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The BI Verdict

Description:    In-depth, informed, independent

                The BI Verdict provides the most comprehensive coverage of business intelligence products
                available on the market today, saving you time and money by helping you to make the right
                decisions in your software selection process.

                Subscribers gain access to three main areas of premium content:

                Product Evaluations

                We evaluate around 40 business intelligence products from some 20 different vendors. Our
                approach to product evaluation is four-pronged - designed to give the best and most complete
                information possible for you to decide which BI products suit your needs.

                Product Reviews

                Written by our team of experienced analysts, based on tests carried out in our software lab.
                Beginning with a vendor overview, they then discuss aspects of the product such as licensing,
                architecture, administration, front-ends, reporting and a general overview of the product's
                strengths and weaknesses.


                Delivered in easy-to-use Excel format, each factbase gives you a feature-by-feature score of the
                product accompanied by additional notes and commentary.

                Customer verdicts

                Based on the results of the world's largest and most detailed annual survey of BI users. A bullet-
                chart for each product enables you to quickly identify its strengths and weaknesses.

                KPI dashboards

                A comparison of market-leading BI products across 26 key metrics. Gain an instant overview of the
                most suitable solutions for your specific needs.

                Market Analyses and Commentaries

                A series of in-depth analyses and insightful commentaries from a vendor-neutral perspective. Our
                team of seasoned BI experts cover a variety of themes to give you the information you need to
                make your project a success. The analyses are split into sections:

                1. Understanding BI — Explanations of some of the technological aspects of business intelligence

                2. Advice to users — Tips and guidance guaranteed to improve the success of your project

                3. Understanding the market — Provides an overview of the market and the flavors of BI tools

                4. Companies and strategies — Vendor strategy guides and commentaries on vendor-related news

                5. Mini product reviews — Overviews of lesser-known BI products that we have tested

                The BI Survey Summary
            The data contained in this section of The BI Verdict is based on the results of The BI Survey, the
            world's largest independent survey of Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management
            (PM) users. Unlike many other surveys, it is not sponsored by any vendor.

            Conducted annually, The BI Survey uncovers the truth about why real-world organizations select BI
            products, what they do with them, and why they eventually abandon them. It also compares the
            leading products on the market across a number of key criteria such as performance, scalability
            and vendor support.

            Subscribers to The BI Verdict gain access to:

            1. Key Findings from The BI Survey 8 - A detail-rich summary of many of the key findings from the
            latest edition of The BI Survey.

            2. Product KPI Dashboards - A condensed yet highly informative summary showing how 23 market-
            leading products rate on 26 key performance indicators.

            Subscribe to The BI Verdict and reap the benefits...

            - Select the right tool for your needs — Our comprehensive evaluations of dozens of BI products
            will help to ensure you choose the solution to match your requirements and deliver business

            - 100% vendor-independent — We spare you the vendor-hype, delivering unbiased opinion and
            research-based information to support your BI project.

            - Save money — For a small fraction of the price of the typical BI project, we point you in the right
            direction at every stage of the tool selection process and help you to avoid costly mistakes.

            - Bring success to your organization — Our best-practice advice, backed up by evidence from the
            world's largest and most detailed survey of end-users, is proven to deliver business success.

            - Save time — Many hours of consulting time and internet research would not yield anything close
            to the amount and quality of vendor-independent information and advice that The BI Verdict

            - Enhance your team's knowledge of the BI market space — Learn from dozens of thorough product
            evaluations, valuable end-user feedback and market analyses written by our panel of respected
            industry experts.

            - Get a rounded, truly independent perspective — While our Product Reviews and Factbases present
            our analysts' insights and feature-by-feature product assessments, the Customer Verdicts and KPI
            Dashboards sections show you how real-world end-users rate the market-leading tools on a series
            of key criteria.

            - Learn how to deal with vendors — Vendor sales-people are highly trained and very persuasive.
            Learn how and when to deal with them to maximize your project success.

            Written by BARC's team of experienced business intelligence (BI) software analysts, The BI Verdict
            is the most thorough single source of information for BI consultants and buyers of BI products.

            Subscribers gain access to a wealth of detailed product reviews, end-user feedback, market
            analyses and best practice tool selection advice.

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