; Tuesday 18th October 2005
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Tuesday 18th October 2005


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									                       Minutes of ERoSH Marketing Group
                            Wednesday 1 August 2007
                                  Cardiff Bay

Present:     Derek Wells (DW)            WFHA (board member)
             Fiona Thomas (FT)           Fiona Thomas Communications
             Wayne Emery (WE)            United Welsh Housing Association

Apologies:   None

       DW and FT welcomed WE to the Group for the first time and stated that
       they looked forward to working with him.

       DW passed on Meic’s request to reduce the 2007 budget by £5000. It           DW to
       was agreed that this saving would be found in reducing the website and      contact
       newsletter budgets.                                                           Meic

       It was agreed that while the allocated sums were reasonable, the
       structure of the proposed 2008 budget would need to be altered to fit
       more appropriately with the Group’s activities.                              DW TO
       It was noted and agreed that the post of ERoSH communications                 revise
       consultant would be tendered in time for 2008 (as per EC 28/06/07            budget
       action point) and that the current daily rate would need to rise.           structure

       Discussion about the 2008 budget led into discussing ideas for 2008
       activities. See point 8.

       The various action points allocated to the Marketing Group were noted.

       At this juncture, WE raised the point of closer collaboration between the   ACTION
       Marketing group and C&D following his attendance at the C&D meeting           ALL
       the day before. It was agreed that this was a good idea and necessary
       given the production of a DVD that would require Marketing’s support.
       In addition, whilst ERoSH supports a number of external initiatives that
       protect vulnerable older people, it was agreed that it was essential not
       to dilute the positive message of ERoSH.
       Marketing to wait for next meeting date of C&D Group.

4.0    WEBSITE
       FT highlighted that ERoSH’s new website had launched with its new
       branding to tie in with the launch of the ‘I lead a sheltered life’
       campaign. She pointed out that navigation was easier and that
       documents and information were more easily reached.

       The new site included the web page http://www.leadashelteredlife.co.uk
       which respondents to the advertising campaign were directed to, and
       which contained a listing of ERoSH members and the information guide.

       All in all, it was agreed that the new site was an improvement.

       Membership structure and benefits
      DW referred to his existing paper about extending ERoSH membership
      to tenants and creating a scheme called Friends of ERoSH (FOE). It was      ACTION
      agreed that this idea should be explored further. DW to re-visit his          DW
      paper and expand on the detail. WE and FT to feed back comments in
      time for September’s EC meeting.

      Attracting new members
      Targeting new groups, such as LSVTs and ALMOs in order to widen             ACTION
      ERoSH’s membership further was also discussed. It was agreed that            FT to
      ERoSH’s regional networks had a crucial part to play in this area, using   contact Jo
      their own networks to attract new members.                                 McTavish
      FT pointed out that ERoSH had a number of LSVT members such as
      Richmond Housing Partnership and that their experience could be used
      as a case study to attract other LSVTs.
      It was also noted that the evaluation of the 2007 campaign would be
      used in marketing material to attract new members generally.
      However, it was agreed that it was necessary to be certain of what it
      was we are all trying to sell ie. ERoSH’s aims. It was agreed that this
      needed further clarification and that this could be dealt with at the
      planned away day.

      Newsletter / eZine
      FT reported that a new look eZine had been launched to coincide with
      the rebranding of the website and was working well, despite a few
      preliminary teething problems.
      Discussion of the 2007 budget had highlighted the need for only two           FT to
      more newsletters in 2007 (not three). FT stated that she would prepare      prepare
      the production schedule for the autumn edition and that this would be a    production
      shorter edition than usual, given budgetary constraints.                    schedule

      This item is postponed until the autumn following the September’s EC

7.0   2007 CAMPAIGN
      The Group was joined by Alex Love and Lyndsey Jenkins of Freshwater
      PR (FW) for this agenda item. FW presented the press cuttings of the
      campaign to date. These are:
          1. 24dash.com
          2. Daily Telegraph
          3. Eastern Daily Press
          4. Manchester Evening News
          5. Newcastle Journal
          6. Northumberland Chronicle
          7. PR Week
          8. Western Daily Press
          9. Whitehaven News
          10. www.maturetimes.co.uk
          11. www.sinnfein.ie

      FW pointed out the strong regional, as opposed to national coverage
      that the campaign had received to date. It was agreed that this was
      more in tune with the aims of the campaign, taking the message closer
      to those ERoSH was targeting.

      Advertisements had appeared in the following publications and had
      generated over 100 calls to the campaign response line:
         1. Mature Times, 1 July 2007
         2. Yours magazine, 17 July 2007
         3. People’s Friend, 28 July 2007

      FW also presented the report from Radio Relations, the company
      through which ERoSH held its radio day on 12 July 2007, with Michele
      Hollywood and Patrick Casserly. The day of interviews (live and
      recorded) generated coverage on:
          1. BBC Radio London
          2. Cool FM, Northern Ireland
          3. Downtown Radio, Northern Ireland
          4. KM-fm West Kent
          5. BBC Stoke
          6. Chiltern FM 97.6
          7. KM-fm for Canterbury
          8. Chiltern 96.9 FM (Bedord)
          9. KM-fm for Bedway
          10. KM-fm for Thanet
          11. Horizon FM 103, Milton Keynes
          12. Life, Brent
          13. BBC Wiltshire
          14. KM-fm for Folkestone & Dover
          15. Classic Gold 828 (Luton/Dunstable)
          16. Island FM 104.7, Guernsey
          17. Delta FM, East Hampshire
          18. Classic Gold 792 (Bedford)
          19. CTR, Maidstone
          20. Bath FM, Bath & NE Somerset
          21. Radio Verulam, St Albans

      The coverage had reached 2,393,000 million people with an advertising
      equivalent value of £7,162 (against an original investment of £3000).
      The resulting PR value was reported at £21,487, a 7:1 return. (Note: PR
      value has more value because it is seen as ‘not paid for’ and therefore
      more credible.)

      Finally, FW pointed out that it had only five budgeted days left for the
      remainder for August and September and that they had over serviced
      the campaign. It was agreed therefore that the remaining time would be
      spent focusing on press contacts already made to sell in the remaining
      stories generated from the 72 Point consumer survey.

8.0   2008 ACTIVITY
      It was agreed that the DVD currently being planned by Imogen Parry            ACTION
      would provide the focus of phase 2 of the ‘I lead a sheltered life’         All to take
      campaign. It was noted that the original campaign had included                forward
      targeting professionals which the subsequent budget did not allow for.      recommen
      Therefore, this presented a unique opportunity to take this aim forward.    dation and
      It was agreed, however, that the DVD should be as specific as possible        ideas to
      in its target audiences for fear of the messages being too general and       next C&D
      therefore ‘lost’. It was agreed that the closer collaboration between the     meeting
      Marketing and C&D Groups would lead to fruitful discussions about how
      to market the DVD effectively for 2008.

      FT had been contacted by the organisers of The Retirement Show 2007,
      targeted at people who have or are due to retire. Given the 2007 focus
      on the consumer, it was agreed that ERoSH should incorporate into its
      activities an event such as this that targeted the consumer directly.
      FT had also been contacted by charity, IndependentAge which provides        FT to note
      financial support to older people including a number of sheltered housing    for 2008
      tenants. IndependentAge has made its bank of case studies available to

       ERoSH for the future.
       CSHS                                                                            FT to
       FT had been contacted by CSHS about training opportunities in Wales          respond to
       and potential areas for joint working such as membership and                    CSHS
       conference opportunities. The following was agreed:
           • Training in Wales: WE agreed to think of suitable topics.                WE to
           • Membership opportunities: After much discussion, it was                 respond
             generally felt that given the anticipated drop in ERoSH’s income           with
             for 2008, any reciprocal membership deals would result in a             training
             further loss of income for the charity. It was agreed therefore not       ideas
             to investigate this proposal further.
           • Conference opportunities: Given the emerging focus for 2008 of
             targeting health and social care professionals, as well as retaining
             an element of the consumer in the plans, it was agreed that this
             would not fit in with 2008 priorities. It was also agreed that the
             2008 budget could not accommodate this proposal.


       To be confirmed following confirmation of next C&D meeting.


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