The History of Baton Rouge by wuyunyi


									                                       The History of Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, a name which reputedly refers to the red stick that once marked the boundary between two Indian tribes,
owes more to the French than its unusual name, for it was the French who explored, developed and settled the region
during its significant early years.

By the middle of the eighteenth century, the Acadian exiles from Nova Scotia began to arrive in the area, joining the
other French speaking settlers. After a number of years wandering down the Atlantic Coast, the Acadians were wel-
comed in Louisiana and soon made their homes along the rivers and bayous of the state. Their culture and influence is
still strongly felt in South Louisiana.

Nineteenth century plantation life surrounds this city where all corners of Louisiana come together into one rich, thick
gumbo. The Mississippi River built our past and continues to shape our future as it flows past plantations and attractions.

Baton Rouge's history is filled with interesting anecdotes. Learn why the Old State Capitol is called “the little sham
castle,” why the Sunshine Bridge was labeled a bridge that went “from nowhere to nowhere,” and why the Old Missis-
sippi River Bridge, which Huey Long built, is impassable for large tankers.

Baton Rouge has it all. So come and explore our unique city! You'll find you have never seen more beautiful sights or
tasted better food than in Baton Rouge... the Flavor of Louisiana!

                                              Words and Sayings of Baton Rouge

ANDOUILLE AND BOUDIN***                         CRAWFISH/CRAYFISH**                          LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROUL-
(ahn-doo-ee and boo-dan)                        (craw-fish)                                  ER***
Two types of Cajun sausage. Andouille           A small fresh water crustacean related to    (lay-zay lay bawn tawn roulay)
is made with pork, boudin with pork and         the lobster.                                 “Let the good times roll,” a motto of many
rice.                                                                                        Louisianians.
                                                ETOUFFEE** (ay too fay)
BAYOU*** (by-you or by-yo)                      Method of cooking something (usually         PIROGUE** (pee-rogue)
A sluggish stream, bigger than a creek and      shrimp or crawfish) smothered in chopped     Cajun canoe, originally made from a
smaller than a river.                           vegetables over low flame, tightly cov-      dugout cypress log.
                                                ered, until tender.
BEIGNET*** (bin-yay)                                                                         POO-YIE!***
A fritter, or a strangely shaped doughnut       FAIS-DO-DO* (fay-doh-doh)                    Indicates surprised dismay, like “Oh, no!”
without a hole. A New Orleans favorite.         A type of street dance derived from Euro-
                                                pean religious festivals. Originally “fete   ROUX*** (roo)
CAJUN COOKING***                                de Dieu,” festival of God.                   Basic ingredient of many Louisiana reci-
Robust, inventive cooking evolved by                                                         pes. Essentially, seasoned flour browned
the Acadian settlers of the bayou country,      GUMBO***                                     in a skillet.
rooted in resourcefulness, use of available     Thick, savory soup with chicken, seafood,
ingredients, and “make do” in artful ways.      sausage or wild game.                        ZYDECO* (zy-duh-coh)
                                                                                             Lively variant of Cajun music, derived
CHER*** (sha)                                   JAMBALAYA**                                  from the word haricot, French for string
A term of endearment or “my sweet.”             Highly seasoned mixture of any of several    bean.
                                                combinations of seafood, meat, poultry,
                                                                                               * From THE LOUISIANA EXPERIENCE,
                                                sausage and vegetables, simmered with             Mary Alice Fontenot & Julie Landry
                                                raw rice until liquid is absorbed.            ** From THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CAJUN & CREOLE
                                                                                                  CUISINE, John D. Folse
                                                                                             ***	 Louisiana	Office	of	Tourism

                                                                                                                        L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                                Special Market Conditions - Baton Rouge
The Baton Rouge area is divided into 3 regions: south, southeast and central. The central area is more rural with homes
in all price ranges, typically with larger lots. The south and southeast areas are the growth areas. The southern part of
the city includes Louisiana State University and the downtown areas. You will find older, more established neighbor-
hoods here. The Baton Rouge offices also service Denham Springs, Baker, Walker, Zachary, St. Francisville, Prairieville,
Gonzales and Port Allen.

Five or More Bedrooms
      High Range                                                       Median Range                                                                      Low Range
      Price: $450,000+                                                Price: $285,000+                                                              Price: $176,500+

      Most Popular Communities                               Most Popular Communities                                              Most Popular Communities
      White Oak Landing                                        Woodstone • Laurel Hill                                                        Sherwood Forest
      Country Club of Louisiana                              Lakeside • Lake at White Oak                                          Certain Highland Road areas
      Fair Oaks                                                 Lake Sherwood Acres                                                         Lake at White Oak
      Lakes at Highland                                            Sherwood Forest                                                                  Broadmoor
      Santa Maria                                                    Green Trails                                                                        Ascot
      Hundred Oaks                                                     Rose Hill                                                                   Shenandoah
      Heritage Estates                                             The Homestead                                                                 Oak Meadows
                                                                                                                                                  Azalea Lake
Four Bedrooms
      High Range                                                        Median Range                                                                     Low Range
      Price: $275,000+                                                 Price: $235,000+                                                             Price: $160,000+

   Most Popular Communities                                 Most Popular Communities                                               Most Popular Communities
   Bocage                                                      Riverbend • Woodchase                                                             Shenandoah
   Walden                                                       Oak Hills • Live Oak                                                              Kenilworth
   Woodgate                                              Carrington Place • Rolling Meadows                                                Gates of Windsong
   Santa Maria                                                Lake at White Oak • Ascot                                                     Cobblestone Park
   Woodchase                                                          Deer Lake                                                                      Old Mill
   Windermere                                                                                                                                Sherwood Forest
Three Bedrooms
      High Range                                                        Median Range                                                                      Low Range
      Price: $260,000+                                                 Price: $170,000+                                                               Price: $95,000+

      Most Popular Communities     Most Popular Communities                                                                        Most Popular Communities
      Jefferson Place              Hickory Ridge • Shenandoah                                                                          Broadmoor • Southdown
      Woodgate                         Westminster • Tara                                                                          Forest Oaks • Garden District
      Lake at White Oak                  Sherwood Forest                                                                                    Highland Road area
      Oakridge                            Natchez Trace                                                                                     University Gardens
      Lakewood                         Lakes of Fennwood                                                                                            Park Forest
      Country Club Crossing              Riverbend Lakes
                                       Woodland Shadows
                                    The Lake of Oxford Place
                                       Camelot Park Forest
Attached Housing/Condominiums/Townhouses
      High Range                                                        Median Range                                                                      Low Range
      Price: $225,000+                                                 Price: $125,000+                                                               Price: $85,000+

      Most Popular Communities                                Most Popular Communities                                             Most Popular Communities
      Jamestowne Court                                               Runnymeade                                                               Jefferson Woods
      Le Harve                                                       Sharpstowne                                                                   Brandywine
      Wrenwood                                                     Jefferson Square                                                         Old San Francisco
      Gatehouse                                                     Shadowbrook                                                                       Park Oak
      Jefferson Place                                               Cypress Point                                                               Jefferson Hills
      Perkins Rowe                                                  Highland Oaks

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                                                                                    (4)                                                                L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                                    Special Market Conditions - Ascension
ASCENSION parish is the 2nd fastest growing parish in the State of Louisiana and 9th fastest growing community in
the United States! Ascension Parish is positioned on Interstate-10 between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana's
largest metropolitan areas. It is the state's 2nd fastest growing area where businesses and residents can truly "Experience
the Ascension Advantage" by drawing upon the resources of two metro areas, while being part of a thriving suburban
community. From the excellent public school system and the safe, family feel of the parish to the unique economic
strengths in oil and gas, petrochemicals, telecommunications, agriculture, retail and tourism, Ascension Parish truly is a
great place to live & work.
Five or More Bedrooms
     High Range                                             Median Range                                         Low Range
     Price: $450,000+                                      Price: $300,000+                                 Price: $230,000+
      Most Popular Communities                                    Most Popular Communities                                         Most Popular Communities
      Oak Alley Estates                                                Lakes at Ascension                                                        Prairie Village
      Pelican Point                                                      Manchac Harbor                                                            Oak Terrace
      Bluff Heritage                                                      Summer Lake                                                        Lakeview Estates
      Legacy Hills                                                         Pelican Point                                                          Willow Lake
      Fountain Hill                                                    Parks at Dutchtown                                                         Pelican Point
      Waterford Lake                                                    Oak Alley Estates                                                      Autumn Woods
      Spanish Oaks                                                        Manchac Place                                                    Lakes at Oak Grove
      Lakes at Ascension                                                Jefferson Crossing                                          Twelve Oaks • Rural Tracts
      Cypress Cove                                            Plantation Creek • Dutchtown Hallow                                   Galvez Oaks • Perkins Oaks
                                                                                                                                     Lake Crossing • The Bluffs
Four Bedrooms
   High Range                                                                Median Range                                                                Low Range
   Price: $400,000+                                                         Price: $250,000+                                                        Price: $150,000+
      Most Popular Communities                                   Most Popular Communities                                          Most Popular Communities
      Manchac Plantation                                                 Pelican Point                                                          Autumn Woods
      Pelican Point                                                    Oaks on the Bluff                                                       Ascension Trace
      Fountain Hill                                                     Waterford Lake                                                  Highland at Dutchtown
      Seven Oaks                                                       Manchac Harbor                                                     Cypress Ridge Estates
      Oaks on the Bluff                                               Lakes at Ascension                                                                Woodrun
      Legacy Hills                                                    Jefferson Crossing                                                               Park Vista
      Spanish Oaks                                                   Manchac Commons                                                              Bayou Estates
      Parks at Dutchtown                                              Parks of Dutchtown                                                         Worthy Estates
      Providence Pl                                                       Quail Creek                                                       Lakes at Oak Grove
      Cotton Field                                                       Cedar Grove                                                       Prairie Village Acres
      Quail Hollow                                                  Settlement at Lakeside                                                         Villa Gardens
      Moss Point • Lake at Ascension                                    Autumn Woods                                                  Arlington Platt • Fox Run
                                                               Twelve Oaks • Bayou View Estates                                    Alfalfa Acres• Hunters Trace
Three Bedrooms
   High Range                                                                Median Range                                                                Low Range
   Price: $330,000+                                                         Price: $230,000+                                                        Price: $150,000+
    Most Popular Communities                                       Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities
    Manchac Estates                                                     Lake at Manchac                                                            River Gate
    Vincent Oaks                                                          Twelve Oaks                                                           Prairie Village
    Old Dutchtown                                                      Bluffs of Ascension                                                     Jefferson Oaks
    Old Mill                                                             Lake Meadows                                                         Ascension Trace
    Jefferson Oaks                                                         River Ridge                                                          Hunters Trace
    Cobblestone                                                       Woodhaven Gardens                                                           Oak Terrace
    Parks at Dutchtown                                                    Cypress Ridge                                                            Charleston
    Pelican Point                                                      Dutchtown Village                                                   Bayou Grand South
    Prairie Oaks • Twelve Oaks                                      Quail Creek • Shady Oaks                                                    Lessard Acres
    The Plantation • River Ridge                                   Ducote Sub • Chateau Galvez
Attached Housing/Condo/Townhouses
    High Range                                                               Median Range                                                                Low Range
    Price: $200.000+                                                        Price: $100,000+                                                        Price: $185,000+
      Most Popular Communities                                     Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities
      The Plantation                                                  Arlington Plantation                                                    Cypress Village
      Pelican Point                                                    Southwood Village
      Quarters at Dutchtown                                           Manchac Commons
      River Highlands Estates                                            Cypress Village
      Audubon Place

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                                                                                    (5)                                                                L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                                   Special Market Conditions - Livingston
LIVINGSTON parish is conveniently located on I-12, and is 10 minutes from Baton Rouge, home of LSU and Southern
University, and 45 minutes from New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Livingston Parish offers everything from
first-class hotels to "off the beaten path" attractions. Livingston Parish has eight municipalities and Denham Springs is
the largest of the Parish's eight municipalities just across the Amite River, east of Baton Rouge and west of the commu-
nity of Walker. The Town of Livingston, the Parish's seat of government, sits in the center of the Parish. Albany, Spring-
field, and Killian are all located on the eastern border, while Port Vincent and French Settlement, both of which feature
Cajun influences, are located along the southern part of the Parish.

Five or More Bedrooms
    High Range                                                               Median Range                                                                Low Range
    Price: $300,000+                                                        Price: $200,000+                                                        Price: $189,900+
   Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities
   Greystone G&CC                                                       Audubon Village                                                           South Point
   Whispering Pines                                                       Pecan Creek                                                             Falconcrest
   Pecan Creek                                                           Collins Place
   Regency Park
Four Bedrooms
   High Range                                                                Median Range                                                                Low Range
   Price: $310,000+                                                         Price: $230,000+                                                        Price: $150,000+
      Most Popular Communities                                     Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities
      Three Lakes                                                          Stone Hill                                                         Savannah Trace
      Waterfront E&W                                                    Woodland Ridge                                                             South Point
      Carter Plantation                                                Live Oak Landing                                                          Willow Point
      Easterly Lakes                                                      Pecan Creek                                                      Woodland Crossing
      Greystone G&CC                                                     Audubon Trace                                                               Parkridge
      Lakes at Belle Terre                                                Forest Ridge                                                             Wolf Creek
      Whispering Pines                                                    Grays Creek                                                         Village Maisons
                                                                      Lakes at Fennwood
                                                                          Wisteria Place
                                                                         Savannah Trace
                                                                          Willow Pointe
Three Bedrooms
   High Range                                                                Median Range                                                                Low Range
   Price: $330,000+                                                         Price: $225,000+                                                        Price: $135,000+
      Most Popular Communities                                     Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities
      Carter Plantation                                                Live Oak Landing                                                         Meadow Lake
      Greystone G&CC                                                      Spring Lake                                                      Old Mill Settlement
      Waterfront E & W                                                 Magnolia Gardens                                                       Shadow Springs
      River Highland                                                     Easterly Lakes                                                   Woodland Crossings
                                                                        Woodland Ridge                                                            Beau Chene
                                                                         Wisteria Place                                                           South Point
   High Range                                                                Median Range                                                                Low Range
   Price: $200,000+                                                         Price: $150,000+                                                        Price: $104,900+
      Most Popular Communities                                     Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities
      Dockside at The Waterfront                                       Magnolia Landing                                                            Evangeline
      River Highlands                                                    Settlers Rowe                                                      Magnolia Landing
      Juban Courts                                                        Juban Courts                                                           Hidden Oaks
                                                                                                                                              River Highlands

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                                                                                                                                                       L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                                       Special Market Conditions - Zachary
ZACHARY is located ten miles north of Baton Rouge, the city of Zachary offers the convenience of a metropolitan area
with all the charm of small-city living. Zachary is a city of approximately 22,875, located in northern East Baton Rouge
Parish and within an urbanized area population of approximately 550,000. Keeping in line with the growing resident
population, the business community is constantly expanding to offer quality products and services within minutes.
Zachary continues to be one of the fastest growing small cities in Louisiana, with active community involvement just one
reason for the attraction. Ranked Number 1 in the State of Louisiana, academically, and considered to be the best in the
area, Zachary's school system continues to be a drawing card for the city.

Five or More Bedrooms
    High Range                                                               Median Range                                                                Low Range
    Price: $400,000+                                                        Price: $228,000+                                                        Price: $100,000+
      Most Popular Communities                                     Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities
      Copper Mill                                                         Lake Pointe                                                             Baker Hills
                                                                       Parkwood Terrace
                                                                          Mills Pointe
                                                                         Audubon Lakes
                                                                         Belmont Estate
Four Bedrooms
   High Range                                                                Median Range                                                                Low Range
   Price: $370,000+                                                         Price: $250,000+                                                        Price: $130,000+
      Most Popular Communities                                     Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities
      Mills Pointe                                                        Lake Pointe                                                           Baker Estates
      Copper Mill G&CC                                                   Live Oak Trace                                                          Castle Place
      Beaver Creek                                                       Audubon Lakes                                                         Thornton Place
                                                                          Pointe South
                                                                          Beaver Creek
                                                                        Fennwood Links
                                                                           Pecan Hills
Three Bedrooms
   High Range                                                                Median Range                                                                Low Range
   Price: $350,000+                                                         Price: $225,000+                                                        Price: $100,000+
      Most Popular Communities                                     Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities
      Copper Mill G&CC                                                Lake Pointe Twelve                                                          Sandy Creek
                                                                         Audubon Lakes                                                         The Settlement
                                                                          Pointe South                                                              Windwood
                                                                           Pecan Hills                                                  Cottages at Blue Heron
                                                                          Beaver Creek                                                             Castle Place
                                                                         The Settlement                                                       Harding Terrace
                                                                         Live Oak Trace
   High Range                                                                Median Range                                                                Low Range
   Price: $200,000+                                                         Price: $150,000+                                                        Price: $100,000+
      Most Popular Communities                                     Most Popular Communities                                        Most Popular Communities
      Lake Pointe                                                    Cottage at Blue Heron                                                        Sandy Creek
                                                                                                                                               The Settlement
                                                                                                                                        Cottages at Blue Heron
                                                                                                                                                   Castle Place
                                                                                                                                              Harding Terrace
                                                                                                                                               Brown Heights

LATTER & BLUM/C.J. BROWN believes this information to be correct, but assumes no legal responsibility for its accuracy or for the accuracy of its presentation.

                                                                                                                                                       L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
   Visit for comprehensive school data under the Relocation tab, Quick Links, "Online Relocation Package".
East Baton Rouge Parish Public School Information
To register, apply in person at your district school. If you are not sure of your school, contact School Districts at (225) 226-3784. You
will need to bring your children's birth certificates, immunization records, and a utility application or bill confirming your address.
Extended Day:
These programs accommodate students and parents before and after school. Contact the EBR Parish School Board at (225) 922-5400 for information.
Special Ed:
Special services are offered for the emotionally, mentally, physically, and educationally handicapped. To discuss a child's special
needs, call the Capitol Administrative Center at (225) 929-8602.
Gifted Child:
EBR recognizes the values, needs, and abilities of gifted children. Call (225) 929-8777.
Adult Ed:                 Alcohol/Drug Prevention:            Child Welfare:               Information:               Transportation:
(225) 226-7660            (225) 226-2273                      (225) 226-4744               (225) 922-5400             (225) 226-3784

Private Schools
Episcopal High                           5-12    The Runnels School                    2 yr.-12    Trinity Episcopal                          K-4
(225) 753-3180                                   (225) 751-5712                                    (225) 387-0398
3200 Woodland Ridge Blvd.                        17255 S. Harrell's Ferry                          3550 Morning Glory
Baton Rouge, LA 70816                            Baton Rouge, LA 70816                             Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Central Private                      4 yr.-12    St. James Episcopal                       K-5     Baton Rouge Prep. Academy 13 yr.-21
(225) 261-3341                                   (225) 344-0805                                    Special Education (225) 356-0256
12801 Centrerra Court                            445 Convention Street                             5959 Cadillac
Baker, LA 70714                                  Baton Rouge, LA 70802                             Baton Rouge, LA 70811
St. Lukes Episcopal                    3 yr.-5   Christian Life                           K-12     Parkview Baptist                         K-12
(225) 927-8601                                   (225) 769-6760                                    (225) 293-2820
8833 Goodwood Blvd.                              2037 Quail Ridge                                  5750 Parkview Church Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70806                            Baton Rouge, LA 70808                             Baton Rouge, LA 70816
The Dunham School                     Pre-12
(225) 767-7097
11111 Roy Emerson Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Parochial High Schools
Catholic High                            8-12    Redemptorist High                         7-12    St. Joseph's                              9-12
(225) 383-0397                                   (225) 357-0936                                    (225) 383-7207
855 Hearthstone Drive                            4000 St. Gerard Avenue                            3015 Broussard
Baton Rouge, LA 70806                            Baton Rouge, LA 70805                             Baton Rouge, LA 70808
St. John High                            7-12    Ascension Catholic                       K-12     Catholic High/Pointe Coupee               7-12
(225) 687-3056                                   (225) 473-9227                                    (225) 638-3469
24250 Regina Street                              311 St. Vincent Street                            504 4th Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70764                            Donaldsonville, LA 70346                          New Roads, LA 70760
Bishop Sullivan                          9-12    St. Thomas Aquinas High                   9-12
(225) 753-9782                                   (504) 542-7662
17521 Monitor Ave                                14520 Voss Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70817                            Hammond, LA 70401

Parochial Elementary Schools
Dept. of Special Education                       St. Jean Vianney                          K-8     St. Theresa of Avila                  Pre K-8
(225) 383-3066                                   (225) 751-1831                                    (225) 647-2803
P.O. Box 2028                                    16266 South Harrells Ferry Road                   212 East New River Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70821                            Baton Rouge, LA 70816                             Gonzales, LA 70737
St. Jude School                     Pre K-8      St. Elizabeth Interparochial         Pre K-8      St. Louis King of France                   K-8
(225) 769-2344                                   (225) 369-7402                                    (225) 273-3932
9150 Highland Road                               P.O. Drawer M                                     2311 N. Sherwood Forest
Baton Rouge, LA 70810                            Paincourtville, LA 70391                          Baton Rouge, LA 70815

(Schools continued on next page)                                                                                               L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                                                  Schools (continued)
Parochial Elementary Schools
St. Philomena School                  K-8    St. Isadore Middle School             K-8    Most Blessed Sacrament                 K-8
(225) 526-8508                               (225) 355-6730                               (225) 751-0273
110 Convent                                  6380 Hooper Road                             8033 Barringer Road
St. Labadieville, LA 70372                   Baton Rouge, LA 70811                        Baton Rouge, LA 70817
St. Thomas Moore School               K-8    Our Lady of Mercy              Pre K-8       Our Lady of Prompt Succor              K-8
(225) 275-2820                               (225) 924-1054                               (225) 545-3302
11400 Sherbrook Drive                        400 Marquette Avenue                         32625 Bowie
Baton Rouge, LA 70815                        Baton Rouge, LA 70806                        White Castle, LA 70788
Sacred Heart of Jesus School       Pre K-8   St. John Elementary School         Pre K-6   St. Aloysius School                    K-8
(225) 383-7481                               (225) 687-6616                               (225) 383-3871
2251 Main Street                             58645 St. Clement Avenue                     2025 Stuart Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70802                        Plaquemine, LA 70764                         Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Catholic Elementary of Pointe Coupee K-6     St. Alphonsus School                  K-8    Chanel Interparochial School           K-8
(225) 638-9313                               (225) 261-5299                               (225) 869-5778
304 Napoleon Street                          13940 Greenwell Springs Road                 P.O. Box 159
New Roads, LA 70760                          Greenwell Springs, LA 70739                  Paulina, LA 70763
St. Frances Xavier                 Pre K-8   Holy Ghost School                     K-8    St. George School                 Pre K-8
(225) 387-6639                               (225) 345-0977                               (225) 293-1298
1150 S. 12th                                 506 N. Magnolia Street                       7880 Siegen Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70802                        Hammond, LA 70401                            Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Mater Dolorosa School              Pre K-8   St. Gerard Majella                    K-6    St. Joseph School                      K-8
(225) 878-4295                               (225) 355-1437                               (225) 386-6421
P.O. Box 380                                 3655 St. Gerard Avenue                       175 N. 8th Street
Independence, LA 70443                       Baton Rouge, LA 70805                        Ponchatoula, LA 70454
St. Isidore School                    K-5    Holy Family School                    K-8
(225) 775-3336                               (225) 344-4100
5667 Thomas Road                             335 N. Jefferson
Baton Rouge, LA 70811                        Port Allen, LA 70767

Ascension Parish Schools – Public
G.W. Carver Primary                   K-5    Dutchtown Middle                      5-8    Gonzales Primary                       K-5
(225) 621-2500                               (225) 621-2355                               (225) 621-2660
518 Oak Street                               13078 Hwy. 73                                521 N. Burnside
Gonzales, LA                                 Geismer, LA                                  Gonzales, LA
Central Elementary                    K-5    Dutchtown Primary                     K-4    Lake Elementary                        K-8
(225) 621-2500                               (225) 621-2380                               (225) 621-2470
14101 Roddy Road                             13046 Hwy. 73                                14185 Hwy. 431
Gonzales, LA                                 Geismer, LA                                  St. Amant, LA
Dondaldsonville Elementary            K-5    East Ascension High School           9-12    Lowery Middle                           6-8
(225) 474-2720                               (225) 621-2400 or (225) 621-2391             (225) 474-2760
38210 Hwy. 3089                              612 E. Worthey Road                          810 Martin Luther King Dr.
Gonzales, LA                                 Gonzales, LA                                 Donaldsonville, LA
Dondaldsonville High                 9-12    Galvez Middle                         5-8    Oak Grove Primary                      K-4
(225) 474-2730                               (225) 621-2424                               (225) 621-2360
100 Tiger Dr.                                42018 Hwy. 933                               17550 Old Jefferson Hwy.
Donaldsonville, LA                           Prairieville, LA                             Prairieville, LA
Duplessis Primary                     K-5    Galvez Primary                        K-4    Prairieville Middle School              5-8
(225) 621-8100                               (225) 621-2444                               (225) 621-2340
38101 Hwy. 621                               16093 Henderson Bayou Rd.                    16200 Hwy. 930
Gonzales, LA                                 Gonzales, LA                                 Prairieville, LA
Dutchtown High School                9-12    Gonzales Middle                       6-8    St. Amant High School                  9-12
(225) 621-8250                               (225) 621-2505                               (225) 621-2565
13165 Hwy. 73                                1502 W. Orice Roth St.                       12035 Hwy. 431
Geismar, LA                                  Gonzales, LA                                 St. Amant, LA

(Schools continued on next page)                                                                                  L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                                            Schools (continued)
Ascension Parish Schools – Public continued
St. Amant Middle                 5-8   West Ascension Elementary        K-5    Ascension Head Start                     K-8
(225) 621-2600                         (225) 474-2780                          (225) 474-2750
44317 Hwy. 429                         1200 St. Patrick                        P.O. Box 152
St. Amant, LA                          Donaldsonville, LA                      Donaldsonville, LA
St. Amant Primary               K-4    Ascension Alternative School
(225) 621-2626                         (225) 474-2770
44365 Hwy. 429                         38606 Hwy. 22
St. Amant, LA                          Darrow, LA

Ascension Parish Schools – Private
Ascension Catholic Primary      K-4    Ascension Catholic High School   9-12   Faith Academy and Faith School           K-8
(225) 473-8540                         (225) 473-9227                          (225) 644-3110
618 Iberville St.                      311 St. Vincent                         10469 Airline Hwy.
Donaldsonville, LA                     Donaldsonville, LA                      Gonzales, LA
Ascension Catholic Middle        5-8   Ascension Christian Academy and K-7     St. Theresa Catholic School              K-8
(225) 473-7486                           Child Development Center              (225) 647-2803
809 St. Vincent St.                    (225) 622-3924                          212 East New River
Donaldsonville, LA                     14408 EA Academy Road                   Gonzales, LA
                                       Gonzales, LA
Livingston Parish Schools
Albany High                     9-12   Doyle High                       7-12   Holden                                  K-12
(225) 567-9319                         (225) 686-2318                          (225) 567-9367
29710 Mulberry Street                  20480 Circle Drive                      30120 Montpellier Drive
Albany, LA                             Livingston, LA                          Holden, LA
Albany Middle                    6-8   Doyle Elementary                 K-6    Levi Milton Elementary                   K-5
(225) 567-5231                         (225) 686-2416                          (225) 664-9711
29675 Reeves Lane                      29285 S. Range Road                     31450 Walker North Road
Albany, LA                             Livingston, LA                          Walker, LA
Albany Upper Elementary          3-5   Eastside Elementary              K-5    Lewis Vincent Elementary                 K-5
(225) 567-5097                         (225) 791-8581                          (225) 665-8198
29779 S. Montpelier Drive              9735 Lockhart Road                      7686 Vincent Road
Albany, LA                             Denham Springs, LA                      Denham Springs, LA
Albany Lower Elementary         K-2    French Settlement High           7-12   Live Oak High                            9-12
(225) 567-9281                         (225) 698-3561                          (225) 665-8858
30051 W. School Street                 15875 La. Hwy. 16                       35086 Old La. Hwy. 16
Albany, LA                             French Settlement, LA                   Watson, LA
Denham Springs High            10-12   French Settlement Elementary     K-6    Live Oak Middle                           6-8
(225) 665-8851                         (225) 698-6848                          (225) 664-3211
1000 N. Range Avenue                   15810 La. Hwy. 16                       8444 Cecil Drive
Denham Springs, LA                     Livingston, LA                          Watson, LA
Denham Springs Freshman High      9    Freshwater Elementary            K-5    Live Oak Elementary                      K-5
(225) 665-7890                         (225) 665-5371                          (225) 665-6702
940 Range Avenue N.E.                  1025 Cockerham Road                     35195 Old La. Hwy. 16
Denham Springs, LA                     Denham Springs, LA                      Watson, LA
Denham Springs Junior High       6-8   Frost Elementary                 K-8    North Live Oak Elementary                K-5
(225) 665-8898                         (225) 698-3780                          (225) 667-3135
401 Hatchell Lane                      19672 La. Hwy. 42                       36605 Outback Road
Denham Springs, LA                     Livingston, LA                          Watson, LA
Denham Springs Elementary       K-5    Grays Creek Elementary           K-5    Option III
(225) 665-5855                         (225) 667-1808                          (225) 665-6062
306 N.Range Avenue                     11400 La. Hwy. 1033                     Burgess Road
Denham Springs, LA                     Denham Springs, LA                      Walker, LA

                                                                                                         L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                                        Schools (continued)
Livingston Parish Schools
South Live Oak Elementary   K-5    Southside Junior High       6-8   Walker Junior High                     6-8
(225) 667-9330                     (225) 664-4221                    (225) 665-8970
8400 Cecil Drive                   26535 La. Hwy. 16                 13443 Burgess Avenue
Watson, LA                         Denham Springs, LA                Walker, LA
Maurepas                    K-12   Southside Elementary       K-5    Westside Junior High                   6-8
(225) 695-6111                     (225) 665-5500                    (225) 665-8259
23923 Hwy. 22                      1129 S. Range Avenue              12615 Burgess Avenue
Maurepas, LA                       Denham Springs, LA                Walker, LA
North Corbin Elementary     K-5    Springfield High           9-12   South Walker Elementary               K-5
(225) 686-9169                     (225) 294-3256                    (225) 665-0446
32645 North Corbin Road            27322 La. Hwy. 42                 13745 Milton Lane
Walker, LA                         Springfield, LA                   Walker, LA
Northside Elementary        K-5    Springfield Middle          5-8   Walker Elementary                     K-5
(225) 664-4223                     (225) 294-3306                    (225) 665-5534
1090 Robbie Street                 24145 Coates Road                 13327 Wildcat Drive
Denham Springs, LA                 Springfield, LA                   Walker, LA
Pine Ridge                         Springfield Elementary     K-4
(225) 664-4823                     (225) 294-3398
30228 Travis Street                25190 Blood River Road
Walker, LA                         Springfield, LA
Seventh Ward Elementary     K-5    Walker High                9-12
(225) 665-5815                     (225) 664-4825
24495 La. Hwy. 16                  12646 Burgess Avenue
Denham Springs, LA                 Walker, LA

                                                                                            L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                                    Baton Rouge Area Libraries

120 St. Louis Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 389-4959, Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
Friday-Saturday 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

7711 Goodwood Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(225) 231-3750, Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
Friday-Saturday 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m.-10 p.m.

760 N. Third Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 342-4913, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


Baker Branch                                           (225) 775-3125
4761 Groom Road, Baker, LA

Bluebonnet Regional Branch                             (225) 763-2250
9200 Bluebonnet Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA

Carver Branch                                          (225) 389-4978
1509 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA

Delmont Gardens                                        (225) 389-5280
3351 Lorraine, Baton Rouge, LA

Eden Park Branch                                       (225) 389-3829
4142 Gus Young Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA

Jones Creek Regional Branch                            (225) 756-1140
6222 Jones Creek Road, Baton Rouge

Scotlandville Branch                                   (225) 778-0618
1492 Harding Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA

Zachary Branch                                         (225) 654-5086
5055 East Mae Street, Zachary, LA

(225) 388-5652
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

(225) 771-4990
Southern University, Southern Branch Post Office

(225) 388-8802
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

                                                                        L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                       Area Attractions and Children's Activities

Atchafalaya Basin Tours

One and one-half hour boat tours given by McGee's in Breaux Bridge. Call (318) 228-8519 or (318) 228-2384 for times
and prices. Also providing trips is Whiskey River Basin Boat Tours in Whiskey River Landing, Interstate I-10 at Hen-
derson. Call (318) 228-8567.

Louisiana Arts & Science Center

Old Governor's Mansion Museum. Located on North Boulevard at St. Charles Street. It was built in 1930 by Huey P.
Long. Admission charged. Call (225) 344-5272 for information.

Louisiana Governor's Mansion

Located at 1001 Capitol Access Road. It was built in 1963 in modified Greek revival style to resemble a plantation
home. Admission is free. Call (225) 342-5855.

Samuel Clemens Riverboat

Docked in the Mississippi River at the foot of Florida Street. Can carry 276 passengers. Complete line of catering and
bar facilities on board. Harbor tours, dinner, and dancing cruises. Admission charged. Call (225) 381-9606 for

The LSU Rural Life Museum

Located at 6200 Burden Lane on the 450-acre Burden Research Plantation. The Museum provides insight into the life-
styles and cultures of preindustrial Louisianians. Call (225) 765-2437 for more information.

Greater Baton Rouge Zoo

The BREC Zoo is located on 125 acres of BREC's 640 acre Greenwood Park at Highway 19 and Thomas Road north of
the city. The Zoo is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the winter and until 6 p.m. in the fall and summer.

Horse Activity Center

The horse activity center is a new facility providing most types of equestrian activities, including riding classes for the
handicapped. The facility includes large indoor and outdoor arenas. The 125 acre center is located on River Road near
Brightside Lane south of LSU.

Museum of Natural Science

Located at the end of Foster Hall on Dalrymple Drive. The exhibits focus on animals and birds in their natural habitat.
Children love the sound show exhibit. Admission is FREE. Hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. and Saturday
9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Call (225) 388-2855 for more information.

Indian Mounds

Located off Dalrymple Drive across from the Music and Dramatic Arts building (LSU). This is an actual Indian
gravesite. Kids love to run up and down the burial mounds or just sit at the top and watch the world go by.

                                                                                                             L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)

U.S.S. Kidd

Nautical Historic Center Naval Museum. River Road at the foot of Government Street. It is open seven days a week,
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and closed for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Call (225) 342-1942 for more information.

Louisiana State University

L.S.U. is a great source for many varied activities for you and your children. You will immediately be taken in by the
beauty of this University's grand architecture, beautiful landscaping and serene lakes. Maps of the University are avail-
able at the Visitor's Center located at the corner of Highland Road and Dalrymple Drive.

Mike the Tiger

L.S.U.'s beautiful mascot is a Bengal Tiger and resides on the Baton Rouge campus of Louisiana State University, in the
natural habitat complex.



BREC sponsors a number of special events at various times throughout the year, such as the kite flying competition in
the spring, ping-pong tournaments, basketball and football clinics, special bicycle competition, and fishing rodeos for all
age groups.

One of BREC's most popular programs is the surpervised neighborhood playground programs sponsored each summer
for eight weeks at some sixty locations. BREC provides trained personnel for supervision at locations throughout the
parish each weekday for boys and girls. Day camps are also offered at numerous sites during the summer.

The East Baton Rouge Recreation and Park Commission received the nation's highest honor for municipal park systems
when it was presented the 1991 Gold Medal award for excellence in park and recreation.

For more information, call (225) 272-9208.

Golf Courses                                                        Tennis Centers
City Park - (225) 387-9523                                          City Park - (225) 344-4501
Clark Park - (225) 775-9008                                         Forest Park - (225) 756-3312
Dumas Park - (225) 775-9166                                         Greenwood Park - (225) 778-4040
Howell Park - (225) 357-9292                                        Highland Park - (225) 766-0247
Webb Park - (225) 383-4919                                          Independence Park - (225) 923-2792
Santa Maria - (225) 752-9667
The Island - (225) 685-0083
University Club - (225) 819-0800
Cohn Arboretum - (225) 775-1006                                     Farr Park - (225) 769-7805 or (225) 766-9220
                                                                    Greenwood Park - (225) 774-8362
Farr Park Horse Activity - (225) 769-7805

Palomino Park - (225) 261-4084                                      Pelican Point - (225) 746-9252

                                                                                                            L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)


Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

Authorities warn that motorists establishing residency in Louisiana have only thirty (30) days to get their vehicles
registered and only ninety (90) days to get their Louisiana driver's license. You must present two forms of identification
(utility bills, lease agreements, mortgage stub, cable television bills, social security card, W-2 or voter registration).
Call (225) 922-1175 for more information or visit the Office of Motor Vehicles at 7701 Independence Boulevard between
8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Newcomers take an eye test after presenting his or her former valid out-of-state driver's license and two other forms of
identification. If the license is expired, a written examination must be taken. Licenses are valid for 4 years and the cost
is approximately $18-48. No personal checks are accepted.

Driving tests are not given after 5:30 p.m., when streets are wet, or when headlights are required.

License plates are also obtained through the Office of Motor Vehicles. The cost of the plate is determined by the blue
book value of the car and varies with the individual vehicle.


Inspection stickers must be renewed yearly (for a $13.00 charge) at service stations designated by the orange “Louisiana
Inspection Station” signs. However, your inspection sticker from the previous state is valid until it expires. You will
need a valid Louisiana driver's license, Louisiana registration certificate, and a Louisiana license plate. The driver also
must provide proof of liability insurance, which must be kept in the vehicle at all times.


Newcomers in the Baton Rouge area should take their vehicle registration papers, proof of liability insurance, and title
issued from the state in which they previously resided to the Office of Motor Vehicles at 7701 Independence Boulevard,
and fill out an application for a Louisiana Title. The applicant is given license plates and registration papers. The title is
mailed about five (5) days later.

Car Taxes

Payment of a sales tax also may be necessary. The newcomer must pay or may get a credit for the difference in sales tax,
if any, between his or her former state. Louisiana sales tax is 4% and individual city and parish taxes are added to that in
many areas. Baton Rougeans pay a $24 fee plus an 8% tax. . The tax is applied only to 75% of the current retail value
on the vehicle as listed in the National Automobile Dealers Association and used car guide or “blue book.”

                                                  Voter Registration
East Baton Rouge Parish residents should bring driver's license or utility bill with name and address on it to the Registrar
of Voters Office, second floor, Governmental Building, 222 St. Louis Street. Residents of other parishes need to go to
their respective courthouses. No period of residency is required.

                                                    Property Taxes
Baton Rouge's property taxes are among the lowest in the nation. The first $75,000 of a residence's value is tax exempt
under the homestead exemption. To register for it, stop by the Parish Assessor's Office in the Governmental Building,
222 St. Louis Street, during normal weekday business hours.

                                                                                                              L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                                     Building Permits & Utilities
                                                 Building Permits
The City-Parish requires that permits be applied for new construction and renovation work to ensure that all
building codes are being adhered to. The Permits Office is located at 300 North 10th Street. For information,
call (225) 389-3226.



To request telephone service in Baton Rouge, new customers must call AT&T at 1-888-757-6500 and place their order.


Baton Rouge Water Company

To request water service, please call the Baton Rouge Water Company at (225) 925-2011 or stop by the office at 8755
Goodwood Boulevard, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

All residential customers are required to post a $30 deposit before water service can be initiated. The deposit can be
mailed to or dropped off at the Water Works office. In addition to the deposit, there is a connection charge of $15 for
turning on the service.

Parish Water Company

To request water service, please call Parish Water at (225) 261-2011 or stop by the office at 8755 Goodwood Boulevard,
Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Customers are required to post a $45 deposit before water service can be initiated. In addition to the deposit, there is a
connection charge of $10 for turning on the service.


Sewerage is automatically connected with the water service from Baton Rouge Water Company or Parish Water Com-
pany. You do not need to contact the sewer company. Water users are also required to pay a sewer user's fee and will
receive a separate monthly bill from the City-Parish for this service.



The majority of homes in Baton Rouge are serviced by Entergy (gas and electricity). Certain sections of the city are
serviced by Louisiana Gas Services Company (gas), or Dixie Electric Corporation (electricity). Sometimes there is a
combination of both.

(Utilities continued on next page)

                                                                                                             L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                                               Utilities (continued)

Entergy requires a $150 deposit for electricity and gas or for just electricity. They require a $100 deposit for gas only.
The $150 or the $100 deposit is for both homeowners and renters. Deposits are refundable after one year, providing all
bills are paid on time. To apply for service call (800) 368-3749 and a customer service representative will handle your
application. There is an $18 turn-on charge for gas and electricity. This charge appears on your first bill.

Louisiana Gas Service Company

To make application call (225) 927-9892 or stop by their office at 8211 Goodwood Boulevard, Suite B2. Renters are re-
quired to pay a $75 deposit and a $25 connection fee, and homeowners must pay a $60 deposit and a $25 connection fee.

Dixie Electric

They require a written application for membership and service. The membership fee is $5.

To find out if you are serviced by Dixie Electric call (225) 261-1221 or write the headquarters at P.O. Box 15659,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70895.

Dixie Electric requires Homeowners to bring in the purchase agreement in order to pay no deposit, pay $5 for the mem-
bership fee, and pay $35 for the service charge/connection fee.

Dixie Electric requires Renters to pay a $100-UP (based upon credit report) deposit, pay $5 for the membership fee, and
pay $35 for the service charge/connection fee.

These deposits can be waived with a letter verifying good credit from your previous utility company.

                                                                                                            L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)

Baton Rouge General Medical Center                                Baton Rouge General Health Center
3600 Florida Boulevard                                            8585 Piccardy Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70806                                             Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 387-7000                                                    (225) 763-4070

Medical Center of Baton Rouge                                     Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital
17000 Medical Center Drive                                        5825 Airline Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70816                                             Baton Rouge, LA 70805
(225) 752-2470                                                    (225) 356-3361

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center                      Lane Memorial Hospital
5000 Hennessy Boulevard                                           6300 Main Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70808                                             Zachary, LA 70719
(225) 765-6565                                                    (225) 658-4000

Woman's Hospital                                                  CPC Meadow Wood Hospital
9050 Airline Highway                                              9032 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70815                                             Baton Rouge, LA 70810
(225) 927-1300                                                    (225) 766-8553
Resources for Women (225) 924-8100                                Psychiatric hospital for adults and adolescents

                                            Emergency Numbers
General Emergency Number: 911

City Police
704 Mayflower
Main Station: (225) 389-3831

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office
Main Number: (225) 389-5000

Fire Department
(225) 354-1400 or 911

Ambulance Service
E.M.S.: 911
Acadian: 911

Billing for ambulance service will be sent from the company providing the service.

                                                                                                         L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)

Cable Television
Cox Communications

Direct TV
Cox Communications


Check the yellow pages of the phone book for a complete listing of churches for the Greater Baton Rouge area.

Local Parks

Call the East Baton Rouge Parish Recreation and Park Commission (BREC) for more information at (225) 272-9208.
(See Recreation, page 10.)

Movies and Restaurants

Check the Fun section in Friday's newspaper for a list of movies and restaurants.

Newspaper Delivery

Call The Advocate Circulation Department at (225) 388-0200.


Dogs and cats that are domiciled in East Baton Rouge Parish are required to have an annual rabies vaccination by a
licensed veterinarian and to have a current rabies tag and license, visible and secured at all times. The parish also has a
leash law for dogs and cats.

Pets are required to be kept indoors, fenced or leashed, or they may be impounded by the East Baton Rouge Animal
Control Unit if found running loose.

If you have any questions, call the Animal Control Center at (225) 774-7700.

                                                                                                             L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
                       Local Real Estate Practices in Baton Rouge

As real estate practices vary considerably from state to state, LATTER & BLUM/C.J. BROWN has prepared this sum-
mary for use by out-of-state buyers. The material is divided into three main areas: Purchase Agreement, Mortgage and

                                              Purchase Agreement
Preparation of the Purchase Agreement by a Realtor is customary; rarely is an attorney retained. The interim form of
offer, sometimes used in other states, is not used in Louisiana. The Purchase Agreement, when fully executed, creates a
binding contract.


The Deposit is customarily 10% of the purchase price given in the combination of a promissory note and cash or check.
In most cases it is held by the listing broker until consummation of the sale. Deposits are returned if contingencies of the
contract cannot be met, following execution of a cancellation of the agreement and deposit return agreement.


Finance Contingencies
Finance contingencies are widely used. The purchaser obligates himself to make good faith loan application, and if a
financing commitment cannot be obtained within the specificed time, the contract is declared void and the deposit is

The Purchase Agreement may be contingent upon the satisfactory completion of roofing, termite, structural, and compo-
nent inspections. The agreement determines at whose expense the inspections are made.

Sale of Other Property
Occasionally an offer to purchase may be contingent upon the sale of other property. This type of contingency is usually
accepted with the understanding that the subject property is to remain with on the market, and that if another acceptable
offer is made on the property, the first purchasers will have 48 hours in which to remove the contingency.


It is customary to reference in the Purchase Agreement any personal property that the purchaser expects to be included in
the sale, i.e., draperies, rods, TV antennas, window air units, etc.


Taxes and rentals are referenced in the standard broker's agreement; they are prorated to the date of the Act of Sale.


The title must be free of defects. The standard agreement calls for an automatic 30 day extension in the event curative
work is necessary to clear the title. Any existing liens and encumbrances are to be removed by seller prior to closing.

(Local Practices continued on next page)

                                                                                                            L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
               Local Real Estate Practices in Baton Rouge (continued)


Thirty to forty-five days is the average time period allowed for closing, depending upon the lender chosen.


Occupancy either coincides with closing or occurs 2 or 3 days after closing. Occupancy agreements are entered into
when occupancy must take place for longer periods before or after the closing.


The two main sources of mortgages are savings & loans and mortgage companies. Savings & loans are traditionally
sources of conventional financing, while the mortgage companies are more likely to place VA, FHA and FNMA loans.


The usury law applies only to institutional lenders and sets maximum interest rate limits. The limits are adjustable and
are tied to a national fund rate.


Discount points on a VA or FHA loan may be paid by Buyers or Sellers. On conventional loans, they are customarily
paid by the purchaser, but may be negotiated. Each discount point represents 1% of the loan amount. In addition, there
is at least a 1% funding fee on all VA loans.


Mortgages written by lenders in this area generally contain a “Pact De Non Alienando” clause which in other states is
called a “Due on Sale” clause. For this reason there are only a limited number of sales in the area based on assumptions
and/or wrap-around financing.


The key mortgage instruments ar promissory notes, which provides evidence of the debt, and the mortgage, which acts as
security for the note.


Closings can only be handled by a notary public who is often an attorney as well. Most lenders reserve the right to name
or approve the closing attorney of their choice. It is customary for the buyer to choose the closing agent. It is not cus-
tomary for the buyer or seller to have their own attorney present.

(Local Practices continued on next page)

                                                                                                           L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
               Local Real Estate Practices in Baton Rouge (continued)


Powers of attorney are used in the event that one or more sellers or purchasers cannot be present at the closing. Many
local attorneys have their own required form and may reject a power of attorney which does not conform to Louisiana
statutes. It is always advisable to have the closing notary originate or approve the power of attorney well in advance of
the closing. Louisiana Law requires that powers of attorney to buy or sell must specify and be executed before a Notary
and two witnesses. The State of Louisiana requires a specific power of attorney for real estate transactions.


Property Insurance
Lenders require a Homeowner's or fire and extended coverage policy for either the amount of the mortgage or the ap-
praised value of the structure, whichever is greater.

Title Insurance
Title insurance in favor of the lender is required in most cases. For a nominal additional cost, insurance in favor of the
purchaser can be obtained.

Private Mortgage Insurance or Stretch Premium
With a fixed or adjustable rate conventional mortgage, private mortgage insurance (or Stretch premium) is required
whenever the loan-to-value ratio exceeds 80%.

Responsibilities of the Closing Notary
1. Ordering the survey
2. Preparing the deed
3. Handling mortgage insurance (if applicable)
4. Preparing and computing the closing statement, including all adjustments
5. Satisfying any existing liens or encumbrances.
6. Paying Broker's Commission from proceeds
7. Recording all pertinent documents


Title in Louisiana is evidenced by “conveyance.” Purchasers will normally receive a copy of the title within three weeks
of the sale; at that time the sale will have been recorded and assigned Mortgage and Conveyance book numbers.


A homestead exemption on owner-occupied property up to $75,000 is one of the reasons for the low property taxes that
exist throughout Louisiana. Purchasers should inquire about securing a homestead exemption immediately upon receiv-
ing a copy of the title.


The most significant difference in the payment of closing costs in the Baton Rouge area, as compared to other states, is
that the purchaser usually pays the cost of title research and/or title insurance.

(Local Practices continued on next page)

                                                                                                             L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
              Local Real Estate Practices in Baton Rouge (continued)

Purchasers are advised to inquire about current interest rates and discount points in advance of the home search. We
omit the cost of flood insurance because of the many variables involved based on flood zones and elevations. It is not
required in every area. The following is based upon an $80,000 loan amount:

❏   Credit Report (out of state)*                                                                          $     55.00

❏   Appraisal                                                                                                  350.00

❏   Origination Fee (1%) of loan amount                                                                        800.00

❏   Interest for 1/2 month – Varies depending on % of term                                                        TBD

❏   Hazard Insurance                                                                                           800.00

❏   Three Month's Hazard Insurance (escrow)                                                                    125.00

❏   Three Months' Taxes (escrow)                                                                               171.00

❏   Abstract & Title Examination                                                                               350.00

❏   Document Preparation                                                                                       150.00

❏   Recordation Fees (minimum)                                                                                 350.00

❏	Survey (Optional depending upon lender. If requied approximately $250.00)

❏   Title Insurance (Lenders' Coverage)                                                                        272.00

❏   Title Insurance (Owners' Coverage)                                                                         187.00

*Paid at time of application and not refundable
**See II-C


This type of certificate, required only on new construction in the Baton Rouge market area.

                                                                                                          L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)
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                                                                                         New Orleans East
NAI Commercial Sales/Leasing - Baton Rouge                LATTER & BLUM - LOUISIANA      New Orleans, LA 70127
(225) 295-0800 • FAX (225) 295-0888                          RESIDENTIAL OFFICES         (504) 246-7221 • FAX (504) 948-4044

Commercial Leasing - Property Management          Algiers / Gretna                       Pontchatoula
Baton Rouge                                       #1 Seine Court                         CLASSIC HOMES & PROPERTIES, INC.
(225) 297-7888 • FAX (225) 297-7880‑              West Park One, Suite 100               523 W. Pine Street
                                                  New Orleans, LA 70114                  Pontchatoula, LA 70454
Residential Sales Division                        (504) 362-1823 • FAX (504) 367-2496    (985) 386-7125 • FAX (985) 386-7133
(504) 569-9362 • FAX (504) 569-9337                                                      ‑
                                                  Amite                                  Slidell
Residential Property Management - Lafayette       CLASSIC HOMES & PROPERTIES, INC.       1400 Gause Boulevard
110 Travis Street, Ste. 107                       930 West Oak St.                       Slidell, LA 70458-2251
Lafayette, LA 70503                               Amite, LA 70422                        (985) 641-1000 • FAX (985) 641-3080
(337) 237-5288 • FAX (337) 237-5242               (985) 748-7601 • FAX (985) 748-7501    N.O. Direct (504) 565-5811

Residential Property Management - New Orleans     Boutte / Luling                        Uptown
(504) 866-7000 • FAX (504) 866-6393               13322 Highway 90, Suite P              7835 Maple Street
                                                  Boutte, LA 70039                       New Orleans, LA 70118
Fine Homes Department                             (985) 785-4455 • FAX (985) 785-8855    (504) 866-2785 • FAX (504) 865-1574
(504) 569-9364 • FAX (504) 569-9337               N.O. Direct (504) 565-5858

Relocation Department                             Garden District                                LATTER & BLUM - MISSISSIPPI
(504) 569-9364 • FAX (504) 569-9337               2734 Prytania St.                                 RESIDENTIAL OFFICES
1-800-482-8294                                    New Orleans, LA 70130
                                                  (504) 895-4663 • FAX (504) 895-2524    Bay St. Louis
REO                                                                                      1188 Highway 90
(985) 641-1000 • FAX (504) 648-1233               Hammond                                Bay St. Louis, MS 39520
                                                  CLASSIC HOMES & PROPERTIES, INC.       (228) 467-4111 • FAX (228) 467-2507
Third Party                                       14454 University Ave.                  WATS 1-800-215-4111-
(504) 569-9421 • FAX (504) 569-9337               Hammond, LA 70401
                                                  WATS 1-888-323-7601                    Gulfport
Career Development                                (985) 542-7601 • FAX (985) 542-7760    SHAW PROPERTIES
(504) 569-9378 • FAX (504) 569-9337                                                      777 Watkins Ave.
                                                  Houma                                  Gulfport, MS 39507
          LATTER & BLUM / NAI                     1181 W. Tunnel, Ste. A                 (228) 896-6060 • FAX (228) 897-7655
       COMMERCIAL BRANCH OFFICES                  Houma, LA 70361
                                                  (985) 873-8744 • FAX (985) 785-8855    Ocean Springs
Baton Rouge                                                                              HERITAGE REALTY
10455 Jefferson Hwy., Suite 200                   Historic District-French Quarter       1628 Bienville Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70809                             840 Elysian Fields Avenue              Ocean Springs, MS 39564
(225) 295-0800 • FAX (225) 295-0888               New Orleans, LA 70117                  (228) 875-0225 • FAX (228) 872-2777
WATS 1-800-406-0082                               (504) 948-3011 • FAX (504) 948-4044
Lafayette                                         Jefferson Parish                       HERITAGE REALTY
302 Larue France St., Ste. 102                    5700 Citrus Blvd., Ste. A-4            1205 Jackson Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70503                               New Orleans, LA 70123                  Pascagoula, MS 39567
(337) 237-9334 • FAX (337) 235-8345               (504) 293-4900 • FAX (504) 733-3460    (228) 769-1771 • FAX (228) 769-1775

                  C.J. BROWN                      Kenner
             RESIDENTIAL OFFICES                  3801 Williams Boulevard
                                                  Kenner, LA 70065
Corporate Office                                  (504) 443-3300 • FAX (504) 466-1699
C.J. Brown, Realtors                              (After 6:00 pm - 443-3703)
4324 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., Ste 125
Baton Rouge, LA 70816                             Lakefront-New Orleans. Lee Boulevard
(225) 763-3457 • FAX (225) 763-3366               7039 Canal Blvd.
                                                  New Orleans, LA 70124
Ascension                                         (504) 282-2611 • FAX (504) 948-4044
17424 Airline Hwy., Suite 01
Prairieville, LA 70769                            LaPlace
(225) 673-4777 • FAX (225) 673-1905               1101 W. Airline Hwy.
                                                  LaPlace, LA 70068
                                                  (985) 652-5556 • FAX (985) 359-9906

                                                                                 (24)                                          L&B-10017-CJB (R6/07)

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