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					New Skoda Citigo - For The City

When the government has announced the hike in fuel prices the automobile companies have started
manufacturing small cars that consumes less fuel and have less maintenance and operating costs.
The Czech automakers Skoda Auto is now planning to bring one of its small car Skoda Citigo. As
the name suggest 'citygo', the new car will be a city car which is going to hit the Indian Car market

The new Skoda Citigo is based on the Volswagen Up. When we compare the two car the difference
lies in the headlamps, newly stylised tail lamps, different alloys wheels and reshaped bumpers.
Moreover, Citigo is one of the car to offer the emergency braking functionality.

The car will be available in a three door version but it can be assumed that India will get a 5-door
version. It doesnt look like any previous Skoda models apart from that familiar grille. In three door
version, the 'Easy Entry' system allows easy access to the rear seats. However, Indian model is most
likely to be the 5 door version. The engines also will be available in two trims, one with three-
cylinder 1.0 litre petrol engine will be producing 60 and 75HP for the international markets. There
are rumours also that the car will be available in electric version in future as well. Citigo is expected
to deliver a decent mileage and with very low emissions.

The car looks sporty, compact, muscular body panels and narrow vertical tail lamps. When you look
it from inside, the interiors of Citigo will get noticed. It has same two color theme as seen on other
Skoda models and have same parts as that of the Fabia. The steering and the gear lever both have
similar looks as that of Fabia and moreover, the two smaller pods in the speedometer console all
have been picked up from Fabia. When we talk about its safety the top end Citigo will come with
ABS and air-bags, will come fitted with head-thorax side air bags first time in, to procect the heads
of both the driver and the front seat passenger.

The Skoda Citigo price range will be starting with the base model it is Rs 3.5 lakh and the top end is
expected to be around Rs 5.0 lakh.

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