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					              Apple Barrel
 Apple II • Macintosh • Newton
                                                   The Journal of the Houston Area Apple Users Group
                                                         Members Helping Members since 1978                                               September 1996

Main Presentation -                                      Apple II News                                        Newton News
Apple Computer                                               Marin MacroWorks is pleased to offer
                                                         UltraMax, another collection of seventeen (17)
                                                                                                              NewtRave - Online Magazine
    Dreux Ste. Marie of Apple Computer will                                                                    July 31, 1996 Huntsville, Alabama
                                                         TimeOut add-on utilities. They include: Age De-
provide an overview of Apples Computer’s                                                                          Newton Publications Resource (NPR) is
                                                         tective — Want to know just how old you (or
new direction and examine some of the                                                                         pleased to announce the availability of
                                                         someone you love) are today? Ask Age Detective,
standout products from the recent MacWorld-                                                                   NewtRave, a Newton Solutions magazine
                                                         for an immediate readout of years, months,
Boston during his presentation at 11 am in the                                                                for the World Wide Web. NewtRave is
                                                         weeks, and days. BatchFiler, Beep Tester,
Cougar Den.                                                                                                   published as a community magazine with
                                                         BlockBlanker, BlockCopy, Calendar Now, Con-
    Dreux will briefly overview the new focus for                                                             aspirations to providing free and useful qual-
                                                         text Help, DBX Printer, DJBookletMaker,
Apple under the leadership of CEO Dr. Gil                                                                     ity information on various Newton prod-
                                                         Hyphenator, IWBookletMaker, IW Printer Utili-
Amelio’s aggressive Macintosh O/S licensing, in-                                                              ucts. Intended to connect the producer to
                                                         ties, Just-In-Case, Make FilePath, RestorePath,
tegration of Net “savyness” into all Apple prod-                                                              the consumer; articles are written by lead-
                                                         Text Sorter, and World Clock are also included.
ucts, and streamlining of the product line.                                                                   ing developers of Newton software and
                                                             Each program’s function is documented,
    Speaking of the product line, Dreux will                                                                  other Newton products, thus providing an
                                                         with screen shots, where applicable, in
run his presentations on the newest Power                                                                     inside view to the design and best ways to
                                                         AppleWorks files on the disk. UltraMax is
Macintosh 8500/132. First up will be the Avid                                                                 use these products to their full capabilities.
                                                         available in two versions: one for AppleWorks
Cinema PCI card, a cooperative effort by                                                                      The magazine is also the first of its kind to
                                                         4 and one for AppleWorks 5. You must specify,
Apple & Avid Technology. Cinema is an easy-                                                                   provide interactive and multimedia tools
                                                         when ordering, if you want the AppleWorks 4
to-use, affordable ($459) digital video editing                                                               such as QuickTime videos, and audio clips
and publishing system with everything needed                                                                  to supplement articles.
                                                             UltraMax costs $12.95, postpaid.
to create and edit video on your Performa or                                                                      NewtRave is currently housed as a
                                                             For details: contact by phone, (415) 459-
Power Mac.                                                                                                    guest at the Sine of the Times web site:
                                                         0845 By FAX: (415) 459-4273
    Dreux will also demonstrate several of the                                                                <>
                                                             By Email:
most eye catching products he spotted at
MacWorld. We will have several programs to               Announcing Spectrum V 2.1
raffle off.                                                 At KansasFest Seven Hills Software re-            Special Interest Groups - SIGs
                                                         leased “Spectrum Version 2.1 Update”. Spec-          The life force of computer clubs
Speaking of Raffles                                      trum is a very full featured telecommunica-
                                                                                                              by David Scheuer - SIG Coordinator
    Improve your odds of winning! Wear your              tions program unmatched by any other tele-
HAAUG T-shirts, hats, or jackets (anything               communications program on any other plat-                SIGs are what computer clubs are all about.
with a HAAUG logo on it) and receive one                 form. If you could imagine a communications          HAAUG started as a self-help organization in
                                     additional raffle   program with the ability to change the way it        the early days of the Apple II, and continues as
Contents                             ticket at the       behaves and reacts with itself and other pro-        a self-help organization today. There were no
Club Business ................... 2  next presenta-      grams by way of a rich scripting language            places to call in the beginning, no courses
A Few WebSites ................ 2    tion. Show your     similar to to the Hypercard or Apple Script          available, little software, and just a few limited,
Bottom of the Barrel ......... 2     support for         language, your imagination would still fall short.   badly-written manuals. Computer clubs
Gaming Guru ................... 3    HAAUG and               In addition to numerous improvements             formed because there were only fellow users
Announcements ............... 4      double your         and fixes, Seven Hills has included several new      to turn to.
Mac Disk ......................... 5
                                     odds at the         features. You can order now with a Visa/                 Amateur member programmers wrote and
New in Apple II ................ 6
Sig Schedule ..................... 7 same time.          Mastercard/Discover card & expiration date           exchanged programs to do various computer
Pizza SIG ......................... 8                                                see Apple II page 6                                   see SIGS?? page 3
CD-Rom Library .............. 8
Ad Rates/Directions/Map .. 8
  Houston Area Apple Users’ Group

                                       Club News                                                          Web sites
   Excerpts from the Unapproved Board               getting prices from a number of printers             by Manley Mandel
of Director Meeting Minutes - August 26,            and trying to figure out just what various               <> –
1996.                                               Kinkos had been charging us.                         Gives addresses and phone numbers (some
   Mike Lee is still having health prob-                The Board approved funds to get new              e-mail addresses) for the United States, resi-
lems. Get well, Mike.                               HAAUG flyers printed. We used up the                 dence and business. Not always up-to-date
                                                                                                         (claim that it was up-dated this month), but is
   David Jaschke, Membership Chairman               last batch.
                                                                                                         free and as good as the $100 packages that
reported Membership is at 744. A slight                 Mark Jacob has presentations lined up
                                                                                                         need annual upgrades.
decline from last month, hopefully a                through February. A few are not firm yet                 <> – If you
temporary one.                                      so he’s still working on it. We still need           have an address in the US, you can get a map
   Betty English, Treasurer reported that           someone to serve permanently. Let us                 that will lead you there at many magnifica-
the current cash balance is $9,963.32.              know if you want to help.                            tions. Also shows proximity to restaurants,
Unpaid bills are estimated to be                        Mark Jacob will also keep the HAAUG              golf courses, etc. Pretty good but occasionally
$4,289.02. Unreported or uncollected                Boutique open for about an hour each                 places the asterisk on the wrong side of the
income is estimated to be $1,020, leaving           meeting. He will have more First Class               street. I find it easier to use than KeyMaps for
                                                                                                         local addresses.
us $3,405.27 less than we started the               Books on hand to sell this month, too.
                                                                                                             <> – A yellow
year with as of August 25, 1996. We still               Morton Butler requested funds to pay
                                                                                                         pages of businesses in the US. Search by many
need to cut costs and raise revenues. We            the rent at U of H for January and                   criteria, maps as in mapquest above. Many
are over budget in income, but unfortu-             February of 1997.                                    "Hot-links" are not constructed. Of some use
nately also over budget in expenses.                    Tom Dolezal reported that the                    to those who are searching for a service or
   It was reported that the sale of the             HAAUG web site <http://                              product. Again, it is free.
modems went extremely well. They          > is up and running. It                     <> – A national
lasted for about 15 minutes or so. The              still lacks some content but is there and            service for public information on almost ev-
books went almost as fast.                          getting better as time allows.                       eryone. $15 for each search, but if you are
                                                                                                         playing private eye and there is money in-
   Seeley Miller reported that the August               The audit committee will be giving
                                                                                                         volved, this may be your thing.
issue was a bit behind and she still had not        their final report next month with
                                                                                                         by Bob McGuinness
received hers. Otherwise it went well and           recommendations.
                                                                                                             <> – What to do
she and Peter Gingiss are working on                    The next Board meeting is Monday,
                                                                                                         and see in Sedona, AZ including a map, pic-
prices. Lower ones.                                 September 30, 1996, at 6:30 PM in the
                                                                                                         tures and descriptions of the four energy
   Peter Gingiss reported that he was               offices of FIserv, Inc., 5718 Westhiemer,            vortices there.
                                                    suite 200.                                               <
                                                                                                         omni.html/> – Omni is an angel who has
                                                                                                         some vital things to tell us.
 Bottom of the Barrel                                                                                                               see Web Sites page 5
Apple Barrel is a monthly publica-     HAAUG is an independent support         Directors: Bruce Baker, John           Manley Mandel, Elizabeth English,
tion of the Houston Area Apple         group of Apple product users and is     Crawford, Tom Dolezal, Howard          Tom Bunce, Steve Ruback, Bob
Users’ Group, P.O. Box 610150,         not affiliated with Apple Computer,     Fitter, Clair Jaschke, Lyda McGhee.    McGuinness and Peter Gingiss
Houston, Texas, 77208.                 Inc. The following are trademarks       Past President: Ken Martinez           headed by Seeley Miller on various
                                       of Apple Computer, Inc.: Apple,         HAAUG Heaven Sysop: Paul Wood          Macs running PageMaker.
If you are interested in joining       Apple II, Apple IIGS, Macintosh,        HH Administrator: Neal Scott
HAAUG, please call the HAAUG           Imagewriter and the Apple Logo.         Membership: David Jaschke              Mac and Apple SIGs Wanted
Hotline at (713) 895-6464 or sign      All other brand names mentioned         Apple Barrel Editor: Seeley Miller     Volunteers who have ideas for SIGs
up via HAAUG Heaven, HAAUG's           are registered trademarks or            Apple II Librarian: Mike Brouillette   to run, please contact David
BBS, at (713) 977-3587. Annual         trademarks of their respective          Mac Librarians: Jill Hayhurst,         Scheuer at (713) 464-1228 or
membership is $35 for new              holders, and are hereby acknowl-        Jonathan Magnus                        send e-mail at
members, $30 for students, and         edged.                                  SIG Coordinator: David Scheuer
$30 for renewing members.                                                      Ad Manager: Peter Gingiss
                                       HAAUG Officers                                                                 Apple II /Newton Articles
                                                                               Publicity Chairman: Vacant
Guests are welcome to attend one       President: Mike Lee                                                            Needed
                                                                               Vendor Coordinator: Morton Butler
or two meetings to get acquainted      First VP – Programs: Vacant                                                    Send any articles to Apple Barrel
                                                                               Volunteer Coordinator: Peter Gingiss
with HAAUG, but participation in       Second VP – Facilities: Morton Butler                                          Drop or to
certain presentations and activities   Secretary: T. Dale Bagwell              Apple Barrel Publishing      
may be limited.                        Treasurer: Elizabeth English            This month’s Apple Barrel was
                                       Senior Advisor: Mark Jacob              produced by a committee including

    2    Apple Barrel • September 1996
                                                                                                          Houston Area Apple Users’ Group

Gaming Guru                                                                                                                  continued from page 1

Review: Swoop                                    chores and have some fun with their new acqui- some entertainment items are rated at 10 or
by Christian B. Carlson                          sitions. Then commercial software began to even 50 man years, meaning it took the equiva-
                                                 appear, and rapidly expanded from a hesitant lent of a team of 10 to 50 programmers a year
    Anybody remember those 80’s style            trickle to a deluge that no one of us individually to write it. That’s a lot of complexity in one
space arcade games? Some of you, like me,        could keep up with.                                single program for us users to cope with.
remember them too much. I really like the            The general meeting that covered every- Software is further convoluted by the not-
one called Galaga. I have found one that will    thing evolved into a main meeting plus SIGs. quite-seamless integration of the various parts
suffice ‘til a good programmer comes and         The SIGs are separate groups of people inter- that is the inevitable result of production by
decides to write it (please, hurry!!!).          ested in furthering their skills and knowledge committee rather than a single individual.
    It takes that great game playing and adds    in a particular area, still meeting as a self-help We’re here to help you with this, and we also
to it with 3D sprites. And cooler music!         group, but separately from people interested hope someday you will help us.
You have your pick from two pieces or you        mainly in other areas. This brings together            Educational sessions at computer stores
can have minimal or silence. Minimal is for      people with very similar interests and pro- can run $100 or more for a few hours of
people who just want to hear the sound           vides a basis for social interaction between instruction on a new computer or some item
effects. Silence is for people with not a lot    them. That’s where we are now.                     of software. The club SIGs, free to members,
of free memory or who want to play an                Want to know more about the ubiquitous are the best buys of the computer world. An
audio CD.                                        financial program “Quicken” that comes added club advantage is the on-going support
    The size is about 2 and a half megs. A       bundled with most Macs? We have a Quicken on HAAUG Heaven, our club bulletin board.
copy of it is on HAAUG Heaven’s AMUG             SIG. The all-purpose integrated program Post a question and you’ll usually start seeing
CDs. Oh, yeah, it’s shareware.                   ClarisWorks? We have a ClarisWorks SIG. answers that evening or the next day. Post a
    Pros: Shareware, from a “cool”               Just brought home a pile of new stuff and request to a SIG leader and it might become
shareware company Ambrosia (I think I            having problems getting it going? We have a topic for the next SIG meeting. We even
heard it was Greek for food of the gods but      both hardware and soft-                                                     have experts in some
I don’t know for a fact), available from         ware SIGs for newcom- SIGs are where it happens,                            areas who will allow
HAAUG Heaven, 3D sprites, music, dis-            ers. Are you good with                                                      limited (no charge)
counts for some multiple registrations, some     spreadsheets and will-          the place to be. Make the phone consultations if
nice sound effects when you bring out the        ing to help others? We         most of them. Be a leader you’re really stuck.
big guns, and easy ways to register.             need a spreadsheet SIG                                                         Don’t see a SIG
    Cons: Very big file to download, game        if you’d like to run one.
                                                                                      or a follower as you                   you’d like on our
takes a lot of RAM when you want to hear             Our SIGs run for over choose, but don’t miss out.                       agenda? Ask. If there’s
the music, a bug happens when you don’t          an hour each through-                                                       enough      interest
have the menu bar on the screen, some            out the meeting day, starting at 9:00 AM and maybe someone will get one started. Know a
enemies appear unannounced on the screen         ending at 4:00 PM, creating a one-day-a- little more than most about a particular area?
so you have to stop killing the swarm and        month computer college campus. The SIGs Start a SIG. If there’s member interest we’ll
fire at the new enemy, and the folder con-       are conducted in several forms. There is the try to find you a spot on the schedule, assign
taining the game and associated files is huge.   teacher-student concept in which a SIG leader a room, and give it a little publicity in “The
    Price: $25                                   guides attendees through a particular area of Apple Barrel” and on HAAUG Heaven. We
                                                 computer or software usage, or even a new certainly could use a SIG on Excel and Word,
                   see Gaming Guru page 5        game. There is the discussion group approach particularly the new internal programming
                                                 where the SIG leader serves as a well-in- capabilities. There’s been some talk of a MIDI
                                                 formed moderator leading a group through (Music) SIG, but we lack a leader.
                                                 solving problems that they present during the          SIGs are where it happens, the place to be.
                                                 meeting. The expert member is also used, Make the most of them. Be a leader or a
                                                 where an attendee at a SIG with considerable follower as you choose, but don’t miss out.
                                                 knowledge of one particular area might be the See you at the next meeting.
                                                 group leader for one meeting, and another
                                                 person, proficient in another area, conducts
                                                 the next SIG.
                                                     Early commercial programs might have
                                                 taken a programmer months to write. Cur-
                                                 rent programs are quite elaborate and the
                                                 creation time involved is measured in man
                                                 years. Many productivity programs and even

                                                                                                Apple Barrel • September 1996                3
  Houston Area Apple Users’ Group

Due Dates for Apple Barrel Articles           would be interested in helping. He also           not been moved to another time or place.
   The next due date for Copy to be sub-      wants people who didn’t send in a question-       The listing prepared for the Apple Barrel is
mitted is September 30 for the October        naire to call him at (713) 721-4134 to volun-     done about two weeks before the meet-
issue. We meet the September 10th for the     teer.                                             ings. Due to unexpected events, we can’t
preliminary meeting. Copy is due October                                                        promise the Apple Barrel listing will be
                                              HAAUG Heaven Splash Screen
28 for the November issue. Plan ahead!                                                          accurate on meeting days. It’s on page 7, by
                                              Design Contest                                    the way.
Please get it in early, if at all possible.
                                                 The deadline has been extended indefi-
HAAUG Volunteers                              nitely. See the August issue for details. (Also   Upcoming Meeting Dates &
   Volunteer Coordinator at work Peter        available on HAAUG Heaven)                        Tentative Main Presentations:
Gingiss, our newly appointed volunteer co-    Next Meeting                                      October 19th — Microsoft
ordinator will try to place volunteers who                                                      November 16th — Claris (firm)
                                                 The HAAUG boutique will be open from
replied positively to the survey that they                                                      December 21st — Bob LeVitus & Alsoft
                                              10 am to 11 am near the membership desk
                                              for those wishing to purchase HAAUG T–            January 18, 1997 — Swap Meet (firm)
                                              shirts, koozies, and coffee mugs. There will      February 15th — Adobe
                                              also be more First Class Books for sale (no
                                              modems this month).
                                                 We will be raffling off items from the
                                              Boutique after the Main Presentation, but
                                              before the Presenter does his raffle. You            I bought that bargain manual and haven’t
                                              must be there to get T-Shirts, mugs with the      learned a thing from it. Maybe placing it in
                                              HAAUG logo in color, Koozies, etc. Get to         proximity to my Mac isn’t enough. It may be
                                              meetings early and check the SIG schedule         necessary to open the cover!
                                              to be sure the SIG you wish to attend has
                                                                                                Robert Mathews

    4   Apple Barrel • September 1996
                                                                                                                     Houston Area Apple Users’ Group

Gaming Guru                                                                                           Macintosh
                          continued from page 3
                                                                                                      Disk of the Month
The Cranberries: doors and windows
by Christian B. Carlson
    Okay, okay, I know it is not a game, but                                                                   Fonts
it is a form of entertainment. Okay, I see               September DOM                                         AndrewScript, Shiver, and
you’re not buying, well, it’s an “enhanced”                                                                    Pointers (Pointers )
CD-ROM. It is really cool if you like the Irish                                                                GopherGolf ƒ
band Cranberries, I do! It is basically some       Smiley Faces DA 2.9                                         This is a game. Miniature golf. I never liked the
footage of their past and stuff. It has a clip     This lists smilies and explains what they mean.             real kind, but I can get somewhere with this.
of them doing their song Zombie at
                                                   YA-Base64                                                   ArtFiles
Woodstock ‘94. Was anybody there? It is
                                                   This is a program for decoding base 64 files                More requested art files. Zodiac for one person
the whole song, and at the end she, Dolores
                                                   when friends send them to you and you get                   and a few trees and things for a couple of other
O’Riodan, lead singer, says something about
                                                   in a complete dither and StuffIt won’t help.                folks. There is also a Hurricane tracking chart
man’s inhumanity to man and man’s inhu-                                                                        that I ran across while looking for others.
manity to child. I don’t know how but when         Sound
she starts talking it sends a weird feeling        One rather bizzarre noise from Tom Dolezal                  Folder Icon Maker 1.3 ƒ.sea –
through, don’t ask me, I dunno.                    (he posted it to HAAUG Heaven. I don’t                      Something to create a bunch of Folder
    There is a part where they are inter-          know where he got it.)                                      Icons so you’ll have a reason to use last
viewed which is cool. They have newspa-                                                                        month’s Folder Icon cleaner program.
per clippings about them. Some unreleased          Airport IDs ƒ
                                                   A little program for people who need to                     The Disk of the Month costs $3.50 if you
tracks.                                                                                                        supply the disk and $5 if HAAUG supplies
    Pros: Photos, Clippings, tracks, and just      know the Airport IDs of various places
                                                                                                               the disk. Come by the Mac PD Library desk
really cool.                                       Conversion 2.0.5 DA                                         to pick up your copy.
    Cons: Not really a game, easy to breeze        This is a really nice little desk accessory. It
through it, and kind of hard to understand         converts things I’ve never even heard of. I really          Send e-mail if you would like to order in
the English behind the Irish accents.              like this program. It’s not fancy but it is functional.     advance. Mail orders welcome! Add 75¢ for
    I really like this CD, it was cool. What I                                                                 shipping and handling per disk.
                                                   StartupFrills v3.5
may like, you may hate. That’s understand-                                                                     E-mail addresses:
                                                   An application that allows you to change
able. I played a demo of this but it was on                                                                      HAAUG Heaven: Jill Hayhurst
                                                   startup things, sounds, pictures, etc.
a CD because it was big but I don’t have the                                                                     InterNet:
disc anymore and I don’t know where you            Fkey Strip 1.0
can get one.                                       This is a ControlStrip Module which, “Pro-
    Price: Around $23                              vides a menu to the Control Strip window                    A Hurricane Tracking programs disk is free
                                                   which lists all fkeys installed and allows you              during Hurricane Season with a blank disk.
Editor’s Note. At Age 13 Christian is one of
                                                   to run them by choosing them from the list”.                Ask for Demo disk 30. (800K if you have it.)
HAAUG’s youngest contributors. Send your tips,
tricks, comments or reviews to the Gaming Guru.                       that have contests, prizes and giveaways on
<                the Web.
                                                   Gleaned from HAAUG Heaven Discussions
Web Sites                                          – Do you believe in Macintosh? Please check
                          continued from page 2    this out and join the EvangeList mailing list by
                                                   sending email to <>.
   <> – An in-                 <> - Have the up-
teresting site about angels with testaments of     to-date User Group Store’s list mailed to you
encounters.                                        periodically by joining their mailing list. Visit
   <>–Thiswill           their website for more information.
give you classical or other music all the time.    Please post your favorites to us with a bit of
Needs Real Audio Player (follow the trail and      description about them to Apple Barrel Drop or
download it free). I can, of course keep a radio As we have space
playing, but this can work as a “ponger” if you    we’ll include them. Sorry you can’t command-click
                                                   them. Also check HAAUG’s web site at <http://
want to stay on-line while you walk the dog.>
test/> – Get here and start surfing locations

                                                                                                             Apple Barrel • September 1996                  5
  Houston Area Apple Users’ Group

                                                   Apple II                                                      Apple II
                                                                                                                                        continued from page 1
                                                   New In the Library
                                                                                                                 via e-mail or by phone (904-575-0566) or mail
New Apple II files (for any Apple II Computer):           for Pointless SpilledMilk.TT - TrueType handprinted    a check/money order to: Seven Hills Soft-
UTILITIES:                                                font                                                   ware, 2310 Oxford Road, Tallahassee, FL
DOS3.3 Launch - Run DOS 3.3 programs from a               TELECOMMUNICATIONS:                                    32304.
hard drive!                                               QuarkNet - Hypercard GS Message processor
                                                                                                                 CheckWorks for AppleWorks V5
Shift - Hi Bit ASCII Character Shifter for making those   for management of InterNet Messages offline.
MS-DOS files from the InterNet readable                   MiniTalk CDA v1.7.5 - A telecommunications                Shareware Solutions II, in association
MAGAZINES:                                                program in a classic desk accessory!                   with Dan Crutcher, announces the release
GenieLamp A2, July 1996 (AppleWorks & ASCII text          PT3.Settime - ProTERM 3.1 macro: sets the GS           of CheckWorks 5, a complete and sophisti-
versions) & GenieLamp A2, August 1996 - Current           clock                                                  cated Apple II-based checking account pro-
goings on in the Apple II world with emphasis on          FS1.BXY - FlameStation 1.0 for the IIgs! (for adults
                                                          only!) This automatic “flamer”
                                                                                                                 gram that works as a TimeOut module
Genie                                                                                                            from within AppleWorks v5.x.
TAGSample - Sample of The AppleWorks                      HARDWARE:
                                                                                                                      With CheckWorks 5, users of
Gazette                                                   SSFract. - Fractal Designs for your Second Sight
                                                          (VGA interface) IIGS!                                  AppleWorks v5 will be able to write and
Scavenger Hunt USA, Scavenger Hunt USA Jr.                RF.CD300 - RamFAST SCSI2 driver for the                print checks, maintain a checkbook regis-
Edition, & Scavenger Hunt World - Geography as            Apple CD 300                                           ter, show current balances, and reconcile
a party game!                                             Gus.8.PAUG - The Planetary Apple Users Group           checking accounts without ever having to
Computer Keyboarding 5 - A great keyboarding tutor;       (PAUG) transcript of the Gus Round Table Chat.
                                                                                                                 leave the friendly, familiar and integrated
hard drive installable, networkable, and sharewarable!    GRAPHICS:                                              environment of AppleWorks Classic.
Comes in 5.25" amd 3.5" disk sizes.                       Paladin - IIgs Graphic of a Paladin Howitzer
                                                                                                                    At the current time, the complete
Fix - Upgrades delivered on the fly! An immediate fix     Castle.3200 - Color scanned photo of a castle.
for Computer Keyboarding 5 listed above!                                                                         CheckWorks package, available exclusively
Morsecode - Apple II Morse Code Practice                  GenieLamp A2, July 1996 &
                                                                                                                 from Shareware Solutions II, includes the
Int.Type - Intermediate Typing program                    GenieLamp A2, August 1996 in HyprStudio &              previously released CheckWorks 3 and
APPLEWORKS:                                               HyperCard formats                                      CheckWorks 4, as well as CheckWorks 5.
Eject.Patch - Patches .eject for AppleWorks w/            Yearbook1 - Genie Yearbook Slide Show & Music.         No matter which version of AppleWorks
SuperDrive controller cards.                              GAMES:                                                 you use, CheckWorks can help you orga-
New Apple IIgs files (for the Apple IIgs ONLY):           RB.Slowdown - Slow down the old Raster Blaster         nize and keep track of your checking ac-
TRUETYPE FONTS                                            game to a playable speed on a IIgs                     counts.
(Requires “Pointless” TrueType utility): Gravicon.TT      LastRites93 - Very cool Dr. Mario game from
                                                                                                                    The complete CheckWorks package is
- TrueType heavy weight modern display font               “Corrosive”
                                                                                                                 available from Shareware Solutions II for
Camelot.TT - Delicate serif TT Pointless font             UTILITIES:
                                                                                                                 only $20, plus $3 additional for postage to
Richard.TT - Excellent TrueType script font               Grand Unified Program Patcher (GUPP) v1.03 -
Toulouse.TT - Interesting TrueType display font           Consolidates all of the current bug fixes for Apple    anywhere in the world. Additionally, low
Castiglic.TT - Calligraphic formal TT font Riverside.TT   IIGS Operating System 6.0.1 (and some popular          cost upgrades are now available to owners
- Script handwriting font Dotsright.TT - Display font     programs?) together in one, easy to use package        of older versions of CheckWorks.
                                                                                                                    Those who use CheckWorks 3 for
                                                                                                                 AppleWorks 3 can upgrade to CheckWorks
                                                                                                                 4/5 for only $10, plus $3 additional for
                                                                                                                 postage to anywhere in the world.
                                                                                                                    Those who currently use CheckWorks 4
                                                                                                                 with AppleWorks 4 can upgrade to
                                                                                                                 CheckWorks 5, for use with AppleWorks
                                                                                                                 v5, for only $5 with no additional postage
                                                                                                                 required. CheckWorks 4 and 5 will work
                                                                                                                 with AppleWorks v4 and v5 with no addi-
                                                                                                                 tional add-ons necessary. CheckWorks 3,
                                                                                                                 for use with AppleWorks v3, does require
                                                                                                                 UltraMacros 4. UltraMacros 4 may be pur-
                                                                                                                 chased from Quality Computers.
                                                                                                                    To order CheckWorks, make a check or
                                                                                                                 money order payable to Joe Kohn, in US
                                                                                                                 Funds only, and send it to: Joe Kohn
                                                                                                                 Shareware Solutions; II 166 Alpine St; San
                                                                                                                 Rafael, CA 94901-1008; USA

    6     Apple Barrel • September 1996
                                                                                                                                          Houston Area Apple Users’ Group

                                                                                   Special Interest Groups

                                                                   Meeting Schedule for Saturday, September 21, 1996
                                                                    UH Main Campus University Center, Underground
                                                               as of 9/1/96 Check the Schedules at the meeting – see map on back

HAAUG Special Interest Groups are a great way to                11:15 PM                                                             EDUCATION (MAC) - LARRY MCLOUGHLIN – RESPON-
get the most from your computer and your mem-                                                                                        SIVE TO ALL LEVELS.
bership. SIG meetings only last about an hour. Plan to          MAIN PRESENTATION                                                    More than education, this SIG is of interest to every-
attend this month. Check at the entrance for the                Apple Computer                                                       one. Software selection for parents, teachers, and
room assignments and updates of your selections.                12:30 PM                                                             young children, everyone considering software for
Libraries 10 AM - 2 PM                                          GAMES (MAC) - ROBERT LEWIS - WHAT’S HOT!                             young children as well as educators.
                                                                We will conclude the discussion of first person shoot-               SIG NEWTON (NEWTON) - MARK JACOB -ALL LEVELS
HAAUG’s Public Domain Libraries offer a wealth of                                                                                    Demo of Newton Press v. 1.0 featuring our “Road
software resources. Bring your own diskette or purchase         ’em-up games such as “Havoc” & “Doom” and take a
                                                                first look at “Abuse” by Bungee, and the latest rewrite              HAAUG” project, demo of Newton Internet Enabler,
them at the library. A list of software is available. Your                                                                           and details of SIG Newton T-shirt contest! See ya
diskette is made to order while you attend the meetings!        of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.”
                                                                INTERNET (APPLE & MAC) RANDY HERZSTEIN                               there.
Volunteers at the Mac copy desk get free copy privileges.                                                                            TELECOMMUNICATIONS (APPLE & MAC) BRUCE BAKER
Check with Jill Hayhurst, help her, and help yourself at the    A review of FreePPP, MacTCP, demo setting up of
                                                                Open Transport, and visit various Mac resources on                   - LEVEL ADJUSTS TO GROUP NEEDS.
same time. For the Apple II Library see Mike Brouillette.                                                                            Getting started with your modem, learning new
Our Apple II Software Library is the major Apple II             Internet, e.g. Macintouch and the Mac Resource page.
                                                                MAC TV & VIDEO (MAC ) - ARI B URGESS                                 tricks and places to go. We will show the new
resource center in this part of the country!                                                                                         upgrade of Proterm Mac 1.2a as well do some local
CD-ROM LIBRARY (MAC) ANDREW SMITHWICK-KIEBACH. The              Digital Video SIG for those who can’t afford the very best. We
                                                                will show how very much can be done with equipment that              boards, internet using Lynx, and possibly HAAUG
club’s Mac CD loan-library will be available to members. A                                                                           Heaven. Receptive to questions from the audience.
valid current membership card will be required along with       is not the fastest and most expensive. Make high-quality low-
                                                                budget videos on your Mac. The next meeting of the MacTV             UTILITIES (MAC) ROBERT LEWIS - ALL LEVELS
a check for a deposit on these CDs. ($10 minimum)                                                                                    New “Now Startup Manager” - the first true
                                                                SIG will concentrate on using Adobe Premier. A step by step
9:00 AM                                                         tutorial will be given by me in an attempt to show just how          competiton for “Confict Catcher.” Also “Power
MAC 101 (MAC) - KEN MARTINEZ - LEVEL: BEGINNER                  easy and flexible Premier is. If you would like to follow along      Peak” for Power PCs showing what is running native,
This is a SIG for first time Mac users. Come in and join        with me with your computer, please bring it to the meeting.          and what may be slowing performance. Always -
us as we discuss hardware/software solutions to                 You’ll need the complete set up with an extension cord or            other items as time permits.
your problems, how-to’s with various software, &                power strip, & your copy of Adobe Premier installed on the           USELESS BUT NEAT (MAC) -ANDREW MCCLURE
bug fixes.                                                      HD and you will need to e-mail me in advance of the meeting          Fun (not functional) stuff on the Mac to liven up the
                                                                and request a set of tutorial files to install for this event.       day. Our youngest SIG leader. The world of fascinat-
10:00 AM                                                                                                                             ing novelties in freeware and shareware. This months
                                                                MAC PROGRAMMING 101 (MAC C) - PAUL ROEBUCK
A PPLEWORKS II (APPLE) - WAYNE BOCKELMAN                        Covers Basic programming on the Macintosh for begin-                 “Useless but Neat” will be on the Quickcam,
CLARIS WORKS (MAC ) - TONY TURBEVILLE                           ner/intermediate levels. Discussion based on new                     Photoshop filters, Image FPU, a freeware 3D mod-
Level: Beginner and Intermediate. Special using                 technologies and how to take advantage of them.                      eler, and a fish named Kingyo
ClarisWorks communications module - if all goes                 WHAT’S NEW IN APPLE II (APPLE) BRUCE BAKER                           3:00 PM
well. If not - Tony will be doing ClarisWorks Ques-             A review of my visit to Kansas City for Kfest in July. I will
tions & Answers; using the ClarisWorks 2.0, 2.1                                                                                      APPLESCRIPT (MAC) JONATHAN MAGNUS - ALL LEVELS
                                                                bring a few pictures. The highlights will be discussed and           Open Discussion
&3.0/ClarisWorks 4.0 Converter; and basic Spread-               any questions will be answered. Of course I will explain
sheet data entry.                                                                                                                    PAGEMAKER (MAC) SEELEY MILLER
                                                                what “Bite the Bag” is (if you want to know).                        The organizational meeting of a new SIG covering
Topics vary with group needs and interests. Make life           1:45 PM                                                              this popular and important tool of desktop publish-
on the Mac easier, more productive, and more                    ART & ILLUSTRATION (MAC) - WAYNE BOSTOW                              ing. Will start with tool boxes and control palettes.
trouble-free.                                                   This group leader can go as deep into the system as                  TENET - ACCESS TO THE NETWORK (BOTH) MIKE
QUICKEN (MAC) - CLAIR JASCHKE - ALL LEVELS                      members request.                                                     STOOPS - RESPONSIVE TO ALL LEVELS.
Come see why this is easy-to-use program is the                 DATABASE (MAC) - CHUCK HINKLE - LEVEL SET BY GROUP                   On TENET for September I’d like to make a
most popular home and small business accounting                 Chuck will lead a discussion about how to design and                 presentation on using the TENET service to enable
system going. This session will go further into online          build databases. Database problems are provided by                   students to make e-mail penpals wherever the
banking using Quicken.                                          the SIG members, so if you’re struggling with a                      Internet reaches. This would also entail a sharing of
                                                                particular project, come prepared to solve it. Pend-                 e-mail addresses and sources for keypals.
10:20 AM
                                                                ing more pressing needs of the attendees, the next                   Things to Come…
NEW M EMBER O RIENTATION                                        database SIG topic will be on dirty data: sources,
Getting the most from your membership. How                                                                                           HTML editing coming in October
                                                                identification, and scrubbing.
HAAUG works to                                                                                                 CAD/Engineering (Mac)
serve you. Meet the At about 4 PM to 5 or so we meet at the Pizza                                              Really Cool Stuff (Mac)
Mentors.              Hut across the street from the U of H. It’s                                              These subjects need group leaders. Any volunteers out there?
                      called the Pizza SIG and lasts for a couple of                                           Call David Scheuer 713-464-1228 or send e-mail to
                      hours. Come join the crowd!                                                    

                                                                                                                                  Apple Barrel • September 1996                    7
Pizza Sig
by Betty English

   The Pizza SIG is for everybody, by the way. It
has been mentioned that some people might not
be aware of that. Everybody is welcome to join
us after the meeting on Saturday for Pizza and
Beer (or sody pop, etc.). It begins as soon as the
earliest people arrive and ends… well when
Apple presented the PowerBooks we stayed
until 8 (that’s when I left. There were still a lot of
people there.)
   For talk (mostly computer, but not entirely)
food and company, come join us. 3 is about right
usually, earlier during Swap Meets. It’s nice for
unwinding a bit before the drive home.
                                                                                    Directions to the Meeting
                                                                                                              from the south                   from the southwest, west & north
  CD–Rom Library!                                                                       From Pasadena, Galveston, Clear Lake,
                                                                                   and other points South, get onto I45 north
                                                                                                                                           From most areas Southwest, West, and
                                                                                                                                      North, take the most convenient freeway to
      We have a CD–Rom library. Andrew Smithwick-Kiebach                           towards downtown Houston. Take the                 downtown Houston and get on Interstate
  is in charge of it. You may borrow a CD for a bit, by leaving                    Elgin/Cullen exit and turn left onto Elgin. Go     45 (Gulf Freeway) South. Take the Calhoun/
  a deposit of $10 and up (depending on the value of the CD).                      under a group of overpasses then bear right        UH exit and follow the road as it curves to
                                                                                   onto a ramp that leads you to Calhoun.             the right.
  It’s in the Carribbean Room with the Mac Library and the                              At the 3rd light, turn right into “UH Entrance #1.” The University Center will be ahead
  Apple II Library. Just Mac CD’s, to date. Come see!                              of you, the first building on the right. You can park free in the first parking lot on the right.

Advertising Rates                                                                                                                                                     Cul           v



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1/2 page      90      85        80       contact Peter Gingiss, Advertising        Group provides a forum for the                         Meetings are held at the
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                                                                                   exchange of ideas and information                                                          oun

1/4 page      65      60        55       Hotline (713) 895-6464 or on                                                                                                   Calh                                University Parking is
                                                                                   about Apple Computer products and                                                                               open on Saturdays. You may
1/6 page      40      35        30       HAAUG Heaven or at (713) 721-                                                                                                                    park in any Visitor, Student or Faculty
                                                                                   their associated hardware and                                        king
                                         4134 for more details.                                                                                      Par                                    space unless it is marked RESERVED
The Apple Barrel is published 12                                                   software. Meetings, newsletters,                                            Entrance # 1

times a year and is sent to all HAAUG    Also contact HAAUG for information        special interest groups, the BBS and                                        University of Houston,
                                                                                                                                         Par                   University Park Campus
members (approximately 800) and to       about member classified listings in the   other events create this forum.
                                                                                                                                      How to get to the HAAUG meeting at UofH

 Apple Barrel                                                                                                                          September 1996
 Houston Area Apple Users’Group
 P.O. Box 610150
 Houston TX 77208                                                                      :
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   Saturday, September 21
   Main Campus University Center

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