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									                                          E-WAVELETS                                                             Issue 3, December 2004

 The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

                         CONTENTS                                                  General Committee Member                 Karyne Wong
  IEEE W.A. COMMITTEE 2004 .....................................1                  Computer Chapter Chair                   Lance Fung
  EDITOR’S COLUMN......................................................1
  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2004 .............................1                       Communications Chapter Chair             Daryoush Habibi
  JOINT ELECTRICAL TECHNICAL PANEL EVENTS ..........2                              Power Engineering Chapter Chair          An Li
  WA CHAPTER REPORTS ..............................................3
    IEEE GOLD............................................................3         Signal Processing Chapter Chair          Salim Bouzerdoum
    IEEE Student Activities...........................................4            Curtin Student Branch Chair              Simon Millward
    Region 10 Student Activities ...................................4
    University of Western Australia IEEE Student                                   UWA Student Branch Chair                 Li-San Poon
    Branch ....................................................................6   Murdoch Student Representative           Eric Li
    Curtin University IEEE Student Branch.................6
  COMM-IT 2004 EXPO AND CONFERENCE ....................6
  PEECS'2004 BEST POSTER PRESENTATION AWARD ...8                                   Editor’s Column
  IEEE SURVEY RESULTS ..............................................9
  MEMBERSHIP...............................................................9       Welcome to the third and last edition of IEEE WA
  USEFUL IEEE RESOURCES FOR COMPANIES ................9                            Section’s newsletter for 2004.
                                                                                   Nicola presents the results of the member survey in this
                                                                                   issue. IEEE GOLD was still hyperactive with its
                                                                                   activities. I found some interesting information on
                                                                                   Region 10 student activities. Students may wish to
        IEEE W.A. Committee 2004                                                   check out the Region 10 student competitions.

Chair                                                Douglas Chai                  Helene described her involvement in IEEE in the
                                                                                   newsletter’s first issue. In this issue she describes her
Vice Chair                                           N/R                           participation in the third Nominations and Appointments
                                                                                   Committee meeting at Chicago.
Secretary                                            Harry McDonald
                                                                                   I do welcome feedback on the newsletter, eg what was
Treasurer                                            Lance Fung
                                                                                   good and what could be better.               (Email:
Membership Development                               David May                     sec.western.australia@ieee.org)
Awards                                               Terence Law                   Enjoy reading this issue’s newsletter.
IEEE Representative for JETP                         Jasmine Henry                 Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
GOLD Representative                                  Andrew Tan
REP                                                  Halit Eren                                                             Theng-Wei Loke
Newsletter Editor                                    Theng-Wei Loke                                                         Newsletter Editor

Web Manager                                          Son Lam Phung
SAMIEEE Manager                                      Farid Boussaid
Nominations and Appointments                         Helene Fung
Mailing Lists                                        Benoit Chellen                Annual General Meeting 2004
Student Activities                                   Nicola Ritter                 Venue: Curtin on the Park, Curtin University of
General Committee Member                             Yee Hong Leung                Technology
                                                                                   Time/Date: 6:00pm, 25th November 2004
                                                                                                   Issue 3, December 2004

For more details of each Chapter’s annual reports refer           Members enjoyed a pleasant buffet dinner after the
to IEEE W.A. Section home page.                                   formal proceedings of the AGM.
Summary of Chapter Chairs’ Reports
                                                                  Joint Electrical Technical Panel
The respective Chapter Chair gave the annual report of
each Chapter: D. Habibi, A. Li, D. Chai and L. Fung.              Events
Joint Power Engineering /Power Electronics Chapter:
5 administrative meetings and 2 technical meetings.               Cockburn Power Station Site Visit

Computer Chapter:                                                 10th November 2004
1 administrative meeting and 3 technical meetings.                In December 2000 Western Power received approval to
Members were strongly encouraged to join the                      replace ageing generating plant. Cockburn 1 is the first
Computer Society. ICT group was seen as a significant             stage of this program to replace 30-year-old gas fired
group for IEEE to become involved with and show                   plant in the Kwinana Power Station. The plan began
leadership in.                                                    commercial operation in October 2003 and was
                                                                  officially opened in November 2003. Its capacity is 240
Communications Chapter:                                           MW and cost about $300M. The capacity is comprised a
4 administrative meetings, 3 technical meetings and 1             160 MW gas turbine and 80MW steam turbine.
Distinguished Lecture tour. APPC is a significant
international    conference     that    IEEE      WA              While hundreds of combined cycle power stations are
Communications Society will be hosting.                           operating successfully throughout the world, Cockburn
                                                                  is the only combined cycle unit in Western Power’s
Signal Processing Chapter:                                        portfolio of generators. The plant provides many
8 technical meetings. With an anticipated reduction in            environmental and operational benefits to Western
the committee size in 2005 it is likely that the quantity         Power and Western Australia.
of events will be reduced.                                        Approximately 30 people attended the tour, which was
Election of the 2005 IEEE WA Section Committee                    led by Simon Ganley, Cockburn’s Production
Members                                                           Superintendent. The tour covered the basics of combined
                                                                  cycle technology and in the control room the controller
The following nominations for the 2005 IEEE WA                    explained the start up sequence and operation of the
Section committee members were received:                          plant. Many in the audience took the opportunity to ask
Section: Lance Fung (chair), Kok Wai (Kevin) Wong                 many probing questions especially around the gas
(secretary), Douglas Chai, Farid Boussaid (SAMIEE                 turbine operation. Throughout WA and Australia many
manager), Son Lam Phung (web manager), Nicola Ritter,             more GTs are popping up to deal with opportunities
Alexander Rassau, Theng Wei Loke, Elizabeth Chang,                offered by the deregulation of the energy sector.
K T Tan, Shri Rai, Valerie Maxville, Jasmine Henry                Harry McDonald thanked the tour guides
(outside petition - JETP)                                         This was the last JETP event for the 2004 calendar year
PES/PELS: Harry McDonald (chair), Karyne Wong,                    and we look forward to next year’s events.
Thom Fox, Bob Stewart, Amish Sheth, Terence Law                                                           Harry McDonald
(treasurer), An Li.
Communications: Daryoush Habibi (Chair), David                    Rehabilitation Engineering – Providing Access to
May (Secretary), Lance Fung (Vice Chair), David                   technology for people with Disabilities.
Beards (Treasurer), Kah-Seng Chung, Wolodek                       11th August 2004
Gornisiewicz, David Beards, King-Sun Chan (all outside
petition)                                                         Speaker: Mr Iain Murray, Curtin University of
Computer: Wlodek Gornisiewicz, Lance Fung, An Li,
Kok Wai (Kevin) Wong, Shri Rai, Hong Xie, Valerie                 Approximately 25 people braved the cold and wet
Maxville, Dr Shamim Khan (outside petition) – structure           evening in Perth to attend the August JETP activity.
to be sorted out next year.                                       Iain opened his presentation with a definition of assistive
Signal Processing: Douglas Chai, Yee Hong Leung                   technology and outlined the growing global interest in
(both outside petition)                                           this area of work. He also covered the demographics and
                                                                  statistics that pointed to the need for greater access for

                                                                                                   Issue 3, December 2004

people with various forms of disability to be able to              2005 guidelines and the new deadlines, go to the web
utilise technology. A significant percentage of final year         site http://www.ieee.org/geofinances and click on the
projects at Curtin University’s electrical and computer            link for Technical Symposia Grant under the listing for
engineering department was aligned with rehabilitation             Financial Resources for Geographic Units.
The importance of the user trials of any of the interface          IEEE GOLD
technology could not be emphasised any greater. It was             http://bauhaus.ece.curtin.edu.au/~ieee/gold
pointless having assessments of projects and products by
people with normal sight if the application would                  A big thank you s to everyone that completed the IEEE
ultimately be used by vision impaired people.                      GOLD survey, the results were very useful to us, and we
                                                                   have used them to formulate our coming events.
Iain continued with descriptions of many of the
hardware and software projects undertaken at Curtin.               It has been an exciting year for the GOLD group. We've
Commercialization was always a big issue and many of               had quite a few events with the latest being the
the projects had much deeper societal benefits in                  Sundowner at Spirit Sound Bar on 5th November. A
allowing people with disabilities to integrate with                good attendance with food enjoyed by all at the back
mainstream study and industry.                                     courtyard of the Spirit Soundbar. As you can see from
                                                                   the photos we had a great time.
Developments have included both software (voice
output databases for vision impaired call centre workers,
wheelchair control for paraplegics) and hardware
(optical Braille scanner, wireless headset for concurrent
synthesizes speech and telephony, a handheld device foe
currency conversion and several other commercial
The types of hardware projects were pitched at vision
impaired, deaf, and quadriplegic and combinations of
disability. There was strong emphasis in overcoming the
serial conversion processes that were needed for
disabled people to communicate with non-disabled
people. Recent work was pitched at almost immediate
two-way access between the communicating parties.
Iain’s lengthy background in rehabilitation technology
and modern information technology provided an
interesting blend that made his work unique. He
presented an upbeat and hopeful future for this area of
                                     Harry McDonald

WA Chapter Reports
Reports from Communication, Power Engineering,
Computer and Signal Processing Chapters were
presented at the Section AGM.
Technical Symposia Grants
Is your Unit looking for a way to offer members a full
day event? The
IEEE Regional Activities Board provides grants of $500
                                                                   On 24th November IEEE GOLD held a presentation on
each to Sections or Chapters sponsoring a one-day
                                                                   professional and business etiquette by Natalia Josephs of
technical symposium. Seven IEEE Units applied for and
                                                                   Image Power, a registered training organisation. She
received a grant in 2004. To find out more about the
                                                                   distinguished between manners and etiquette. Her topics

                                                                                               Issue 3, December 2004

included handshake techniques, forms of addressing              Student branches wishing to organise a conference on
people, workplace etiquette, cultural differences in            career development, management issues etc. RAB
business and basic office rules. Her presentation was           provides US$200 plus matches extra funding received
quite entertaining at times and enjoyed by all.                 externally (e.g. from Industry) to the amount of US$175.
                                                                Submit proposal and budget.
                                           Andrew Tan
                                                                             [Contact: Joey Duvall at joeygirl@mac.com]

                                                                S-PAVe: Student Professional Awareness Ventures
                                                                Student branches wishing to organise projects to develop
                                                                awareness of engineering professionalism can apply for
                                                                a small supporting grant. Funding the same as the SPAC.
                                                                Submit proposal and budget.
                                                                            [Contact: Joey Duvall at joeygirl@mac.com]

                                                                S-TAC: Student Technical Awareness Conference
                                                                Student branches wishing to organise a technical
                                                                conference can apply for a small supporting grant.
                                                                Funding the same as the SPAC. Submit proposal and
                                                                budget. [Contact: Joey Duvall at joeygirl@mac.com]

                                                                Leadership Workshops
IEEE Student Activities
                                                                Organised by a Student Branch or a group Student
Region 10 Student Activities                                    Branches in a particular country in Region 10. Student
                                                                Branches interested to organise a workshop known as
Student Branch Website Contest 2005                             Leadership Workshop to carry out membership
                                                                recruitment and how to successfully run a Student
Deadline:        10th March 2005                                Branch should contact R10 SAC for supporting grants.
Prizes awarded by Region 10 – Region 10 Level:                  The interested Student Branch needs to provide a
                 1st Prize:      USD 500.00                     workshop description and pre-budget to R10 SAC.
                                                                [Application for supporting grant is through R10 SAC:
                 2nd Prize:       USD 350.00
                 3rd Prize:       USD 200.00
                                                                AT&T Award - for a Technical project
1st Prize winner will automatically be eligible for the
Inter-Regional Website contest organised by Regional            Run by a Branch, funding up to US$1000 - applications
Activities Board (RAB). [Submissions to R10 SR:                 to HQ deadline - 1 November, 2005.
                                                                Outstanding Student Branch Award 2004
Prizes will be awarded by RAB - Regional Level [only
                                                                One award for the best Region 10 Student Branch with a
1st Prize Regional Winners qualify]
                                                                US$250 prize. Submission deadline is 28th February,
                 1st Prize:       USD 1,000.00                  2005. Forms are obtainable from IEEE HQ or a Section
                 2nd Prize:       USD 750.00
                                                                   [Submissions to R10 SAC: marzuki@utmkl.utm.my]
                 3rd Prize:       USD 500.00
                                                                Exemplary Student Branch Certificate 2005
                 7 runner-Prizes: USD 250.00
                                                                As many awards as necessary for Student Branch
For information on inter-regional website contest refer         officers who have performed well in 2004. Send
to                                                              applications to Region 10 SAC.
sitecontest.html                                                Outstanding Student Certificate

S-PAC: Student Professional Awareness Conference

                                                                                                   Issue 3, December 2004

One award per 100 members in a Section. Awards can                 student member of the IEEE. Supervisors are not
be requested from a Section SAC or the HQ. Send                    allowed to participate in the contest.
applications to Region 10 SAC.
                                                                   2.   Submissions
Larry K. Wilson Award 2004
                                                                   Papers should be submitted electronically to your
For the best Student Activist in Region 10 for the                 Section Chair (or the Student Activities Committee
previous year 2004. Prize is a 3-year free IEEE                    Chair) before the date determined by the Section and
membership plus a plaque. Send applications to R10                 copy electronically to the Region 10 SAC. Each Section
SAC. Submission deadline is 28th February, 2005.                   is allowed to submit only 3 papers. Deadline at Region
Please submit student’s name, membership number and                10 is 28th of February 2005. The attached form must be
list of activities done by the students for the past few           duly completed and signed by the first author and the
years plus a short biography.                                      Student Branch Counsellor. If there are more than 3
                                                                   papers from the Section, the papers should be screened
Outstanding Branch Counsellor and Adviser Award
                                                                   first at the Section level and the best three papers from
$500 and a certificate, applications to HQ. Deadline 30th          the Section should be sent to Region 10 SAC Chair by
May, 2005.                                                         February 28, 2005. Papers should be submitted to the
        [Submit nomination form to l.durrett@ieee.org]             IEEE Section Chair at least 2 weeks before this closing
                                                                   date in order not to avoid delay in submission (or a
STUDENT PAPER CONTEST 2005                                         suitable date as announced by your own Section).
Submission deadline: 28th February 2005                            Submissions should include the following:
The IEEE Region 10 conducts two student paper                           •   Completed Declaration form (see attached)
contests (SPC's) every year, one for the Postgraduate                       with 1 hardcopy should be sent by airmail.
(PG) and the other for the Undergraduate (UG) IEEE                      •  1 electronic copy (in MS Word or Pdf format)
Student Members in the Region.                                             (this can be sent by email) or in a diskette.
Postgraduate Section (PG)                                          Attach duly completed form and signed by Student
                                                                   Branch Counsellor. You must include your IEEE student
Open to those IEEE Student Members with basic
                                                                   number (failure to do so will result in rejection of your
degrees in electrical engineering, electronics, computer
science or any other field of interest of an IEEE Society,
who are studying for a postgraduate course. Eligibility to         3.   Format
enter the contest must be supported by a letter from the
                                                                   The format of the paper is similar to any publications of
Student Branch Counsellor and submitting the paper
                                                                   IEEE Transactions or magazines (see any IEEE
through the Student Activities Chair of the Section or
the Section Chair, copy to R10 SAC.                                Transactions). The paper should be typewritten on one
                                                                   side only double column format using font of 10 (Times
Undergraduate Section (UG)                                         New Roman) on A4 size and should not exceed 10 pages
                                                                   including figures and tables. An electronic copy must
Open to IEEE Student Members undergoing an
                                                                   also be submitted together with your hardcopy. You can
undergraduate course in electrical engineering,
                                                                   check the format of IEEE Transactions / magazines.
electronics, computer science or allied subjects.
Eligibility to enter the contest must be supported by a            This should provide a well structured, clear and concise
letter from the Student Branch Counsellor and                      presentation of the subject matter including an
submitting the paper through the Student Activities                introduction, the main body and the conclusion with
Chair of the Section or the Section Chair, copy to R10             supporting tables and figures.
                                                                   Headings and subheadings should be numbered as in any
Contest Rules                                                      of the IEEE journals.
1.   Eligibility                                                   Figures and Tables should be neat and tidy,
                                                                   consecutively numbered, captioned and contained within
Open only to IEEE Student Members in the Region. The
                                                                   the text at the appropriate places.
papers may be on any engineering subject in the field of
interest of IEEE (within the scope of IEEE transactions).          Equations should be consecutively numbered with the
                                                                   number in parenthesis, opposite the equations.
Number of authors for one paper is limited to 3. All the
authors must be students and the first author must be a

                                                                                                 Issue 3, December 2004

References suitably numbered, should be provided at the          University of Western Australia IEEE
end with their reference numbers given within square             Student Branch
brackets at the appropriate places in the main text.
Appendices: Detailed mathematical proofs, development
of equations etc. which are subordinate to the main              We had a BBQ on 21st October. The branch has been
argument in the body of the paper, should be given in            recruiting new members so they also helped out with the
the appendices, with reference in the main text.                 BBQ. Our new chairperson for 2005 is Zhen Xu
                                                                 (currently a third year student studying for his BEng (EE)
4.   Prizes                                                      and BSc degrees). He is currently our webmaster. The
Three prizes for the UG SPC and for the PG SPC will be           BBQ went well, and the food seemed to have
awarded as follows.                                              disappeared within an hour.

(1). Undergraduate Contest                                       The student branch held its AGM on 26th October at
                                                                 Blakers Lecture Theatre.      The 2005 committee
Deadline:         28th February 2005                             comprises of the following members:
Prizes: 1st Prize:          USD300.00 (+ certificate)            Chairperson: Zhen Xu
         2nd Prize:         USD200.00 (+ certificate)            Vice-Chair: Blake Dickhart
         3rd Prize:         USD150.00 (+ certificate)            Treasurer: Timothy Wong
                                                                 Secretary: Migara Alles
No formal ceremony for award (prizes to individual)
                                                                 Webmaster: Aaron Cha
(2). Postgraduate Contest                                        Liaison: Chong Yew Ong
Deadline:         28th February 2005                             Function Coordinator: Alan Hon
Prizes: 1st Prize:          USD350.00 plus certificate           General Committee members are: Jade Toh, Ming Han
                            and travel grant to attend           Ho, Chris Nielsen, William Wong, Fee Lit Chew, Voon
                            TENCON 2006 (up to USD               Chai, Grace Choo, Aditya Ishak, Elaine Fong, Jason Liu,
                            1000)                                Dean Scarff, Katherine Tan, Michael Gibson
         2nd Prize:         USD300.00 (+ certificate)            The last event was a bowling night, immediately after
                                                                 the final exams on 19th November - for the old and new
         3rd Prize:         USD200.00 (+ certificate)
                                                                 UWA committee members to mingle and have some fun.
No formal ceremony for award (prizes given to                    We attended Fairlanes’ glow-in-the-dark bowling.
                                                                                                          Li San Poon
In the case of co-authored papers, the prize money shall                                  U.W.A. Student Branch Chair
be divided equally among the authors. If only the first
author is an IEEE student member, the winners check
will be sent to the first author only and only his/her
                                                                 Curtin University IEEE Student Branch
name will be printed in the certificate.                         http://ieee.ece.curtin.edu.au

For more information, contact Region 10 Student
Activities     Chair,       Marzuki      Khalid                  Comm-IT    2004                    Expo           and
Region 10 Student Activities Website:
http://www.cairo.utm.my/r10students/                             Engineers Australia W.A., Macquarie Corporate ,
                                                                 Dimension Data and ATUG were the main sponsors for
IEEE Student Activities WWW Page:                                Perth’s first ever communications conference and expo
http://sandbox.ieee.org                                          held at the Perth Convention Centre, including
IEEE HQ dealing with Student Activities:                         OpenSource W.A. Technology Showcase.               The
Laura Durrett (l.durrett@ieee.org)                               conference was opened by Minister Clive Brown MLA.
                                                                 Keynote speakers were Gartner’s Dr John Roberts on
R10 Student Representative:                                      ‘Connected Enterprise, Connected Society’ and Telstra’s
Darrel Chong (darrel_chong@yahoo.com.sg)

                                                                                                    Issue 3, December 2004

Professor Hugh      Bradlow    on   ‘Future   Broadband                  Life Members Committee
Services’.                                                               Meetings & Services Committee
The conference was jam packed into three streams:                        Membership Development Committee
    1. e-business and network security                                   Nominations and Appointments Committee
    2. WiFi, RFID and VoIP                                               Publication Services and Products Board –
    3. open source                                                       Members-at-Large
The second stream was the more popular one. Ouor                         Strategic Planning Committee
Chair, Douglas Chai also attended the conference; and                    Tellers Committee
Computer Chapter Chair, Lance Fung was the                               Women in Engineering Committee
conference chair for the WiFi and RFID session.
                                                                  But that’s not all. We also recommend to the Board of
Buffet lunch was quite delicious, and so was the cocktail         Directors suitable candidates for positions such as
party held at the conclusion of the conference which was          President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
closed by Minister Brown.                                         The Board of Directors then has a final say in which
                                        Theng-Wei Loke            names to put on the ballot paper that you all receive for
                                                                  the annual elections.
                                                                  As the GOLD representative and a committee member
Nominations and Appointments                                      from Region 10, obviously I try my best to make sure
Committee                                                         that the voices of young people and non-US members
                                                                  get heard in IEEE.
IEEE’s corporate Nominations and Appointments (N&A)
Committee just had our third and final face-to-face
meeting for 2004 in Chicago on the 1st and 2nd of
Nominations & Appointments
“Whoa, what do you guys do all day?” is a question that
I get asked quite often.
Well, while the actual discussions during the meeting
are confidential, what I can tell you is that the N&A
Committee oversees and administers the process of
making recommendations of the most qualified
individuals for positions elected by the IEEE Assembly
and appointed by the IEEE Board of Directors. So what
this means is we nominate and discuss among ourselves,
then recommend to the Board of Directors people who
would be appropriate for being chairs or members of the
following committees of IEEE:                                     After the meeting ended, I stayed on in Chicago for 3
                                                                  extra days to do a bit of sight-seeing. After all, it takes a
      Admission and Advancement Committee
                                                                  day and a half to get there and a day and a half to get
      Audit Committee                                             back; I might as well have a look around while I was in
      Awards Board                                                town!
      Credentials Committee                                       One thing which I loved about the city was not just the
      Employee Benefits Committee                                 fact that it is very cosmopolitan, with so much art,
      Ethics and Member Conduct Committee                         culture and different architecture styles (and of course,
                                                                  the world's tallest building) and many things to see and
      Fellow Committee                                            to do. It has a real big city feel to it yet not being cold
      History Committee                                           and heartless - the Chicagoans are all so friendly and
      Individual Benefits and Services Committee                  nice! Two times out of three when I opened up a map to
      Information Technology Services Committee                   plan where to go next, somebody would stop and offer

                                                                                                   Issue 3, December 2004

to help (in case I'm lost)!!! Completely cannot expect                    A way many Chicagoans get around is using “the
that sort of friendliness from say typical New Yorkers.                   El”, an elevated train system which turns
                                                                          underground into a subway downtown.
Another thing about Chicago that fascinated me is that it
is quite an engineering achievement too. They managed                     The Field Museum in Chicago is currently home
to reverse the flow of the Chicago River, which used to                   to the world’s most complete tyrannosaurus rex
run into fresh water Lake Michigan and carry with it a                    skeletons ever unearthed, which was named Sue
lot of sewage, polluting the very lake that they take their               after the discoverer. Because it was discovered on
drinking water from. So some genius devised a plan to                     Native American reserve land held in trust by the
dig an extension branch of the river to connect it with a                 US Government, it took a 5 year court battle to
lower water table, thereby reversing the flow of the river,               determine who owned the rights to the skeletons
and just used gravity to pull water from the lake into the                before the Field Museum bought it over.
river the other way!                                                      The round red BBQ grill with a lid that we see in
                                                                          many backyards today was invented by a
A few other bits of Chicago Trivia:
                                                                          Chicagoan named Webber and there is a
      Chicago was named after a variety of onion.                         restaurant in Chicago where they cook everything
      Chicago was originally coined ‘the windy city’                      in industrial sized versions of the Webber Grill
      not because of the velocity of the winds blowing                    (and I had lunch there one day).
      there (even though the wind sure was gusty!) but                    Chicago is also famous for its blues and jazz bars,
      because of the long-winded politicians Chicago                      and of course the movie and the musical named
      produced!                                                           after it. Also plenty of performances happening
      Chicago is the original ‘birthplace’ of the whole                   for theatre and musical theatre. The very first
      skyscraper concept,          although    the    first               ‘House of Blues’, part founded and owned by
      ‘skyscraper’ was only 9 stories tall. The tallest                   actor Dan Arkoyd, is in Chicago and has nightly
      building now, the Sears Tower, is 110 stories tall,                 live music, as well as doubles as a concert venue
      with a ‘sky deck’ on level 103. On clear days                       (and I had dinner there one night).
      apparently you can see four different states from
      there.                                                        PEECS'2004      Best                         Poster
      The John Hancock Centre is the 3rd tallest                    Presentation Award
      building in Chicago and has an observation deck
      on level 94. (It is also on the ‘Magnificent Mile’,           The winner of the IEEE certificate for the PEECS'2004
      a stretch of main road full of shops, hotels and              Best Poster Presentation Award was Mr Greg Day.
      restaurants much like 5th Avenue in New York,
      and conveniently located across the road from the             PEECS is the acronym for the Postgraduate Electrical
      hotel I stayed in)                                            Engineering and Computing Symposium. “It is aimed at
                                                                    giving postgraduate students in the area of Electrical
      The Chicago Tribune Tower is a gothic tower                   Engineering, Computer Science, and related fields an
      which houses the office of the Chicago Tribune                opportunity to present their research work to a wide
      newspaper. There are various bits of rocks on the             Western Australian audience. The symposium will
      external wall of the Tower from places such as                increase awareness of research activities in different
      the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India,              departments and it will encourage more cooperation
      and even a piece of steel from the former World               among the universities. The presence of local industry
      Trade Centre in New York. Apparently every                    and the State Government at the symposium will
      time the newspaper sends a reporter out to some               improve their understanding of the skills and expertise
      major location they would bring back ‘souvenirs’              of postgraduate students.” For more information about
      like that to add to the collection.                           PEECS          refer       to        the       website
      There is a policy promoting architectural diversity           http://www.ee.uwa.edu.au/~peecs
      such that every time they build a bridge crossing
      the Chicago River it has to be in a different style.          The IEEE WA Section sponsored the Best Poster
                                                                    Presentation Award; but did not sponsor the best oral
      Downtown Chicago has a network of                             presentation as stated in the PEECS website.
      underground roads accessible from the ground
      level through ramps.

                                                                                                    Issue 3, December 2004

IEEE Survey Results                                                technical events!), with 27% keen to have a BBQ, 18%
                                                                   of respondents wanted outdoor or sporting events, 11%
Recently we put a survey on the web to find out what we            suggested a dinner, 8% were happy to go wine tasting
were doing right, wrong and what you wanted more of                and 22% were prepared to do anything social! The rest
(and of course to find out if anyone wanted to volunteer!)         had, again, various ideas that were very specific.
Out of approximately 500 Western Australian members                Where to now? Well, we will try to organise some social
we only had 48 respondents. This is apparently fairly              events, more talks in the areas not currently covered and
normal for this type of survey, however it does mean               keep up with the events in the areas approved of. Many
that we can only assume that the results below reflect the         thanks go to those who replied. Congratulations to the
needs/wishes/facts for the whole group.               The          winners of the 5 tokens - Lyndon While, Dimitre Stanev,
respondents can be assured that their needs will be                Kamal Laha, Jacky Lo, and Martin. The respondents of
addressed by IEEE W.A..                                            the IEEE online survey also automatically entered for a
                                                                   chance to win one of 5 tokens.
The first question in the survey asked about Society
membership. Of those who responded, 28% were                                                                     Nicola Ritter
members of the Computer Society, 19% members of the
Communications Society, 11% were not members of any                Membership
society, 9% belonged to Signal Processing, 5% to
Industrial Applications, 3.5% to Engineering and 3.5%              Congratulations to Bob Stewart, Stefan Lachowicz and
to Software Engineering. There were then 12 other                  David McDougall for their promotion to Senior Member
societies with only 1 member each.                                 status.
Question two was aimed at university students. Of those            More information on senior membership can be obtained
university students that responded, most of them were              from the IEEE web site:
from Curtin University and the fewest were from the                http://www.ieee.org/organizations/rab/md/smprogram.ht
University of Western Australia, with Edith Cowan                  ml
University and Murdoch University students making up
the second largest group of student respondents.                   Don’t forget to renew your membership – refer to the
                                                                   website http://www.ieee.org/renew. Computer Society
When it comes to talks and events, 56% of respondents              is still offering great value for money with its free online
had attended a talk in the last 12 months, and 82%                 books and computer courses. Free access to 100 online
believed we should continue to hold them.            The           books at www.computer.org/bookshelf, and 350 course
question on what topics members wanted to hear about               modules at www.computer.ogr/DistanceLearning.
proved to be somewhat vague and too open-ended. So
of course we got many, many topics which just one                                                                  David May
person suggested because they were very specific. An
example of this being “psychoacoustics”, which I am                Useful  IEEE                  Resources                for
assured is nothing to do with quietening down the insane!          Companies
And then, too, we got some very vague suggestions such
as “more talks on Information Technology”!                         In      my      previous      issue      I    mentioned
A few things did come clear however. Firstly, the                  http://www.ieee.org/discover as a website that would be
Networking Forum was highly commended and it was                   very useful for companies. The website is a portal for
repeatedly requested that this happen again next year.             searching and retrieving information from journals,
Communications scored 11% of the requests and 9% of                magazines, conferences and standards. Add to that
the requests were for computer vision and associated               website the www.ieee.org/enterprise website which
topics. Process control topics were requested by 8%,               “provides instant desktop access to articles and papers
and signal processing talks and site visits each had 5%            from IEEE magazines, journals, transactions and
of the requests. These results give us a good idea of              conference proceedings, at price levels any company can
where to put our efforts in the future, and we do have             afford”.
some very specific things we can organise if we the
opportunity arises.
Finally we wanted to know about social events. 56%
wanted more events (not the same 56% who wanted


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