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Download Media Kit - Winter Vacation Planner for Vail_ Beaver


Colorado Mountain Express invites you to join us in one of the most effective, integra-
tive and targeted marketing programs to thousands of guests visiting Colorado’s major
destination resorts this year. Put your name in the hands of over 400,000 visitors riding
CME vans round trip to the Vail Valley, Summit County and the Aspen/Snowmass Roaring
Fork Valley.

To target a more defined audience, two issues of the 2009 Destinations West will be
printed. The Summit County issue will include information on Breckenridge, Copper
Mountain, and Keystone; while the Vail/Aspen issue will cover Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen,
Snowmass, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs. Resort area information, ski and town
maps, restaurant listings, and other helpful editorial information will be presented on each
relevant area in these two different magazines.

                     RATES And mEchAnicAl SpEcificATionS

Ad SpAcE RESERvATion dEAdlinE: SEpTEmBER 15, 2008
Ad rates are net to advertisers:
Two Page Spread = $ 5,000
Full Page = $2,500
Dining Guide = $250

n Full Page Ad = 7.5” x 10”

n Full Page Ad (trim) = 8.375” x 10.875”

n Full Page Ad (with bleed) = 8.625” x 11.125”

n Two Page Spread = 17.25” x 11.125” (leave 1/4” safety for gutter)

n Dining Guide Listing = 20 characters (description, phone number, website, and logo)

For more information on submitting advertising materials, please contact Crystal Edwards
(Advertising Administrator) at 336.383.5807 or email

If you would prefer PACE to design your ad:
pAcE dESiGnEd AdvERToRiAlS: mATERiAlS duE SEpTEmBER 15, 2008
PACE ad design rates:
n 2 page spread = $1,600

n Full page ad = $1,000

n Edit and photos = $650

for advertising information, please contact:

dan lipsher                                 Suzanne Emery
Summit County Magazine Ad Sales             Aspen/Roaring Fork Valley Magazine Ad Sales
970-468-7600 ext. 6713                      970-947-0506 ext. 6530                     

Jeff Kurtz                                  Pace Communications Contact, Chris Denby
Vail Valley Area Magazine Ad Sales          Outside Mountain Resort Area Ad Sales
970-926-9800 ext. 6303                      336-383-5584                   
CME Destinations West Magazine
        Two annually published magazines (Summit County, Vail / Aspen) with summer and winter
        covers, CME Destinations West serves as an indispensable referral source with up to date
        information on Colorado’s top resorts along with local insider tips.

        name: CME Destinations West

        Size: Summit County = approximately 120 pages, high quality gloss, full-color throughout
        Vail / Aspen = approximately 180 pages, high quality gloss, full-color throughout

        design: Professionally designed with winter and summer covers

        publishing Schedule: Published annually, November 2008

        circulation: 75,000 (Summit County - 27,000; Vail / Aspen - 48,000)

        distribution: The magazine is handed out at the airport counters to passengers along
        with their ticket confirmation. It is also distributed on-board all CME vehicles. The
        magazine is also available at all visitor centers in the resorts CME serves.
        Summit and Eagle County Distribution = 60 locations per county per season
        Aspen Distribution = 225 locations in winter; 165 locations in summer

        Target markets: Summit County magazine will target visitors to Breckenridge, Copper
        Mountain, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin. Vail / Aspen magazine will target visitors to
        Vail, Beaver Creek, Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Snowmass and surrounding areas.

        market demographic: Active, affluent travelers with a high average household income

        content - factual, informational resource with current information:
        n Trail Maps

        n Resort area/village maps

        n Events calendars

        n DIA and Eagle Airport information

        n Scenic photography

        n Useful phone numbers and websites

        n Mountain resort facts

        n Dining and nightlife information

        n Your advertisement

        outstanding Additional Exposure:
        nComplimentary booth at CME annual trade show showcasing your business to CME
         drivers and reservations personnel.

        n   Complimentary ad in CME Destinations West online magazine and on

        n   Google Map resort tours

        n   Complimentary write up about your business on CME blogsite

CME Destinations West Packages
        • Two page print ad/advertorial in both magazines
          (Summit and Roaring Fork Valley / Vail, Beaver Creek).

        • E-mail blast promoting your business to CME guests arriving within 7 days.

        • Reproduction of your ad in our on-line magazine
          ( linking to your website.

        • Promotion of your business through our blog site, CME Visitor’s Guide to the
          Colorado Rockies, (

        • Online specials. No limit to the number of articles or specials you may post.

        • Exclusively available to 12 advertisers.
        Premium Package = $6500

        all of the above except:
        • E-mail blast
        2 page Package = $5000

        all of the 2 pg. package above except:
        • Two page print ad/advertorial now becomes a one-page ad in one editon of DW
        Full page Package = $2500

        ONLINE ONLY (available year round):
        • One-page internet only ad linking to your website, winter to summer update.

        • Promotion of your business through our blog site, CME Visitor’s Guide to the Colorado
          Rockies, (

        • Online specials. No limit to the number of articles or specials you may post.
        Online Only = $1195

        • Restaurant name, address and phone listing in print and online magazine (with online
          link to your website).

        • Promotion of your restaurant through our blog site, CME Visitor’s Guide to the
          Colorado Rockies, (

        • Online specials. No limit to the number of articles or specials you may post.
        Dining Guide = $250

        All AdvERTiSinG includES:

        • A full Year of Advertising
        • A table at the destinations West Trade Show
        • Google map Tour
Demographics & Passenger Research
           CME is constantly analyzing our guests’ needs, expectations and satisfaction levels.
           Our surveys show that our riders welcomed factual information on the resorts they
           were visiting. Guests found the CME Destinations West magazine to be not only “very
           attractive” but an “excellent resource” with “valuable information” as well.

           In 2007, the CME blogsite and (destination website) received an
           average of 40,000 visitors.
           A highly targeted market
           CME SHUTTLE RIDERS                                         GENDER        USA RESIDENT
                                                                      Male 54%      Yes 78%
                                                                      Female 46%    No 22%

                                 $200-$249,999                                                              18-24 8%
                                      6%                                                                                75+ 2%
                                                                                                                               65-74 7%
                       $250,000+                        $25-$49,999                              18%
                         19%                                8%

                                                                                        35-44                          55-64
                 $100-$149,999                           $50-$74,999                     19%                            19%
                     18%                                    11%
                             18%                    $150-$199,999
                              HOUSEHOLD INCOME                                                           AGE

           CME Premier Passengers
                              55-64                                                                    15%

                                           35-44                                                $100-$149,999
                                            42%                                                     15%

                        45-54                                                               $75-$99,999
                        38%                                                                                             $250,000+

                                                                                                        HOUSEHOLD INCOME

           pASSEnGER RESEARch
           Recent passenger surveys show CME riders relied on CME Destinations West
           magazine for easily accessible, factual information about Colorado’s major resorts.
           i would like to be better informed about:
           61%         Dining Out (nighttime)                                 34%    Factory outlets
           50%         Nightlife                                              31%    In/around resort transportation - public
           50%         On-mountain restaurants                                30%    Resort-to-resort transportation - public
           49%         Lift ticket programs                                   27%    Children’s activities
           43%         Dining out (daytime)                                   27%    Equipment purchase
           42%         Ski lesson packages                                    26%    Local galleries
           40%         Carry-out / delivery meals                             23%    Inter-resort taxi/limo
           37%         Lodging packages                                       22%    Denver metro shopping malls
           37%         Resort village shops                                   21%    Short-term car rentals
           36%         Local performing arts & special events                 20%    Local real estate
           35%         Equipment rentals                                      18%    Property management services

Advertising Specifications
                        AdvERToRiAl mATERiAlS duE: SEpTEmBER 25, 2008

                        Ad SuBmiSSion dEAdlinE: ocToBER 2, 2008

     digital Requirements
     Advertisers must provide digital files on a MAC formatted CD. PC files must be converted
     prior to sending. Give your files descriptive names that are easily understood. All fonts,
     graphics and photos used in the ad must be included in your electronic file.

     PDFs must be PDF/X-1a compliant.

     Adobe indesign
     Please ensure all fonts and graphics are included. InDesign’s “Package” command will
     place the page layout document, all placed images and fonts into one folder.

     Please ensure all fonts and graphics are included. Quark’s “Collect for Output”
     command will place the page layout document, all placed images and fonts into one

     Adobe photoshop
     All photos must have a resolution of 300 DPI and be converted to CMYK. All photos used
     in InDesign and QuarkXPress documents should be placed at 100%. Save all photos as
     flattened TIFF (.tif) or EPS (.eps) files.

     Adobe illustrator
     All fonts must be outlined. Sometimes placed images contain placed images of their own
     (an Illustrator file will contain an .eps or .tif, for example). Don’t forget to include these
     “linked” images when you send your electronic file.

     font issues
     We can only accept Mac PS or Open Type fonts. If you use True Type or Multiple Master,
     they must be outlined and placed in your InDesign or Quark document as an EPS.

     A laser proof must be provided for all ads for content only. For guaranteed color control,
     please provide a color proof produced in accordance with SWOP guidelines (

     Ad materials should be sent to darren Kunar, Production Manager
     Pace Communications
     1301 Carolina Street
     Greensboro, NC 27401

“ We chose to advertise our hotel’s restaurants in CME Destinations West magazine.
Not only did we receive a great deal of business because of the captive audience reading
the ad, but we also had a unique opportunity to get face to face with CME drivers at their
trade show. The exposure of our ad to all of CME’s guests combined with educating their
drivers, who are regularly asked for their opinion by guests, has certainly paid off.”

Giles Priestland
Director of Sales & Marketing
The Lodge at Vail, A Rock Resort

“The CME Destinations West trade show enabled myself and the other drivers to truly
believe in the CME Destinations West magazine. I was able to put a face to the advertise-
ments by talking with the advertisers and learning about their business. A ski is a ski is a
ski until the driver sees the advertiser and a relationship is formed. I will stand behind any
advertiser whom I can build a rapport with.

The trade show concept motivates drivers like myself to visit each advertiser’s booth. The
advertisers were able to present their product and provide great discount coupons and
samples. The trade show really brought the CME Destinations West magazine to life.

The trade show was great and further convinced me that the CME Destinations West
magazine was great. Also, the magazine is a great tool to help increase my income and
provide my guests with great deals and great experiences with CME and CME

Wiley DeCarli
CME Driver

“CME Destinations West is a great fit for my medical practice. There are many travelers
without access to a car who require medical assistance, and getting to a facility can be
difficult. Because my ad is in CME Destinations West, I can communicate that a house
call is available to the very people who can use my services most. I personally survey my
patients on where they heard about my service, and I’m pleased that the answer is often
CME Destinations West.”

David Gray, MD
High Altitude Mobile Physicians

            Advertorial Example

Park Hyatt,
  Beaver Creek

L                                                                           E
           ocated in the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, Allegria Spa recently        Pamper yourself Colorado-style
           underwent a $12 million rejuvenation and expansion to

                                                                          with treatments enhanced with mas-
           30,000 square feet. The spa now offers 23 treatment rooms      sage oils, body butters, and scrubs

including four couples suites, the Aqua Sanitas water sanctuary,          locally handcrafted for Allegria Spa.
private spaces, and deluxe spa locker rooms. As one of the world’s        Therapies are designed for deep relax-
top rated spas, Allegria offers a variety of spa treatments for women,

                                                                          ation, detoxification, sports relief, and
men, and children, skiers and non-skiers alike.                           treatments to help bring your body and

    The Aqua Sanitas water sanctuary is modeled on ancient Roman          spirit into balance. Estheticians use the
baths and means healing waters. A self-guided water ritual, alternat-     latest advances in skin care to nourish

ing hot and cold temperatures restore the body to promote wellness        and revive skin taxed by Beaver Creek’s
and inner peace. Aqua Sanitas includes a mineral pool, caldarium          high altitude environment.

pool, cascata rainshower, steam room, and tepidarium with heated               At the full service salon, enhance
loungers. Visitors can experience Aqua Sanitas as its own treatment,      your true style with a haircut, color and
or as a prelude to additional spa treatments.                             special event style, signature manicures/
                                                                          pedicures, and expert make-up applica-
                                                                          tion and instruction.
                                                                             Allegria’s staff of personal trainers
                                                                          and group class instructors are avail-
                                                                          able to help you turn your healthiest
                                                                          intentions into action. The enhanced
                                                                          fitness club features free weights, cardio
                                                                          equipment, deluxe locker rooms, a yoga
                                                                          and fitness studio for group classes, and
                                                                          daily group sessions on the new Kinesis
                                                                          weight-cable system.

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