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  BOOKET 2008- 2009

                          Club Contact Information

Everton Florida Executive Director
Tony Paris            727 514 3169

Everton Florida Competitive Director of Coaching
Ged O’Connor            352 586 3696

Everton Florida Recreational Director of Coaching
Steve Jameson               727 251 4129

Everton Florida Board of Directors

Steve Kulavic         President                  813 841 1712

Dan Colleli           Vice President             727-709-3570

Tina Fink             Secretary                  727 432 3126
Andy Boggini          Registrar                  727 501 2888
Kim Dunlay            Asst. Registrar            727-542-2063
Chris McDonald        Treasurer                  727 420 8580

Abby Rudderham        Competitive Coordinator    727 432 3016

Gary Peltz            Ways and Means             727 692 6551

                        EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR               2
Age Level Guidelines
2008-2009 Age Bracket Guidelines
U8        8/1/00 to 7/31/01
U9        8/1/99 to 7/31/00
U10       8/1/98 to 7/31/99
U11       8/1/97 to 7/31/98
U12       8/1/96 to 7/31/97
U13       8/1/95 to 7/31/96
U14       8/1/94 to 7/31/95
U15       8/1/93 to 7/31/94
U16       8/1/92 to 7/31/93
U17       8/1/91 to 7/31/92
U18       8/1/90 to 7/31/91
                                   Coaching Slate 2008-09
             Boys                                       Girls
             Steve Kulavic                              Steve Kulavic
             Craig Hughes                               Nicole Davis
                            Liz Kinny
             Steve Kulavic                              Steve Kulavic
             Asmir Pervin                               David Page
             Adam Ford                                  Dimitri Tellious
             Ged O’Connor                               Eric Jameson
                                             U12 Blue
             James Finnegan                             Brooke Pelletier
                                             U13 Red
                                                        Eric Jameson
                                             U13 Blue
             Ian Matthews                               Nicole Davis
                               Liz Kinny
             Nathan Bender                              Craig Hughes
                                             U15 Red
                                             U15 Blue
             Ged O’Connor                               Joe McCauley
                                                        James Finnegan/ Ged
             James Finnegan/ Tony Paris
                                           U17/18       O’Connor
             Asmir Pervin                    U17/18
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                                        ROSTER SIZES 2008-09
               Format                          Recommended Roster Size

U-9             6 Vs 6                                         9-10

U-10            6 Vs 6                                         9-10

U-11            8 Vs 8                                         11-12

U-12            8 Vs 8                                         11-12

U-13            11 Vs 11                                       14-15

U-14            11 Vs 11                                       14-15

U-15            11 Vs 11                                       15-16

U-16            11 Vs 11                                       15-16

U-17            11 Vs 11                                       16-17

U-18            11 Vs 11                                  17-18
*These are guidelines proposed by the Director. In certain circumstances these numbers can be
increased if just cause can be given.

Players in the Blue (A) team will be selected on player suitability.
Players will not have the right of selection to the Blue team and the following deciding factors will be as follows:
       Current form of player
       Training attendance
       Time keeping
       Respect
       Attitude
       Work ethic
       Team player
       Player development
*Failure to adhere to the above will effect the selection of players to the Blue team.
A player might be moved up for experience or further development and this will a decision made by the Executive
Director, DOC and the coaching staff. We are looking at not only upcoming schedule in terms of wins and losses,
but also the long term development of individual players and the overall good of the teams.
Each player must understand that the situation is fluid and players will be moved up AND down over the course of
the season. Getting selected for eh Blue team is not a season long commitment and with plenty of depth, each
player should be working to ensure they remain on the Blue team.
It is not a right to play in the A team but an earned privilege.
                                    EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                     4
What to Do?
Seek competent legal advice!
Call your insurance company or agent immediately.

Photocopy the summons/complaint/petition along with any other pertinent information.

Mail the original of the summons/complaint/petition and other documents to your insurance company via certified
mail, return receipt requested. Send a copy to your insurance agent and attorney if you have one. Also, keep a
copy for your files. Request that your insurance company appoint an attorney to represent you.

Note the response due date on the summons/complaint/petition on your calendar.

What NOT to Do!
DO NOT discuss the case with anyone other than your insurance carrier or your attorney.
DO NOT have any contact with the plaintiff/complainant.

Hi! I'm your Attorney!
You should receive either a letter from your insurance carrier telling you the name and address of the attorney
assigned to your case, or a call from the attorney that you have been assigned to defend you. If you don't hear
from your insurance representative or from an attorney appointed by the company within five (5) days prior to the
response due date, call your insurance representative and consult with your own attorney about filing an
answer/response within the specified time period. This will prevent a default judgment from being entered.
      I have to do what!?
      Your defense attorney will eventually call you and ask for any details you have about the incident-giving
         rise to the complaint.
      Please take the time necessary to provide the information. He/she is only trying to help.
      Make sure any employees, coaches, volunteers, players, or others involved in the incident which is the
         basis of the suit are available to be interviewed.
      What is Discovery?
      Discovery is the method by which each party to the lawsuit discovers the other parties' positions and their
      Discovery includes interrogations, which are written questions, many of which only you can answer. The
         plaintiff can file written interrogations and your attorney will advise you which questions must be
         answered. Don't be afraid to ask your attorney if you don't understand what is being asked, or if a request
         for information or documentation is unclear.
      Discovery can also include a request to produce documents, which are pertinent to the incident.
      This process can be very time consuming, but unless your attorney says that you don't need to answer a
         question or provide documents which are requested, it must be done, and done within a prescribed period
         of time. Your only consolation is that the plaintiff must do this also.
      If you fail to provide the answers or documentation, a court can fine you and possibly not allow your
         attorney to use all your defenses he/she feels necessary. This can jeopardize your insurance coverage.
      Finally the last type of discovery is a deposition. This is an oral examination, under oath, by the other
         party's attorney of persons that he/she feels may have pertinent information about the case. You, your
         coaches, players, volunteers, or employees may be asked by the plaintiff to give a deposition.
      Your attorney will spend whatever time is necessary to prepare each person to be deposed.
      A deposition is time consuming and inconvenient, however, it is not optional.
      Your attorney will be present during the deposition to help guide you through the process. Follow their
                                      EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                  5
What Happens Next?
The case could be settled without a trial, possibly with mediation. Please remember that the decision to settle may
be solely up to the discretion of your insurance carrier. Be sure you understand these terms, up front.

If the case isn't settled, it will go trial. Your attorney may ask to have a representative from your association at the
defense table during the trial. The presence of a person with your attorney at the defense table lends a human
quality to your case. The plaintiff will be there in person. It's possible that his/her attorney will refer to the
defendant as a company or a corporation, hoping that the jury will find it easier to render a verdict for his/her "poor
client", by taking money from "this large, cold, and impersonal corporation."

Your attorney knows that attending a trial will take up a lot of valuable time, but many determine it is necessary.
The results in your local paper are not going to say that the plaintiff won a large verdict from your insurance
carrier; the results will say they won a large verdict from your club or association. Please do your best to help.

What If the Plaintiff did not Follow US Youth Soccer Appeals Procedures?

The US Youth Soccer Official Administrative Rulebook, Rule 4020, Section 7 (Penalties) states:
a) No national state association, official, club, league, team, coach, referee, or player or their representative team,
may invoke the aid of the courts of any State or of the United States without first exhausting all available remedies
within the appropriate soccer organizations as set forth in section 5(c) of this rule.

b) For violation of this rule, the offending party shall be subject to the sanctions of suspension and fines, and shall
be subject be liable to the US Youth Soccer and State Associations for all expenses incurred by US Youth Soccer
and its officers, and state associations and their officers, as appropriate, in defending each court action, including
but not limited to the following:

Court Costs
Attorney fees
c) Reasonable compensation for time spent by US Youth Soccer and State Association Officers and Employees in
responding to and defending against allegations in the action, including responses to discovery and court

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                           GUIDELINES FOR DEALING WITH BLOOD
Guidelines for Blood borne Pathogens and Injuries Involving Blood
The soccer community is like all other segments of society. Some participants may have infectious diseases
including HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B (blood borne pathogens). So you are involved in youth soccer. What do you
do when an individual who has AIDS wants to participate in your program?

This document sets forth guidelines pertaining to blood borne diseases-viruses that live in the bloodstream and
can be contagious. The first section deals with the rights of the infected individuals and the obligations of the
coaches, referees, and administrators to protect those rights. The second section describes precautionary steps
to minimize the risks of infection to participants in soccer activities. The third section outlines specific US Youth
Soccer recommendations for dealing with injuries involving loss of blood.

Rights of Participation
Individuals with infectious diseases have the right to participate in youth soccer programs. Efforts to include
individuals from participation in your youth soccer program because of infectious diseases are governed by the
Americans with Disabilities Act
("ADA") and the Rehabilitation Act. The other legal area of your concern for youth soccer is confidentiality of
information. Individuals with infectious diseases have the right to confidentiality. Revealing such confidential
information in a nonprofessional setting may qualify as a breach of privacy and opens up the possibility of a civil

There is no law governing who should know, nor is there any law protecting the privacy of individuals. Sharing
information about an individual with an infectious disease should be governed by that individual and/or the family
involved. Let them be your guide in how much they want to be known.

 Communicable Disease Precautions
Treat every person on the field, as in any area of society, with the assumption they are HIV positive. Precautions
for reducing the potential for transmission of infectious diseases should include, but are not limited to, the

Routine use of latex gloves or other precautions to prevent skin and mucous membrane exposure when contact
with blood or other body fluids is anticipated.

If bleeding is profuse and requires the assistance of a supervising adult, latex gloves should be donned and
pressure applied to the wound, keeping the injury above the level of the heart if possible. Medical care should be

Immediately wash hands and other skin surfaces if contaminated (in contact) with blood or other body fluids.
Wash hands immediately after removing gloves.

The bloodied portion of the athlete's uniform must be properly disinfected, or the uniform changed before the
athlete may participate.

Clean all blood-contaminated surfaces and equipment with a solution made from 1-100 dilution of household
bleach or other disinfectant before competition resumes. Use a new mixture for each event, and discard the
mixture after each event.

Practice proper disposal procedures to prevent injuries caused by needles and other sharp instruments or devices
found in the area of the field.

                                    EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                     7
Although saliva has not been implicated in HIV transmission, mouthpieces, resuscitation bags, or other ventilation
devices should be available for use to minimize the need for emergency direct mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Athletic trainers/coaches with bleeding or oozing skin conditions should refrain from all direct care until the
condition resolves.

Contaminated towels, dressings, and other articles containing body fluids should be properly disposed of or
U S Youth Soccer recommends full support of FIFA Circular No. 438 dated 6 July, 1990 which states in part, "The
referee should prevent a player who is bleeding profusely from taking any further part in a match until he has been
adequately treated and the bleeding has stopped."

USYSA Recommended Safety Procedures for Dealing with Injuries involving Blood
There are many factors to consider whenever there is an injury on the soccer field. Many people are starting to
ask the question, "What do I do when a player gets hurt on the field and is bleeding?" U S Youth Soccer
recommends the following guidelines to coaches, trainers, and referees:

First concern is always to make sure the player is not seriously injured. Never move a player that has possible
internal injuries.

If possible to remove the player from the field, move the player to the sidelines away from the spectators.

Carry latex gloves at all times in your bag. Carry empty plastic bags, large enough to carry a uniform and shoes.
Carry rags to clean surrounding areas, and carry some type of cleaning substance to clean the injured player.

Referees should never allow the player back onto the field without a clean jersey, shorts, shoes, etc., whatever
has had the blood on it. Therefore, it should be recommended that each player have extra clean shirt, shorts,
shoes and socks with them.

The field of play should be inspected and cleaned up prior to resuming play. This means cutting out as much as
possible of the blood area in grass, and removing it to a proper disposal area. On artificial apply a cleaning agent,
one that is safe for the surface.

These are just a few things that should be done during the games. There are many more safety procedures that
can apply. U S Youth Soccer recommends that all levels within the State Association, including teams, follow
these guidelines

Injury/First Aid/Insurance Procedures
Injury and First Aid
Each coach should have a background in first aid and injury prevention. Remember, you are not a physician and
can only administer first aid. Please take advantage of CPR and first aid sessions when offered by the club.

Be sure parents are notified immediately and follow up on injuries by visit or telephone. If a player is seriously
hurt, make sure the club is notified in writing. Try to prevent injuries by checking the playing area, provide
adequate equipment, and using safe practice methods.

If a doctor or trainer is present, he should attend to the player and determine the medical procedure to be
followed. When a doctor or trainer is not in attendance, the Head Coach should make the decision as to what
procedure should be followed. The Head Coach should have an emergency action plan to be used in case of
                                    EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                            8
Emergency Procedures
If you suspect the injury or condition is serious, DO NOT MOVE THE PLAYER. Call 911. Remember to error on
the side of caution.

Consult the player's medical information sheet and contact parents ASAP.
Coaches must refuse participation in practice sessions or games to any player who is injured and under care of a
doctor. If the coach has reason to questions whether a player is recovered from any injury and ready to play, he
should request the player to produce an official medical release from the doctor who was treating him/her that
states the player in question is no longer under the doctor's care and free to participate in the game of soccer.

FYSA Insurance Procedures
Registered St Pete Raider players are covered by medical insurance with FYSA. This insurance acts as
secondary coverage after primary coverage is exhausted. If a player does not have primary insurance, FYSA
insurance will be considered primary. There is a $250.00 deductible associated with FYSA insurance coverage.
For Insurance claim forms and procedures for claim filing please contact the Secretary.

FYSA Insurance Procedures
Registered NER/St Pete Raider players are covered by medical insurance with FYSA. This insurance acts as
secondary coverage after primary coverage is exhausted. If a player does not have primary insurance, FYSA
insurance will be considered primary. There is a deductible associated with FYSA insurance coverage. For
Insurance claim forms and procedures for claim filing please see below.

  Insurance Information and Claim Forms
  What to do when a Player has a claim

  *Accidents/Injuries after September 1, 2002

  PRESENTED BY: FLORIDA YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION and M.E. Wilson CO., Inc.                         (P O Box 373 Tampa, FL 33601        (813) 229-8021       FAX: (813) 229-2795)

  Excess Accident coverage is automatically provided to registered members of the Florida Youth Soccer Association as part of the registration fee. The Accident policy provides coverage fo
  registered players during sanctioned events, including regularly scheduled practices and games. This coverage is excess above the player’s own family health insurance. There is a $1000
  deductible on each claim. The insurance company will pay 80% of the eligible amount after the deductible has been applied. The claimant is responsible for the other 20% of the next
  $10,000 to a max out of pocket cost of $3000 per injury.

  Coverages/Benefits: Accident-Medical $50,000 Maximum; Accidental Death $10,000 Principal Sum; Accidental Dismemberment $10,000 Maximum.

  Complete the Youth Soccer Accident Proof of Loss (claim form), which is obtained from your District Commissioner, Coach, or download it here. The form must be signed by the Coach,
  District Commissioner and parent or legal guardian. More information about FYSA insurance can be found here.

  The fully completed, signed claim form must be returned for processing to:

  M. E. Wilson Company, Inc.
  P O Box 373
  Tampa, FL 33601

  ·   Be sure to include any itemized doctor bills as well as all Explanation of Benefits that you receive from your primary insurance carrier.
  What keeps the Insurance Company from paying your claim?

  ·    Incomplete or unsigned claim forms
  ·    “Balance forward statements” from the Healthcare providers rather than Itemized Billings.
  ·    Failure to provide your insurance company’s explanation of benefits.


  You are responsible for the first $1000 of your claim and 20% of the next $10,000 to a max out of pocket cost of $3000 per injury.

  If you have any questions about reported claims, completing the claim form, or need additional copies of the claim form, feel free to call the FYSA Claims Department at M. E. Wilson
  Company, Inc.


                                                    EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                                                         9
One of the main philosophies at EVERTON FL SOCCER CLUB is the retention and continued training of a quality
coaching staff. The goal of the Executive Director is to have the most qualified coaches in the State of Florida as
good coaches will attract good players.

Once we have retained the services of a quality coach, we then look to improve the level at which the coach can
perform. The motto of the club “Excellence through Endeavor” exemplifies this and the growth of a coach will
result in the growth of the players.

To this end, I am implementing a Coaching Education Program by which the coaches need to attain a required
number of credits, per year, in order to have the services retained, receive pay increases. The professional
development is outlined below.

Professional Development Opportunity                                            Credits
Attend and pass the USSF A, Course/ NSCAA Premier course                          5
Attend and pass NSCAA National Course USSF B/C course                             4
Attend and pass a NSCAA/ USSF Regional Course                                     3
Attend and pass a NSCAA/ USSF State Course                                        2
Attend the NSCAA National Convention                                              3
Coaching Seminars/ Symposiums                                                     1 each
Grading by the Executive Director of a coaching session
*DOC can award CEUs for outstanding coaching /organization

It is my intention, to have each coach achieve a total of 5 further education credits per year from tryout time to
tryout time. (A calendar year) In order for the credits to count, I will need to see the diploma, attendance log…
and the information will then be added to your account.

In addition, Community is a large part of the experience within EVERTON FOOTBALL CLUB. To that extent, it is
my wish to have the Club Coaching staff involved heavily with the Recreational side, educating the coaches, but
also, running coaching sessions for the recreational teams. As such, over the course of the same time period, 3
hours needs to be devoted to this endeavor. Simply let the club coordinator know when you are available to do
this and we will arrange a team for you to run a 1 hour session. This way, I can ensure that the coaches and the
Recreational teams are all accounted for throughout the season and the 3 hours are fulfilled.
*These 3 hours will be worth 2 CEUs towards your further Education.

                                   EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                   10
                   COACHING POLICIES FOR CLUB SOCCER 2008- 2009
Game changes re: rescheduling
In the event of a game change you need to inform our Referee assignor and Club coordinator as soon as
possible. Also notify the age group coordinator and opposing coach. (Minimum of 7 days lead time is needed)
Check that lights will be on for evening games and that there is space for your game. Check for a second time
before event that everything is in order.

Training nights
If you are last to leave the facility please be sure that all doors are locked in the clubhouse, IE: Storerooms,
Referee rooms and bathrooms. Scan fields for equipment left out and return as needed.

Game days
 Be sure that you know what field you are playing on and that the field is lined. You are responsible for the
   corner flags. The first coach at the facility will put them out and the last will take them in.
 Check nets for holes and to be sure that the goals are weighted down.(Either staked or sandbags will suffice)
 Arrive early so that if a problem has occurred you are in good time to deal with it before the parents, players
   and opposition have arrived.
 When playing away it is prudent to call the opponents coach to clarify times and location.
 Weight goals down with sandbags or with suitable devices.

Field maintenance
Any defects to the fields or equipment need to be reported in the first instance to the Field director. A report needs
to be filled out and placed in the Directors in box in the referee’s room.

Field care
Avoid using the goal area. Use wide areas for drills and off field areas for running. This will help cut the wear and
tear down on the fields. It is a good regime to rotate goals across the field when you play.

Placement of goals
Be sure to return goals to their rightful place. This applies especially to teams training on Friday nights before
game day. Please be responsible.

Care of equipment
Be on the lookout for persons swinging on crossbars and nets. This is both dangerous and costly. Be vigilant and
do the right thing.

Training areas
Keep to your training area; don’t move from location to location. If there is a problem with the area that you
occupy notify the club coordinator.

Under no circumstances incite your parents against the Administration. Do not side with your group on issues
against the administration. This is the quickest way to cause division and will ultimately lead to failure. If there is a
problem, deal with it and bring it up to the Board at another time.

Parental behavior
This is your responsibility to keep your parents under control. This applies before, during, and after games. Often
we get carried away and thus incite the parents even further. Please keep your emotions in check; this will help

                                     EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                       11
defuse much of the poor behavior that can occur in heated moments. This is all part of team management and
falls on your shoulders as the leader of the group. Be the role model and standard setter.

Dress Code
I have always prided myself on the dress of our coaches. First, it’s important that we look like coaches. Wearing
the correct attire at all times is part of the job. Please be sure to do so. Baseball caps do not constitute correct
dress code. In bright sun or glare situations they are acceptable, but not as a fashion statement. Players need to
wear correct training gear. Again this is your responsibility to set the standard.

Risk Management
Each of you will receive a handout on this topic. I suggest you read it and follow it. Coaches are now the people to

Further Education
It is an expectation of the club and its BOD that you attend as many coaching courses and seminars as possible.
This will better equip you to do your Job. The club has a fund in place that helps defray the costs of these
courses. Please note, Board approval needs to be implemented before funding can be approved. We intend to
place a minimum amount of Education you need to attend per year to coach at the Raiders organization next
season. I am just giving you the heads up.

Email communication
Be sure to email all game scores to the other coaches. These reports should not go to parents. This is something
that we share between us. If you are using the Web as a link then you must be careful what you say about your
own players and the opponents as this is on show and can be looked at by anyone. The reports do not have to be
of great description, but brief and informative.

Agreement signed
Are you aware of what you signed and the contents of your “coach’s agreement”? Please be sure to read it
thoroughly so you know the requirements of the club and our expectation!

Training of Teams
It is the expectation of the club that the DOC and training staff conduct sessions throughout the year with your
team. This will continue. If you are a paid Trainer, then my expectation is that you will observe on that evening and
assist the Coach if needed. The players and parents love to see the DOC on the pitch working with the teams. It
also mixes it up a little for the players bringing a new concept into play.

Following directives
This is not an option. If you are told to do something then this needs to be followed. The plan is set and there for a
reason. Please go with the flow and do not try and fight what we are doing. The club is open to constructive
criticism, but presented through the right channels, we have the whole picture in mind, not just one team. I want
team players at the club, so be that player. If we all are of one mind we will be strong.

Coaches Logs
Each of you should be keeping a Coaches Log of what sessions you are doing, attendance charts, and other
pertinent information you wish to log. These records are imperative for back tracking and can be of a great benefit
should you need to track back. It’s professional and lets people see you have a plan. This Log is to be brought to
every coaches meeting and 1 on 1 with the DOCs.

Please be responsible in and around the facilities. If you see something wrong and are able to fix it then fix it!
Don’t just complain. Look after the area where you train. If you have kicked divots out then at the end of training
                                    EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                   12
get the players with yourself to kick them back in. This will also help the players to place a value on what is theirs.
Moving the Goals to save wear is also another vital area that needs to be addressed. If a Goal fell on a child
because you had not re-anchored it, guess who the Attorney would be coming after?

Coaches meetings
Coaches meeting are not hosted that often. So, when we have a meeting the expectancy of the club is that you all
attend. Conflicts are always a problem and we are sensitive to that, however many of you are also paid
professionals for what you do at the Raiders Organization, so you also have a responsibility to attend. I really do
not require excuses, just attendance. Please be sure to be there! Missing 2 meetings will result in a fine of the
cost of 1 session.

The Team
I constantly hear coaches refer to the team they are coaching as “My team”, Please remember that the team is a
club team, you just happen to coach it. Although this is just a figure of speech it can be misleading. Ownership
belongs to the club. You will be asked after a 3 year period to take another team, so please do not get so attached
that you cannot let go.

Travel Expenditure
Coaches will receive an allowance for travel to and from a facility that is over a 50 mile radius from a start point
designated from Puryear Park. Mileage will be recorded by Map quest and a printout will need to accompany such
Expense forms presented for reimbursement. The gas allowance will be $.32 per mile. These funds will come
from the Team fund and NOT the club. Coaches need to be sure that fundraising events are in place as to defer
extra costs to the parents.

Per Diem expense
This will be allocated at $25.00 per day.
Broken down will list as follows:
Breakfast: $5.00
Lunch:       $7.50
Dinner       $12.50
Dinner will not be an option if return is before 6pm. Expenditures need to be presented within 7 days.

This expense will only be picked up if the tournament is outside the 50 mile radius. On overnight stays in hotels,
minors must have room chaperones. Females must accompany females within rooming assignments. This is a
must and must be adhered to at all times.

Parent Coaches
Parent coaches are allowed to receive remuneration for their services for the team that their child plays on. This is
just and fair and in line with other clubs.

Coaching Courses
The club will pay for State E-D Licenses, on successful completion of the course. Pertaining to national A- B- C
Licenses, the Club will pay up to 50% of the course price on successful completion of the course. (This does not
include Housing costs and food)

Tournament Approval
All teams entering a Tournament are to be approved by the resident DOC.

                                    EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                      13
Alcohol use during travel
We ask that all coaches drink sensibly while on overnight trips. You are representing our organization. Absolutely
“No drinking” in front of players.
It is also advised that you do not get involved with drinking within the parental group. “Familiarity breeds
contempt”. No Raiders apparel to be worn should alcohol be consumed.

Dress code
All coaches need to dress appropriately. You must use EFL approved apparel. You are responsible for your
assistant’s dress code. No hats worn either sideways or back to front. Players must wear the appropriate apparel
on training nights. This consists of Shirt, shorts and socks. This has to be enforced and a mandate. You as the
Head coach are responsible and will be held accountable.

Political correctness
Be sure not to refer to a player by either race or creed. Also refrain from using derogatory remarks concerning a
player’s physical appearance. This can be damaging and kill a child’s esteem. Also this can leave a coach open to
legal ramifications should a complaint be lodged.

Training Fees
A monthly amount will be agreed for training purposes between the DOC and the coach. This will be payable from
the starting period of training and finish once the team is knocked out of either Region C or State Cup. These
figures will be on the assumption that 2 training sessions per week are taking place. The payment is based on a
monthly amount of money and not the amount of sessions completed. Any 3rd session offered will be negotiated
between the coach and the Parents. However the DOC needs to be kept informed of such actions.

If a coach misses a session and another coach picks the session up then the monies will go to that coach, unless
the arrangement is reciprocal. If the DOC steps in because a coach cannot make training and the session is not
one of the pre planned sessions hosted by the DOC, the fee will go to the club for that session. Training fees
should be based as to cover attrition. i.e.; a squad of 15 should be based on 14 players paying and be divided
between the Parents accordingly.

Exit fees for players leaving the team should cover training for the remainder of the year if collectable.

Everton FC further Educational Trips

These trips are only on offer to coaches who have served a minimum of 2 consecutive seasons at the club. The
coach must hold a minimum of a “USSF C” License, or NSCAA equivalent.

Everton Way coaching curriculums

It is an expectation that you follow the curriculum set fourth by EFC... This is part of our further Education program
and not up for discussion.

Loyalty to the program

If a situation arises between the club and a parent, do not under any circumstance side with the parent(s) against
the club or its officers. This will ultimately damage the relationship you have with your employer. We expect
loyalty. If there is a problem, talk to a BOD member or the DOCs.

The better clubs are all driven by the same philosophies. Our desire is for us to be a premier club with the best
coaching and development in the area. Winning will thereafter follow!
                                    EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                14
                          WELCOME TO THE HOME OF EVERTON FL
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Everton FL Youth Soccer Club. We are striving towards excellence
in all areas of the child’s development. Our program spans U9 to U18 in both boys and girls brackets, in addition
to an extensive recreational program.

We have watched our program change over recent years. State Cup Champions, mergers, and changes in the
coaching ranks… this organization has been through it all in recent years. We are exited to say that we are
welcoming a new era in EVERTON SOCCER. Many people are involved in the process of turning this program
into a force within Florida, and this begins with a quality cast of coaches and people working behind the scenes.
The organization has a great staff of board members, in addition to willing volunteers to assist in the growth
process. The board has hired a new Director of Coaching, in addition to an Executive Director. The job of these
two individuals will be to find a quality cast of coaches to create quality soccer players- in a fun and educational
environment. This vision of excellent coaches will keep players returning yearly and also attract outside talent to
improve our strong cast of players.

Our coaches have a passion for the game and for training children. Our belief is to keep it fun but informative, to
win, but not at all costs. All of our coaches are stringently “vetted” before they are allowed into the organization.
Our belief is to develop the soccer player to reach the zenith of their potential. A great emphasis is put on the
technical improvement of the player, over winning, especially at the younger brackets. Some of the coaching
highlights of our coaches include:
     3 collegiate head coaches
     2 collegiate assistant coaches
     8 coaches with National Licenses (USSF C or higher, or NSCAA National license or higher)
     1 collegiate National Championship winning coach
     4 former professional players
     1 coach in the process of getting his UEFA A License, the second highest license in the world

We are keen to showcase these coaches to you in the coming weeks. We are confident that by choosing the
Everton FL, you will be exited by the product we offer and see great improvements in the soccer ability of your

We strive to provide a quality product for you, the consumer. As such, we are basing our service on three ideals:
   1. There can NEVER be enough communication between board member, parent, coach, player
   2. Have fun in all that we do
   3. Most importantly, IT IS FOR THE CHILDREN

Our trained coaches are constantly evaluating your child. Recommendations are often given to players on what
areas need improvement and players will receive 2 evaluations per year to chart progress. In addition, the DOC
and the Executive Director will be on hand to evaluate the coaching staff, ensuring we are always trying to give
our best to the program.

                                    EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                    15
In recent years, we have had State Cup Championships, Region C championships, numerous Tournament wins,
league champions, and attendance in the National/ Regional tournament. As you can see, we are a strong
organization and are looking to continue moving forward in the world of youth soccer.

From the club fees, parents can expect the following:
     Coaching and training from coaches from Everton FC, from the English Premier League
     Use of the Everton FC Coaching curriculum to provide the optimal opportunity for your child in club
     Professional Club Coaching
     Coaching and Player evaluations to track player progress and development
     Greater and more in depth season
     Game uniforms
     FYSA and USA fees
     Invitation to numerous Everton FL Camps throughout the year
     League game referee fees
     Weekly goalkeeper training
     Entrance into 2 club level tournaments
     Overheads- field maintenance, lights, paint, website expenses, Region C/ State Cup expenses
     Training sessions ran by the DOC and Exec. DOC

Once tryouts are over and you have decided that Everton FL is the place to be, there will be team meetings to
give you specific information for your chosen team. At the meetings, parents will be informed of club policies,
registration process, and other functions within the club. Please ask questions to get a more in depth feel for the
workings of the organization.

I look forward to seeing you at the fields and wish you the best of luck over the coming year in your pursuit of
becoming a better soccer player. Becoming an Everton FL soccer player is the first step on that journey. If you
have questions, please feel free to get in touch with me and I will be glad to assist you.

Our belief is to develop the soccer player to there best potential. Using the tried and tested training curriculum of
Everton Football Club, that will prepare them for the next level. A great emphasis is put on the technical aspect in
the younger age groups. This will ensure that the player does not get left behind as they progress. Tactical
awareness is something that comes in to play around 12-13 years of age. Basic tactics are administered for
positional play to our younger element.

Our trained coaches and trainers are constantly evaluating your child. Recommendations are often given to
players on what areas they need improvement. Clinics and camps are always on offer (Nominal charge) to help in
these areas. There are two player evaluations per year. Coaches will normally meet with the player and go over
the critique, giving the player a better understanding of where they stand. Parents are normally present for
younger aged players.

Advice on College application and protocol is on hand to all parents and players. A strong slant is placed on
Academics and allowance always given for an absence from training in this area. A combination of Academics
and soccer will give the player the best chance of success at their college of choice. A College Presentation
Evening is on hand for our older players on a yearly basis.

Training will be no less than two times per week,with 3 nights being the optimum. State cup teams often train
more as they Approach State cup play. A normal session will last approximately 90 minutes. We like for your child
to be early.
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In order to reduce the burden of costs, fundraising is an important part of club soccer. Many teams have set
“Fundraisers” that defray the costs of training and Tournaments. All parents and players are expected to play a
small part in this worthwhile exercise. If implemented correctly there should be little expense over the $395.00
registration fee.

There an assortment of clinics/ camps on offer throughout the year. (Free and nominal charge) Also Goalkeeper
training is on offer for all Goalkeepers throughout the season and beyond.
Many Coaches and Trainers offer individual and small group training for a nominal fee.

Steve Kulavic  President Elect:                          Email:
Tony Paris     Executive Director of Coaching            Email:
Ged Oconnor:   Director Of Coaching:                     Email:
Abby Rudderham Club Coordinator                          Email:

Yours in soccer,

Tony Paris, Executive Director                          Ged O’Connor, Director of Coaching

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                            TRYOUT INFORMATION 2008- 2009
Club tryouts will be held annually and are open to all players who meet the requirements for the teams in
question. Each prospect will be given a fair opportunity to make the Club. The Club will announce the open tryouts
to inform the public of the specific tryout dates and times. The Club reserves the right to cancel or reduce the
number of days of annual tryouts if the Club deems tryouts unnecessary or due to unsatisfactory conditions.
Qualified players may be added to team rosters at any time.
The open tryout period may last from one to five tryout sessions. In order to avoid wasting anyone's time, the
coaching staff reserves the right to make cuts after the first tryout, or to ask certain prospects to remain after the
published tryout dates. Evaluations and selections will be based solely on how prospects perform in the evaluation
areas according to the coaching staff. No other criteria will be used to evaluate players, and the decisions of the
coaching staff are final. During this evaluation period, please give us the same consideration and inform us
whether or not you plan to join the Club if or when invited. The coaching staff will determine whether you play at St
Pete Raiders at or above your age bracket. The players selected for St Pete Raiders will be notified as
determined. No one will be cut at the Field.

EVALUATION                                                                                               Player
performance will be evaluated by observing the player. Only the coaching staff will confer in matters of player
evaluation and selection. There are many terms used to categorize and describe soccer abilities. Present and
potential team members will be evaluated in four areas. Those four areas of evaluation are:

       Mental dimensions (character, discipline, and leadership)
       Physical dimensions (endurance, strength, and speed)
       Technical competence (skills)
       Tactical awareness (reading the game)

If you have any questions about the meaning of these terms, please ask the coaches. The coaches will base their
decisions solely on the four areas of evaluation and they are responsible to make decisions for the good of the
Club and the team. Politics, friendships, personal relationships, and financial contribution to the team or Club will
not enter into these decisions.

Your understanding here is important, for just as players and parents have freedom to select a club without unfair
pressure and with a full understanding of what is expected, the coaching staff needs the same freedom to work
objectively. We will not always agree on issues as sensitive as player evaluation and selection. We hope you will
respect our attempt to be objective in these matters.

   Avoid basic drills to get into the meat of the session early. We are selling a product, in this case, it is you
     as a coach so be sure to be upbeat, positive and give a good impression of yourself and organization
   1 v 1 to 4 v 4 and scrimmages as a basic outline for the session. It is a tryout, not a coaching session
   Post tryouts, organize a team parent meeting ASAP. In the meeting should be goals and objectives, your
     coaching philosophies, your training costs. Be sure to have an asst and team manager/ treasurer in place.
     Also, go through the player and parent contract and give your expectations of parental behavior.
   Contact Ray Chasserou to arrange field times and space

                                    EXCELENCE THROUGH ENDEVOUR                                                     18
  1) Arrive early- attend both times of sessions
  2) Bring soccer balls/cones and pinnies
  3) Ensure someone is able to check in players other than yourself.
  4) Have a resume on the check in table along
  5) Go your designated field ASAP
  6) Create a good upbeat session... Observe rather than coach though
  7) Make your decisions and get the letter of intent signed with a deposit ASAP
  8) Make your self known to the parents of the new players ASAP
  9) Only cut a player via phone
  10) If you know you are not taking a player do not string them along, let them know forthwith
  11) If your team has won some trophies then exhibit at the sign in table, if available
  12) Be sure goals are anchored
  13) 3 day period for informing a parent player if they have made it. No emails, must be face to face/ phone
  14) If the coach is currently coaching at the club and is definitely not picking a player up who is already on the
      team, he is at liberty to let the parent know before tryouts of his intention. This affords the player the
      opportunity to tryout elsewhere, don't have the player attend 3 sessions and say no. In these situations it
      is a good idea that the DOC is present
  15) Copies of club rules on hand for all to see in a visible location, or on each desk. Its important that parents
      know what we will accept before they sign up
  16) Parents wishing for their child to play up need to follow the strict criteria we have for such situations
  17) Take troublesome situations somewhere quiet and to air our views away from the rest of the world.
      Tryouts seem to bring the worst out in parents
  18) Report back to the clubhouse for a de-briefing on the tryout. This is a good way to track any problems that
      might arise and also keep you in the loop as to players etc
  19) Do not over roster and that if they pick them and commit, then they have them, as sometimes coaches
      commit to early and then a better player comes along…
  20) Make each coach responsible for his own area, which means he checks the turf for holes etc and takes
      care of anything the night before
  21) Show no nepotism
  22) Tuck shirts in- look the part
  23) Have Resume and philosophies on hand for both parents and players
      List a tentative list of how many training nights and tournaments you might consider.
  24) You must check birth certificates for verification
  25) Players wishing to play up must seek permission from DOCS, unless already grand fathered in
  26) Follow tryout session plan, cut the drills and play!!!!
  27) Use play evaluation sheet (provided)
  28) Lock your players in ASAP, Letter of Intent and deposit. (Non refundable)
  29) Absolutely no cuts at the fields, call with results... No emails please.
  30) Orchestrate a Parent meeting ASAP
  31) Outline costs associated for training and period that your season will run
  32) Set the parameters early for what you expect from your group
  33) Supply a calendar to the parents re: meetings in advance.
  34) Discuss potential tournaments and costs associated
  35) Work out the yearly budget for your team including, Tournaments, training fees, etc. (This can be a rough
  36) Explain how missed sessions work re: payment, this is vital to avoid any confusion that might occur if
      sessions are missed.

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