received, most recent educational
institution attended, academic work intended for publication or display and the image or likeness in
pictures, videotape, film or other medium. If you do not want this information released, you must
inform the principal in writing no later than September 15th of each school year.
       Both parents have a right to see their child‟s school records unless there is a certified copy
of a court order on file at the school.
       Refer to the Code of Student Conduct (page iv) for further information regarding student
records and release of information.

        Student supplies are supplied by the school. Below is an optional district supply list.
Parents are welcome to provide the supplies listed, but it is not required.
Elementary-Primary                                        Elementary-Intermediate
    1 pkg. (12 pack) #2 pencils                           1 pkg. (24 pack) #2 pencils
    1 pencil box (prefer 5x8 size)                        1 zippered pencil pouch
    2 magic rub erasers                                   2 pkgs. (200ct.) wide rule notebook
    5 various color folders with 2 pockets & 3 prongs     5 various color folders with 2
                                                              pockets & 3 prongs
    2 composition or spiral notebooks (wide rule)         2 composition books
    1 box of Crayola Crayons 16/24 count                  1 box of colored pencils
    1 pkg. (3 pack) glue sticks                           1 pkg. (3 pack) glue sticks
    1 pair blunt scissors                                 1 pair pointed scissors
                                                          2 highlighters
                                                          1 1” 3-ring binder
                             Other donations can be made to the school in general
        For our children‟s safety, all parents and other visitors must check in at the office and wear a
visitor‟s badge while on campus. Gulfport Elementary School uses the V-Soft Tracking System
(Raptor) to screen for registered sex offenders. A valid state issued ID is required to enter our
campus.       Be sure to have identification when you visit school or pick up your child.
Parents/guardians or visitors that refuse to produce a valid ID may be asked to leave the school as
their identity cannot be verified. The principal or assistant principal may allow limited access based
on their personal understanding of the situation and/or knowledge of the person in question.
        Parents are welcome to visit the school for lunch or to observe their child. Classroom
observations must be scheduled with the teacher to arrange the most meaningful time to visit.
Siblings and friends are not allowed to visit, as this can cause a disruption to the learning

       Volunteers are an important part of our school community and contribute significantly to the
success of our school and our students. The Family & Community Liaison coordinates all
volunteers. Volunteers MUST register through the Family & Community Liaison prior to
volunteering. Parents/guardians must be registered volunteers in order to chaperone field trips.
He/she will coordinate the best situation based upon each volunteer‟s talents, skill and abilities and
the needs of the teachers and school. Volunteers will receive training specific to their

      The federal government is requiring all school districts to develop a wellness policy
addressing the following four areas:
      1. Nutrition education
      2. Physical activity
      3. Other school-based activities
      4. Foods on campus                             (Refer to next page for specific guidelines)
                               TRANSPORTATION PROCEDURES

       Students are welcome to arrive at school between 8:20 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. Student
supervision begins at 8:20 a.m. For student safety, students are not to be on campus prior to
8:20 a.m. unless they are enrolled in the R‟Club before school care program. If a student arrives
before 8:20 a.m., the parent/guardian will be called to come supervise the child.
       Breakfast is served from 8:20 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. With the exception of late bus students, NO

     When bike riders arrive in the morning, they will walk their bike directly to the bike
compound and report directly to the cafeteria or to their classroom.
     Students are expected to follow the Bicycle Guidelines at all times.
     Bicycle Guidelines
           1. WEAR A HELMET
           2. Walk your bike on school grounds
           3. Ride only your own bike
           4. Ride single
           5. Park and lock your bike in the bicycle compound

        When the bus arrives, students exit the bus safely and orderly and report to the cafeteria or
to their classroom. Students are expected to follow the bus guidelines at all times on the bus and
at the bus stop.
Bus Guidelines
               1. Follow the bus driver and assistant‟s directions at all times
               2. Follow our school expectations and make safe respectable choices
               3. Follow the Pinellas County bus expectations

Expectations      Rules
Be respectful     Show courtesy to driver and others
                  Speak quietly to your neighbor
                  Keep floor and seat clean and undamaged
Be responsible    Walk on and off the bus
                  Sit and stay in assigned seat
                  Keep feet, hands and objects to self and inside the bus
                  Listen and follow directions
                  Follow the law--voices off at railroad tracks
                  Wear seat belt if available
                  Cross in front of the bus
Be honest         Tell the truth
                  Ride on your assigned bus
                  Get on and off at your assigned stop
Be self-motivated Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before pick up time
                  Promote a safe ride to and from school for yourself and others
                               Your ride is all about
                           Sit and stay in assigned seat
                           Act responsibly and respectfully
                           Feet, hands and objects to self & inside the bus
                           Emergency and railroad tracks—voices off
                           Talk quietly to your neighbor
                           Your driver is the leader

                                                       Claudia Hunter, Brenda Lewis & Karen Hodges
                                                       Safe & Drug Free Schools & Transportation
                                                       Revised November 14, 2003

        Car riders are dropped off and picked up at the car circle located at the front of the school.
Car riders may arrive in the morning between 8:20 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. Students are expected to
follow the Car Rider Guidelines at all times.
*For safety reasons, we ask parents to drop off and pick up their children in the front car
circle. Please DO NOT use the bus circle to drop off or pick up car riders.*

      Unless they are eating breakfast, walkers should arrive at school after 8:20 a.m. and report
 directly to their classroom. Walkers will be dismissed at the end of the day and go directly home.
 Walkers are expected to follow the Walker Guidelines at all times.
      Walker Guidelines
               1. Enter school grounds at the front entrance
               2. Walk on the sidewalk at all times
               3. Use the crosswalk and follow the Crossing Guard‟s directions and signal to cross
                   the street
               4. Follow our school expectations and make safe respectable choices

PURPOSE: To keep all students safe and to create an organized, efficient end of the day for
students, staff and parents.
PROCESS: Each teacher will walk their class through the dismissal process at a designated
time and drop-off students at their dismissal zone. A dismissal bell will not be used. An
announcement will be made to dismiss each building „zone‟.
ROUTE:        All classes will walk the same route
              1. Walker Meet Area (outside benches by Asst. Principal‟s office)
              2. R‟Club
              3. Busses
              4. Bike Compound
              5. Car Riders
              6. Parent Meet Area

    Walker Meet Zone
          An area designated for siblings and others that need to meet to
    walk home together.
          AREA:        Outside benches by Asst. Principal‟s office
                    Students will SIT along the wall and wait quietly.
                    Once students have met at the meet zone, they will immediately walk
                       directly and quietly off campus.
          AREA:        South end of multipurpose room.

Bus Rider Zone
            AREA:          Bus ramp at the south end of the building.
                               Students walk directly onto their bus.
                               If a bus is not there: students sit along the sidewalk, by bus,
                                  outside the southwest doors at the bus ramp (doors closest to
                                  the bike compound).
                               GULFPORT REC: Students sit along wall outside southeast
                                  gate (gate nearest cafeteria).
     Bike Rider Zone
            AREA:          South bike compound
                               Retrieve bike (and wait for any sibling, etc.)
                               Walk bike off campus
     Car Rider Zone
            AREA:          Front of the building, along the sidewalk in front of the office windows.
                               Students SIT on the sidewalk, facing the car circle and watch for
                                  their car.
                               Students SIT and talk quietly until their car arrives.
                               Students stay in the car rider zone unless they have permission
                                  from a staff member to leave.
                               Students walk to the rail and wait for the car to come to a
                                  complete stop before entering the car.
                               Students wait for the car to pull up to the sidewalk portion of the
                   NOTE: Please, no conferences at the car circle.
     Parent Pick-Up Zone
            An area at the front of the building for parents/guardians that walk to meet their child
            at the end of the day.
            AREA:          Flag pole area at the front of the building.
                               Students be dropped at the flag pole and leave
                                  with their parent/guardian.
                               Students will sit and wait at the car rider area until their
                                  parent arrives and a staff member escorts them to the parent
                                  meet area (at the chains)
                               Parents are asked to wait on the north sidewalk for their
                                  child to be escorted to them

       On-going communication between parents and the school is very important. If questions or
concerns arise, parents should first contact the teacher. Parent teacher conferences will be
scheduled throughout the year to discuss student progress and address any concerns. Parents
may also request a teacher conference at any time. Teachers will communicate to parents through
the agenda book, classroom letters and newsletters, phone calls, progress reports and parent
teacher conferences.
       Parents can support home-school communication by checking their child‟s agenda nightly
and reading all school mail. Parents are encouraged to call or contact the school if they have any
questions. We want you to have the information you need to support your child.
       School news and information will be shared through Connect Ed phone calls, monthly
school newsletters, flyers, monthly SAC meetings, Principal coffees, our school web page and
various other events and activities.
       Parents are a critical part of our successful team and are encouraged to communicate any
and all questions and concerns.

                             BREAKFAST AND LUNCH PROGRAM

      The Food Service program offers breakfast and lunch to students daily.

                 Student                $1.00
                 Reduced price          $ .30
                 Adult price            $1.75

                     Student            $1.75
                     Reduced price      $ .40
                     Adult price        $2.75

             Milk                       $ .30

             Snacks/Treats              Prices vary

      Breakfast: Breakfast is offered from 8:20 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. daily. Car riders and walkers
must arrive at school before 8:40 a.m. for breakfast. With the exception of late bus students,
breakfast WILL NOT be served after 8:40 a.m.

       Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch: Free and Reduced lunch forms are sent home
in the “First Day Packet”. Forms are also available in the school office. The program is available
for those that qualify. A new Free and Reduced lunch form must be completed each year.

        Lunch payment procedures: Students can pay for meals daily or pay ahead. All money
will be deposited into the student‟s account and the amount deducted daily.

           1. Pay in the cafeteria before school
           2. Take money to classroom, deposit in individual envelope.
           3. Money is credited to student‟s account.

Money will not be accepted during lunch.
Students are allowed to borrow three meals. After three borrows, students will be served a cheese
sandwich and milk until the borrows are paid.

                             BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT
       The staff at Gulfport Elementary School believes behavior management involves teaching students
how to deal positively with problems and how to make positive choices. Discipline procedures are proactive
and progressive. Our emphasis is preventing problems by creating a safe school and classroom
environment that allows students to succeed, feel confident and learn to be responsible for their own

        Every student at Gulfport Elementary is expected to follow our school wide expectations and to
follow the Pinellas County Student Code of Conduct. These expectations apply while students are at
school, coming to and from school and at any school related event or activity.

                                    GUIDING PRINCIPLES
       At Gulfport Elementary School staff, students and visitors practice GRACE and COURTESY by
being respectful.

              Grace means we are:
                    Compassionate for others and the environment
                    In control of our body
                    Merciful toward others

              Courtesy means
                     Respect others and the environment
                     Communicate appropriately
                     Treat others the way you want to be treated
                     Use good manners
                     Willing to try
                     Friendly, kind and smiling

                                    OUR EXPECTATIONS
       We expect all students at Gulfport Elementary School to practice grace and courtesy by following
our school expectations.
       Our GRACE and COURTESY expectations:
              3. DO YOUR BEST

                             Our expectations look like and sound like:

LOOKS LIKE                                                SOUNDS LIKE
Treat people, plants and animals with respect             Praise
Take care of people, plants and animals                   Calm voices
Recycle                                                   Encouragement
Pick up trash                                             Laughter
Help others                                               Please and Thank you
Comfort others                                            Respectful words
An orderly environment                                    Excitement for learning

LOOKS LIKE                                                SOUNDS LIKE
Respect materials                                         Encouragement
Clean                                                     A peaceful environment
An orderly environment                                    Calm voices
        Work area
Students engaged in work
Put things away
Clean cared-for books
Clean walls & furniture with no marks
A beautiful environment

LOOKS LIKE                                                SOUNDS LIKE
Respect                                                   I CAN
Persistent                                                Discussion
Keep trying                                               Joyous words
Smiling                                                   Ah ha!
Helping others                                            Listening
Engaged in work                                           Asking for help
                                                          Positive noise
                                                          Focused Learning

                                   OUR MANAGEMENT PROCESS
       In order to create a safe nurturing learning environment, the staff at Gulfport Elementary School
created a school-wide system. This process is used by all teachers and staff.

       If a student chooses not to follow our school or classroom expectations, the following steps will be

       1.     Redirection

       2.     Logical Consequences
                         Freedom of movement and choice restricted
                         Student makes appropriate choices = rejoins class

       3.     Think area (up to 5 minutes)
                          Student sits quietly in designated area
                          If a student completes steps successfully = rejoins class

       4.     Relocation to another classroom
                          Student sits quietly in another classroom
                          If student completes step successfully = returns to class to serve think time
                          Student rejoins class after completing think time

       5.     Phone call home
                          Teacher and student call parent/guardian
                          Student makes appropriate choices = serves think time
                          Student rejoins class after completing think time

       6.     In Class Suspension
                          Student sits quietly in designated area and completes work packet and In
                            Class Suspension Checklist
                          If student completes step successfully = rejoins class
                          In Class Suspension Checklist sent home
                          Parent signs and returns

       7.     Referral to office
                           Student completes office referral process
                           Returns to class and serves In Class Suspension
                           Student rejoins class
                           Office Referral Parent Notification sent home
                           Parent signs and returns

       At the teacher‟s discretion, a step may be skipped or omitted in order to best help the child make
       good choices. If a student chooses to commit a major infraction, the student will be referred directly
       to the office.

                                       Student Office Referral Process

1.     Referring staff member sends student to the office with a completed referral form
       (Student escorted and/or picked up from classroom if necessary)
2.     Student enters office: expectations clearly set
              (little to no interaction with office staff).
                 Cool down and de-escalation
                 Investigation of incident
                 Student completes think sheet
                                Each line must be completed
                                Thoughtful answers required
                 Student signals they are done with think sheet by putting head down
                 Think sheet discussed with student
                                If applicable, additional consequences discussed & applied
                 Office Referral-Parent Notification completed
                 Signed by student & administration
                 Copy to teacher, parent, office
3.     Student escorted back to class
4.     Student serves In-Class Suspension
              Student and teacher debrief
               Teacher signs Office Referral
5.     Student takes Office Referral-Parent Notification form home and returns it to teacher with parent
6.     Teacher and administrator debrief


             Reached Office Referral step in Classroom Process
             Major Infraction
                  Unprovoked, serious disrespect toward a staff member
                  Fighting (harm, injury)
                  Major Infraction
                             Possession/use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs
                             Possession/use of firearm or other weapon
                             Major campus disruption
                             All others as listed in the PCS Student Code of Conduct

       Consequences will be determined by the administration based upon the offense, previous incidents
and the individual situation.
   * Time Out in Office                         * After School Detention
   * Think Sheet/Action Plan                    * Parent Conference
   * Behavior Contract                          * In School Suspension
   * Conflict Resolution/Mediation              * Saturday School
   * Logical and/or Natural                     * Out of School Suspension
      Consequences                              * Expulsion
   * Restitution                                * Other as deemed appropriate by
   * Isolated Lunch                                the administration and Student
   * Work Duty                                     Code of Conduct
                      Gulfport Elementary School
                          UNIFORM POLICY

TOPS – Blouses, collared shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets in the
following colors:
        Solid navy blue
        Solid powder blue
        Solid white
        Gulfport T-shirt or sweatshirt.

BOTTOMS – Slacks, shorts, jumpers, skirts and skorts in the following
       Solid Navy blue
       Khaki
      No patterns, stripes or adornments etc. are allowed.

     Tights or leggings may be worn under a skirt, skort or jumper and
   must be in the following colors:
      Solid navy blue
      Solid powder blue
      White
      Khaki

WAIST. A “zip-tie belt” will be provided if a student‟s bottoms do not fit.

SHOES – Must be enclosed regular shoes, sneakers or sandals with a
back strap and socks.


DONATIONS: Parents are encouraged to donate new/used uniforms.
Parents that can not afford uniforms should contact the school office at

WHERE TO BUY: Uniforms can be purchased from Wal-Mart, K Mart,
Beall‟s, Beall‟s Outlet, Target and JC Penney, as well as thrift,
consignment and other stores.
The following procedures will be enforced:

1st Offense: Teacher will write a note in the agenda.       Student will be
referred to the office and required to change uniform.

2nd Offense: Student will be referred to the office and required to change
uniform. A letter will be sent home with the student.

3rd Offense: Student will be referred to the office and required to change
uniform. A letter will be mailed home.

4th Offense: Student will be referred to the office and required to change
uniform. Student will conference with the Principal or Principal designee. A
telephone call will be made to the parent/guardian. If the parent is
unavailable a referral will be given to the social worker for a home visit. A
letter will be mailed home.

5th Offense: Student will be referred to the office and required to change
uniform. A parent conference will be required. A letter will be mailed

                              Gulfport Elementary
                                Home + School
                Compact for a Successful School Year 2008-2009


My responsibility with our compact is to:
   1. see that my child attends school every day, on time, well fed, rested and dressed
      in school uniform
   2. provide a quiet, well lit study area daily that encourages reading
   3. monitor daily homework
   4. review and sign agenda book
   5. talk with my child daily about his/her school activities and monitor his/her
      TV/video game time
   6. attend school functions throughout the school year
   7. communicate regularly with my child’s teacher (e.g. email, person-to-person,
       agenda book, notes and/or by phone)
   8. believe that my child can and will learn
   9. be sure the school has current phone numbers and emergency contacts at all
   10. _________________________________________________________________
               Parent Signature

My responsibility with our compact is to:
   1. dress for success in school uniform and be ready to learn
   2. do my very best every day
   3. be kind and respectful to myself, all students, all adults and my school
   4. complete and turn in homework on time
   5. dedicate myself to learning and have the courage to believe I can and will learn
   6. participate in health and fitness activities
   7. _________________________________________________________________
              Student Signature


My responsibility with our compact is to:
   1. come to school every day on time prepared to teach
   2. dress for success every day
   3. do my very best every day
   4. believe my students can and will learn
   5. provide a safe environment using consistent positive behavior management
   6. monitor my student’s daily and weekly progress with continual assessment
   7. share my student’s progress or need for improvement with parent/guardian at
      least four times a year
   8. model kindness and respect for myself, all students, all adults and my school
   9. communicate regularly with parents/guardian (e.g. email, person-to-person,
       agenda book, notes and/ or by phone)
   10. _________________________________________________________________
             Teacher Signature
                     Gulfport Elementary School

                           SIGN-OFF SHEET
        After thoroughly reviewing the handbook, please sign below and return
this form to school with your child. If you have any questions, please call (893-

      I have read and understand the Gulfport Elementary School 2008-2009
Parent-Student handbook including the:
           General Information
           Uniform Policy
           Behavior Management Plan

     I understand my child must dress in uniform each day.
     I understand that personal cell phones, lap tops, CD players/MP3 players,
game players and all other technology devices are not allowed at school.

____________________________________                   _____________________
Parent/Guardian                                        Date

____________________________________                   _____________________
Student                                                Date

Teacher Name ___________________________

Grade _______


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