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Lunch Menu


									                                                           BMS Lunch Menu
     Sun           Mon                    Tue                       Wed                    Thu                   Fri              Sat
                                 1                          2                      3                    4                    5
                                 Italian Chicken Breast     Hot Dog on a Bun       Tater Tot Hotdish    Cheese Pizza
                                 Whole Grain Pasta          French Fries           Garlic Bread Stick   Lettuce Croutons
                                 Marinara Sauce             Baked Beans            Corn                 Ranch Dressing
                                 Fresh Fruit                Peaches                Applesauce           Baby Carrots
                                 Italian Blend Vegetable                           Birthday Cake        Fruit
6          7                     8                          9                      10                   11                   12
           Chicken Sandwich      Grilled Cheese             Thanksgiving Dinner    Corn Dogs            Soft-shell Taco
           On a Bun              Tomato Soup                Chicken/Gravy          Baked Potato         Shredded Cheese
           Lettuce/Mayo          Saltine Crackers           Mashed Potatoes        Steamed Broccoli     Lettuce Salsa
           Parsley Buttered      String Cheese              Dressing Corn          With Cheese Sauce    Pineapple
           Potatoes Steamed      Fruit Cocktail             Cole Slaw              Pears
           Carrots Fresh Fruit                              Dinner Roll
13         14                    15                         16                     17                   18                   19
           Hamburger on a Bun    Scalloped Potatoes         Baked Ravioli          Fish                 Pizza
           French Fries          And Ham Carrots            Winter Blend           Tater Sauce          Fresh Veggies
           Yellow Beans          Peas Fresh Fruit           Vegetable              Macaroni & Cheese    With Ranch Dip
           Peaches               Dinner Roll                Cheese Sauce           Peas Applesauce      Jell-O with Fruit
                                 Fruit Salad                Pears Dinner Roll
20         21                    22                         23                     24                   25                   26
           Mozzarella Cheese     Chicken Nuggets
           Dippers Salsa         French Fries                    Vacation Day           Vacation Day         Vacation Day
           Green Beans           Corn                             No School              No School            No School
           Fruit Cocktail        Fruit

27         28                    29                         30
           Chicken on a Bun      Quesadilla                 Spaghetti
           French Fries          Baked Beans                With Meat Sauce
           Mixed Vegetables      Strawberry                 Broccoli Fresh Fruit
           Peaches               Applesauce                 Garlic Bread

             FRESH FRUIT                                           MENU
           MILK AND BREAD                                         SUBJECT
            OFFERED WITH
                                                                 TO CHANGE
              ALL MEALS

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