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                                                                            Schulich	Centres	of	Excellence
                        Executive program
                        IN Sales management


                        attend Canada’s most successful executive
                        development course for sales leaders.	
                        Celebrating	a	10-year	learning	partnership	with		
                        The	Canadian	Professional	Sales	Association.

                        2010 and 2011 program Dates:
                        (Convenient	5-Day	Learning	Format)

                        November	29	–	December	3,	2010
                        May	9	–	13,	2011
  ToroNTo • 5 DayS • 10 LEarNINg moDULES
                                                                                         UPCOMINg	TORONT0	PROgRAM	DATES

Executive program
                                                                                         Convenient 5-Day Format:
                                                                                         Fall	Session:	November	29	–	December	3,	2010

IN Sales management
                                                                                         Spring	Session:	May	9	–	13,	2011

                                                                            2010 and 2011 Toronto programs                Module	Dates

Drive your Sales organization to Success with
                                                                            Day 1:                                        Nov.	29,	2010
The Executive program in Sales management                                   n   Program	Kick-Off                          May	9,	2011
                                                                            n   Strategic	Framework	for	Sales	Success
Today’s	sales	managers	recognize	that	their	job	has	evolved	                n   Identifying	your	Sales	Organization’s	
well	beyond	motivating	and	managing	a	sales	force,	to building                  Current	State	and	Improvement		
strategic sales processes to achieve business objectives.	                      Opportunities

To	deliver	revenue	and	profit	growth,	your	organization	needs	
                                                                            n   Identifying	Three	Key	Drivers	of	
                                                                                Sales	Success
flawless execution at the customer level.				

                                                                            Day 2:                                        Nov.	30,	2010
Therefore,	achieving strategic business and marketing goals
                                                                            n   Critical	Thinking	&	Problem	Solving       May	10,	2011
requires focused sales and customer plans.	By	introducing	
                                                                            n   Making	a	Leadership	Difference	
a	disciplined	customer	driven	approach	of	‘understanding-                       in	Sales
creating-delivering-managing’	customer	value,	any	organization	
can	position	itself	for	competitive	success.                                Day 3:                                        Dec.	1,	2010
                                                                            n   Competitive	Market	Analysis               May	11,	2011
The Schulich Executive Education Centre, in partnership with                n   Customer	Retention	Strategies
the Canadian professional Sales association,	presents	an	
                                                                            Day 4:                                        Dec.	2,	2010
intensive	program	to	hone	your	skills	to	build	a	solid,	high-	
                                                                            n   Sales	Leadership	Behaviours               May	12,	2011
performance	sales	team	through	this	Executive program in
                                                                            n   Effective	Communication	Styles	
Sales management.
                                                                                for	Leaders

                                                                            Day 5:                                        Dec.	3,	2010
                                                                            n   Developing	Sales	Plans	at		               May	13,	2011
                                                                                Division/geographic/Segment	Level
                                                                            n   Implementing	Customer	Plans
                                                                            n   Tools	to	Enhance	Sales	Force	
                                                                            n   group	Work	to	Reinforce	Classroom	

                                                                                             Jointly	presented	by:

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program FEaTUrES

n   	 a well-rounded	
     program	that	covers	
     key	aspects	of	sales	
                                                        Unite and
n   	 A	wealth of expertise	
     delivered	by	prominent	
     sales	experts	and	
     highly	qualified		

n   	 Intimate learning	
     within	a	limited		
     class	size	lets	you	
     share	experiences	
     and	knowledge	with	
     other	sales	experts	and	

n   	 World-class	learning	
     environment	and		
     including	an		
     on-campus	fitness	

                                                                HErE arE yoUr NEXT STEpS…

                                                                    1   To register
KEy program BENEFITS:                                           	       Visit	(or	see	
                                                                        Convenient	Registration	Options	on	rear	panel).
n	 Develop	the	high-performance	leadership	
    skills	required	to	drive a high-performance
                                                                    2   To ask a Question about the program
    sales organization
                                                                        Contact	The	Schulich	Executive	Education	Centre	at	
n	 Discover	a	proven	strategic	framework	                               416.736.5079,	toll	free	1.800.667.9380,	
    that	will	help	you	meet your sales and                              or	e-mail
    performance targets, and improve customer
                                                                	       SEEC	offers	free	1-hour	online	information	sessions		
                                                                        for	select	Executive	Programs.	For	dates	and	to	RSVP		
n	 Enhance efficiency	by	adopting	leading-edge	                         visit
    Customer	Relationship	Management	strategies
                                                                    3   For Further program-related Information
n	 Custom-design a competitive intelligence
                                                                	       Visit	our	website	at:
    and benchmarking system	for	your	
    organization                                                	       •		see	what	past	participants	have	to	say	
                                                                	       •		review	the	instructors	and	their	areas	of	expertise	
n	 Leverage your emotional intelligence	to	                     	       •		see	the	list	of	participating	organizations
    sell	your	products	and	services

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    mESSagE To CaNaDIaN SaLES aND

                                                                        PROgRAM	MODULE	DESCRIPTIONS
                                                                                                      DAY	1:	MONDAY

    Successful sales organizations don’t happen by                                                    MORNINg	SESSION

    accident; they are the direct result of strategic                                                 Strategic Framework for Sales Success
    management and innovative leadership. It was                                                      KEY	COMPETENCIES	INCLUDE:
    with this belief in mind that we developed our                                                    n	 Role	of	sales	in	revenue	and	profit	impact
    Executive program in Sales management.	Today,	
                                                                                                      n	 Relationship	between	sales	and	other	functions	in	
    through	the	many	upheavals	of	industry,	this		
                                                                                                         delivering	revenue	and	profit
    singular	truth	continues	to	resonate	and	our		
    curriculum	remains	as	relevant	as	ever.
                                                                                                      n	 Critical	drivers	and	linkages	on	the	road	to	revenue	and	
                                                                                                          profit:	market	segmentation,	sales	plans,	customer	plans
    For five intensive days, you and other execu-
    tives from top sales organizations across North
                                                                                                      AFTERNOON	SESSION
    america	will	explore	the	latest	developments	in	
                                                                                                      Three Key Drivers of Sales Success
    sales	management	and	map	out	innovative	sales	and	
    marketing,	and	customer	service	strategies		                                                      KEY	COMPETENCIES	INCLUDE:

    for	your	organization.	you will examine the                                                       n	 Understanding	fundamentals	of	market	segmentation
    essentials of leadership, team-building and                                                       n	 Frameworks	and	tools	to	develop	segment	and	customer	
    sales force management	–	skills	that	are	crucial	                                                    value	propositions
    to	achieving	maximum	productivity	and	sales	force	
    stability	in	this	period	of	volatile	market	change.

    Attending	this	program	will	truly	and	profoundly		                                                DAY	2:	TUESDAY
    alter	your	perspective	of	sales	management.	But	
    most	important	of	all,	you	will emerge with the                                                   MORNINg	SESSION
    tools and knowledge you need to lead your                                                         Critical Thinking and problem Solving
    organization to success.
                                                                                                      KEY	COMPETENCIES	INCLUDE:

    We look forward to seeing you at our next session.                                                n	 Determining	root	causes	of	problems	and	generating	
                                                                                                         alternative	solutions
                                                                                                      n	 Learning	practical	techniques	of	critical	thinking
                                                                                                      n	 Applying	critical	thinking	skills	to	your	organization

                     Alan	C.	Middleton,	Ph.D.,	                                                       AFTERNOON	SESSION
                     Executive	Director,	
                                                                                                      making a Leadership Difference in Sales
                     Schulich	Executive	Education	Centre	
                                                                                                      KEY	COMPETENCIES	INCLUDE:

                                                                                                      n	 Developing	a	highly	workable	action	plan	for	a	current	
                                                                                                         business	or	sales	challenge
                                                                                                      n	 Presenting	a	compelling	leadership	story
                     Anne	Babej	
                     Chief	Operating	Officer,	                                                        n	 Integrating	learning	and	consolidating	take-aways	
                     Canadian	Professional	Sales	Association	

IN-CompaNy TraININg: Please	note	that	any	of	Executive Program in
Sales Management	modules	can	be	delivered	in-company	for	groups	of	
10	or	more.	For	more	information,	contact	SEEC	at	416.360.8850	or		

                                            Register	online	today	at
DAY	3:	WEDNESDAY                                                          DAY	5:	FRIDAY

MORNINg	SESSION                                                           MORNINg	SESSION

Competitive market analysis                                               Tools to Enhance Sales Force performance
KEY	COMPETENCIES	INCLUDE:                                                 KEY	COMPETENCIES	INCLUDE:

n	 Designing	and	implementing	a	competitive	intelligence	                 n	 Developing	sales	plans	at	Division/geographic/Segment	
   system                                                                    level
n	 The	types	of	competitive	intelligence	available                        n	 Developing	and	implementing	customer	plans
n	 Assessing	market	information
                                                                          AFTERNOON	SESSION

AFTERNOON	SESSION                                                         group Work and presentations
Customer retention Strategies                                             KEY	COMPETENCIES	INCLUDE:

KEY	COMPETENCIES	INCLUDE:                                                 n	 Segmenting	a	market
n	 Appreciate	the	key	drivers	of	customer	loyalty                         n	 Developing	segment	level	value	propositions
n	 Learn	how	to	develop	an	effective	customer	value	                      n	 Identifying	attractive	customers
                                                                          n	 Developing	a	customer	plan
n	 Recognize	the	considerations	for	implementing	this	
   in	your	organization
                                                                          Seminar Wrap Up
                                                                          n	 What	do	I	need	to	do	to	accelerate	my	sales	force’s	
DAY	4:	THURSDAY                                                              performance	based	on	classroom	learning?


Sales Leadership Behaviours

n	 Understand	today’s	intergenerational	workforce	and	develop	
   a	culture	that	will	attract	and	retain	the	best
n	 Recognize	your	Rep’s	competencies	and	adapt	your	
   coaching	style	appropriately	for	maximum	results
                                                                          WHo SHoULD aTTEND?
n	 Provide	an	environment	that	truly	motivates	top	performers

                                                                          •	 Experienced	sales	executives,	directors	and	vice	
AFTERNOON	SESSION                                                            presidents,	as	well	as	sales	managers	on	the	regional,	
Effective Communication Styles for Leaders                                   national	and	international	levels

KEY	COMPETENCIES	INCLUDE:                                                 •	 Front-line	sales	managers	with	at	least	two	years	of	
                                                                             management	experience
n	 How	employee	and	customer	communication	styles	impact	
   effectiveness	and	performance                                          •	 Non-sales	general	managers	and	business	owners	who	
                                                                             are	responsible	for	sales	force	performance	and	policies
n	 Recognizing	your	own	style
n	 How	to	communicate	for	success

                            Lead	your	market	with	advanced	sales	and	customer	retention	strategies
                            Strengthen	your	team-building	and	management	skills
                            Drive	your	sales	team	to	success	with	The Executive Program in Sales Management

                                       Register	online	today	at

                                                                                                Executive program
                                                                                                IN Sales management
ONLINE                                                                  WorLD CLaSS TEaCHINg FaCULTy
You	may	also	download and print a registration Form	from,	complete	and	fax	to	The	Schulich	                               Brian Beiles
Executive	Education	Centre	at	416.736.5689                                                       President,	Brian	Beiles	and	Associates
Mail	your	downloaded	Registration	Form	to	The	Schulich	Executive	                                As	a	consultant	and	trainer	with	more	than	25	years	of	experience,	
Education	Centre,	The	Executive	Learning	Centre,	Schulich	School	of	                             Brian	Beiles	designs	and	delivers	workshops	on	managing	strategic	
Business,	York	University,	4700	Keele	Street,	Toronto,	Ontario,	M3J	1P3                          change,	building	customer	satisfaction	and	loyalty,	developing	
PHONE	                                                                                           an	optimal	culture	and	creating	structures	that	drive	strategy	and	
Telephone	416.736.5079	(1.800.667.9380	toll	free)                                                performance.	

PROgRAM	DATES                                                                                    patricia Bradshaw, ph.D
November	29	–	December	3,	2010	                                                                  Associate	Professor	of	Organizational	Behaviour,		
May	9	–	May	13,	2011                                                                             Schulich	School	of	Business
The	Executive	Program	in	Sales	Management	commences	at	9:00	a.m.	
and	ends	at	5:00	p.m.	on	each	program	date.	Seating	for	each	program	                            Dr.	Patricia	Bradshaw	is	currently	Director	of	the	core	MBA	course	
is	limited,	please	register	early.                                                               “Skills	for	Leadership	and	governance”.	She	teaches	Organization	
                                                                                                 Behaviour	and	Industrial	Relations	in	areas	such	as	Women	and	
PROgRAM	LOCATION                                                                                 Men	in	Organizations,	Introductory	Macro	Organizational	Behaviour,	
Executive	Learning	Centre,	Schulich	School	of	Business                                           Quality	of	Organizational	Life,	Introductory	Micro	Organizational	
York	University,	4700	Keele	Street,	Toronto,	Ontario	M3J	1P3                                     Behaviour,	Management	Skills,	Interpersonal	Conflict,	Politics	and	
Tel:	416.736.5079,	Toll	Free:	1.800.667.9380,	Fax:	416.736.5689                                  Power	in	Organizations.
                                                                                                 David gibson, mBa, CmC
you will receive a handsomely framed Certificate of Completion
                                                                                                 Managing	and	Founding	Partner,	gibson	Kennedy	&	Company
from SEEC. Participants	must	attend	all	days	of	the	program	in	order	
to	receive	the	certificate.                                                                      An	expert	in	business	intelligence	and	competitive	research,	David	
                                                                                                 has	managed	competitive	analysis	engagements	for	clients	around	
PROgRAM	FEE                                                                                      the	world	over	the	last	18	years.	He	is	the	founder	of	The	Toronto	
•	 CPSA	members:	$4,095	+	applicable	taxes                                                       Chapter	of	the	Society	of	Competitive	Intelligence	Professionals	and	
	 Non-members:	$4,595	+	applicable	taxes                                                         a	SCIP	Fellow.
•	 Program	fee	includes	full	program	tuition,	teaching	materials,	
   refreshments	and	luncheons.                                                                   Joseph Sherren, CSp, HoF
•	 Schulich	Executive	Education	Centre’s	liability	is	limited	to		                               President,	Ethos	Enterprises
   reimbursement	of	paid	tuition	fee.
•	 For	multiple	registration	discounts	from	one	organization,	please	                            Joe	Sherren	is	a	speaker,	trainer,	executive	coach	and	national	
   contact	the	Manager,	Open	Enrollment	at	416.736.5079.                                         bestselling	author	who	has	been	motivating	and	building	skills	with	
                                                                                                 leaders	and	managers	for	over	25	years.	Joe	works	with	leading	
PRE-COURSE	READINg	MATERIAL                                                                      organizations	from	around	the	world	to	maximize	performance	in		
You	will	receive	reading	material	and	a	daily	timetable	in	advance                               the	areas	of	leadership,	customer	loyalty,	team	development,		
of	the	program’s	start	date.                                                                     communication	skills,	ethics	and	strategic	planning.
                                                                                                 ajay Sirsi, ph.D
IMPORTANT:	A	deposit	of	$800	is	required	to	secure	your	place	in
                                                                                                 Associate	Professor	of	Marketing,	Schulich	School	of	Business
the	program.	Please	include	your	credit	card	information	on	faxed
or	online	registrations,	or	mail	a	cheque	along	with	your	completed                              One	of	Canada’s	most	experienced	strategic	marketing	researchers,	
program	registration.                                                                            Ajay	consults	and	teaches	globally	in	the	field	of	business-to-
•	 If	you	are	unable	to	attend	the	program,	you	may	transfer	to		                                business	marketing	and	sales,	strategic	pricing	and	branding.	His	
   the	next	session	or	your	organization	may	name	a	replacement	                                 research	is	regularly	cited	in	professional	publications,	and	he	is	
   candidate.	Non-attendance	or	withdrawal	after	program	start	date	                             the	author	of	three	books,	including	–	Marketing: A Roadmap to
   will	incur	a	full	program	fee.                                                                Success	and	Marketing Led Sales Driven: How Successful Businesses
•	 A	full	refund	will	be	issued	for	written	cancellations	received		                             Use The Power of Marketing Plans and Sales Execution to Win in the
   a	minimum	of	21	days	before	the	program	start	date.	Written	                                  Marketplace.
   cancellations	received	after	this	date	will	incur	an	administration	
   charge	of	$800.

ACCOMMODATIONS                                                                                        To	rEgISTEr	for	an	upcoming	session,	see	our	
For	world-class	accommodations	at	the	Schulich	Executive                                              CoNVENIENT rEgISTraTIoN opTIoNS at	left.
Learning	Centre	Residence,	contact	416.650.8300	or	visit                                                                          For	FUrTHEr program-rELaTED INFormaTIoN,	
                                                                                                             see	yoUr NEXT STEpS	inside.
Modules,	speakers,	topics,	dates,	fees,	locations	and	applicable	taxes	are	subject	to	change.
                                                                       PARTICIPATINg	ORgANIZATIONS	(Partial	List)

                                                                       When	you	sign	up	for	the	Schulich	Executive	Program	in	Sales	
   WHaT paST parTICIpaNTS Say…                                         Management,	you’ll	be	joining	a	distinguished	group	that	
                                                                       includes	some	of	the	world’s	most	successful	companies.	Here	
                                                                       is	a	sample	of	the	many	organizations	that	have	benefitted	
                                                                       from	our	unique	program.
“Totally	relevant	and	inspirational	as	well	as	hugely	enjoyable.	It	
cannot	fail	to	have	an	impact	on	how	I	manage	my	business	going	
                                                                       3M	Canada                       Irving	Oil
                                                                       ABB	Inc.                        Irwin	Industrial
robert richmond                                                        Abbott	Laboratories             Jan	K.	Overweel
Vp/general manager, Compair Canada Inc.                                AgFA	Inc.                       John	Brooks	Co.
                                                                       Alberta	Distillers              Johnson	&	Johnson
                                                                       Alcan	Cable                     Liebherr-Canada	Ltd.
“Would	highly	recommend	this	course.	I	am	taking	away	a	tremen-        Allied	Van	Lines                Livingston	International
dous	amount	of	information	and	knowledge.”                             Allstate	Insurance              Lucent	Technologies
                                                                       Astra	Pharma                    Manulife	Financial
Kenna Withers                                                          AT	Plastics	Inc.                Maple	Leaf	Mills
Business Development, Dynapro Equipment Ltd.                           Atlantic	Packaging              Medis	Health	&	Pharmaceutical
                                                                       Atlas	Alloys                    Molson	Canada
                                                                       Avenor	Inc.                     Moore	Products
“Relevant	course	material,	knowledgeable	expert	instruction.	Lots	     BAASS	Business	Solutions	Inc.   Motorola	Cellular
of	food	for	thought	which	can	be	translated	into	actionable	steps.”    BCE                             National	Life
Sandra Sternthal                                                       Bell	Canada                     NEC	Canada
                                                                       Bell	ExpressVu                  NorFalco
Director, retail advertising Sales, St. Joseph media
                                                                       Boulevard	Office	Products       Ontario	Distillers
                                                                       BPI	Mutual	Funds                Panasonic	Canada
                                                                       Canadian	Freightways            Paragon	Trade	Brands
“The	Executive	Program	in	Sales	Management	absolutely	exceeded	
                                                                       Canarm	Ltd.                     Philips	Medical
my	expectations.	A	very	knowledgeable	group	of	instructors	made	
                                                                       Carlton	Cards                   Pitney	Bowes
the	course	informative	and	enjoyable.”
                                                                       CARQUEST	Canada	Ltd.            Platform	Computing
Jim Hennessey                                                          CCgVeritas                      Premdor
National Sales Training manager, Neopost Canada                        CN	Railway                      Ralston	Purina
                                                                       Coca-Cola	Bottling	Ltd.         Ranpro	Inc.
                                                                       Communicorp	Multimedia          Royal	Bank	of	Canada
“Very	applicable	to	everyday	sales	and	sales	management	situa-         Consumers	gas                   Royal	Doulton
tions.”                                                                Consumers	glass                 Samuel	Automotive
                                                                       Corning	Costar	Corp.            Sanford	Canada
David Wootten
                                                                       Dare	Foods                      Scotiabank
ontario general Sales manager, Levitt-Safety Ltd.                      Day	&	Ross                      Shaw	Cable
                                                                       Distican                        Shell
                                                                       DuPont	Canada                   Shred-Tech
“This	course	gave	me	the	opportunity	to	understand	how	business	       ED	Smith	&	Sons                 Sleeman	Breweries
is	run	from	multiple	perspectives	and	how	coaching	styles	play	a	      Eddy	Forest	Products            Sony	of	Canada
role	in	the	growth	of	an	organization.	The	feedback	provided	by	       Etcan	International             Sprint	Canada
other	participants	also	gave	me	a	better	understanding	of	how	         First	Choice	Canada             Standard	Paper	Box
other	departments	better	think,	operate	and	the	obstacles	they	        Fisher	Scientific               Toronto	Hydro	Energy
face.”                                                                 Fonorola	Merisel	Canada         TTI	Canada	Inc.
                                                                       Fujitsu	Canada                  U.S.	Robotics
Shawn Ellis
                                                                       globe	&	Mail                    Unisource
Senior account Executive, Sports Display Co.
                                                                       gN	ReSound	Canada               Unisys	Canada
                                                                       Harper	Detroit	Diesel	Ltd.      United	TV
                                                                       High	Liner	Foods                UPS
“An	invaluable	experience	providing	grounded	and	practical	
                                                                       Hostess	Frito-Lay               Vita	Health	Products	Inc.
business	solutions	facilitated	by	experts	within	their	respective	
                                                                       Hubbel	Canada                   Westech	Industrial
                                                                       Ingersoll-Rand                  Wire	Rope	Industries
James Vanderveken                                                      Inglis	Ltd.                     Yanke	group	of	Companies
Director, Corporate and Community Training                             International	Teledata	group
mohawk College of applied arts and Technology

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