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                   Drumbeat is pleased to bring you their Catalog of
                           Music of the Southern Plains
     Cheyenne, Kiowa, Omaha, Otoe/Missouri, Pawnee, Ponca

49 AT HOG CREEK                                       ALLIANCE WEST & THE                                  BRAVE SCOUT SINGERS
22 songs presented by Dobbin Monoessy, Ida Faye       INTERTRIBAL VETERANS                                  - NORTHERN STYLE OTOE MISSOURIAN
Knifechief, Charlene Cozad, Mabel Cozad, Mia          - THE WARRIOR’S EDGE                                 & PAWNEE
Cozad, Ori Lyn Ahboah, Marie Moses, Marlena           SWR 9909 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98                    Singers: Sid Brave Scout Moore, Ted Moore, Pete
Starr, Beverly Chasenah, Barbara Cozad, Alana                                                              Moore Sr., Ock New Rider, Crickets Shields,
Sadongei Owings, Lana White Shirt, Ella Fay Pace,                                                          Edward Yellowfish, Conrad Gayly, Rick Tosee,
Jolynne Toehay, Larry Cozad, Millard Clark Sr.,       BAD MEDICINE                                         Dynomite Mitholo, Tee Tee Shields, Gwendy
Kenneth Cozad, Freddie Cozad, Daniel Cozad Sr.,        - VOL. 1 - SOUTHERN STYLE POW WOW                   Williams, Sydna Yellowfish, Dot Moore. Ten
Howard Cozad, Vernon Cozad, Edgar Redbone,            SONGS - RECORDED LIVE AT SYCUAN                      songs including Terry Williams Memorial Song,
Edmond Tate Nevaquaya, Norman L. Clark, Rus-          Ten songs including Flag and Victory Songs, Old      War Dance is Good, and intertribal dance songs.
sell Coshehe Mashunkashey, Jeff Toehay, and           Timer’s Song, squat dance, intertribals, contest     6172 Cassette $9.98
Gaylon Edge.                                          songs, old fancy dance song, old Kiowa song, and
IS 4949 CD $13.98                                     more.
                                                      6251    (Out of Print.)                              CADDO TRIBAL DANCES
                                                                                                           Recorded at Anadarko, Oklahoma, March 26, 1955.
GLEN AHHAITTY                                          - VOL. 2        -    DANCE YOUR STYLE;              Singers are Mr. And Mrs. Houston Edmonds, Mr.
 - TRUE LIES FROM THE ROAD                            SPECIALTY SONGS OF THE KIOWA This                    And Mrs. Lewis Edmonds, and Lowell Edmonds.
From the Kiowa, Comanche and Cherokee tribes of       is BAD MEDICINE's second recording of Southern       19 songs including turkey dance songs, duck dance
Oklahoma, Glen Ahhaitty’s songs spin tales in-        Style pow wow songs. They are an up-and-coming       songs, green corn dance songs, bell dance songs,
spired life on the Pow wow highway. Having            group of singers from Carnegie, Oklahoma. BAD        fish dance songs, and a stirrup dance song. Now on
traveled for decades with the most renowned           MEDICINE is in high demand as a host drum on         CD.
Southern Plains-style drum groups, his Round          the pow wow circuit. They are best know for their    SC 300 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98
Dance songs express the people, experiences and       unique southern style intertribal songs. They also
feelings that inhabit life on the long and winding    sing many traditional Kiowa Songs. Highlights
road of the Pow wow singer. With shades of coun-      include a Snake Dance, Buffalo Dance, Horse          CEDAR DALE SINGERS
try blues and accompanied only by the beat of a       Stealing Songs, Fancy Dance and many more.           Southern Style singing at its best.     Ten songs
hand drum, Glen shared the often lonesome ups and     6252 (Out of Print.)                                 including A Tribute to My Father, Oklahoma
downs of life on the open road. 12 songs including                                                         Intertribal Club, California Dream and Wildfire.
I Should Have Been There, Wish Come True,              - BLAST FROM THE PAST                               AR 1111 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98
Daddy’s Coming Home, and When I’m Far Away.           BAD MEDICINE hails from Carnegie, Oklahoma
6410 CD $15.98                                        and consists of members of the Kiowa Tribe of
                                                      Oklahoma. They have traveled extensively and         THE CONTEST IS ON!
 - NO MORE LIES                                       have participated in many celebrations. They          - VOL. 1 - THE CONTEST IS ON!
Acclaimed singer and songmaker, Glen Ahhaitty,        formed in 1987 as a hand game team. Lead singer      TRICK DANCE SONGS - PAWNEE & PONCA
channels the twists and turns of life into songs of   is Phil R. (Joe Fish) Dupoint. 14 songs recorded     What pow wow dancers have been looking for - a
romance, reflection and redemption. Glen’s round      live at Schemitzun 2001. Songs include Old Fancy     complete tape of trick dance songs, chiefly Ponca
dance songs are fueled by his life experiences and    Dance Song, Old Kiowa Shake, and Horse Stealing      and Pawnee.
carry messages sung with deep personal conviction.    Song.                                                IS 2010 Cassette $2.00
Though many of the songs deal with the troubles of    SGBM 082501 (Out of Print.)
life, Glen eloquently charts a path to redemption                                                           - VOL. 2 - THE CONTEST IS ON!
with the song My Path. Other songs include Ring                                                            TRICK DANCE SONGS - PAWNEE & PONCA
of Fire, All She Wrote, It’s Not Easy, and Missing                                                         These contest songs are part of the annual Osage
You. 14 songs.                                        BAD MOON RISING                                      War Dance, Ponca Pow Wow and Ponca Heluska.
6463 CD $15.98                                         - SOUTHERN                                          The Poncas, who have been singing for the Osage
                                                      Evolved from various Southern Pow Wow groups,        for several generations, say that many of these
                                                      BAD MOON RISING consists of members of the           songs are so old their origin is lost.
                                                      Ponca, Otoe and Pawnee tribes from Oklahoma.         IS 2011 Cassette $2.00
WALTER AHHAITTY & FRIENDS                             Singers include Stephen Little Cook I, Jordon
 - OKLAHOMA STYLE with Comanche Little
                                                      Moore, Pat Moore Sr., Pat Moore Jr., Little Bear      - VOLUMES 1 & 2
                                                      Little Cook, Johnson Taylor, Aaron Adson, OJ         Originally released on 2 cassette tapes, now on one
21 wonderful songs recorded live at the 35th An-
                                                      Little Cook, and Ronald Monoessy. One trick song     CD. These are songs, many of which belong in the
nual Southern California Indian Center Pow Wow.
                                                      and ten intertribals.                                Annual Osage War Dances, the Annual Ponca Pow
15 gourd dance songs, a grand entry song, four
                                                      CRM 052803 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98                  Wow, and Ponca Heluska. These are not trick songs
round dance songs, and an intertribal.
SOAR 229 CD $18.98                                                                                         as commonly called by tribes who are unfamiliar
                                                                                                           with them. The Poncas, who have been singing for
         2                                                         Southern Plains                                                    Drumbeat
the Osages for several generations, say that many        Oliver and Stephen Little Cook, Don and Henry            KIOWA 49 & ROUND DANCE SONGS
of these songs are so old that the origin has been       Patterson, Jade R. Roubedeaux, Sophina                   A group of songs for social dancing. Contains
lost. Singers include Jackie Anquoe, Jim Anquoe,         Buffalohead, Tesa Goodeagle, Roberta J. McIntosh         seven 49 songs, a semi-private social dance held
Jack Anquoe, Herb Adson, Millard Clark, Larry            and Dobbin Monoessy. Recorded at White Eagle,            usually after some public celebration, and five
Cozad, Molly Ann McKinley, Anita Anquoe                  Oklahoma.                                                round dance songs. Singers are Mr. and Mrs. John
George, Mary Ann Anquoe, and Claudina Snake.             IH 2015 Cassette $9.98                                   Emhoolah Jr., Hershel Kaulaity, Mr. and Mrs. Billy
IS 2012     CD $13.98                                                                                             Botone, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bointy, Mr. and Mrs
                                                                                                                  Bruce Haumpy, Ted Creeping Bear, Ray White
                                                         GRAYHORSE SINGERS                                        Buffalo.
COZAD                                                     - VOL. 1 - GOURD TALKERS                                6087 Cassette $9.98
 - LIVE AT SCHMITZUN, 1995                               Eighteen Kiowa gourd dance songs and one buffalo
SCHEMITZUN LIVE CHAMPIONSHIP OF                          dance song. Includes Tiapiah Start Song, several
SONG AND DANCE. The COZAD DRUM                           old gourd dance songs and several family songs.          KIOWA 49 - WAR EXPEDITION
consists of Lead singer Leonad Cozad Sr., and his        Jack Anquoe is the lead singer.                          SONGS
ten sons and grandsons. Nephews, daughters and           SOAR 143 CD $18.98                                       Seventeen Kiowa “49” songs sung by Gregory
other extended family members sing with them at                                                                   Haumpy, Billy Hunting Horse, Ralph Kotay, Bill
times. They are from the Kiowa Nation in                  - VOL. 2 - SHAKE IT UP
                                                                                                                  Koomsa Jr., Barbara Ahhaitty, Pearl Kerchee,
Oklahoma and are rich in their tribal heritage. Ten      Seventeen shake dance songs from Oklahoma.
                                                                                                                  Anteline Koomsa, Nan B. Koomsa, and Wilda
songs including Straight Kiowa Original Song,            Songs include Cedar Smoke, Dancers Arise,
                                                                                                                  Koomsa. Recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma.
Southern Fancy, Horse Stealing Song and more.            Painted for War, Standing Buffalo and Hoka Hey.
                                                                                                                  IH 2505 Cassette $9.98
SGC 091595       (Out of Print)                          Jack, Redcloud, Jim, Rick, Warren and Jimmy
                                                         Anquoe plus Louis Sheridan, Jason Good Blanket,
- LIVE AT RED EARTH                                      Jimmy Reeder & LaVerne Little Calf.
SGC 61497   (Out of Print)                               SOAR 148 CD $18.98
                                                                                                                  KIOWA BLACK-LEGGINGS
                                                          - VOL. 3 - SPIRITS WHO DANCE                            WARRIORS SOCIETY CEREMONIAL
COZAD singers Leonard Cozad Sr., Leonard                 SPIRITS WHO DANCE is the third recording by the          SONGS
Cozad Jr., James Cozad, Patrick Cozad, Millard           GRAYHORSE SINGERS, a popular drum from                   12 Kiowa Black-Leg Society songs sung by Leo-
Clark, Freddie Kadahzinne, Marie Cozad Moses,            Oklahoma. This recording carries on the southern         nard Cozad, Jasper Sankadota, Oscar Tahlo, and
and Naomi Cozad Svitak present this recording of         drum style that has made the GRAYHORSE                   Laura Tahlo. Recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma,
16 southern style songs. Songs include an assort-        SINGERS a drum of great renown. SPIRITS WHO              January 22, 1964. Now on CD.
ment of contest songs, intertribals, gourd dance         DANCE is a mixture of Kiowa, Ponca and                   SC 305 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98
songs, buckskin songs, round dances and more.            intertribal songs including Snake Dance, Buffalo
SOAR 219 CD $18.98                                       Dance, Fancy Dancers Dance, Grass Dance and
                                                         more.                                                    KIOWA CIRCLE AND TWO-STEP
- FAMILY & FRIENDS                                       SOAR 177 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                        DANCE
Recorded live at the 34th Annual Southern Califor-                                                                Twelve round dance songs by Leonard Cozad,
nia Indian Center Pow Wow. All songs written by                                                                   Jasper Sankadota, Oscar Tahlo and Laura Tahlo.
Leonard Cozad Sr. and Leonard Cozad Jr. Five             HANDGAME OF THE KIOWA,                                   Recorded at Carnegie, OK, 1964. Reissued in
phases with four gourd songs each - 20 songs in all.     KIOWA-APACHE AND COMANCHE                                1993. Now available on CD.
SOAR 224 CD $18.98                                        - VOL. 1 CARNEGIE ROADRUNNERS VS.                       SC 278 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98
                                                         BILLY GOAT HILL
                                                         Twenty three handgame songs sung by these two
FORT OAKLAND RAMBLERS                                    teams during an actual game. More than 60                KIOWA FLAG SONG
 - WHEN HE PAINTS HIS FACE...                            singers. Recorded live at Carnegie, Oklahoma.            War Mother’s Songs, Round Dance Songs,
SOUTHERN STYLE POW WOW SONGS                             IH 2501     (Out of Print)                               Comanche 49 Songs.
RECORDED LIVE AT MESCALERO.                       Fort                                                            IS 2501 Cassette $2.00
                                                          - VOL. 2 CARNEGIE ROADRUNNERS VS.
Oakland is the tribal reservation community of the
                                                         BILLY GOAT HILL
Tonkawa/Lipa Apache tribe located near Tonkawa,
                                                         Twenty one handgame songs recorded during a
                                                         very close game. Another game by the same
music reflects on the lifestyle of their people and is
                                                         singers as in Volume 1. Recorded live at Carnegie,
                                                                                                                  KIOWA GOURD DANCE
presented in strict accordance with the rich                                                                       - VOL. 1
southern traditional singing style. Singers: Joseph                                                               Twelve gourd dance songs recorded live at
                                                         IH 2502 Cassette $9.98
Begs-His-Own (Sioux/Tonkawa), Jacque Senecal                                                                      Carnegie, Oklahoma. Singers: Daniel Cozad, Joe
(Blackfoot/Cherokee), Tonia L. Cozad (Kiowa/                                                                      Cozad, Larry Cozad, Leonard Cozad Sr., Bill
Paiute), Randy Flores (Catawba), Sonny Kadayeso                                                                   Hunting Horse, Adam Kaulaity, Vincent Spotted
(Mescalero Apache/Tonkawa), Henry Patterson              HAUMPY & DOYEBI                                          Bird, Yale Spotted Bird, Velma Cozad, Barbara
(Tonka/Lipan Apache), Antone Street (Tonkawa/             - 16 KIOWA 49 SONGS                                     Ahhaitty Monoessy, Dobbin Monoessy, Namomi
Ponca), Junior Tofpi (Kiowa/Sauk & Fox), Junior          Singers Hugh and Della Doyebi and Bruce and              Svitak. Dancers: David Apekaum, Marty Autaubo,
Flores (Ponca/Tonkawa), Don Patterson (Tonkawa/          Gertie Haumpy originally recorded these Kiowa 49         Richard Kauahquo, Elrod Monoessy, Curtis
Lipan Apache), Buffy Shanta (Mescalero Apache/           songs on November 7, 1979 at Fay, Oklahoma.              Tointigh.
Lipan Apache), Ernest Kadayeso (Apache/                  Released on CD in May 2006. There are some               IH 2503 CD $15.98
Tonkawa). Eleven songs including Grand Entry,            English words in the songs.
Memorial Flag Song, intertribals, straight               IR 650 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98                           - VOL. 2
intertribals, Fort Oakland Traveling Home Song                                                                    Eleven gourd dance songs.        Continued from
and more.                                                                                                         Volume 1.
6281 Cassette $9.98                                      KIOWA                                                    IH 2504 CD $15.98
                                                          - KIOWA BLACK LEGGINGS WARRIORS
CONTEST SONGS                                            SINGER                                                   KIOWA GOURD DANCE SONGS
The FORT OAKLAND RAMBLERS are                            Kiowas Flag Song, eight war mothers songs and ten        Mr. and Mrs. Vince Bointy, Mr. and Mrs. John
comprised of members of the Ponca, Otoe, and             Black Leggings Society songs.          Recorded at       Emhoolah, Jr., Herschel Kaulaity, Ray White
Tonkawa tribes and are located in north central          Carnegie, Oklahoma, by an outstanding group of           Buffalo, Mr. and Mrs., Billy Botone, Mr. and Mrs.
Oklahoma. Six intertribal songs, four contest            singers selected by Bill Kaulaity for their ability to   Bruce Haumpy, Ted Creeping Bear. 14 songs.
songs, two patriotic give-away songs, two Ponca          sing traditional Kiowa music. Bill Kaulaity - lead       6103     (Out of Print.)
songs. Singers are Perry Lee Botone Jr., Jim Grant,      singer, Daniel Cozad, James Cozad, Georgia
James Kembie, Garland Kent Jr., Gregory Lieb,            Dupoint, Roberta Toehay and Flora Weryackwe.
                                                         6167 Cassette $9.98

Prices subject to change without notice.
        Drumbeat                                                  Southern Plains                                                                     3
KIOWA GOURD DANCE SONGS                                 KIOWA WAR DANCE SOCIETY                                - GOURD DANCE SONGS OF THE KIOWA
Singers Ronald Horse (Tsatoke), Billy Hunting            - VOL. 1 - SONGS OF THE O-HO-MAH                      Thirteen gourd dance songs plus the Kiowa Flag
Horse, Helen Horse (Tsatoke) and Dorita Hunting         LODGE                                                  Song. Includes White Bear’s (Satanta’s) Family
Horse originally recorded these songs on April 8,       The KIOWA WAR DANCE SOCIETY O-HO-                      Song. Recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma. Singers:
1974 at Fay, Oklahoma. Released on CD in May            MAH- LODGE singers are Parker Emoolah, Ralph           Bill Koomsa, Sr. - lead singer; Billy Hunting
2006. 18 songs.                                         Kotay, Bill Ware, Mac Whitehorse, Roland               Horse, Wilbur Kodaseet, Bill Koomsa, Jr., Lonnie
IR 656 CD $17.98                                        Whitehorse and Florene Whitehorse Taylor. The          Tsotaddle, Georgia Dupoint, Ann Koomsa, Martha
                                                        O-ho-mah Lodge is the original war dance society       Koomsa Perez and Pearl Woodard.
                                                        of the Kiowa and is over one hundred years old.        6148     (Out of Print)
                                                        Most of the songs recorded in these two volumes
KIOWA SONGS                                             are very old individual Songs which belong to O-        - KIOWA SCALP AND VICTORY DANCE
 - 16 OLD TRADITIONAL KIOWA SONGS                                                                              SONGS
                                                        ho-mah members and their families. They have
Roland Horse, Bruce Haumpy and Billy Hunting                                                                   Sixteen songs. These songs are not sung much any
                                                        been recorded here for the first time with the
Horse recorded this collection of 16 old traditional                                                           more; very few people know these songs today.
                                                        permission of the owners for everyone to hear and
Kiowa songs at Fay, Oklahoma on March 1, 1969.                                                                 Scalp dance songs were sung when warriors
                                                        enjoy. It is the desire of the owners of these songs
Tracks 1 thru 8 are Kiowa war dance songs, 9 thru                                                              returned from raids; today they are sung during the
                                                        that they be learned and sung and enjoyed and used
12 are Kiowa round dance songs, and 13 thru 16                                                                 Veteran’s Day celebration. Singers: Bill Koomsa,
                                                        in good way for many generations to come. They
are Kiowa 49 social dance songs (originally called                                                             Sr. - lead singer; Billy Hunting Horse, Wilbur
                                                        do not give up ownership of the songs, but give
war expedition songs). This CD has been enhanced                                                               Kodaseet, Bill Koomsa, Jr., Lonnie Tsotaddle,
                                                        permission for everyone to use and enjoy them. 15
with new digital technology for improved sound.                                                                Georgia Dupoint, Ann Koomsa, Martha Koomsa
                                                        songs from 15 members. Liner notes.
IR 655 CD $17.98                                                                                               Perez and Pearl Woodard.
                                                        IH 2510 Cassette $9.98
                                                                                                               6166 Cassette $9.98
                                                         - VOL. 2 - SONGS OF THE O-HO-MAH
KIOWA SONGS AND DANCES                                  LODGE Continued from Volume One with the
26 selections including war, round, trot, and buffalo   same singers. 15 more songs with liner notes.          LET’S 49
dances, War Mothers songs, Flag song, and gourd         IH 2511 Cassette $9.98                                 Now on CD, this classic recording originally re-
dance songs featuring the traditional bugle calls.                                                             leased in 1982. Some of the most outstanding
                                                         - VOL. 3 - SONGS OF THE O-HO-MAH                      songs and singers of this era are captured on this
Kenneth Anquoe - lead singer. Recorded live
                                                        LODGE                                                  CD. Singers include Frank Adson, Herb Adson,
during the early 1960’s. Liner notes included.
                                                        13 songs from the Joe Shunkamolah family, Phil-        Kenneth Anquoe, Pete Bailey, L. Anthony Ballard,
FE 4393 Cassette $5.00 CD $16.98
                                                        mon Berry, the Botone family, Ed Tsotaddle, Wil-       Millard Clark, Larry Cozad, George Valliere, Tom
                                                        son Ware, Trenton Mitchell, Skeet Russell, Richard     Ware, Chris White, M.A. Anquoe, Anne Ballard,
                                                        Tartsah, Walter Komome, Gus Palmer. Marlon             Anita George, Juanita Heap-of-Birds, Lily M.
KIOWA TRIBAL CIRCLE AND TWO-                            Aitson, Bill Ware, and Seth Morgan. Now avail-         Kauley, Kay L. Kemble, Jereaux L. Nevaquaya,
STEP SONGS                                              able on CD.                                            Jean Packhorse, Eva Kay Rice, Wanda Tsosie,
Songs sung by the Sound Chief Singers. Songs            IH 2513 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                       Clarise Whiteskunk, Hallie Whiteskunk, Tweet
include Round Dance Song, Miss Indian American                                                                 Whiteskunk, and Alberta Whiteskunk Zotigh.
Coronation Song, 13 round dance songs. Now               - VOL. 4 - SONGS OF THE O-HO-MAH                      Some of the singers on this recording have since
available on CD.                                        LODGE                                                  departed from this world. They shall live on for-
SC 266 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98                         13 more songs from Jeremy Keahbone, Paul Tahlo,        ever through these songs.
                                                        Bruce Kaulaity, Stanley Geimausaddle. Matthew          IS 4901 CD $13.98
                                                        Kaulaity, Jim and Joyce Vinyard, Kenneth Anquoe,
                                                        Perry Horse, Richard Archilta, Bobby Dunlap,
KIOWA TRIBAL ROUND DANCE                                George Saloe, Fagon Tahbone, and John Henry
SONGS                                                                                                          MUSIC OF THE PAWNEE
                                                        Laurentz’s son. Now available on CD.                   Just released on CD, this archival recording in-
12 songs sung by The Soundchief Singers, James          IH 2514 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
Aunguoe, Nathan Doyebi, Ernest Red Bird, and                                                                   cludes 10 medleys of songs sung by Mark Evarts.
Ruth Red Bird. Originally recorded on September                                                                The original liner notes are included as a PDF file
                                                         - VOL. 5 - SONGS OF THE O-HO-MAH                      on most of the newly released discs. Medleys
16, 1959. Songs include Princess Moon Bird, Little      LODGE
Mountain Maid, Rainy Nights in Taos, and Fried                                                                 include A) a bear song, an old hand game song and
                                                        Singers on this recording are Joe Fish Dupoint,        a ghost dance song; B) four deer dance songs and
Bread Boogie.                                           John Glenn Hamilton, Galen Holder, Jeff Toehay,
SC 274 CD $11.98                                                                                               two mescal bean songs; and C) a love song, a
                                                        Bill Ware and Matthew Whitehorse. 13 songs.            man’s love song, three woman’s love songs and a
                                                        IH 2515 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                       peyote song; and seven more medleys.
                                                                                                               FE 4334 Cassette $5.00 CD $20.98
SONGS                                                   KIOWA WARRIORS DANCE SONGS &
From the Original American Indian Soundchiefs           KIOWA WAR EXPEDITION SONGS                             MUSIC OF THE PLAINS APACHE
collection please enjoy these traditional songs. 12     Eight Kiowa Warriors Dance Songs and seven             Just released on CD, this archival recording in-
Kiowa Gourd Dance songs (Leonard Cozad, Jasper          Kiowa War Expedition (49) songs. Sung by The           cludes 15 songs. The original liner notes are in-
Sankadota, Oscar Tahlo, and Laura Tahlo) recorded       Soundchief Singers - James Aunguoe, Nathan             cluded as a PDF file on most of the newly released
at Carnegie, Oklahoma in 1964, and four Buffalo         Doyebi, Ernest Red Bird and Ruth Red Bird. Now         discs. Songs include a wolf song, a turtle song, a
Dance songs (White Fox, Little Chief, and Harry         available on CD.                                       turkey song, a snake dance song, a buffalo dance
Hokeah). Released on CD in October 2009.                SC 131 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98                        song and more.
SC 301 CD $11.98                                                                                               FE 4252 Cassette $5.00 CD $20.98

                                                        KOOMSA TRIBAL SINGERS
                                                         - KIOWA WAR, 49 & HORSE STEALING
KIOWA TRIBAL WARRIOR DANCES                             SONGS                                                  NATIVE AMERICAN VETERANS’
Sung by Ernest Aunguoe, Nathan Doyebi, Ernest           This recording contains three seldom heard horse       HONORING POW WOW
Red Bird, Ruth Redbird. Twelve Kiowa Tribal             stealing songs, seven old Kiowa war dance songs        IS 1523    Cassette $2.00     CD $13.98
Warrior Dances including Arikara War Chief, Chief       that date back to the 1920’s, ruffle dance song, and
Thundercloud, Brave Hearts Must Travel, Eagle           nine 49 songs. Singers: Bill Koomsa, Sr. - lead
Chief, An Eagle Wings, Forty-four Winchester and        singer; Billy Hunting Horse, Wilbur Kodaseet, Bill     THE NIGHTWALKERS
more. Now available on CD.                              Koomsa, Jr., Lonnie Tsotaddle, Georgia Dupoint,         - GOURD CLAN SONGS - VOLUME 1
SC 139 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98                         Ann Koomsa, Martha Koomsa Perez and Pearl              Singers Roy Night Walker, Ola Mae Night Walker,
                                                        Woodard.                                               James Night Walker and Ruby Night Walker pre-
                                                        6145 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                          sent 15 Southern Cheyenne gourd clan songs.

                                                                                                               Prices subject to change without notice.
         4                                                     Southern Plains                                                 Drumbeat
Originally recorded on May 10, 1986 at Fay Okla-      OMAHA INDIAN MUSIC                                   Thomas, Louis Saunsoci, Jeff Miller, Erwin Morris,
homa. Released on CD May 2006. (Now on CD.)           Fifteen groups of songs recorded by Alice Fletcher   Greg Grant, Mike Spears, Ron Goodeagle Sr. and
IR 332A      CD $17.98                                and Francis La Flesche between 1895 and 1910.        Angelo Normand. 11 songs including Omaha Flag
                                                      Songs include Hethu ‘shka Society Songs, Pipes of    Song, Traveling Song and For The Mothers.
 - SOUTHERN CHEYENNE GOURD CLAN                       Fellowship Ceremony, wolf songs, victory dance       RR 1100      (Out of Print.)
SONGS                                                 songs, love songs and others.        Produced in
These 17 Gourd Clan Songs are sung by Roy             cooperation with the Omaha Tribal Council. La         - LIVE @ HINCKLEY
Nightwalker Sr., Arthur Madbull, George Night-        Flesche, a member of the Omaha Tribe, was a          WHITETAIL SINGERS are a contemporary
walker and Roy Nightwalker. Originally recorded       noted anthropologist and author.                     Southern Style drum group from Nebraska and
on March 8, 1974 at Fay, Oklahoma. Released on        L 71     (Out of Print)                              surrounding areas. They are dedicated to their
CD May 2006.                                                                                               traditions and have won many singing contests.
IR 322 CD $17.98                                                                                           They are a favorite among dancers throughout Pow
                                                      OMAHA SINGERS                                        Wow country - especially Fancy Dancers. First
 - SOUTHERN CHEYENNE SUN DANCE                                                                             Place Winners at Hinckley’s 2001 Southern Style
                                                       - 19 OMAHA SONGS
SONGS                                                                                                      Singing Contest. 10 songs.
                                                      Originally recorded on February 29, 1972 at Macy,
These 17 Southern Cheyenne Sun Dance Songs                                                                 AR 1146      Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98
                                                      Nebraska, singers Rudolph Clark, Lawrence Gilpin,
include one sun dance lodge invitation song, one
                                                      Jacob Drum and John Turner present 19 Omaha
sunrise formation song, one sun dance starting                                                              - FOR OUR ELDERS
                                                      Indian Pow Wow songs. Songs include two He-
song, one old sun dance song with words, 11 regu-                                                          WHITE TAIL SINGERS include Kelly Grant, Tim
                                                      luska war dance songs, eight war dance songs, one
lar sun dance songs, one peace pipe smoke song,                                                            Grant, Dennis Thomas Jr, Blackbird Sheridan, A.J.
                                                      Omaha flag song, two hand game gourd dance
one sun dance closing song. Singers are Roy                                                                Grant, Matthew Grant Jr, Gregg Grant, Mike Grant,
                                                      songs, two round dance songs. Two give-away
Nightwalker Sr., Ola Mae Nightwalker, James                                                                Jerome Sheridan, Marq Sheridan, Erwin Morris,
                                                      songs, and two contest songs. Released on CD
Nightwalker and Ruby Nightwalker. Originally                                                               Mitchell Parker, Brad Saunsoci, Andre Saunsoci,
                                                      May 2006. (Now on CD.)
recorded on May 10, 1986 at Fay, Oklahoma.                                                                 Louis Saunsoci. Featuring John Morris Sr, and
                                                      IR 825 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98
Released on CD may 2006.                                                                                   Bridget Whipple of Eyabay. 12 songs including
IR 331A CD $17.98                                                                                          Pure Playa, Skillz, The Prettiest Girl and Cruzin’.
                                                      OMAHA WHITE TAIL                                     AR 1153      CD $17.98
                                                       - OMAHA WHITE TAIL
O-HO-MAH LODGE                                        Recorded live at Carry The Kettle. The OMAHA
(Cheyenne, Pawnee, Ponca)                             WHITE TAIL SINGERS consist of members of the         OSAGE MEDICINE
 - VOL. 1       POW WOW SONGS FROM                    Omaha Tribe of Nebraska. The group was formed         - THE OSAGE SWEAT CEREMONY - WITH
OKLAHOMA                                              in 1989 and has traveled throughout the U.S.A. and   ANCESTRAL SONGS
Sixteen war dance songs from the O-Ho-Mah             Canada. White Tail songs are composed by group       Led by LO HA WA TI AN KA. Recorded live at
Lodge, Cheyenne, Pawnee and Ponca tribes. Sung        members and are traditional songs of the Omaha.      Greyhorse Indian Village, Osage Reservation, April
by Tom Ware, Millard Clark, George Valliere,          They are: Blackbird and Jerome Sheridan, Kennard     1997. Side 1 sung by Loui McAlpine. Side 2 Live
Larry Cozad, Bill Ware and Phillip Hendrix Jr.        Parker, Tim Grant (lead singer), J.R. Thomas, Brad   Sweat Lodge Ceremony sung by Osage, Cheyenne/
IS 2001    (Out of Print)                             Saunsoci, A.J. and Kelly Grant. 12 songs including   Kiowa and Caddo singers.
                                                      Intertribals, Men’s Fancy, Ladies’ Fancy, Horse      IS 7001 CD $13.98
 - VOL. 2         POW WOW SONGS FROM                  Stealing, Jr. Men’s Fancy, Travelling Song.
OKLAHOMA                                              SGWT 072696 (Out of Print.)
Sixteen war dance songs, many of which belong to                                                           OTOE WARRIOR DANCE SONGS
the O-Ho-Mah Lodge. Singers: Mac Whitehorse,           - OMAHA WHITE TAIL - LIVE AT RED                    Ten songs by The Original American Indian
Tom Ware, Millard Clark, Bill Ware, Pearl Ware,       EARTH                                                Soundchiefs. Singers are Fred Early, Johnny
Marie Criss, Velma Tooisgah, Marcella Delaware,       This recording is dedicated to the late Herman       Moore and Mrs. Johnny Moore. Originally re-
Patricia James, Jenny James.                          Grant and the late Lawrence Gilpen. OMAHA            corded May 8, 1953.
IS 2002     (Out of Print)                            WHITE TAIL singers are Dennis Thomas Jr.,            SC 123 CD $11.98
                                                      Jerome Sheridan, Mitch Parker, Tim Grant, Brad
                                                      Saunsoci, Black Bird Sheridan, Buffy Shanta,
O-HO-MAH LODGE SINGERS                                Amen Sheridan, Kelly Grant, A.J. Grant, Stan         OTTER TRAIL
The O-ho-mah Lodge is the original war dance          Smith and Joe Fish Dupoint. 13 songs including        - FAMILY SONG SOUTHERN STYLE
society of the Kiowa. It began in the late 1800’s     War Dancer, Memorial Song of the Veterans, Fired     The OTTER TRAIL singers are Jose Roldan (Kogi
when Daw oi ki, a prominent Kiowa warrior, re-        Up!, Red Rock, The Tail Dancer, Mary Apple’s         Arawak), Matt Harmon (Nanticoke Delaware), Ron
ceived the sacred war dance tail-bustle from the      Song, Umo “Ho” War Song and more.                    Gibson (Iowa/Shawnee), Al Bold Eagle Santos
Cheyenne, and with this responsibility was given      SGWT 61397 CD $15.98                                 (Head Singer) (Arawak/Aztec), Mark Hicks
the right to perform the songs and dance which is                                                          (Eastern Cherokee), Urie Ridgeway (Nanticoke
part of the O-ho-mah tradition. Today the lodge        - WAR DANCER - POW WOW SONGS OF                     Delaware), David Buffalohead (Ponca/Kiowa/
has over 100 members. The songs recorded here         THE OMAHA                                            Comanche), Will Mosley (Nanticoke Delaware),
are just a few of the many O-ho-mah Lodge songs.      Brad Saunsoci, Holly Sheridan, Kelly Grant, Tim      Sean Keahna (Sac and Fox/Mesquakie), Misty R.
                                                      Grant, Mitchell Parker Jr., J.R. Thomas, Kennard     Nace (Anishanabe), Judy Gibson (Pawnee), Cherie
 - WAR DANCE SONGS OF THE KIOWA -                     Parker and Jerome Sheridan. All are members of       Siebert (Eastern Cherokee), and Mandy Harmon
VOLUME 1                                              the Omaha tribe. 10 songs including Omaha Flag       (Nanticoke Delaware). 14 Intertribal and Contest
17 songs belonging to O-ho-mah members and            Song, Desert Storm Song, Mark Grant’s Song,          songs with some translation.
their families and old-time war dance songs with no   1963-1991, Intertribals, Travelling Song, Fancy      SOAR 187 (Out of Print)
particular ownership.                                 Feather Dance Song, Southern Straight Song.
IH 2508 CD $15.98                                     6249 Cassette $9.98                                   - THE NEXT CHAPTER
                                                                                                           This live recording of Southern Style Pow Wow
 - WAR DANCE SONGS O F THE KIOWA -                    - LIVE AT LONG PLAIN FIRST NATION                    songs was made at the Tunica Biloxi Pow Wow
VOLUME 2                                              WRWT 023 Cassette $4.00                              2000 in Marksville, Louisiana. The ten songs
21 songs belonging to O-ho-mah members and                                                                 include four intertribals, a woman’s fancy shawl, a
their families and old-time war dance songs with no   - TO THE MOTHERS                                     men’s traditional and a fancy trick song. Singers
particular ownership.                                 Ten songs including For The Mothers, Wakonda’s       are Cynthia Whitebird, Delbert ‘Buckwheat’
IH 2509 CD $15.98                                     Gift, The Drum Song, and V.F.W. Post 10723.          Johnson, Al Santos, Nick Behan, Dave Johnson,
                                                      SGOW 72998        CD $15.98                          August ‘Cocoa’ Creppel, Roland Castillo, Herbert
                                                                                                           ‘Chickdog’ Johnson, Urie Ridgeway, Gene Bates,
OLD TRADITIONAL SOUTHERN                              - KICKIN’ IT UP                                      Lance Tahchawwickah, Terry Yazzie, Rose Behan,
CHEYENNE SONGS                                        A live recording from the 1999 Schemitzun Pow        Emily Smith, Dawn Tahchawwickah, Fern
IR 320       Cassette $2.00   CD $17.98               Wow. Singers are Tim Grant, Kelly Grant, Jr.         Tahchawwickah, Delores Johnson, Heather

Prices subject to change without notice.
       Drumbeat                                                  Southern Plains                                                                        5
Johnson, Reatha Johnson, Camille’Bubbles’              three trot dance songs, seven war dance songs, and      ROSE HILL
Johnson and Mary ‘Happie’ Karty.                       four contest songs sung by Lamont Brown,                The ROSE HILL SINGERS are members of the
RR 1105     Cassette $2.00                             Sylvester Warrior, Albert Waters and Henry Snake.       Otoe/Missourian, Sauk & Fox, Iowa and Kiowa
                                                       SC 119 Cassette $9.98                                   tribes of Oklahoma. The group formed in 1990 and
 - RED RIVER CROSSING                                                                                          has participated in many major pow wows and
From Oklahoma and Texas, OTTER TRAIL brings                                                                    celebrations throughout Indian Country.          The
to you a collection of 16 southern style pow wow       PONCA WARRIORS DANCE SONGS &                            singers credit their music to their elders’ teachings
songs. Singers include Alex Santos, Delbert John-      PAWNEE WARRIORS DANCE SONGS                             of the songs and guidance on the pow wow way of
son, Davie Johnson, Herb Johnson, Gabe Castillo,       Ten PONCA WARRIORS DANCE SONGS sung by                  life.
Roland Castillo, Lance Hill, J.T. Liles, Lorenzo       Sylvester Warrior, Albert Waters, and Francis
Garcia, Richard Attocknie, Josh Smith, Antonio         Eagle. Pawnee Flag Song and twelve PAWNEE                - MOVIN’ ON
Dominguez, Chris Tamez-Browne, Cedric                  WARRIORS DANCE SONGS by Frank Murrie,                   Fourteen songs by a talented drum group including
Ketcheshawno, Randi Lynn Santos, Deloris John-         Lamont Pratt, Phillip Jim, and Mrs. Jacob Leader.       Movin’ On, 37th & Bethany Home, Baron Action,
son, Retha Johnson, Heather Battise, Sally Hill, and   SC 118 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98                         Durango, Nuh-Muh-Nuh, Olympics ‘96, Hacienda
Chery Attocknie.                                                                                               Heights and more. Singers: Lloyd Gwin, Gary
SOAR 223 CD $18.98                                                                                             “Chink” Whitecloud Jr., Moses “Hootie”, and
                                                       POOR BOYS                                               Michael Whitecloud, Glen Ahhaitty, Alan Tsoodle,
                                                       The POOR BOYS are Geoff White, Quinton                  Amos Littlecrow, Henry Walker Jr., Roland Dean
THE OZARK SINGERS                                      Anquoe, Michael Deer, Mike Gawhege, Mike                Barker, Richard Williamson, Phil R. “Joe Fish”
 - 17 OLD TRADITIONAL PONCA WAR                        Kihege, Amos Littlecrow, Knokkovtee Locust,             Dupoint, and Harold Lynn Neconie.
DANCE SONGS                                            Charles Logan, and Rueben Tehaund. They are             TIM 10015 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98
The singers are Abe Conklin, Ken Siemens, Tony         from many tribes from Oklahoma:             Kiowa,
Red Bird, John Kemble, Lionel Le Claire, and           Comanche, Otoe, Iowa, Sac and Fox, Kickapoo,             - LIVE AT HINCKLEY, MN
Roscoe Conklin with ladies voices in the back-         Ponca, and Shawnee.        The group began at           Recorded live at the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe 4th
ground. Originally recorded at Oklahoma City on        Sequoyah Indian School and have been host drum          Annual Grand Celebration, Hinckley, Minnesota,
June 6, 1973 and released in 1973, this remastered     and head singers throughout Indian Country.             July 28-30, 1995. Nine intertribal songs and Sac-n-
CD contains 17 original traditional Ponca war                                                                  Fox Flag Song.
dance songs.                                            - OKLAHOMA                                             IH 2101 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
IR 1000 CD $17.98                                      Their first release is Southern style. 12 songs
                                                       including Sooner, Keep On Hustlin’, Shawnee
                                                       Song, and Hatchet Wound.                                ROUND AND TWO-STEP DANCE
PAWNEE YELLOW HORSE                                    AR 1182      CD $17.98                                  SONGS - OKLAHOMA STYLE
 - SPIRIT OF THE PLAINS                                 - 49’ER SONGS                                          Flowers of the Wigwam - 11 songs by Melvin
Ten original songs in the Pawnee language. The         This second release is all 49’er songs. They are        Geionety and K.D. Edwards and Princess Blue
PAWNEE YELLOW HORSE drum group is                      joined by Marla White, Jo Jo Walker, Kaylene            Moon - eight songs by the Soundchief Singers -
comprised of the members of the Pawnee Nation.         Deer, Shashauna Tehauno, Rachel Heap of Birds,          James Aunguoe, Nathan Doyebi, Ernest Red Bird
The lead singer and composer, Vance Horsechief         and Cekewe Locust. They perform 16 songs                and Ruth Red Bird. Originally released in 1996.
Jr., is a descendant of the late Lloyd Yellowhorse.    including 11 49’er songs, Calling Song, Blackjack       Released as a CD in 2008.
Vance named the drum group in memoriam to              Daisy, and Ponca Song.                                  SC 284 CD $11.98
Lloyd. Singers: Phil Minthorn, Gary Leadingfox,        AR 1183 CD $17.98
Vance Horsechief Jr., Bryan Hodshire, Bunky
Echo-Hawk, Walter Echo-Hawk, Jason Lightfoot,                                                                  ROUND DANCE FROM THE O-HO-
Debbie Echo-Hawk, Jennifer Folsom Minthorn,            POW WOW                                                 MAH LODGE
and several others.       Nine songs in Pawnee         - SOUTHERN STYLE WAR DANCES                             The O-ho-mah Lodge is the original war dance
including The Pawnee Flag Song, Little Warrior’s       - John Knifechief, Lead Singer                          society of the Kiowa. It began over 100 years ago.
Song, Youth Honor Song, 4 war dance songs, Two         Recorded live during the actual festivities capturing   The O-ho-mah Lodge holds their traditional dance
Bear’s Song,                                           the excitement of the war dance competition. An         each year on the fourth weekend in July. Each
WORP 1021 (Out of Print)                               ideal gift for everyone interested in Plains Pow        evening, before the war dance begins, the singers
                                                       Wow music. Recording includes contest songs             begin with a series of round dance songs while the
 - LOOK TO THE STARS                                   from the 1971 celebration.        John Knifechief       dancers are getting ready. It is at this time that
It is hoped that hearing these songs and the sound     featured as lead singer. Recorded during All Indian     some very old songs come out, perhaps heard no
of the drum uplifts you. PAWNEE YELLOW                 Days, Scottsdale, Arizona.                              where else but at this O-ho-mah dance. 19 round
HORSE singers are Terry Tsotigh, Adrian                6088 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                           dance songs.
Horsechief, Bunky Echo-Hawk, Walter Echo-Hawk                                                                  IH 2516      CD $15.98
Jr, Pat Leading Fox, Vance Horsechief Jr III, John
Bechtold, Pius Horsechief, Ronald Rice Jr, Gary        POW WOW AND SPECIALTY DANCE
Leading Fox, Sean Roubideaux, Winston Stabler,         SONGS FROM OKLAHOMA                                     SIZZORTAIL
Sage Stabler and C.D. Moore. 12 songs including        18 songs including Comanche Flag Song, round,            - ENUFF SAID
Pa-hu-katawa, A Good Horse and Talking to the          gourd, war, horse stealing, shield, eagle, hoop and     Sizzortail’s first recording ever! Back to back 1998
Enemy.                                                 ruffle dance songs, war journey songs, and Quitting     and 1999 Southern Challenge Champions,
WORP 1041 Cassette $2.00                               Song. Kiowa and Comanche singers including              Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque,
                                                       Matthew Whitehorse, Tom Ware, Millard Clark,            NM. Sizzortail has created a buzz all over the
                                                       Bill Ware, Sam James, Pearl Pewo Ware, Velma            Southern and Northern Pow wow circuits.
PONCA INDIAN SINGERS                                   Tooisgah, Marie Criss, Marcella Delaware, Patricia      Together since 1995, Sizzortail is proud to
 - PONCA WAR DANCES                                    James and Jenny James.                                  announce their first, highly acclaimed release.
Ponca Flag Song, prayer song , twenty war dance        IS 6001     (Out of Print)                              AR 1114 CD $17.98
songs and quitting song. Individuals interested in
learning Ponca songs will find this album most                                                                 - WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE
helpful. The words are clearly enunciated by this      ROCKING HORSE SINGERS                                   With BEAR CREEK. See listing in Intertribal Pow
well-trained and experienced group of singers.         One of the hottest, new, up-and-coming drums on         Wow catalog.
Ponca Indian Singers: Wilford Clark. Pee Wee           the pow wow trail. The ROCKING HORSE                    DHOP 0200 CD $16.98
Clark, Wilkie Eagle and Jim Kemble.                    SINGERS are comprised of southern singers from
6143 Cassette $9.98                                    the Ponca, Omaha and Otoe Nations. Good
                                                       southern style drumming. We look forward to             SONGS OF THE CADDO
                                                       hearing more from these young men.                      - CEREMONIAL AND SOCIAL DANCE
PONCA TRIBAL SONGS                                     RVR0966 (Out of Print)                                  MUSIC
Ponca Flag Song, Veterans’ Song, Memorial Song,                                                                Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are the first public recordings of

                                                                                                               Prices subject to change without notice.
        6                                                        Southern Plains                                                    Drumbeat
Caddo songs.        Singers are Lowell “Wimpy”         start your SOUTHERN BOYS collection.             10     - FROM THE HEART - VOL. 1
Edmonds, Leon Carter, Houston Edmonds, Hubert          songs. 42 minutes.                                     Recorded live at the Keh-Wit Taspa Spring
Halfmoon, Irvin Whitebread, Rueben Whitebread          AR 1155 CD $17.98                                      Celebration, Cabezon Reservation, California,
and Melford Williams. These recordings have been                                                              March 24-26, 1995.     Nine pow wow songs
reissued and are now available as individual            - TODOME                                              including seven intertribal songs, Angela
cassettes or as one double length CD (6146CD).         The drum just keeps on beating for this powerhouse     Thurman’s Song, and Pawnee Song. Liner notes.
                                                       drum group from Oklahoma! Following their 3rd          IH 2083 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
 - VOL. 1                                              place victory at the 2002 Gathering of Nations Pow
37 turkey dance songs sung in the proper sequence      Wow competition in Albuquerque, New Mexico              - FROM THE HEART - VOL. 2
for the actual dance. The last four songs of the       the SOUTHERN BOYS have become one of the               Continues from Volume One. 9 songs and liner
turkey dance are continued on Volume 2.                hottest drum groups on the Pow Wow circuit, and        notes.
6146 Cassette $9.98                                    this release clearly demonstrates their superior       IH 2084 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
                                                       skills. This is southern style Pow wow at its very
 - VOL. 2                                              best. Ten songs: nine Intertribals and one round        - “LIVE”
The four concluding songs of the turkey dance song     dance.                                                 This latest recording by SOUTHERN THUNDER
cycle are continued from Volume 1. This volume         AR 1180       CD $17.98                                was worth waiting for, and gives new meaning to
also includes the Caddo Flag Song and several                                                                 the word “live.” A collection of 14 Pawnee
songs from each of the following dances: bear           - LIVE AT ST. CROIX                                   traditional and new intertribal songs, this tape is
dance, fish dance, duck dance, bell dance and          The SOUTHERN BOYS have returned with this              loaded with 57 minutes of great singing. Recorded
morning dance.                                         pow wow album recorded live at the 11th Annual         live in June 1997 at The Citizen Potawatomi
6147 Cassette $9.98                                    St. Croix Pow Wow in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin.           Nation’s 24th Annual Pow Wow in Shawnee,
                                                       With their extensive touring schedule and              Oklahoma.
- VOL. 1 AND VOL. 2 (COMBINED)                         impressive collection of awards, the BOYS have         IH 2085 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
6146 CD $15.98                                         reached a near legendary status within the Pow
                                                       Wow community for their Southern Style singing.         - LISTEN TO THE THUNDER
                                                       This recording truly captures the SOUTHERN             IH 2086 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
                                                       BOYS at the top of their game. 14 songs include a
                                                       collection of three grand entry songs, five             - LIVE AT ASU (Tempe, AZ)
SONGS OF THE COMANCHE,                                 intertribals, a flag song, a Southern Straight, a      Recorded live at the 18th Annual ASU Pow Wow
CHEYENNE, KIOWA, CADDO,                                victory song, a men’s straight and men’s exhibition,   in Tempe, Arizona, 2004. This is their seventh
WICHITA, PAWNEE                                        and a competition song. Includes over 18 minutes       recording, and most likely their best. First forming
Comanche: raid song, 49, round dance, Christian        of live video coverage!                                in 1991 to promote and perpetuate southern style
hymn; Cheyenne: lullaby, war dance, wolf song,         AR 1208 CD $17.98                                      Plains singing, they have stayed true to their origi-
Story of Bogey Man, social dance; Kiowa: love                                                                 nal purpose bringing their sound from coast to
song, Story of Flute; Caddo: round dance, victory      - CAN’T GET RITE                                       coast. An integral part to SOUTHERN THUNDER
songs, lullaby, The Little Skunk’s Dream; Wichita:     Recorded in Lawton, Oklahoma, Southern Boyz            has always been their women singers, combined
deer dance, rain songs; Pawnee: Flag Song, war         bring you a collection of 12 songs including 3 old     with their style of drumming, often soft and some-
dance, ghost dance, hand game song, prayer song.       Camanche round dances, Dodge Struttin, Fat Boyz        times loud, giving a dramatic orchestral quality. 16
L 39 Cassette $4.00                                    Dream, and Twin Cities Blues.                          songs including round dances, war dances, and
                                                       DHOP 0500 CD $16.98                                    other Pawnee traditional songs.
                                                                                                              IH 2087 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
SONGS OF THE KIOWA                                      - WE READY
14 songs (recorded 1941 and 1951): includes sun        Eleven tracks recorded live at Red Earth. Songs
dance, ghost dance, round dance, war dance, squat      include Back Again, Night Hawkin, Ft. Hall Railz,      THUNDER HILL
dance, two-step, legend songs, Setanke’s Death         and Mountain Soul & SBZ.                                - THE CLASH OF THE TITANS
Song, Flag Song, Christian hymns, Peyote songs.        DHOP 1600 CD $16.98                                    Comprised of some of the best singers of the south-
Sung by George Hunt and Matthew Whitehorse                                                                    ern Plains, Thunder Hill has emerged as one of the
group.                                                                                                        most compelling of today’s drum groups. With
L 35 Cassette $4.00                                    SOUTHERN THUNDER                                       intense singing and the mighty beats of their drum,
                                                        - INTERTRIBAL SONGS OF OKLAHOMA                       the power of Thunder Hill resounds throughout the
                                                       Although a relatively new group, members of            pow wow trail. 14 southern style pow wow songs
                                                       SOUTHERN THUNDER have had years of                     recorded live at San Carlos, Arizona. Songs in-
SOUTHERN BOYS                                          experience singing with other groups.        The       clude one grand entry, six contest songs, six inter-
- THE NEXT GENERATION                                  members are from several Oklahoma tribes and           tribal songs, and one old-time round dance.
AR 1110 CD $17.98                                      currently reside in Osage County. Includes three       6411 CD $15.98
                                                       Pawnee songs, Osage Flag Song and fourteen
- DEEP DOWN SOUTH                                      intertribal southern war dance songs. Singers are       - FOR THE LOVE
The SOUTHERN BOYS second release of                    Frank M. Adson, Herb Adson, Kenny Bighorse Jr.,        From the heart of Oklahoma, Thunder Hill delivers
Southern Style Pow Wow songs. Singers include          Scott Bighorse, Vann Bighorse, Larry Cozad, Scott      spectacular Southern Plains singing and drumming
Cheevers Toppah, Hyde Toppah, Victor                   George, Oliver Little Cook, George L. Valliere,        that celebrates the love of their cultures, their drum
Tahchawwickah, Timothy Monoessy, Kelly Cable,          Chris White, Charlene Cozad, Mary George, Tesa         and the unity of Native Peoples. 13 Southern style
Marvin Chasenah, Anthony Monoessy, Ronald              Goodeagle, Andrea Kemble, Linda LaZelle, and           Pow Wow songs recorded live at Spotlight Twenty-
Monoessy,     Larry Monoessy, Darrell Cable Sr,        Georgia Tiger. Recorded at Hominy, Oklahoma.           Nine. Songs include Intertribals, contest, grand
Matt Littlecreek, Janaye Toppah, Barbara               IH 2081       (Out of Print)                           entry, honor and more.
Tahchawwickah, Bobbie Tahchawwickah and                                                                       6438 CD $15.98
Althea Monoessy. 10 songs.                              - REACHIN’ OUT
AR 1131 CD $17.98                                      Sixteen southern style pow wow songs - some are         - RELENTLESS
                                                       new composed by members of the group or friends        With firm dedication to the drum, Thunder Hill
 - BROTHERS FOR LIFE                                                                                          continues to bring the proud singing legacies of the
                                                       from other tribes and others are old songs.
The SOUTHERN BOYS have done it again.                                                                         Southern Plains to Pow Wow people everywhere.
                                                       Recorded at Hominy, Oklahoma. Singers: Frank
Following the success of their two previous                                                                   Recorded live in their home state at the University
                                                       and Herb Adson; Kenny Jr., Scott, Vann, Mary and
releases, The Next Generation and Deep Down                                                                   of Oklahoma, this champion drum group epito-
                                                       Summer Bighorse; Laray and Charlene Cozad;
South, this is the groups third release in two years                                                          mizes the legendary sound of Native Oklahoma. 12
                                                       Scott and Mary George; George Valliere; Chris
which truly shows their dedication to their art. The                                                          songs including two round dances, two contest
                                                       White; Tesa Goodeagle; Andrea Kemble; Linda Lo
Boys from Oklahoma demonstrate their unique                                                                   songs, three intertribals, and more.
                                                       Zelle and Georgia Tiger. This is SOUTHERN
sound and polished skills on this release which                                                               6465 CD $15.98
                                                       THUNDER’S second recording. Notes included.
guarantees to please all those Southern Style lovers
                                                       IH 2082     (Out of Print)
out there. Brothers For Life is an excellent way to

Prices subject to change without notice.
        Drumbeat                                                    Southern Plains                                                                      7
WAR DANCE SONGS OF THE PONCA                              commonly used in contemporary arrangements.             - OLD SCHOOL
In the 19th century, and perhaps earlier, what is         All songs previously released on the collection of     The fifth recording by YELLOW HAMMER, a
today called war dance was traditionally performed        cassettes ROUND DANCE SONGS WITH ENG-                  traditional southern-style singing group from
by an organization of Ponca men who were selected         LISH LYRICS (IS1001, IS1002, IS1003, and               Oklahoma, originating from the Ponca, Otoe-
for their courage in battle and dedicated selfless-       IS1004)                                                Missouria, and Pawnee tribes. After ten years of
ness. For reasons now obscure, they were called           IS 1005    CD $13.98                                   traveling the Pow Wow circuit, YELLOW
the He-tho-shka. Each meeting of the Hethoshka                                                                   HAMMER has tapered off it’s travels to just a few
was announced by an appointed camp crier. It was                                                                 Pow Wows a year. Members include Jim Kemble
the self-imposed duty of the members to feed eve-         TOM WARE AND MILLARD CLARK                             Sr., Jim Grant, Perry Botone, Steven Littlecook,
ryone who attended, and to give food or goods to           - “49” SONGS WITH ENGLISH WORDS                       Jim Kemble Jr., Garland Kent, Pat Moore, We
those in need. When the Hethoshka danced, it was          Fourteen all time favorites including Blackjack        Hudson, Kensil Lieb, Mike Gawhega, Greg Lieb,
an inspiring array of the membership. The songs           Daisy, You are the Only One, and You Know that I       Sue Kemble Feathers, and Andrea Kemble. 12
told of their deeds, eloquently recording them for        Love You. Singers: Tom Ware and Millard Clark.         songs - 4 intertribals, 6 round dances, 1 Otoe song,
posterity, while the crier loudly called their praises.   IS 4911 CD $13.98                                      1 Otoe Encampment song.
Today the Hethoshka tradition lives among the                                                                    TIM 10063 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98
Ponca much as it did a century ago. A war dance is
never held without feeding everyone present, and          WILSON WARE MEMORIAL                                   - IN MEMORY OF PERRY LEE BOTONE JR
giving away food and goods continues as it always         - CONTEST SONGS                                        Perry Lee Botone was a founding member of the Ft.
has. When the camp crier calls the dancers, and the       TW-2 Cassette $2.00                                    Oakland Ramblers. Later he became one of the
Flag Song of the Hethoshka is sung, the dance                                                                    original members of the Yellow Hammer singers.
begins.                                                                                                          13 intertribal songs composed by Perry Lee Botone.
                                                          WHITE HAWK                                             Proceeds from the sale of this album will go to
 - VOL. 1                                                  - WHITE HAWK                                          Perry’s wife and children.
18 war dance songs of the Ponca Hethoshka sung            Singers include Arthur Zapata, Edwin Rodriguez,        TIM 10099        CD $17.98
by Lamont Brown, Harry Buffalohead, Joe H.                Sterling Big Bear Jr, Jimmy Wesaw, Terry Chivies,
Rush, Russell Rush, Sylvester Warrior, Albert             Gaylor Boyer, Mon’ee Zapata, Carla Linder,
Waters, Louis Yellow Horse, Alice Cook, Lucy              Lakota Big Bear, Pat Big Bear, Sarah Big Bear,         YELLOW SPOTTED HORSE SINGERS
C.F. Ribs, and Stella Yellow Horse. Camp Crier is         Christine Big Bear, DeeDee Wesaw, RuthAnn              The YELLOW SPOTTED HORSE SINGERS are
James Waters. The recording begins with crier’s           Chivies, Evon Boyer, Danny Boyer, Sterling Big         fine group of young men and women representing
call for the dancers, followed by the Hethoshka           Bear III, and David Spenser.     10 songs including    tribes from north central Oklahoma, the Ponca,
Flag Song. Recorded at Ponca City, Oklahoma.              a Ponca flag song, a Ponca quitting song, woman’s      Otoe, Pawnee and Osage.        All have strong
IH 2001 CD $15.98                                         traditional, men’s traditional, a celebration song     traditional backgrounds and families prominent in
                                                          and more.                                              tribal and pow wow circles. They are: K. C. Bills,
                                                          AR 1168       CD $17.98                                John Butler, James Kemble Jr., Arlan and Jason
 - VOL. 2
22 war dance songs of the Ponca Hethoshka.                                                                       Lightfoot, Little Bear Littlecrook, Oliver
Continued from Volume 1. Included are trot songs                                                                 Littlecrook Jr., Amon Le Roy, Russel
                                                          YELLOW HAMMER                                          Mashunkashey, Marty Thurman, Walena Fields,
and charging (contest) songs.                             YELLOW HAMMER is a traditional Southern
IH 2002 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                                                                                 Tesa and Laura Goodeagle, Andrea Kemble,
                                                          Plains style singing group from north central          Roberta McClellan and Angela Thurman. Most of
                                                          Oklahoma and consists of members of the Ponca          the songs are new. The YELLOW SPOTTED
                                                          Tribe of Oklahoma. Originally formed in 1992,          HORSE SINGERS hope their music will bring you
                                                          they quickly established a nationwide reputation as    much happiness. 14 pow wow songs including
TOM MAUCHAHTY-WARE                                        good Southern Plains singers and for the beautiful
 - VOL. 1 - ROUND DANCE SONGS                                                                                    Ponca Flag Song, Grand Entry, Intertribals,
                                                          songs composed by members of their group. They         Contest Songs and Prayer Song.
With English lyrics. Tom Mauchahty-Ware and
                                                          have traveled extensively singing at numerous          CCTP 01        (Out of Print)
Millard Clark perform 14 songs including, Lovesick
                                                          gathering throughout the U.S.
Blues, When the Pow Wow’s Over and Indian Girls.
                                                                                                                  - WE’RE BACK
IS 1001    (Out of Print)                                  - LIVE AT HOLLYWOOD FLORIDA                           The Yellow Spotted Horse Singers are a group of
                                                          Fourteen original compositions and traditional         young men from the Ponca-Otoe and Osage tribes
                                                          Ponca and Otoe songs sung live as the Southern         of north-central Oklahoma. The group was for-
With English lyrics. 14 round dance songs with
                                                          Host Drum at the 24th Annual Seminole Tribal           mally organized in the early 1990’s under the direc-
English lyrics by Tom Mauchahty-Ware and
                                                          Powwow in Hollywood, Florida, 1995. Songs              tion of Oliver Littlecook Sr. For your enjoyment,
Millard Clark. Includes: At the 49, My One and
                                                          include the Otoe Flag and Victory Songs, intertribal   presented on this album are 14 traditional songs.
Only, Bird Legs Special and Checkin’ You Out.
                                                          songs and Ponca Flag and Contest Songs.                Included are a flag song, a quitting song, and 12
IS 1002     (Out of Print)
                                                          IH 2016 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                       war dance songs.
 - VOL. 3 - ROUND DANCE SONGS                                                                                    CRM 081106        CD $16.98
                                                           - RED ROCK OKLAHOMA
With English lyrics. 11 round dance songs with            Ten Intertribal pow wow songs. Recorded at Red
English lyrics by Tom Mauchahty-Ware and                  Rock Oklahoma, October 4, 1995. Liner notes
Millard Clark. Includes: It’s Part Time Tonight,          IH 2017 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
Kiowa Girl, At Crow Fair, and Last Night at                                                                      YOUNG BIRD
Thunderbird Lake.                                          - YELLOW HAMMER                                        - DEJA VU
IS 1003    (Out of Print)                                 Twelve pow wow songs including 11 intertribal          The powerful young voices of this southern pow
                                                          songs and one fancy dance song.                        wow group give a contemporary edge to the
 - VOL. 4 - ROUND DANCE SONGS                             TIM 10005 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98                     Oklahoma style intertribal songs they sing. One of
With English lyrics 9 popular songs with English                                                                 the up and coming groups, YOUNG BIRD is
lyrics by Tom Mauchahty-Ware and Millard Clark             - WORLD CHAMPIONS                                     popular wherever they sing on the pow wow
IS 1004     (Out of Print)                                In a few short years YELLOW HAMMER has                 circuit. Their original songs include Deja Vu,
                                                          quickly established a nationwide reputation for        Getting’ Jiggy, Seminole Girl, Baby Dolls and
 - 14 OF THE BEST…..                                      their excellent singing of traditional Ponca and       more.
ROUND DANCE SONGS have been an important                  Otoe songs, and for their new intertribal songs        6289 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
part of the American Indian culture for generations.      composed by members of the group. YELLOW
The songs are generally social in nature, however,        HAMMER has been awarded first place four times          - RENDEZVOUS
many are used in various tribal ceremonies. Some          at the Schemitzun Pow Wow, Southern Plains             Hailing from Pawnee, Oklahoma, Young Bird has
of these songs date back to the early 1900’s, but         singing competition.      Presented here are ten       been sweeping pow wow country with their
most were composed during the 1940’s. Many of             intertribal songs and one original Ponca War Dance     original singing style and powerful voices. Their
the songs on this recording originate from the Taos       Song.                                                  fresh sound and songs have earned them many
Pueblo, Kiowa, and Crow. English words are                IH 2018 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                       singing championships and dedicated dancers and

                                                                                                                 Prices subject to change without notice.
        8                                                         Southern Plains                                                    Drumbeat
pow wow fans. With RENDEZVOUS, their second             Plains groups to bring their inspired Oklahoma           - POW WOW SONGS FROM THE
recording, Young Bird’s innovative style continues      style singing to all corners of pow wow country.        SOUTHWEST
to impact the pow wow scene. Twelve songs.              This committed group has forged an intense singing      The ZOTIGH SINGERS are Ralph Zotigh (lead);
6319 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                           and drumming style that appeals to pow wow fans         Dennis, Bill and Sharon Zotigh; G.C. Tsouhlarakis,
                                                        everywhere. Pioneers of style, the members of           Stephern P. Toya Sr., Jocob and E.K. Pino,
 - WORD UP                                              YOUNG BIRD have dedicated themselves to their           Wendell Toribio, and A.C. Gachupin. These songs
YOUNG BIRD has quickly made their mark as one           drum, their singing and their culture. 11 songs         were composed by Ralph and his son Dennis and
of the top groups on the pow wow circuit today.         including Boomer Sooner, Two Knuckleheads, and          Jacob Pino. The songs reflect the evolution of the
Their trademark southern style songs won them           Cannonball Run.                                         pow wow and its transition from pow wow’s roots
numerous singing competitions and respect               6376     CD $15.98                                      in the Great Plains to southwestern regions. These
throughout pow wow country. YOUNG BIRD’s                                                                        songs have been composed to accommodate both
championship talent is presented in this, their first    - MEMORIES                                             the northern and southern styles of dancing that
live recording, of their strong singing and             Grammy-nominated Young Bird have firmly estab-          take place at a modern pow wow. Each song is
thunderous drumming.                                    lished a singing and drumming style deeply rooted       sung to conform to actual contest style singing. 14
6329 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                           in their Native pride and culture. On this recording    songs including Intertribal Songs, Horse Stealing
                                                        they gather around the drum and sing from the           Song, Men’s Fancy Dance Songs, Gourd Dance
 - DOWN 4 LIFE                                          heart in a tribute to the loving memories of those      Song, Jingle Dress Songs, Women’s Shawl Dance
YOUNG BIRD (Southern) and THE BOYZ                      that have passed on. 2005 Gathering of Nations          Song, and Men’s Ruffle Dance Song (Shake Song).
(Northern) together on one recording. See               Southern Drum Champions. Oklahoma style pow             Liner notes with words to songs.
Intertribal Pow Wow Collections for more                wow songs. 11 songs including For Mom & Dad,            IH 2531 Cassette $9.98
information.                                            Baby Madison, My Little Butterfly, and Canada,
6334 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                           Here We Come!                                            - MILLENNIUM
                                                        6390 CD $15.98                                          Fourteen all new songs including grass dance song,
 - CHANGE OF LIFE                                                                                               jingle dress side-step, trick song, gourd dance and
Hailing from Pawnee, Oklahoma, YOUNG BIRD                - DEFYING THE ODDS                                     memorial songs sung by Ephraim Atencio,
brings its own world class southern-style singing to    Young Bird has been singing and traveling for nine      Christian V. Boos, J.J. Bruner, Shawn Harjo,
all parts of pow wow country. Always in demand,         years, averaging 35 pow wows a year. 11 more            Duane Harris, Bob Murray Jr., Ben Nakai, Robert I.
YOUNG BIRD travels throughout North America,            songs by this dynamic drum. Songs include Supa          Nakai, Edward R. Pacheco, Stephan Swimmer,
dazzling dancers and audiences alike with powerful      Chief, Free Bird, Cree Bear, Pawnee Children’s          Woody Vanderhoop, Bill Zotigh, Dennis W.
singing and drumming and exciting songs.                Song, and Pioneers Of The South.                        Zotigh, Ralph Zotigh (lead singer), Jennifer Bitsie,
YOUNG BIRD is truly at the forefront of today’s         DHOP 1500 CD $16.98                                     Colleen Gorman, Nicky Kay Michael, Le Andra
pow wow scene. 10 songs include We Be Jammin’,                                                                  Peters, Sunny Rose Yellowmule and Sharon
Sweetgrass Blues and Blast From The Past.                - FAITH, LOYALTY & LOVE                                Zotigh. Recorded at Albuquerque, NM, April 27,
6341 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                           Young Bird proudly present their first self pro-        2000.
                                                        duced recording of 11 songs. Songs include How-         IH 2532 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
 - DOUBLE PLATINUM                                      ard Rainer’s Song, Pretty Spiffy, Just Beautiful, and
YOUNG BIRD (Southern) and NORTHERN                      Numunuu Special. Singers include Diana June             - ‘98 SCHEMITZUN
CREE (Northern) together on one recording. See          Hamilton-YoungBird, Sunny Rose YellowMule,              SGZ 92098 Cassette $2.00
Intertribal Pow Wow Collections for more                Mario Tenequer, G.C. Tsouhlarakis, Lisa LittleIron,
information.                                            Cree MedicineBear, Daisy Harrison, Dennis                - BAY PBAY TAAY (HAVE COURAGE)
6347 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                           Stanley Jr., Tyson Draper, Chris Dinehdeal, Justin      Ralph Zotigh is a full-blood member of the Kiowa
                                                        Boos, Simon Strongheart, Curtis Hamilton-               Tribe of Oklahoma now living in Albuquerque,
 - ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE                              YoungBird, Buck Wallahee, Son Hamilton-                 New Mexico with his wife, Maxine. He is proud of
This collection of pow wow songs were recorded          YoungBird, Freeland Jishie, Sky MedicineBear,           his singers for their dedication, enthusiasm, and
live at the University of Iowa. YOUNG BIRD’s            and Leo Harrison Sr.                                    interest in preserving and learning southern style
southern style pow wow singing and drumming             MM 4057 CD $17.98                                       singing. Known for their outstanding female back-
takes them to all corners of Native America and                                                                 up singers, during the 2003 Denver march Pow
beyond. Their original songs come from the heart         - BEAUTIFUL LIFE                                       Wow in Colorado, the following women won the
and resonate the resilience of their tribal heritage.   Another collection of 11 songs from Young Bird.         Wica-gla-ta Championship Contest—Michelle
A 2001 Grammy nominee, YOUNG BIRD                       Songs include The Sixer, Babie Junies Song, Ace in      Flyingwoman, Ashley Jacobson, Jennifer John,
demonstrates, through their music, the power of         the Hole, and Harrison Family Song.                     Racheal Werito, and Sharon Zotigh. This recording
today’s native spirit. 10 songs include Soul Sistas,    MM 4126 CD $17.98                                       consists of original compositions by members of
Beautiful Girl, and O Skoo Boogie.                                                                              the drum. The first song was composed by Ralph’s
6354 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                            - HONORING OUR GRANDPA’S                               daughter, Sharon. The Kiowa words throughout the
                                                        Young Bird honors John Douglas Whiteshirt and           song ‘Bay Pbay Taay’ mean ‘Don’t Give Up’ or
 - SOUTHERN AND NORTHERN STYLE                          Ronald Charles Goodeagle, two grandpa’s they            ’Have Courage.’ The song was composed for the
POW WOW                                                 respected very much. They present 11 songs in-          southern style Fancy War Dance. Singers present
YOUNG BIRD (Southern) and MIDNITE                       cluding six intertribal, My Pretty Baby, Trot Song,     for this recording are Ralph Zotigh, Bill Zotigh,
EXPRESS (Northern) together on one recording.           and Fancy Style.                                        Terry Castillo, Duane Harris, Arlyn John, Jeff
See Intertribal Pow Wow Collections for more            MM 4858 CD $17.98                                       Pohuma, Mathew Tappto, Al Werito, Patricj
information.                                                                                                    Werito, Vince Werito, Vinton Werito, Harold
6361 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                                                                                   Yazzie, Sharon Zotigh, Claire Bennett, Josephine
                                                                                                                Cherino, Jennifer John, Nancie Poodry, Laurenda
Grammy-nominated YOUNG BIRD of Oklahoma,                      Southwestern States                               Werito and Racheal Werito. They perform 12
                                                                                                                songs - nine intertribals plus Bay Pbay Taay, Na ko
have taken their singing, name and style to all                                                                 woist, and Angel’s Song.
corners of the Pow Wow trail. Wherever they                                                                     IH 2533 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
travel, they sing their southern style from the heart   ZOTIGH SINGERS
and to the very soul...and they know how to make        The ZOTIGH SINGERS blend a rich combination              - HONORING WOMEN VETERANS
dancers kick up the dust. This is YOUNG                 of leader, Ralph Zotigh’s, knowledge and                The Zotigh Singers are proud to present their fifth
BIRD...this is YB style! Southern style Pow Wow         experience, and talented voices of young singers to     recording of 13 original compositions by members
recorded live in Idaho. Ten songs including Crazy       produce a wide variety of songs. They are a             of the group. As in the past, and true to Ralph’s
Times, It’s About Time, Summa Tyme, and Double          “modern traditional” group representing several         inspiration and encouragement to others, there are
Tha Action.                                             southwest tribes. Ralph Zotigh (Kiowa), originally      some new singers in addition to members who have
6360 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                           from Hobart Oklahoma, has made the southwest his        long been with the group. Songs include ten inter-
                                                        home for many years.                                    tribals, a women’s veteran song, a men’s fancy war
- DEDICATED                                                                                                     dance, and a round dance song.
YOUNG BIRD was among the first Southern                                                                         CRM 022407 CD $16.98

Prices subject to change without notice.
        Drumbeat                                        Southern Plains                                 9
 - KEE-TSA-GYA “It’s A Good Day...To
Kee-Tsa-Gya means “Today is a Good Day” in
Kiowa. The songs on their sixth album are re-
corded with a soft, steady beat to allow the listener
to hear more voice than drum. This brings out the
beautiful melody in each song. When sung at a
pow wow though, they will really pick up the beat.
Eight intertribals, a round dance, and a southern
straight dance.
CRM 031409 CD $16.98

                                                                          Prices subject to change without notice.

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