Name AP Calculus Continuity _C _ Set Date Topics Assignment by gegeshandong


                                        AP Calculus: Continuity (C )

   Set        Date                      Topics                            Assignment             Done?
  C-1                     Continuity                    80/1 – 15 odd, 19,23,35*,37*,49*
                          Continuous/discontinuous fcns

  C-2                     Intermediate Value Thm              81/42*
                                                              PLUS C-2
  C-3                     Piece-wise functions (make          81/25,27,29,41
                          continuous)                         PLUS C-3

  C-4                     Average rates                       87/1,3,7,33ab

  C-5                     Tangent slopes                      88/9,11,19,23,29

  C-R                     Quiz 1 NO CALC                      91/21-26, 29c,
                          Review                              30,39,40,43,46,47,48
                                                              Review Hmwk C-2
                                                              Fill out review sheet in packet

                                                                   Original          Corrected
  C-T                     Test NO CALC

                          Quiz 1 NO CALC

*problems will be presented by students in the next class


Nice lesson on IVT (go on to next lesson, too) with self-checking concept questions

Flash movies explaining continuity and IVT, lesson 5 and 6

Continuity of piece-wise defined functions, QuickTime movie Java applets
10 examples, print out equations, Launch MultiGraph applet, choose example at top of window, slide
parameters to make the graph continuous

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