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                                                                                    Winter 2010
This Issue:
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Events Raise Funds
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Events Raise Funds
AND Awareness...p5
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AND Awareness...p5

Good Dog
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Good Dog
Academy Offers
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Academy Offers
Dogs More Options...p7
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Dogs More Options...p7

And More!
And More!

                                   Home for
What’s                             the Holidays!
Happening:                         Swiss finally finds forever home...p3
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                                   Swiss finally finds a forever home...p3
Vaccine Clinics:
      n      c
Vaccine Clinics:
 March 6
 May 1
Heartworm Clinics:
 e r     r       c
Heartworm Clinics:       Camp Love-A-Pet:
                         Camp Love-A-Pet:
 April 8
 April                    Sessions starting June 14th
                                n     r n     n
                          Sessions starting June 14th
 April 24
 April 24                                                                    photo credit K. Freseman
    Board of Directors                              From the President
Robert V. Pinson
Darwin Simpson
                   Past Chair
                                                                    Sandy Christiansen
Brooks Crenshaw Treasurer                                                                          Hillcrest Shopping Plaza and at the PetSmart
Susan Britt        Secretary                                                                       on East Blackstock (see page 4).
Joe Brunson Ruth Knight
John Chapman Francie Little                                                                        But, we can’t slow down even for a minute.
                                                                                                   Cats especially need our help. While the SHS
Ann Dennis     Keenan Mullen
                                                                                                   is seeing fewer puppies in need, the number
Kimberly Fly Harry Schoen, III                                                                     of incoming kittens went up. Sadly, cats and
Jim Grier      John Tatham                                                                         kittens are far less likely to be adopted. We
Pam Howard                                                                                         are determined to reverse these trends for
    Management Staff
                                                                                                   We have big plans to help cats in the coming
        Sandy Christiansen                                                                         year. The SHS has designated 2010 “The Year
         President & CEO                                                                           of the Cat” ― Spartanburg Style!
              Lisa Cook
    Vice President of Operations                                                                   Starting in February, we will be having
                                                                                                   special feline focused events throughout the
         Natalie DiGiacomo
                                       D. Bellows

                                                                                                   year. Whether it be through spay and neuter
          Vice President of                                                                        specials, adoption promotions, or community
       Community Programs                                                                          outreach efforts ― we are planning to make
         Dr. Melissa Elledge                                                                       a difference for cats in our community.
          Vice President of                     Once again it is time to wish all of you a Happy
         Veterinary Services                    New Year and best wishes for a wonderful           Keep your eyes and ears peeled and keep
                                                2010. It is also time to reflect upon the year     checking our website for the upcoming
   Kaye Cox          Ingrid Norris              that has passed and plan for the year to           campaign. You will also be able to read
    Finance             Humane                  come.                                              more about “The Year of the Cat” in the next
 Amy Freeman           Education                                                                   publication of The Scoop.
                    Kelly Stockwell             With all of the economic uncertainty, 2009
                   Shelter Manager              was a challenging year. But because of             Don’t worry dog lovers, we won’t leave you
Katie Freseman                                  wonderful supporters like you, the SHS has
Communications                                                                                     behind. Two bigger and better heartworm
                   Wayne Blackburn              weathered the storm so far. We tightened           testing clinics are already in the works and
  Erin James        & Natalie Ivey              our belt even more (93% of every dollar goes       much, much, more.
 Behavior and      Assistant Shelter            directly to programs) and still managed to
    Training          Managers                  expand services on behalf of pets.         The SHS team intends to meet the New Year
                                                                                           boldly. We will need you with us every step
    Hours of Operation                          As anticipated, the overall numbers of of the way. I know we can count on you as
                                                incoming animals went up. More than you can count on us.
    Shelter Adoption Hours                      18,500 animals needed the help of the
Monday - Friday 11 am - 6 pm                    Spartanburg Humane Society last year. A Thank you again for your support in 2009 and
Saturday - Sunday 11 am - 5 pm                  closer look however tells us that our work your continued support this year. Without
                                                on some fronts is paying off. The number you, we could not have the impact we do.
 Receiving and Lost and Found                   of unwanted puppies was down for the
 Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm                    seventh straight year, which tells us that Have a wonderful year!
    Saturday 8 am - 5 pm                        our aggressive spay and neuter efforts are
        Visit Adoptable                         making a real difference.
      SHS Cats & Kittens!
                                                More good news ― 2009 adoptions were up
     PetSmart Adoption Hours                    16%. We believe that pet lovers understand
    Monday - Saturday 9 am - 9 pm               the value of giving a second chance to the
       Sunday 10 am - 6 pm                      many wonderful dogs, cats, horses, rabbits,
    PETCO Adoption Hours                        and more who just need a place to hang their
 Monday - Saturday 9 am - 9 pm                  collar, harness, or halter. We also added two
                                                adoption venues for cats, at the PETCO in the
     Sunday 10 am - 7 pm

              Swiss Finds A Forever Home At Last!                                                                  The Road
                                                           Many months later, a man found a dog                     Home
                                                           near his home with a rabies tag from the
                                                           SHS. Sure enough, it traced back to Swiss.
                                                           It was hard to believe, but because he was
                                                           also microchippped, the identification was
                                                           confirmed. Swiss was back!

                                                           Sadly, since being lost, Swiss developed a
                                                           condition known as “cherry eye” in both
                                                           of his eyes. Corrective surgery would be

                                                                                                                                                   E. James
                                                           While Swiss’ original owners were happy
                                                           to see him, they could not afford to pay
                                                           for the necessary surgery. They were also
                                                           concerned that the condition might reoccur,
                                                           a possibility with cherry eye. The family         When Swiss first arrived at the SHS
                                                                                                             at just four months old, he suffered
K. Freseman

                                                           returned Swiss into the care of the SHS.
                                                                                                             from severe puncture wounds
                                                           Thankfully, the Guardian Angel Fund made          caused by a serious dog attack.
                                                           it possible for SHS Veterinarian Dr. Melissa
                                                           Elledge to perform the necessary surgery on
              Swiss and his new mom, Jackie, pose for a    Swiss’ eyes. After another two months of
               picture by the SHS Christmas tree before    healing and recuperation in a foster home,
                            heading home.                  Swiss was finally ready to look for a forever
         From the moment he arrived at our door
         in the spring of 2008, we knew Swiss was          Weeks passed and no one came forward
         special. What we didn’t know was just how         to adopt Swiss. He was still his loving,
         extraordinary this boxer mix was, and just        charismatic, old self; but his exuberance and
         how much he would need us.                        energy kept many from adopting.

                                                                                                                                                   L. Cook
         At just four months old, Swiss was a stray         Finally, in November, Swiss’ video on the
         puppy in desperate need of medical attention.      SHS’s website got a hit. A couple with a boxer
         He came to us after being mangled by a much        just like Swiss was looking for a companion      When Swiss next found the SHS,
         bigger dog. His neck and shoulder were lined       for their dog, Chloe. They brought Chloe to      we were able to correct his double
         with dozens of puncture wounds.                    meet Swiss and the duo had a blast playing       “cherry eye,” with the help of the
                                                            together. Chloe and Swiss got along so well,     Guardian Angel Fund.
         Despite being in what must have been a adoption was the only possible outcome.
         phenomenal amount of pain, Swiss was
         grateful for any human interaction he On December fourth, SHS staff and
         received. He wagged his tail and gave plenty volunteers said a tearful goodbye to a dog
         of kisses to his new friends as they cleaned they had loved from puppy hood. Although
         and tended to his many wounds.                     farewells are always hard, we are all
                                                            overjoyed that Swiss is happy and healthy in
         Swiss required weeks of daily care and medical his new home!
         attention to bring him to a full recovery. He
                                                                                                                                                   N. DiGiacomo

         was the perfect patient, grateful for every           The SHS is always in need of Guardian
         kindness. After nearly a month, Swiss was Angels to provide a helping hand to animals,
         adopted and went home with his new family, like Swiss, with special medical needs. Through
         to the delight of all his fans at the SHS. But his gifts ranging from $2.00 to $1500 (yes, every
         story doesn’t end there.                            dollar makes a difference), Guardian Angels
                                                           have helped the SHS cover the cost of treatment   After a long recuperation in loving
         On Christmas Eve of 2008, Swiss was stolen        for heartworm disease, injuries, illnesses, and
         from his new family’s home.          Despite                                                        foster care, Swiss was finally well
                                                           long-term neglect – removing these conditions     enough to find his own forever
         desperately searching for many weeks, his new     as barriers for pets to find a good home.
         owners were unable to find him anywhere.                                                            home.

              For more information on becoming a Guardian Angel to animals in need of extra medical
                             attention, visit us online or call 864.583.4805, ext. 107.                                                       3
          Memorials                                                             Volunteer Spotlight
          & Honors                                                                              Connie & Eddy Lord
            8/1/2009 - 12/31/2009
HonorS                        Camile Eastin
Ashley & Tinka                   Kim Toler                                                                                    Despite living over 45 minutes away in North
   Buddy, Cherrie, &          Emory Eastin                                                                                    Carolina, the couple volunteers often, spending
     Scruffy Few                 Kim Toler
Chad & Beck                   Mr. & Mrs. Dave Edwards                                                                         several hours a week at the shelter and helping
   Buddy, Cherrie, &             Mike & Eileen Spears                                                                         out with special events and projects. No
     Scruffy Few              Phillip & Jennifer Esce
Dennis, Connie & Scruffy         Jane Flandry                                                                                 volunteer job is too big or too small for Connie
   Buddy, Cherrie, &          Sarah Farley                                                                                    and Eddy.
     Scruffy Few                 Edwin Farley
Donna & Lynda                 Minta Floyd
   Mary L. Fellers               Jean Hayes                                                                                   The couple even volunteers at home, as foster
Jeremy                        Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Foster                                                                       parents for SHS critters. In fact, Connie and Eddy
   Buddy, Cherrie, &             Beverly & John Renfro
     Scruffy Few              Dr. & Mrs. Ron Fowler                                                                           fostered cover dog, Swiss, as he recuperated
Lewis, Jessica & Zoo             Ron & Judy Marshall                                                                          from surgery.
                                                               J. Walker

   Buddy, Cherrie, &          Dr. & Mrs. Gordon France, Jr.
     Scruffy Few                 Mike & Eileen Spears
Pine Street Animal Hospital   Amy Freeman                                                                                     Connie’s and Eddy’s enthusiasm and dedication
   Patsy Hammett                 Marly Divver                                                                                 quickly distinguished them as Volunteer
Dr. Adcock, Dr. Gorney and    Katie & Adam Freseman
  the Staff at Pine Street       David & Debra Freseman                        Connie and Eddy Lord recently helped the SHS   Mentors, and now they share their talents and
  Animal Hospital             Denia Frohner                                                                                   experience by helping to welcome and train
   Harold & Jo Sosbee            Ruth Roper                                     by posing as Santa and Mrs. Claus at PETCO!
SAC 5:30 Group Step           Ted & Nancy Gage                                                                                new volunteers. This special couple sets the
   Larry Rogers                  Lucy Daley                                                                                   perfect example, inspiring others with their
SHS Staff                     Betty Jo & Bob Godfrey                     Connie and Eddy Lord began volunteering
   Kim Curry                     Robert Simmons                                                                               compassion, friendliness, and commitment to
                                                                         with the Spartanburg Humane Society in the
Smith Animal Hospital         Debbie Greene                                                                                   helping animals. SHS staff and fellow volunteers
   Robin New                     Jessica Hatchell                        fall of 2008. From the beginning, we knew we
                                                                                                                              are just as eager to see Connie and Eddy as are
Sandra Adorno                 Katy Meade Groke                           could count on this special couple who shares
   Ruby McIntyre                 Mr. & Mrs. Norman                                                                            the animals they come to help.
Surgical Services Staff            Chapman                               a deep respect for animals.
  Members at Upstate          J.M. Gutherie
  Carolina Medical Center        Anonymous                                                                                    Thank you, Connie and Eddy.
   Dr. Beth Levine            Jim & Lynn Haller

                                                                                New Opportunities for Cats!
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Bagnal       Eunice Knouse
   Mike & Eileen Spears       Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Halligan
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Barber        Mike & Eileen Spears

                                                                                                     At PetSmart
   Mike & Eileen Spears       Dr. & Mrs. Charles B. Hanna
Gay Barefield                    Mike & Eileen Spears
   Marie Swofford             Sally Hardy
Anna Blestel                     Lynda Truluck
   Marly Divver               Henry & Anne Hargrove
Peggy Bonner                     Debra Hargrove                                                                               Adopters can meet cats seven days a week.
   Candace Soddu              R. Stephen Harley, M.D.
Ms. J.D. Bradshaw                Verna Puntigan                                                                               Not only are cats available at the SHS and
   Mike & Eileen Spears       Ms. Conni Harrell & Mr.                                                                         PETCO, but now at PetSmart, as well!
Robin & Mike Burgess            Ted Mueller
   April Dickard                 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth
Charlie Burrell                    Norton                                                                                     PetSmart and the SHS have partnered to offer
   Ruth & Phil Sanborn        John & Sandy Hartnett                                                                           cats a second chance to find a happy home.
Miles Burrell                    Allison Collins
   Ruth & Phil Sanborn        Fred Haynes, IV                                                                                 In the past, SHS staff brought over dogs and
W.K. Carroll                     Janis Haynes                                                                                 cats five days a week for several hours a day
   Ruth & Phil Sanborn        Mr. & Mrs. William Henry                                                                        to meet with potential adopters. Now, kittens
Ben Carson                       Gwen T. Howell
   Beth Carson                Dr. & Mrs. Mark Hicklin                                                                         and cats will be able to reside at our local
Westside Veterinary Clinic       Mike & Eileen Spears                                                                         PetSmart seven days a week while they wait
                                                                N. DiGiacomo

   Roberta Gaile Crow         The Higgins
Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Cook          Steve & Lee Anne Williams                                                                    to find their very own forever homes.
   Mike & Eileen Spears       Sandy Huggins
Mr. & Mrs. John Carroll Cox      Atha & Dave McBride                                                                          Our wonderful volunteers have once again
   Mike & Eileen Spears       Russell & Anna Hodge
Tammy Cox                        William Jones                                                                                stepped up to the plate to help SHS staff ensure
   Karen Martin               Phyllis Holder                                                                                  each cat at PetSmart is clean, comfortable,
Nancy R. Crowley                 Steven Collie                                                                                and well-stocked with food and toys. Now, we
   Mike & Eileen Spears       Mr. Gedney Howe, III                                 The ‘luv a pet’ center at PetSmart on
Natalie DiGiacomo                Mike & Eileen Spears                           East Blackstock Road provides cats an extra   need your help. Please spread the word about
   Marly Divver               Mr. & Mrs. Trip Johnson
                                                                                  venue to find new, permanent homes.         our cats and kittens available for adoption at
Nancy Dischler                   Mike & Eileen Spears
   Cathy Dischler             Melody Keck-Suber                                                                               PetSmart!
   Taylor & Anna Hough           Iris Browning
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Drennan   Dr. & Mrs. Henry Kelley                      Did you know dogs are more than three              Meet SHS cats and kittens during PetSmart’s
   John & Beverly Renfo          Mr. & Mrs. David Yates                    times more likely to be adopted than cats          normal business hours.
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W.         Mr. & Mrs. John Kells
  Easterlin                      Rebecca Chastain                          here at the SHS? We’re not really sure why
   Mike & Eileen Spears                                                    that is, but we are doing our very best to give    Monday – Saturday          Sunday
                                                                           cats every opportunity to find new homes!          9 am – 9 pm                10 am – 6 pm

                  Events Raise                                                                     Memorials
              Funds AND Awareness                                                                  & Honors
                                                                                        Mr. David Kells                  Jane Sams
                  During the fall, many SHS staff members find themselves                   Rebecca Chastain                Lisa & Joel Sams
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Brian King            Tols & Rob Sanborn
                  very busy with bicyclists, auction items, and holiday                     Ron & Judy Marshall             Steve & Lee Anne
                  decorations. But don’t worry ― they are just gearing up               Sara Lehner                           Williams
                                                                                            Susan & Harry Price          Glyn Shackelford
                  for another successful fundraising season! Thanks to our              Dr. Beth Levine                     Carolyn Moore
                  many supporters, wonderful volunteers, hard working staff                 Christine Robertson          Birney Sherard
                                                                                        Cam & Mary Lewis                    Kim Toler
                  members, and generous donors, our 2009 events were as                     Mike & Eileen Spears         Curry Sherard
                  successful as ever. This year, we raised over $23,000!                Mr. & Mrs. David Lyon               Kim Toler
                                                                                            Mike & Eileen Spears         Molly McCuen Sherard

                  Tour de Paws
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Mike Mabry               Kim Toler
                                                                                            William West                 Gretchen Smith
                                                                                        Lorrie Martin                       Mayo Mac Boggs
                  Now in its seventh year, Tour de Paws continues to grow. This             Marly Divver                    Lindsay Webster
                  year, nearly 300 cyclists turned out for the 27 or 61 mile ride       Tom & Betsy McAllister           Kella & Jimmy Smith
                                                                                            Debbie & Kyle Milner            Steve & Lee Anne
                  across the beautiful roads of southern Spartanburg County.            Billie & Joe McConnell                Williams
                  After completing the course, riders were treated to lunch!                Shanna Stoike                Marcie & Babs Smith
                                                                                        Kaye & Don McCurry                  Frances Jordan
                                                                                            Arminda & Douglas Curry      Dan Steadman and family
 B. Suztak

                  Together we raised nearly $12,000! We could not have done             Glenn & Kathleen McGee              Vicky & Bill Rodgers
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Holmes    Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Steinberg
                  it without our many riders, volunteers, and sponsors.                 The McIntyres                       Mike & Eileen Spears
                                                                                            Steve & Lee Anne Williams    Susan & Phil Taylor
                  •   CWS Insurance Agency              •   Bike Worx                   Mr. & Mrs. Allen H. McIntyre        Karen & David Tyner
                  •   Tyger River Presbyterian Church   •   Carolina Laser Technology       Mike & Eileen Spears         Rock & Debbi Thornlow
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Troy F. McKinney         Debbie & Kyle Milner
                  •   Ingles                            •   Great Escape                    Beverly & John Renfro        Becky Toms
                  •   JBR Environmental Services        •   The Beacon                  Joni Micals                         Mr. & Mrs. L. Barry Foy
                  •   Mendel Hawkins Builders, Inc.     •   Powers Solutions                Kate & Edwin Haskell         Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Valainis
                                                                                        Lewis & Ree Miller                  Mike & Eileen Spears
                  •   Reidville Road Animal Hospital    •   The Seafood and Rib Shack       Debbie & Kyle Milner         Mr. & Mrs. Freddie Watson
                  •   Freewheelers of Spartanburg       •   Taco Dog                    Mr. E.L. Miller                     Ron & Judy Marshall
                                                                                            Mike & Eileen Spears         Donna West
                  •   Spartan Federal Credit Union      •   Turner Feed                 Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Mixon           Lynda Truluck
                  •   SYS Constructors                                                      Ron & Judy Marshall          Susan Wetter
                                                                                        Jennifer Mock                       Lindsay Hall
                  We hope to see everyone again this year at our annual Tour                Steven Collie                Mr. & Mrs. Lewis White
                                                                                        Mike & Saralee Mollo                Mike & Eileen Spears
                  on Saturday, September 11th.                                              Betsy Ray & Gabriel          Sherrell Whitmire
                                                                                        Patti Moran                         Steve Collie
                  Auction for a Cause                                                       Mary Divver
                                                                                        Joe & Linda Nassif
                                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Donald B.
                  With one very successful auction already behind us, the SHS               Karen & David Tyner             Mike & Eileen Spears
                                                                                        Thomas & Mary Nassif             Mr. & Mrs. Charles R.
K. Freseman

                  team was especially excited to participate in this year’s Auction         Karen & David Tyner            Williams
                  for a Cause. Volunteers and staff once again hit the ground           Dr. Gill Newberry, Mack,            Beverly & John Renfro
                                                                                          & Sassy                        Michele A. Woodward
                  running collecting over 125 live and silent auction items that            Chris & Jennifer Fetterman      Paul & Margaret
                  we promoted with crafty and attention-grabbing displays.              Ingrid Norris                         Manikowski
                                                                                            Eric Nease                   Mrs. Frankie Zimmerman
                                                                                        Mary & Ken Norton                   Roberta Gaile Crow
                  Bidders came out in droves to bid high and bid often on SHS               Conni & Ted                  Alabama Bear
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. H. Lynn Parker           Alan Heaton
                  items. We are happy to report the SHS raised $8,800 to benefit            Beverly & John Renfro        Amy, Natalie, & Edward
                  our Animal Assisted Therapy Program!                                  Mr. & Mrs. Dale Peskin              Mary Davidson
                                                                                            Becky & Nate Toms            Bailey

                  Santa Photos
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Petty         Sonja Carlson
                                                                                            Mike & Eileen Spears         Bandit
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Jason Pie                Richard & Merel Greer
                  Our four legged friends came from all around to have their                Mike & Eileen Spears         Bella
                  pictures made with Santa. Our very own Santa Joe Brunson              Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Pinson         Marge Rossi
                                                                                            Beverly & John Renfro        Belle & Jasmine
                  sat with over 150 animals who all proclaimed they had been            Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Poliakoff        Jennifer & David Swank
                  good boys and girls!                                                      Mike & Eileen Spears         Buttercup
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Lee Powers               Jordan High
                                                                                            Ron & Judy Marshall          Charlie
                  Photographers Aaron Moller and Jessie Walker donated                  Ken & Isaileen Rankin               Carolyn McCarthy
                                                                                            Debbie & Kyle Milner         Cheesecake
                  their time and talents while Debbie Hackworth at Discount             Matthew Ritter, DVM                 Elaine Folk
                  Office and our friends at provided the                    Dr. & Mrs Fred Wenz          Chipper & Charley
                                                                                        The Zeimetz Family                  Mr. & Mrs. Russell E. Hart
                  supplies and additional equipment to make this event a
A. Moller

                                                                                            Buddy, Cherrie, &            Chloe & Tux
                  success. This year’s Santa Photos raised over $3,200 to                     Scruffy Few                   Jennifer & David Swank
                                                                                        Ralph Rivera                     Chloe & Zoe
                  benefit SHS programs and services!                                        Lynda Truluck                   Jennifer & David Swank
                                                                                            Anne Turner

                     Memorials & Honors                                                                                           Pass It On:
Dobbie & Duffy
   Dorothy Henry
                                   Bob & Genevieve Kirtner
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Patton
                                                                   Steve Lynch
                                                                   Ashley McMahan
                                                                                                Clarence L. Jolley, Sr.
                                                                                                   Lee Jolley, Jr.
                                                                                                                                   A Gift from the Dogs!
Fagan                              Poplar Springs Baptist          Eric Pantsari                Phoebe Turner Lambert
   Harry F. Schoen                   Co-Ed 53-59 Sunday            Joan Potts                      Mr. & Mrs. Roy Fowler
Glory                                School Class                  Susie Ringler                   Karen & Aaron Free
   Joretta & ElizabethTaylor       Seawright Funeral               Debbie Robinson                 Jo Gramling-Lopez
Jack                                 Home, Inc.                    Debbie Shupe                 M.J. Leitheiser
   Melissa Sanders              Jack M. Carlisle                   Elizabeth Smith                 Lige Mathis
Lorodog                            Carolyn F. Alexander            Jay Smith                       Jerry Sipkin
   Stephanie Highsmith             JoAnn & W. Carrington           Deborah Staberg              Jeffery Scott Lewis
Maggie-Rose                          Edmunds                       Lisa Suber                      Darrell & Barbara Lewis
   Gail & Lynn Lewis            Jolene Carlisle                    Sandi Wofford                Hazel K. Linder
Mario & Morgan                     Howard Carlisle                 Don Zelenka                     Marie & Lee Linder
   Jennifer & David Swank       Lamont Casey, Jr.               Dr. Harold Fleming              John Perry Lyles, Jr.

                                                                                                                                                                                                N. DiGiacomo
Maybelle                           Anthenaeum Book Club            Mr. & Mrs. W.                   Collin & Sharron Aldrich
   Darby Whitlow                   Nancy Carlisle                    Carrington Edmunds            Kay & Ken Chalk
Molly & Kramer                     Chester Civitan Club         Nancy Lou Wilson Geier             Jean A. McMath
   Cindy Metcalf                   Dorothy L. Kelley               Beverage-Air                    Retired Law Enforcement
Murray                             Mr. & Mrs. Joe Shackelford      Beverage-Air Engineering          of Spartanburg County
   Ruth & Bert Knight              Fletcher Thompson                 Department                    Seventh Judicial Circuit
Muttley & Trini                 Percy E. Caulk                     Harry Brancheau                   Public Defender’s Office
   Mary Lou Williams               Pete & Lee Arsenault            Misti & Paul Burgess            Sterling Bank
Nick & Sparky                      Boiling Springs Dentistry       Carol Dyer                      David & Nancy Wesley           SHS staff were treated by anonymous donors who arranged
   Harry F. Schoen                 Sandra Bost                     Gerhard Faulstich               Bryan & Rachel Wilkins                  lunch on behalf of the animals at the SHS.
Our Babies                         John & Janet Franklin           Richard & Marilyn Geier      Edwin Marotte
   Johnny & Doris Millwood         M. Dohmen USA, Inc.             Bob & Pat Royle                 Mrs. Lillian B. Marotte
Precious                        Benita Celimus                  Bruno R. Geiss                  Roseanne Maybry                  There is never a slow day at the SHS. Staff members are
   Vicki Williams                  Brigita & Biran Balaram         Markus Bolliger                 Carolyn Alexander             even here on holidays to take care of the animals. They
Rascal                          Harriet Sims Chesney               Mr. & Mrs. R. Wiley          Beverly Catherine
   Cindy Metcalf                   Jane Crowder                      Bourne, Jr.                  McCutchen                      come in as early as 4:30 am on transport days and have
Rambo                           Frederica Katherine                John & Edna DePaul              Gus & Betty Allen             been known to stay until after midnight in order to get
   Bobby & Joanne Jackson         Christman Cox                    Craig & Kay Phillips            Sharon & Edward Boyd
Salvo - the cat                    Karen Schooler, Niel Utz,       Bob, Phyllis, & Reid Wyatt      Nancy Carlisle                a special project completed on time.
   Shirley Horton                    & Family                   Stephen Ray Gibbs                     .
                                                                                                   Mr andMrs.WilliamP Gee.
Sofie                           Douglas “Doug” Cohen               Mark & Kathy Bush               Mr. and Mrs. Stuart H. Hall
   Cindra Metcalf                  Thomas & Dorothy Fuller      Carl Graf                          Carroll & Jimmie Hart         We know the animals here at the SHS really appreciate
Willow & Scooter                   Mabel & Clyde Hospital          Linda Bradley                   Betty & Bill Henry            all the extra care and effort we give them on a daily
   Mrs. Barbara B. Welch           Button Wilburn                  Marvin & Kathy Cann             George & Susu Johnson
Zoe                             Azalee Collins                     Harvey & Beverly Graf           Brad Kackelhofer              basis. But, every now and again, it’s nice to hear from
   Nicole Gary                     Vincent Wright                  Jessica Harwood                 Karen & Robert Lyon           others just how much we are appreciated.
Homeless Animals                Frank Connery                      Mark Holycross                  Tommy, Missy, &
   Gesa Hueckel                    Don―ald Vennergrund             Ari Kish                          Matthew Lytle
Foxxy, Lacy & Rufus Barnette    Fredi Cox                          Eunice Knouse                   Mr &Mrs.RobertV Pinson
                                                                                                      .                .         Very special friends wanted to honor the hard work the
   Carol Barnette                  Fred & Rebecca Tilinski         Janet Wilson                    Sadie & Jim Price
Sophie Beattie                  Holly White Crocker                Math/Science/C.S.               Nancy & Kenneth               SHS staff put in each and every day on behalf of the
   Barbara Beattie                 Janet Horton                      Faculty at SMC                  Reynolds                    many animals, with a yummy meal from Panera Bread.
Sugar & Angel Brazil            Lynn E. Dellenbarger, Jr.          Spartanburg Methodist           Lee & Robert Whitaker
   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Brazil       Phyllis Dellenbarger              College                       Mr. & Mrs. David Yates        Rather than take any credit for the meal, they asked
Jastin Good                     J.D. Dennis, MD                 Kathryn Harrington              Baby Mullinax                    that staff be told the meal was from the dogs at SHS.
   Irene&LilyDimattia-Cohen        Rev. & Mrs. A. Stephen          Mr. & Mrs. William Neal       “Little Asheville”
Frasier Sasser                       Holler                     Lawrence Wesley Hays, Jr.          Kay & Bill Bradley
   Gloria Sasser                James S. Dills                     Alice Bell                      Eloise Dickson                Our anonymous friends are big supporters of the SHS
                                   Frank & Sharon Armitage         Nancy C. Carlisle               Beverly M. Knight
MEMorIALS                          Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Blackwell       George Case                     John & Carol Nichols          and know what kind of effort staff put in every day of the
Patricia “Pat” Alexander           Suzanne Dills                   Sally, Randall, & Alex          Donald M. Scott               year. They are so proud of our accomplishments; they
    Bob & Betty Godfrey            Mauldin Paint & Body, Inc.        Chambers                   Jeanne Mulvaney
Bill Alley                         Kimberly McMahon                Jane Crowder                    Jack Mulvaney                 wanted to remind us just how much the animals care!
    Vicki M. Williams              Jill Williams                   Jim & Cassi Grier            Kate New
Alice J. Bamond                 Kenneth Dobson                     John & Laura Hodge              Robin New
    Kelly L. Brown                 TOPS #SC 183 Spartanburg        Jane Hunter                  Beamon “Dave” Parker             We were so delighted to receive lunch from the animals;
Peggy Biggers                   Barbara Doyle                      Richard Pennebaker              Betty & Earl Crocker          we wanted to Pass It On!
    Harold Biggers                 Richard & Loretta Conn          Sara Lynn & Jan Postma          George Hooper
Sarah Bollinger                 Jennifer Evans                  Geraldine High                     Elizabeth Parker
    Sam Hicks                      Jack Brym                       Sandra Vinson                   Marie & Sherman

                                                                                                                                     Mark Your Calendars!
Bernice Boyhan and Farley          Jim Bogle                    Heidi Hilburn                        Swofford
    Anonymous                      L. Childs Cantey                Linda & Dennis Harton           Thompson Chapel
John Bryan                         Bob Cathey                   Joe Hines                            Baptist Church
    Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brunson
    John & Rosalie Dilutis
                                   Laura Church
                                   Mary Conyers
                                                                   Ramona Ludvik
                                                                Paul Hinton
                                                                                                   Thompson Chapel -
                                                                                                     Adult Ladies Sunday
                                                                                                                                          SHS Heartworm Clinics
    Jospeh Mullins                 Roland Corning                  Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth                School Class                    April 8th from 1:30 ― 4:30 pm
Manie Jackson Buckner              Alice Douglas                     Norton                     Gena L. Parker
    Jennifer & Becky Land          Elizabeth Frampton           E. Mack Horton                     Marie & Lee Linder              April 24th from 10:00 am ― 1:00 pm
    Bob & Genevieve Kirtner        Kaye Fusaro                     Janet Horton                 June Parsons                     The second annual SHS Heartworm Clinic will allow pet
Freddie T. Caldwell                Charles & Jane Gambrell      Manny Howell                       Pam Howard
    Ashby & Debbie Blakely         Lisa Gray                       Mr. & Mrs. D. Boyce          Wayne Pettit                     owners to bring their dog for a heartworm test for just $10!
    George Johnson                 Abby Hevitt                       Woolbright, Jr.               Lori Morrow                   All dogs who test negative, and are deemed healthy, will be
      Insurance                    Sonny Jones                  Jim Johnson                     Sidney Petty
    Gilbert Elementary School      Gerald & Mary Frances           Wanda Johnson                   Kelly Petty                   eligible for heartworm preventative at a highly discounted
    Sandra & Samuel Jowers           Jowers                     Mia Johnson                     Melanie Pittman                  rate. No appointments are necessary! First come, first
    Kemet                          Pamela Kirkland                 Frances & W. Steven             Rebecca A. Chastain
    Mr. & Mrs. Don King            Pete Logan                        Gambrell                                                                  g
                                                                                                                                  served. Dogs must be on a leash or in a carrier.

                        New, Flexible Classes at the
                                                                                                                                   & Honors
                           Good Dog Academy
                                                                                                                        William N. Poe                    Jackson Gray Turpin
                                                                                                                            George & Katie Thomason           Janice & Jim Darwin
                                                                                                                        John Ralph Poole                      Tim, Ginger, Jake, &
                                                                                                                            Jean Murphy                         Caroline Darwin
                                                                                                                        Shirley Page Poteat                   David & Esther Haney
                                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Clarkson       Kelley Huskamp
                                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Cox              Gateway Academy
                                                                                                                            Mr. George McMillan               George Hooper
                                                                                                                            Ms. Terry McMillan                Yvonne Lopzez-Crowe
                                                                                                                        Jimmy G. Powell                       Warren & Brenda Mason
                                                                                                                            Florence&Hutchenson,Inc.          Julie Mock
                                                                                                                            Kate Murphy                       “The Neighborhood”
                                                                    classes on your training pass card must be              Gerald Powell
                                                                                                                            Ginette Millott Reaves
                                                                                                                                                              Wayne H. & Linda C.
                                                                    used within 12 weeks of purchase, but you               Dan McGraw                    James Umphlet
                                                                    can continue training for as long as you want       William Edward “Skip” Reid, Jr.       Sam Hicks
N. DiGiacomo

                                                                                                                            William & Elizabeth Henry     Paul Vaughn
                                                                    by purchasing additional four or six class pass     Dr. Henry Skeen Ritchie               Wanda Nix
                                                                    cards.                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Markus
                                                                                                                                                          Evelyn Lenz Vieth
                                                                                                                                                              Cash & Morgan CPAs
                                                                                                                            Anita & John Bruhnke              Ruth Cate
                                                                    All dogs will start in level one and move to the        Jane Burian
                                                                                                                            Howard Gill
                                                                                                                                                              Scott & Angie Davis &
                                                                    next level after they have mastered specific            Jim & Kay Gross                   Jim Dixon
                    Dogs in our Flex-Series classes will be
                   working on the same skills as dogs in our
                                                                    skills. The flexible schedule allows students to        Eaddy Williams Hayes
                                                                                                                            Cynthia McCredie
                                                                                                                                                              JoAnn Dixon
                                                                                                                                                              Nancy Eaker
                             traditional classes.                   miss a week without falling behind or to attend         John & Carol Nichols              Becky Evans
                                                                    more frequently to enhance their learning               Jimmy Seastrunk
                                                                                                                            George & Katie Thomason
                                                                                                                                                              First Citizens Bank of
                                                                                                                                                                South Carolina
          GDA’s new Flex-Series offers a unique                     experience. With no set minimum or maximum              Jane Tredway                      Mr. & Mrs. Roy Fowler
          alternative to our traditionally scheduled dog            time for each level, you and your pal can learn         Nelly & Kurt Zimmerli
                                                                                                                        Margarete Rothacker
                                                                                                                                                              Reynold Nitsch
                                                                                                                                                              Charles O. Patton
          training classes that meet once a week for                at your own pace.                                       Dan Draeximaier Auto              The Pebble Creek
                                                                                                                              North America, LLC.               Mudders
          seven weeks. The Flex-Series format is more                                                                   Roger Dean Sams                       Smith, Moore,
          like a gym membership. We offer three levels              Like all GDA classes, the Flex-Series will be           Lisa & Joel Sams                    Leatherwood, LLP.
          of classes throughout the week that you                   scheduled for maximum conveinence. Classes          Ruth Schmid
                                                                                                                            Diana Adams
                                                                                                                                                              Sertoma Club of
          can attend at your convenience. You choose                will be offered during the evenings and on              Mrs. Lucia Balmer                 George & Katie Thomason
          how many classes you would like to attend                 weekends. For more information or to register           Mr. and Mrs. Markus
                                                                                                                                                          Melissa Wallace
                                                                                                                                                              Jozef Szwaja-Franken
          by purchasing a six-class “training pass.” All            online, visit our website.                              Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cole        Nancy White
                                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Roland                 Roy Price

                             Exercising for Animals
                                                                                                                              Fehmann, Sr.                Robert E. “Spide” Wilkins
                                                                                                                            Patricia Frederic                 Yvonne Littlefield
                                                                                                                            Max & Christa Jent            Kermit Williams, Jr.
                                                                                                                            Hildegard Ortheil                 Carolyn F. Alexander
                                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. William Tunno      Joyce Wofford
                                                                                                                            Nelly & Kurt Zimmerli             Mildred S. Elledge
                                                                    items from our wish list, but they also raised      John A. Schwartz, Jr.             Aasha
                                                                    awareness and enthusiasm for animals in our             Judith Lung                       Joyce Hartline
                                                                                                                        Russ Sparrow                      All pets we have lost
                                                                    community!                                              Deborah Sparrow                   John Livingston
                                                                                                                        Frank Spevack                         Fabienne Livingston
                                                                                                                            Helen San Miguel              Allie
                                                                    During the 12 day event, SAC provided their         Michael Dan Steadman                  Sybil Payne
                                                                    members with many opportunities to help the             Beth Lodge No. 112 A.F.M.         Charles Payne
                                                                                                                            George & Susan Glenn          Annie
                                                                    SHS. They held a “ride-a-thon,” a fit test, an          Inman Stone Company               Charlie & Ann Hecht
                                                                    extended water workout, a drawing, a raffle,            Vicky & Bill Rogers           Bandit
                                                                                                                            Elsie & Ken Salva                 Ingrid Wolfe
                                                                    and much, much more – all to raise funds and        Ruth & Bob Stevens                Bay Bay
                                                                    much needed wish list items! Their creativity           Nora Stevens                      Lee Ann Johnston
                                                                                                                        Dr. Jim Stinson                       W. Allen Johnston
                                                                    and compassion to find fun and exciting                 Kay B. Stinson                Big Thunder

                                                                    ways for their members to get involved was          Dr. H.L. Sutherland                   Carolyn Pennell
                                                                                                                            Lloyd Sutherland              Boo
                                                                    amazing.                                            Maude Norton Synder                   Charlie& Ann Hecht
                 Gia Diamaduros, Gretchen Smith, and Daphne                                                                 Dora Harrell                  Bud
               Billings partipicated in an extended “Ride-A-Thon”                                                       Teresa Tanner                         Glenn Dorsey
                                                                    We are so privileged to have such a wonderful           Shawn, Kaye, & Molly          Buddy, Daisy, Pepé
                     to raise funds and awareness for animals.
                                                                    group of individuals in our corner who loves              Foxworth                        Patricia Thompson
                                                                                                                        Eddie H. Thomason, MD             Bully
                                                                    and cares for animals and are willing to fight,         George & Katie Thomason           Susan Tate
          In September, the Spartanburg Athletic Club               and spin, and lift, and swing, and swim for their   Lilly Belle Thompson                  Blair M. Ritter Jr.
          (SAC) took our breath away by holding a 12                well-being. Please join us in giving the staff
                                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wyatt       Buster
                                                                                                                                                              Trevor & Phyllis Anne Isetts
          day celebration of the SHS. Not only did they             and members of the Spartanburg Athletic Club                                          Canis & Candy
          raise $4,140 dollars and two vehicles full of             an energetic thank you for a job well done!
                                                                                                                                                              Marsha Folk

                     Happy Tails!                                                            Memorials & Honors
                                                                                       Caroline                   Ollie                          Lily Dennis
                                                                                          Mary Snoddy                 Carolyn Schumacher             Kathleen McGee
                                                                                       Chance                     Pal                            Lilly Evans
                                                                                          Anonymous                   Paul H. & Sara Ellis Lehner Keenan Mullen
                                         Parker came home with me in October           Che-Che, Cameo, & Moose    Paws & Maggie                  Sunny and the other
                                         of 2008. She’s a wonderful companion             Carolyn Alexander           Vicki Williams               Fischer animals who have
                                                                                       Cinder                     Pepsi & Ellie                    gone before
                                         and loves to run around in the yard or           Elizabeth Clark             Harry F. Schoen                Jim & Becky Griffith
                                         go on walks in the neighborhood. She          Coco                       Pete                           Twinkles Garrett
                                         also loves the Good Dog Academy,                 Margery Young               Steve & Karen Cannon           Cherie Bailey
                                         where we have taken classes and                  Louis Young             Phenix                         Willie Holland
                                                                                       Cody & Clint                   Carlton Mullinax               Joe & Billie McConnell
                                         become playgroup regulars.                       Barbara Waddell         Prissy                         Nikki & Sake Holmes
                                                                                       Corky                          R. Sayers                      Kathleen McGee
                                         Thanks SHS for helping us find each              Harry Varner            Pumpkin                        Louis Dennis Hurst
                                                                                          Della Varner                Maureen Bujak                  Kathleen McGee
                                         other!                                        Cujo                       Rosie & Tucker                 Tuppence Clementine
                                         Erin Templeton                                   Larry & Ann Braswell        Barbara Leaphart             James
                                                                                       Daisy                          Billy Leaphart                 Paula & Stan Baker
  E. Templeton                                                                            Betty Griffin           Runt                               Mr. and Mrs. Roger
                                                                                       Deuce                          Norma B. Gordon                  Habisreutinger
                                                                                          Ray Spears              Sadie                          Lucy Johnson
                                                                                       Dinipoo                        Bob & Sara Bowman              Mary Breeden
                                                                                          Jody Dobslaw            Samantha                       Indiana Jones
                                                                                       Domino                         Jean Solesbee                  Robin Martin
  I adopted Reggie from the SHS in March of 2007,                                         Sylvia Gantt            Sassy & Samson                 Babee Lazenby
                                                                                       Duke                           Dr. & Mrs. Peter Sereque David & Elizbeth Lazenby
  and I also adopted Bear from the SHS in May of                                          Alice Nanigian          Sparky                             Jennie Cook Padgett
  2009. They have brought me so much joy during                                        Fuzzy, Roby, & Abby            Rick Adair                 Bose Lazenby
  the times when I needed them the most. My                                               Robert & Cheryl Moore   Spicey                             David & Elizabeth Lazenby
                                                                                       Galadriel & Pippin             Marguerite M. Cates        Spike McConnell
  best friend of 23 years died in March of 2009. She                                      Eunice Knouse           Spot                               Carolyn Pennell
  always referred to my house as “Wild Kingdom.”                                       Gracie                         Harry F. Schoen            Boog McGee
  She told me that she would not come to visit my                                         David & Jane Tate       Squirt, Girl, Dusty, & J.R.        Kathleen McGee
                                                                                       Grady, Sydney, & Spencer       Anita & Jerry Wardlow My 7 dogs and all who
  house because of my “lions and tigers.” Months                                          Tom & Diane Prewitt     Stan                             have passed on
  following, her eight year old daughter asked me                                      Heather                        Carolyn Schumacher             Chrystal McKinney
  where Reggie came from. Instead of telling her, I                                       Jim & Margaret Miller   Sugar                          Dudley Novak
  decided to show her. When I came into the viewing                                    Heidi, Cookie & Ruby           Wanda Nix                      Margaret Barnes
                                                                                          Richard&DonnaVanVleet       Gary Smith                 Brown, Sugar, Mike,
  room that day I found Bear, aka “White Feet.” I                                      Holly                      Susie                            Snoopy, Poochie, & Happy
  knew that he was the completion to the phrase                                           Jane Crowder                Allen & Ruth Ann Brown Harry F. Schoen
  my best friend would always say to me. Now I                                         Honey                      Sweet Pea                      Cody Price
                                                                                          Betty Sims                  Carolyn Schumacher             Mary Helen Wade
  know she is smiling down on my family and saying,                                    Itchy the Beagle           Tillie                         Basil Raines
  “Now she really has lions and tiger and bears.”    D. Lyles                             Tina Paradis                Pat & Jack Moore               Joe & Billie McConnell
                                                                                       Jake                       Toby                           Jules Rubin
                                                                                          Larry Rogers                Chuck Threet                   Paula & Stan Baker
  Thanks SHS for two of my three wonderful gifts!                                      Jasper & Biscuit           Tubby                          Scooter Scaglione
  Dana Lyles                                                                              Amber Murray                Larry & Penny Rock             David & Jennifer Cash
                                                                                          Todd Murray             Willow                             Larry & Sue Scaglione
                                                                                       Josie                          Kenny & Dawn Lynch             Tracy Smith
                                                                                          Carolyn Schumacher      Yang                           Oreo Schwartz
                                                                                       Kitty Boo                      John & Carol McCulloch Mr. & Mrs. David M. Fudge
                               Rocky found us in 2007, just a month after losing our      Conni Harrell           Clancy Allare                  Otis, Patricia, & Calvin Shinn
                                                                                          Dora Harrell                Susan Adolphson                Harry Shinn, Jr.
                               beloved 13-year-old Boston terrier, Bully. A friend        Brian Miller            Gus & Oreo Anderson            Meagan Sparrow
                               told us about Rocky at SHS and although we weren’t         Walter Mueller              Kathleen McGee                 Deborah Sparrow
                               ready for another dog, Rocky was ready for another      Lucky                      Darwin Baehr                   Dusty Switzer
                                                                                          Cassandra Morrow            Paula & Stan Baker             Kathy Coley
                               family. He has been an absolute joy! Recently,          Lucy                       Dahlie Barberi                 Fisher Toth
                               Rocky has been joined by his adopted sister, Zoe, a        Carolyn Schumacher          Randy Barberi                  Dr. & Mrs Fred Wenz
                               terrier-mix stray we found in our neighborhood. We      Luna                       Smokey, Katie, Buck,           Miss Honey Turner
                                                                                          Sabrina Arledge           Barney, Blackie, Callie          Mr. & Mrs. John Turner
                               are one big happy family. Rocky and Zoe love each       Maggie & Chauncey              Patrick Johnson            Sassy Turner
                               other and especially love their doggie door and            Roy & Pat Fowler        Sadie Bowman                       Carolyn Turner
                               large fenced yard while mom and dad are at work. I      Marcus                         Bob & Sara Bowman          Holly West
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Tom Barnet   Little Caesar                      Angela Horton
                               wanted to share Rocky’s unique smile with everyone,     Midnight                       Dorothy Putman             Tater M. Wilson
  S. Tate
                               as it is one of the best dog smiles around!                Della Gibbs             Lady Luck Cates                    Ann T. Bowden
                                                                                       Missy                          Mr. & Mrs. Roger           Lizzy Williams
                                                                                          Lewis Taylor                  Habisreutinger               Jimmy & Kella Smith
                                                                                       Moe                        Daisy Cobb                     Paws & Moggy Williams
Don’t be shy. We love to hear from our lucky shelter alums who have found                 Carolyn Schumacher          Francie Little                 Betty Hall
happiness in new homes. Your special “tail” may be considered for an upcoming          Molly                      Guinness & Grayson Curry Banks Workman
                                                                                          Harold Sosbee               Kim Curry                      Mellnee Bucheit
edition of The Scoop or may be featured on our website.                                Muffins                    Katie Curry
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Richard          Kim Curry
Please send your stories and pictures to the shelter, 150 Dexter Road,
   Spartanburg, SC 29303, care of “Happy Tails.” You can also
        submit your photos and stories online.


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