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D-001              Steam Giants Across America Madacy Entertainment                        From
the liner notes:

There is probably no greater thrill than to witness one of the massive articulated or Mallet
type steam locomotives whooshing by at high speed with 100 or more cars, or blasting a
column of smoke skyward on a long freight drag up a steep grade.
Now you can experience this exciting action across America in the 40‘s and early 50‘s in stereo
sound and in full color. Some of the nation‘s finest 16mm rail fan photographers such as
Robert Flack, Emery Gulash, Tom Strid and Jerry Carson have collaborated to bring you one
of the most fascinating collections of ―steam‖ featuring action from Union Pacific, Duluth
Missabe & Iron Range, and Norfolk & Western.
As an added bonus this program contains scenes of the last runs of Norfolk & Western‘s
#1218, and double headed action with Union Pacific‘s 8444.
Includes (in addition to the feature): Interactive Trivia Game Animated Scene Index – call
up any scene at the push of a button
Famous Railways           Famous Trains               Train Robberies
Color/60 minutes Dolby Digital Sound

D-002      Twilight of Steam Madacy Entertainment                            From the liner

―Some of the most exciting steam action ever offered on video…steam from the 60‘s and early
70‘s. Most of these locomotives are either still active, or available for viewing in various parts
of the country.
Through the 16mm camera of Bill McClellan you‘ll witness superb color photography of the
following steam locomotives: 4-6-2 Candadian Pacific #127, 2-10-0 Strasburg #90, 0-6-0
Conway Scenic Railroad # 47, 2-8-0 Morris County Central #385, 2-8-0 #382 and 0-6-0 #4039
(the latter in winter snow!), 4-8-4 Reading 2100 and 2102 doubleheaded!!, the Reading 4-8-4
in Delaware & Hudson style, Canadian National 4-8-4 #6218 Canadian Pacific 4-6-4T #47,
and the Steamtown 2-6-0 #89. A fantastic collection of steamers running on mainlines of the
East and the 2100 and 2102 doubleheaders flying by at close to 60 miles per hour!‖
Includes (in addition to the feature):     Interactive Trivia Game         Animated Scene Index
– call up any scene at the push of a button       Famous Railways             Famous Trains
Train Robberies             Color/60 minutes Dolby Digital Sound

D-003        Steam in The 50‘s And 60‘s Madacy Entertainment                           From the
liner notes:

New! Never before released! Incredible video from original 16mm negative film from the
collection of Tom A. Strid. You will see Union Pacific Big Boys, Duluth Missabe & Iron
Range articulateds as well as more steam in other parts of the country, from 4-8-8-4 to 2-8-0‘s.
Beautifully photographed and in full color! Includes (in addition to the feature):
Interactive Trivia Game Animated Scene Index – call up any scene at the push of a button
Famous Railways           Famous Trains            Train Robberies           Color/60 minutes
Dolby Digital Sound
Program is the same as Clear Signal cat. no. 908, ―Steam in the 1950s and Early 1960s‖ by
Green Frog. Video and audio are greatly enhanced in DVD format.

D-004         Runaway Trains Simitar                      From the liner notes:
Witness the devastation unleashed by Runaway Trains, as the world‘s most tragic rail
catastrophes are examined in this powerful documentary. She the way the accidents really
happened through incredible computer-animated recreations. Learn how railroads are
adapting new technologies to improve safety and reduce the risk of fatal collisions.
Incredible on-site footage tells the horrifying tale of destruction caused when: a one hundred
car freight train plows into a sleepy suburban subdivision; a crowded commuter train meets
and intercity passenger train head on; a passenger train rear ends a stalled commuter train
and the wreckage lands in the path of an oncoming express.
Includes interactive menus, scene access, movie factoids, and dolby digital 5.1           52

D-005       (NA) Live Steam In Florida 2002             Green Frog              From the
liner notes:
Lockhart & Lake Forest: Bob Zuckerman has built almost 1000 feet of track on his own
property, and the layout provides great action as the tracks roam around his home. Also
included: Bob’s fine railroadiana collection.
Manatee Central Railroad: The video taken covers Larry Smith‘s property, who jointly
operates with two other landowners. Tunnels, steaming bay, view of inside machine shop,
long runs, passing sidings, a lake and many bridges featured.
Ridge Live Steamers: Richard Dobler‘s operations, located in Central Florida on an old
orange grove. Long bridges, fast track, a steaming bay, as well as great operation featuring
long trains on 2600 feet track, plus additional 4000 feet and sidings and yards.
Largo Central Railroad: Largest operation visited during this whirlwind tour…located in
Largo, Florida. Club features 1.2 mile of mainline track in beautifully landscaped Largo
Central Park. Great steaming bays, a large yard, junctions, stations, and passing sidings are
featured.             Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Chapter search            Running time 60

D-006 (NA) Steam Shortlines of the South                  Madacy Entertainment
From the liner notes:

A fantastic collection of 15 steam operated railroads in the South. Shot in the 50‘s and early
60‘s on 16mm film and in exquisite color, this collection is sure to captivate the most ardent of
rail fans. Included in this fabulous collection are 0-6-0‘s, 2-6-2‘s, 2-8-0‘s and even Shays!
Railroads included are: Moscow, Camden & San Augustine RR, Bonhoime & Hattiesburg
Southern, Morehead and North Fork Buffalo Creek & Gauley, Virginia Blue Ridge, Tweetsie
Railroad, E.T.&W.N.C., North American Rayon, Brimstone RR, Kentucky & Tennessee
Mobile & Gulf, Savannah & Atlanta‘s #750
Includes (in addition to the feature): Interactive Trivia Game          Animated Scene Index –
call up any scene at the push of a button       Famous Railways         Famous Trains Train
Robberies Dolby Digital sound 40 minutes This program is the same as Clear Signal no.
1504, ―Steam Shortlines of the South‖ Green Frog

D-007      Steam Across the Pacific Northwest                 Pentrex           From the
liner notes:
Thrill to the sight of Big Steam conquering the Pacific Northwest as SP Daylight 4449 takes to
the rails once more!
The mighty 4449 was painted black with BNSF decals to head up a BNSF Employee
Appreciation Special in July. Running excursions over former Burlington Northern trackage,
the Daylight treated enthusiastic throngs of spectators to the sights and sounds of thundering
steam power.      Pentrex was on the spot, capturing exciting scenes throughout the train‘s
extensive route. Starting in Vancouver, Washington, we follow the train across the state and
into British Colombia, Canada, and Idaho, visiting the cities of Tacoma, Seattle, Everett,
Bellingham, and Vancouver, B.C. A special highlight is a ride aboard the train along the
Puget Sound, from Balmer Yard in Seattle to Everett. You‘ll see the EAS travelling over
Stevens Pass – what an awesome sight that is! – and at the Skykomish and exciting Cascade
Tunnel. Travelling eastward, the train stops at Wenatchee and Spokane, then crosses the long
bridge over Lake Pend Oreille on its way to Sandpointe, Idaho. Dozens and dozens of
runbys fill the screen with scenic images of steam railroading. There‘s also plenty of freight
and passenger train action along the route, including Amtrak‘s Talgo trains.
100 minutes, with the option of watching the program with or without narration

D-008        Steam Photo Freights and Passenger Extras                     Pentrex
From the liner notes:
Return to yesteryear and thrill to the sight of steam locomotives hauling vintage freight
equipment! Hop aboard passenger trains operated especially for photographers! These
trains stop at scenic and usually inaccessible locations where passengers disembark, set up
their cameras while the trains back down the line, and then get spectacular action shots as the
trains steam past their cameras. At the Heber Valley Railroad in Utah and the Western
Maryland Scenic Railroad in Maryland, hard-working steamers pull freight equipment
including boxcars, tank cars and coal hoppers. This is the first ―photo freight‖ operated by
steam locomotive #75 since being acquired and overhauled by the Heber Valley. On the Cass
Scenic Railroad in West Virginia, old logging equipment is hauled by Shay locomotives to
emulate the line‘s heritage. Shay #11 is making its first outing since being converted from oil
to coal. In Colorado, the Durango & Silverton‘s annual Photographers’ Special makes stops at
locations deep in the Animas River Canyon where access is normally impossible. Recently-

acquired locomotive #483 is a thrill to see in operation. Enjoy the excitement of steam
railroading performed in the timeless traditions of the past!
96 minutes Chapter menu Watch with or without narration.

D-009       (NA)     BNSF-TRACKS OF THE OLD SANTA FE                                  Green
Frog           From the liner notes:

From Green Frogs professional photographer, Rich Scheid comes a beautiful DVD on the
BNSF...this one following the old Santa Fe line from Cajon Pass Summit through Victorville
and on to Barstow, California. We‘ll see the large classification yard and the newly restored
depot. Then on to Needles, California and, Topock where the BNSF crosses the Colorado
River. Next we visit locations such as Yuca as well as other beautiful desert locations shot in
the low winter light and setting sun! Then we‘ll thoroughly explore Arizona‘s Kingman
Canyon. Next we‘ll visit Kingman, Arizona along old Route 66. We‘ll follow the old Santa Fe
tracks through Walapai, Hackberry, Valentine, and Seligman. Then on to Williams, Arizona
and up the old Santa Fe branch line to the Grand Canyon Railroad and visit the seven
wonders of the Grand Canyon.
60 Minutes        Audio select narration On/Off Chapter Search Dolby Sound

D-010     (NA)        Santa Fe Odyssey               Volume 1                Green Frog
From the liner notes:
 The action on this DVD is a result of many railfan trips by the noted rail photographer
Emery Gulash, although none of the trips were devoted exclusively to the Santa Fe railroad.
Emery captured enough 16mm color film to produce an incredible chronology of the Santa Fe
covering a period of almost 30 years! From 1952 until 1980, Emery shot the Santa Fe from
Chicago to the west. The DVD displays the Santa Fe FT freight units, the PA passenger
power, and a variety of switchers and road trains. The ―Warbonnet‖ paint scheme and the
change to the Santa Fe blue scheme is also covered in this chronology. There are a great
number of incredible shots of the famous passenger fleet, interspersed with freights over a
vast portion of the line.
This production has been totally re edited from original masters for both Video and Audio!
2 hours 10 minutes All special features plus motion map, time tables, etc.        Dolby Digital
Surround Sound

D-011    Great American Scenic Railroads – Rio Grande & Union Pacific
Pentrex From the notes:
Great American Scenic Railroads, Rio Grande, and Union Pacific Steam Special. Two 60-
minute videos produced by Pentrex and issued by Questar. Part of a 12 part series. Rio
grande - Coal trains, passenger trains, freight trains and winter ski specials all included in this
look at the Rio Grande Western tackling the grades of Tennessee Pass and the Colorado
Rockies Front Range. Spectacular scenery! Union Pacific - Climb aboard for the whistle-
blasting celebration of UP's 40th anniversary Steam Excursion, May 17, 1953. Challenger No.
3967 is featured in this trip from Cheyenne to Denver and back. Excellent video with great

116 minutes

D-012     (NA) Steam To Spokane SP&S 700                  Pentrex              From the liner
After years of being on display in Portland, Oregon, the Spokane, Portland & Seattle 700
steam locomotive was brought back to life! This "Queen of Steam" put on a fabulous
excursion on its home rails in April of 2001. Her shiny black paint and yellow lettering
dazzled young and old alike as she traveled between Vancouver, Washington and Spokane.
You will see the 4-8-4 Northern-type locomotive pull 18 cars through the awe-inspiring
Columbia River Gorge and the rolling wheat fields and pine forests of Washington. The huge
locomotive is seen at such scenic locations as North Bonneville, Pasco, Providence Hill,
Sprague Lake, Latah Junction, and many others. You will also see the train arriving in the
town of Ritzville, where a special celebration was staged for its arrival.
The 700's crew left passengers and photographers breathless, performing awesome run-bys
with plenty of smoke, whistle, and speed! Here's your opportunity to experience one of the
most beautiful steam locomotives traveling through some of the most spectacular areas of the
Pacific Northwest. From rain to sunshine, including a few interesting surprises, this trip has it
See photos from this exciting journey in our Photo Gallery.
DVD Special Features:
Two stereo soundtracks, one with the natural train sounds, the other with narration added.
The viewer can switch the narration on or off at any time.
Chapter Menu provides instant access to program segments.
Three minutes of additional footage from Day 2, when a diesel helper was added on the point.
This footage is not included in the VHS version.
63 Minutes - In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration

D-013 Above the Rails Combo DVD                      Pentrex       From the liner notes:
Here are two shows that lift you up into the skies above Southern California for an incredible
look at railroading as you've never seen it before!

Both great programs are now available on one DVD for the unbelievably low price of just
$19.95! This is a $50 value when purchased as VHS cassettes.

Above Southern California Rails (42 Minutes) Get ready for the ultimate railfan video as
Pentrex takes you into the skies to experience Southern California railroading as it's never
been seen before! Climb aboard a jet helicopter loaded with state-of-the-art, gyro-stabilized
video equipment. Then soar skyward to enjoy sweeping panoramas, pace speeding
locomotives, and get incredible aerial views of long curving trains.
Skim over the blue Pacific Ocean as we follow Amtrak trains and BNSF freights along the
"Surf Line" near San Clemente. Check out the newly-rebuilt BNSF yards in San Bernardino
and examine UP's West Colton Yard. Race the Talgo trainset as it travels through the Los
Angeles area. Then swing over to the harbor area for a bird's-eye view of container operations
and the brand new coal facility.
The weather is crystal clear and there are plenty of trains to be seen. You'll marvel at the
ultra-smooth, incredibly close, breathtaking photography as our helicopter cruises above

these fast freight and passenger trains. This video offers a perspective like no other!

Above 3751 Over Cajon (75 Minutes) Join Pentrex for a fantastic video experience! Santa Fe
steam engine 3751 traveled over Cajon Pass as it moved from Los Angeles to Sacramento to
attend Railfair '99. Pentrex was there to document this incredible journey, with multiple
camera crews capturing every highlight of famous Cajon Pass. As always, the handsome 3751
put on quite a show!
Our coverage begins as the engine and tender are pulled out of the Redondo Junction
Roundhouse in preparation for the trip. Then the big day arrives when the special train rolls
out of Los Angeles, through Santa Ana Canyon, and on toward San Bernardino. Pentrex
cameras are in the air, aboard the train, and on the ground showing this mighty locomotive
from every angle. Nowhere else can you find such outstanding shots of a steam locomotive at
work! Highlights include spectacular views of Sullivan's Curve, Mormon Rocks, the climb up
to Summit, Mojave Narrows, and fast running across the high desert to Barstow.
This video will give you a completely different perspective of Cajon Pass. Our jet-powered
helicopter with state-of-the-art broadcast equipment allows you to pace alongside the 3751
and hover over freight trains as they meet the steam special. You're railfanning from the
ultimate chase vehicle!
DVD Special Features:
     Two stereo soundtracks, one with the natural train sounds, the other with narration
       added. The viewer can switch the narration on or off at any time.
     Chapter Menu provides instant access to program segments.
117 Minutes

D-014        (NA)        B&O Odyssey Volume 2                 Pentrex           From the liner
Linking 13 Great States with the Nation - that was the slogan of the B&O Railroad. Step back
to the 1960s to see what made the Baltimore & Ohio one of the all-time great railroads!

The odyssey resumes in Michigan, shortly after B&O had merged with the Chesapeake &
Ohio Railway. Motive power and rolling stock of both railroads are frequently seen
intermingled. We catch the Cincinnatian and other passenger trains on the C&O route
between Detroit and Toledo, including the towers at Wayne Junction, Romulus, and Carleton.

Moving east we visit Connellsville, Pennsylvania and Brunswick, Maryland where freight
traffic is heavy. Motive power includes F-units and brand new GP30s. At Harpers Ferry,
West Virginia, perhaps the most scenic spot on the B&O, we see both passenger and freight
trains making their daily runs. Coal movements are captured at Hancock, West Virginia.
Returning westward we enjoy freight action in Pennsylvania and Ohio, then return to
Michigan for lots more passenger action.

Volume 2 of B&O Odyssey, which covers the years 1965 to 1968, is the second in a multi-
volume series based on the works of noted railroad photographer Emery Gulash. Collect the
whole series!

DVD Special Features:

      Two stereo soundtracks, one with the natural train sounds, the other with narration
       added. The viewer can switch the narration on or off at any time.
    Chapter Menu provides instant access to program segments.
60 Minutes In Color with Appropriate Sound and Narration
No region code; can be played in any NTSC DVD player worldwide
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case
 Produced by Pentrex 2002

D-015      Train Meets       Double The Action           Pentrex          From the liner
We all feel pretty lucky when we're able to photograph two trains meeting each other.
Sometimes it's the result of careful planning, but more often it's just plain luck. Over two
years went into the filming of Train Meets-Double The Action, and the results are simply
spectacular! Every scene gives you two trains meeting or passing each other.

All the sites shown here are located in Southern California. The majority are on Cajon Pass, a
dynamite setting for exciting train action. You'll see side-by-side running as the trains battle
the grades of Cajon, always a thrilling sight. Each locale is identified by on-screen graphics,
but not until you've had a chance to see if you can figure out the exact location first!

There's a huge variety of motive power and equipment to be seen. BNSF locomotives in
Heritage II colors are plentiful. You'll also see motive power in various paint schemes from
Union Pacific (including the new UP design with the American flag proudly waving),
Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, Cotton Belt, CSX, and others. Doublestacks,
piggybacks, autoracks, mixed freight, and some passenger trains are shown.

The trains do the talking in this show, as there is minimal narration to interfere with the
throaty growls of hardworking engines or squealing flanges. On-screen graphics keep you well
informed about the locations you see. All four seasons of the year are represented, even winter
scenes showing snow on Cajon. With the camera poised to catch the movements from
interesting angles and meets galore, this is one show every railfan should see!

 DVD Special Feature:
    Chapter Menu provides instant access to program segments.
48 Minutes
In Color with Stereo Sound
 Produced by Lamanda Park Productions 2002

D-016 Daylight Freedom Special                       Pentrex                   From the liner
In March 2002, Daylight 4449 returned to the rails for the Columbia-Deschutes Special, a 2-
day excursion that took the mighty steamer through the scenic wonderlands of the Columbia
River Gorge and the Deschutes River Canyon. Making the trip even more remarkable was the
Daylight's patriotic paint scheme: the elegant steamer was repainted for this trip in the same
glorious red, white and blue colors she wore during her American Freedom Train tours of

The Columbia River Gorge and Deschutes Canyon provided outstanding settings for the
magnificent locomotive and her Freedom Train colors. The Deschutes River Canyon is an
inaccessible and visually stunning site where canyon walls rise 2,200 feet up from the tracks.
4449 looked gorgeous in her revisited colors, pulling former Amtrak "Heritage Fleet" and
Northwest Rail Museum Daylight cars, unassisted by diesel helpers!

Leaving Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, the Daylight traveled the north bank
of the Columbia River for 110 miles. Then, turning south, she continued to Bend,
demonstrating her awesome power. Highlights include fantastic pacing sequences, high bridge
crossings, and an added segment showing the Daylight in all her different paint schemes!

DVD Special Features:
    Bonus footage: The 1976 Interurban Press film The American Freedom Train (25
       minutes) is included on the same DVD!
    Two stereo soundtracks, one with the natural train sounds, the other with narration
       added. The viewer can switch the narration on or off at any time. (This feature is not
       available on the bonus film.)
    Chapter Menu provides instant access to program segments.
60 Minutes (plus 25 minute bonus film)
In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration
Produced by Pentrex 2002

D-017 Fallen Flags Series Combo DVD                         Pentrex                     From
the liner notes:

Here, combined on one Combo DVD, are two shows presenting your favorite fallen flags.
These programs were filmed during the 1960s and 1970s at two of the country's railroading
hot spots: Chicago and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Pentrex takes you back to the golden days of Minneapolis/St. Paul railroading in this, the
third in its popular Fallen Flags Series. All the footage in this presentation was shot during
Spring of 1970, just after the merger of Burlington Route, Great Northern, and Northern
Pacific which formed the Burlington Northern. All the railroads shown here are Fallen Flags:
Soo Line; Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern; Chicago & North Western; Burlington
Northern; Rock Island; and Milwaukee Road.

A wide variety of locomotive types can be seen, including Alco, GE, Baldwin, EMD, a
Fairbanks-Morse, a rare Baldwin DT-6-2000 centercab switcher, and an unusual home-built
electric switcher. You'll view locomotives painted in predecessor colors (Burlington Route,
Great Northern, Northern Pacific, and Chicago Great Western) as well as in the paint
schemes of the featured roads.

This nonstop parade of equipment is seen at Shoreham Yard, Glenwood Junction,
Westminster Tower, Belt Yard, St. Paul ("Pig‘s Eye") Yard, Dayton's Bluff Yard, St. Paul
Union Depot, Inver Grove, and the now-defunct Koppers Coke Plant with its custom electric

switcher. A final highlight is a ride in a dome car on the Morning and Afternoon Zephyrs to
experience the sights between the Twin Cities. It's a fascinating and nostalgic journey!

This incredible compilation is based on 8mm color films taken by noted railroad
photographer Dick Wallin during the 1960s and '70s. Featured are these historic railroads:

     Baltimore & Ohio                                     Illinois Central
     Belt Railway of Chicago                              Indiana Harbor Belt
     Burlington Northern                                  Louisville & Nashville
     Canadian National                                    Milwaukee Road
     Chesapeake & Ohio                                    Monon
     Chicago, Burlington & Quincy                         New York Central
     Chicago & Eastern Illinois                           Northern Pacific
     Chicago & North Western                              Norfolk & Western
     Chicago Great Western                                Penn Central
     Chicago River & Indiana                              Pennsylvania Railroad
     Chicago South Shore & South Bend                     Rock Island
     Elgin, Joliet & Eastern                              Santa Fe
     Erie Lackawanna                                      Seaboard Coast Line
     Grand Trunk Western                                  Soo
     Great Northern                                       Wabash
     Gulf, Mobile & Ohio                                  early Amtrak
Enjoy rare scenes filmed during the changing seasons at the best train watching locations
throughout the Chicago area and into Northern Indiana. You'll see and amazing variety of
motive power, from classic diesels to the latest in '70s motive power, heading up a terrific mix
of freight and passenger trains, including the Broadway Limited, Empire Builder, Hiawatha,
San Francisco Zephyr, City of New Orleans, and more. (84 Minutes)

The two programs on this DVD take you on an incredible journey into the heart of American

DVD Special Features:
    Two stereo soundtracks, one with the train sounds, the other with narration added. The
       viewer can switch the narration on or off at any time.
    Chapter Menu provides instant access to program segments.
2 Hours 16 Minutes
In Color with Appropriate Hi-Fi Sound and Narration
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case

D-018 The A To Z Of Steam/ Railways                     Delta                From the liner
This comprehensive look at the development of the steam locomotive in Britain begins with
detailed narration and an elementary "A to Z" presentation of operations. Then see the
mighty Stephenson's Rocket and follow the advancement of the steam locomotive through a

nostalgic look at early railway carriages, a rural line, and the sad sight of retired locomotives
being scrapped. B&W/Color         108 minutes

D-019 Norfolk Southern in Central Pennsylvania Vol. 1            Altoona to Cresson Jason Lowe

D-020 Silver Steam 25th Anniversary of Steam Excursions on The Southern Railway
Mainline Motion Pictures

D-021 War Trains      Galloping Pictures     3 hours run time

D-022 CP Coast Junction, Niles Junction, April 2004 Jack Pearson 60 min.

D-023 Riding Steam on Train Mountain         Jack Pearson        80 min.

D-024 Milwaukee Road Historical Association, June 12 – 17, 2004              Jack Pearson 118 min.

D-025 Milwaukee Road, Vols. I, II, III. Pentrex        2:46 run time

D-026 Pike‘s Peak by Rail     Mountain Automation        130 min.

D-027 The Pokey (NS Pocahontas Division) Highball              1:55

D-028 Mohave Magic         Highball             2:00

D-029 Train Mountain Triennial 2003        Robinson      1:26

D-030 Vintage Railroad Films: This Is My Railroad – White Pass & Yukon – Narrow Gauge
to Silverton – Troop Train – Clear Track Ahead 2:15

D-031 Vintage Railroad Films: Big Trains Rolling – The Railroad Story – Mainline USA – A
Great Railroad at Work – Fast Freight 2:30

D-032 Vintage Railroad Films: Daylight Colors – Coast Daylight in the Days of Steam –
California Zephyr – Return of the General – The Freight Train – Science Rides the High Iron

D-033 Winter Time Railroading         Clear Block              110 minutes

D-034 Great Locomotive Chase Walt Disney             88 min.

D-035 Cass & Mower Logging Trains          Green Frog      88 min.

D-036 Locomotion – The Amazing World of Trains            History Channel        Four programs on
two disks, 200 min.

D-037 F4U Corsair – 3 DVD Collector‘s Edition          Aircraft Films        6 hours

D-038 Flying the Legendary DC-3 Classic Cockpits               61 min.

D-039 Southern Pacific Cab Forward Collection         Pentrex    1 hour 30 minutes

D-040 4 Hours at Cajon April 4, 2005 Disc 1 Left Coast Rail Videos 42 minutes

D-041 10 Hours at Tehachapi Pass May 23, 2006 Disc 1 Left Coast Rail Videos 50 minutes

D-042 The Cable Cars of San Francisco Highball Productions 55 minutes

D-043 Amsterdam‘s Colorful Trains Highball Productions 1 hour 45 minutes

D-044 Vignettes of the Missouri Pacific Clear Block Productions 53 minutes

D-045 Metra Cab Ride – Chicago to Aurora Neff Video Productions, 1999
Not in Clear Signal‘s VHS Catalog
Travel with Neff Video aboard a Metra Suburban Commuter Train in September of 1996.
The trip is divided into two parts. First we‘ll climb aboard the control car and head into
Chicago Union Station and pick up passengers for a run to Congress Park and back. Upon
return to Chicago Union we move our camera location to the head-end of the same train and
board an EMD F40PHM-2 locomotive. This time our trip will take us on a twilight run to the
end of the line at Aurora, Illinois. One hour, full color, sound, no narration. Order no. D-

D-046 CSX Lurgan Sub Cab Ride Neff Video Productions, 1997
Not in Clear Signal‘s VHS Catalog
Enjoy a cab ride over CSX‘s Lurgan Subdivision from just east of Lurgan to CSX‘s
Hagerstown Yard. This former piece of the Western Maryland Railroad, known as the
―Alphabet Route‖, was an important interchange link with the former Reading Railroad.
When this program was filmed, Conrail and CSX interchanged at Lurgan with mixed freight
and coal traffic just as the Reading and the Western Maryland did years before. Our cab ride
is on a SD40-2 Conrail locomotive with mixed freight interchanging with CSX. The trip will
take us by the old ―GN‖ tower at Lurgan, street running through Chambersburg, PA, and left
hand running between Brandon and Conboy. Our train climbs a 1.10% grade for two miles
beginning at Brandon. 90 minutes             Order no. D-046

D-047 CSX 4 Louisville to Cincinnati          Green Frog 1995
No. 1415 in Clear Signal‘s VHS catalog

Continuing our most popular series ever, Volume 4 of our CSX series is filled with beautiful
Appalachian scenery, as photographed in fall colors. Typical of this exciting division, are
fantastic bridges, tunnels, and fast paced action. You'll travel the line from yard to yard, as
we find out what makes this division so attractive to railfans everywhere. Photographed for
Green Frog by Steve Neff and Rob McCormack.

Our CSX series has been very popular, and we have received phone calls and letters from
satisfied customers, we've lost count! 'Best railfan video series I've ever seen'...'Your quality is
still better than anyone else!' Just a small sampling of the comments we've received.

Approx. Run Time 59 Minutes        Order no. D-047 Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound,
DVD-CSX04 Louisville to Cincinnati-video 20043dvd
D-048 DVD-New York Railroading in 1998 Green Frog
Not in Clear Signal‘s VHS Catalog
Railroading in 1998 has in many cases now become classic railroading which can no longer be
seen today! From the professional digital camera of William D. Sternitzke comes this
beautiful and Action Packed program of New York railroading in the southern part of N.Y.
State...there is action galore and plenty of variety in this program. Locations include:
Suffern, NY, Greycourt, Sparta, NJ, Castleton, Poughkeepsie, NY, West Point, NY, Chatham,
NY, Campbell, NY, Iona, Marlboro, NY, Howells, Roseton, Highland, NY, Milton, NY,
Cornwall, NY
Approx. 89 minutes, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, DVD Subtitles (Locations)
Order no. D-048

D-049 Colorado‘s Scenic Train Rides Railway Productions 2000
Not in Clear Signal‘s VHS Catalog
Colorado is one of the most scenic states in the United States, and one of the best ways to
enjoy the scenery is by train. Millions of people the world over have discovered this, and today
you can ride a train or streetcar through just about any part of the state. Enjoy a video visit to
14 train rides, including some of most outstanding in the entire world. Your whole family will
enjoy this professionally produced video! See these incredible train rides: Ride Amtrak's
"California Zephyr" through the heart of the Rockies, and Amtrak's "Southwest Chief" over
famed Raton Pass.Take the Canon City & Royal Gorge through the bottom of the deep
Gorge. Visit the world-famous Colorado Railroad Museum with steam engine 346 and a
"Galloping Goose" in action. Re-live the mining days on the Cripple Creek & Victor.
Experience the fantastic Cumbres & Toltec, one of the best steam railroads in the entire
world. Take a look at Denver's new RID Light Rail System. Pay a visit to Colorado's newest
"old" railroad, the Denver & Rio Grande between South Fork and the mining town of
Creede! Ride the world-renowned, steam-powered, Durango & Silverton up the beautiful
Animas River Canyon. Take a step back in time on the Ft Collins Municipal Railway's
restored streetcar. Thrill to the restored Georgetown Loop railroad, an engineering landmark
run with steam locomotives. Ride the "high line" on the Leadville, Colorado & Southern.
Climb all the way to the very top of the world on the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railroad,
an experience that you won't believe.Take a pleasant ride on Denver's Platte River Trolley. If
you enjoy trains or Colorado's incredible scenery, you won't want to miss this program! DVD
includes chapter menus for each train ride. 90 minutes        Order No. D-049

D-050 Blue Mountains Combo, Volumes 1 -3              Pentrex
Nos. 532-533 and 802 in Clear Signal‘s VHS Catalog
For the Union Pacific Railroad in the early 1990s, railroading in the Blues— the 200-mile
segment of UP's Oregon Division Mainline—meant staggering grades, extreme weather, and 3
daunting summits. Video Rails captured the power of the Union Pacific as it faced its toughest
run and released the story of this northwest passage in three separate videos. Now, combined
here for you on one action-packed DVD, are those three exciting shows! Featured are: Volume
1: La Grande to Huntington. Dramatic footage covers all the action from La Grande to
Huntington. Climbing out of the Grande Ronde Valley and heading past Oxman Curve and
through Burnt River Canyon, Dash 8-40CWs, SD40-2s, C36-7s, and SD60s take on the 2.2
percent grades of UP's roughest helper district. Trailer trains, container trains, doublestacks,
grain, soda ash, auto racks, and Amtrak are seen on this exciting journey. Volume 2: La
Grande to Hinkle. Scale the Blue Mountains from La Grande northwest through Hilgard and
Motanic to the summit at Kamela. Ride the cab of a GE Dash Sand get an engineer's view
from a helper set on the rear of a UP freight. SD40-2s, C36-7s, 8-40Cs, and an SD60 are seen
at Meacham Creek Canyon, the Umatilla River, and beyond. Volume 3: Winter in the Blues.
Travel the 56-mile "snow zone" of the Blue Mountains from North Powder to Meacham in the
dead of winter. Climb the steep grades to the summits of Telocaset and Kamela, and then
barrel across the Grande Valley through La Grande. A steady stream of UP trains have to
battle against heavy snows in this formidable obstacle course and you'll be trackside to
appreciate the challenges they face! 3 Hours Beautiful Color with Stereo Sound and
Narration     Order no. D-050

D-051 The Ghan – Sydney to Alice Springs, Australia         Eagle Rock Entertainment        Not
in Clear Signal‘s VHS Catalog

Discover the world's most luxurious trains and relive a bygone era, when the journey itself
was the most significant part of the experience; rather than simply getting there. A journey
where the passenger becomes a real traveler and is able to experience the much more gracious
way of travel - in a living recreation of the golden age of rail.Join the 1/4 mile long Ghan train
in the showpiece city of Sydney and recapture the Australian Pioneer Age during a two-day
journey deep into the continental outback. The travelers of the Ghan appreciate historic
Australia en route to Adelaide before turning north into the lands of the old Frontier. Now
Australia's deep red center reveals itself as a huge expanse of ancient nature, a land of
parched rivers, unique wildlife, and ever-changing colors, before arrival at Alice Springs,
where the majesty of nearby Ayers Rock serves as an unforgettable climax to an amazing
journey.Experience the ultimate in luxury travelExotic locations, exciting cities, colorful
people. 55 Minutes Order No. D-051

D-052 Conrail‘s Beginning      Clear Block No. 1424 in Clear Signal‘s VHS Catalog

   The merger of six bankrupt railroads into the Consolidated Rail Corporation on April 1,
1976 was destined to change the face of railroading in the Northeast forever. During May,
1976, Paul Geiger set out to record the first days of the new giant, and to film what remained
of the Erie Lackawanna, Lehigh Valley, Reading, Lehigh and Hudson River, Central New
Jersey and Penn Central. This program follows Paul's journey, visiting each of the
component of the railroads in locations such as Bufafalo, Sayre, Elmira, Binghamton,
Newark, Elizabethport, Reading, Harrisburg, and Altoona. Join us as we explore the
beginning of the major carrier in the Northeast, the company that bucked the odds and
confounded the experts, the rialroad that came to be known as the "Big Blue".

D-053 Horseshoe Curve Kaleidoscope Revelation Video No. 0396 in Clear Signal‘s VHS
Catalog Order no. D-053
The world's busiest mountain railroad traverses one of the greatest engineering marvels.
Completed in 1854, the famous "U-Turn" above Altoona has played host to a railroad
industry in continual transition. The volatile late 60's to 80's is our focus. Pennsy yields to
Penn Central, but the big bankrupt fields an impressive array of motive power. In 1971,
Amtrak rolls on the scene. "Kaleidoscope" truly lives up to its name in the frantic
Bicentennial year. Over a dozen color schemes are viewed as Conrail is established as the new
tenant. Changeless, though, is a fabulous Allegheny panorama -- revealed in all four seasons.

D-054 America‘s Railroads – The Steam Train Legacy Marathon (Contains ‗Big Trains
Rolling‘, ‗The Railroad Story‘, ‗Mainline USA‘, ‗A Great Railroad at Work‘, and ‗Mainline
USA Big Trains Rolling. This classic American Association of Railroads film captures the
adventure and excitement of train travel across the United States in the 1950's, highlighted by
a trip aboard the Santa Fe's Super Chief. Filled with runbys of such great railroads as
Western Maryland, Great Northern. Santa Fe. Southern Pacific. Baltimore & Ohio, Denver &
Rio Grande Western, along with many more. Big Trains Rolling captures the American
railroad industry at its zenith. Color The Railroad Story The Railroad Story is the story of
Illinois, and especially Chicago, the railroad capital of the nation. Featuring runbys of many
first generation diesel locomotives pulling both freight and passenger cars, the advocacy
message is very straightforward; whatever hurts the railroad hurts communities as well.
Color Mainline USA Following in the footsteps of industry standards, Mainline USA ia a
glimpse into the American rail system in the post World War II boom. With a strong
emphasis on the latest in technology. Mainline USA makes the point that the health of the
modern railroad is a symbol of America's vitality. Color. A Great Railroad At Work.
Sponsored by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, A Great Railroad at Work
presents a behind the scenes look at a lleet-footed freight and passenger system that combined
class with clockwork service. With a good mix of dicscl and steam, the operation and
maintenance of both passenger and freight lines comes into sharp focus as an army of sturdy
railroaders work day and night to make the railroad operate. B & W Fast Freight
In this AAR sponsored film, we follow the classification and makeup of a 125 car diesel
freight, headed up by a 6.000 horsepower set of Baltimore & Ohio ABBA covered wagons. At
a speed of 60 mph. we arc told that this is the fastest freight on wheels. B & W

D-055 Toledo, Peoria & Western      Green Frog     No. 1298 in Clear Signal‘s VHS Catalog

What railroad had these four historical events in common? One of the worst wrecks tnU.S.
history The only railroad whose President was , assassinated The longest railroad strike in
U.S. history One of the worst railroad explosions in ! U.S. history The correct answer is the
Toledo, Peoria & Western, affectionately known as "The Tip-up". This relatively short
railroad came down through history with some mighty interesting stories woven through its
existence, and you will see and hear it all in this incredible classic documentary produced by
Green Frog. This production could not have been completed without the assistance of
railroad historian Thomas Finson. Valuable contributions were also made by Helen Louise
Plaster Stoutemyer from her book The Train that Never Arrived, and from interviews with
those who worked on the railroad, past and present, including past Presidents of the TP&W,
and the current President, Cordon Fuller.

This DVD was produced in a Civil War documentary fashion showing many classic old photos
from the 1800's and early 1900's from the collection of I Thomas Finson. Then classic old
film, television• newsreels and crisp sharp video of today's action from the camera of Steve
Neff round out the production. You will hear some stories from those who witnessed the
actual events, including past Presidents of the United States.

Preview of DVDs soon to be added (You may request these now):

D-056 Utah‘s Incredible Soldier Summit      Railway Productions 90 min.

D-057 All Aboard the Potomac Eagle        Topics Entertainment 2005
D-058 Running a Steam Locomotive Vol. 2 Andy Fahrenwald 90 min.

D-059 Steam in the Harz (FR)    Highball Productions 2 hours

D-060 Passenger Trains of the 1960‘s Volumes #1 - 2 – 3 Green Frog 2 hrs. 13 min.

D-061 The American Orient Express Los Angeles to Seattle Eagle Rock Entertainment 57

D-062 Metro-North Harlem Line Cab Ride Grand Central to Wassaic REG Productions 1
hr. 45 min.

D-063 Holiday Subway R1/9 Queens Plaza to 2nd Ave. Cab Ride REG Productions 1 hr.

D-064 The Canarsie Line 8 Av, Manhattan Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn Cab Ride REG
Productions 1 Hr.

D-065 The Brooklyn Subway The Crosstown Line The Brighton Line REG Productions 1 hr.

D-066 The Nassau Line Jamaica Center, Queens Bay Parkway Brooklyn REG Productions
2 hrs. 30 min.

D-067 IRT Volume II Broadway Woodlawn White Plaines Dyre REG Productions 3 hrs.

D-068 Metro North in Connecticut New Haven Branch Danbury Branch, New Canaan
Branch Waterbury Branch REG Productions 2 hrs. 20 min.


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