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The Scarlet Letter Chapters 6-10 Reading Quiz - DOC by linzhengnd


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         The Scarlet Letter Chapters 6-10 Reading Quiz
                                  (10 Points)
1. According to “Pearl” what is “the first object of which Pearl seemed to become

2. According to Hester, who is Pearl’s father?

3. List two reasons why Hester and Pearl visit Governor Bellingham in “The
   Governor’s Hall.”?

4. How do the children treat Pearl? How does Pearl respond?

5. Which character says, “She is my happiness! – she is my torture, none the less!”?
   Why does the character say this?

6. What does Mistress Hibbins ask Hester Prynne at the end of “The Elf-Child and
   the Minister”? How does Hester respond?

7. Why do Roger Chillingworth and Arthur Dimmesdale live together?

8. Chillingworth shows Dimmesdale a “dark, flabby leaf.” According to
   Chillingworth, where did he find it? Why does he tell Dimmesdale this?

9. Describe the tapestry in Dimmesdale’s study. Why is this significant?

10. What does Chillingworth do when Dimmesdale falls asleep at the end of “The
    Leech and His Patient”? Why?

How old is Pearl in “The Governor’s Hall”?
Why is Pearl upset when she he enters the garden in Governor Bellingham’s house?

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