Chapter 22 Massage Therapy

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					Massage Therapy

   Chapter 22
“Oh, that the water softens the rocks
 with time, may thy hands craft my body
 soft like the weathered rocks”

   An Historical Perspective of
       Massage Therapy

Muscle massage is one of the oldest
known techniques to relieve stress and
muscle tension dating back to Ancient
Greece, perhaps further.
     The Need for Human Touch

• Health experts predict that as advances
  in technology increase (less human
  contact), so will the need for human
• People tend to get more anxious without
  human touch.
• Increased computer use promotes neck,
  shoulder and lower back soreness.
          Massage Therapy

• Muscle massage is the manipulation of
  skin, muscles, ligaments and connective
  tissue for the purpose of decreasing
  muscle tension and increasing physical
  comfort of musculature and its
  surrounding joints, thereby promoting a
  deep sense of relaxation.
          Massage Therapy

• Muscle tension is the number one
  symptom of stress.
• Muscle massage is one of the oldest
  known techniques to relieve stress.
• Some researchers believe that our high-
  tech society increases the need for
  human touch. Do you?
          Massage Therapy

• Massage therapy aids in the reduction
  of muscle tension and provides an
  essential human need, touch.
• Research shows that massage therapy
  is as effective in promoting the
  relaxation response as are other forms
  of relaxation.
         Types of Muscle Massage
               (Body Work)

•   Shiatsu (acupressure)
•   Swedish Massage (manipulation, stroking)
•   Rolfing (structural integration)
•   Myofascial Release (fascial manipulation)
•   Sports Massage (deep tissue with Swedish)
•   Thai Massage (pulling, lifting limbs & deep
       Other Touch Therapies

• Hydrotherapy (water therapy, hot tubs,
• Pet Therapy
• Aromatherapy
• Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch
  (Energy Healing)
Aromatherapy                  Pet Therapy


Hydrotherapy               Therapeutic Touch
Massage Therapy and Chronic Pain

• Perhaps more than any other relaxation
  technique, massage is the preeminent
  technique to reduce/eliminate
  muscle/joint pain.
Physiological & Psychological Benefits

• Physical relaxation and decreased
  muscle tension
• Increased blood supply
• Increased flexibility
• Increased sense of tranquility
• Increased emotional relaxation
Best Application of Massage Therapy

•   After prolonged computer office work
•   After prolonged physical labor
•   After aerobic/anaerobic workouts
•   After childbirth for new mothers
•   Best technique to reduce muscle
    tension of any kind

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