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									                     E-ZPASS® TECHNOLOGY MANAGER
                              JOB POSTING

E-ZPass Group

The E-ZPass Group (EZG) is a member association comprised of 24 Toll Operators in the
Northeast, Middle Atlantic, and Midwest States. Its purpose is to foster the use of the E-
ZPass system for electronic toll collection (ETC), and parking applications. It was created
in 1994 and is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of agency
representatives. Its primary activity relates to promoting interoperability of E-ZPass
transponder use as well as financial and other reciprocity among its members.

The Technology Manager reports to the Executive Director of the E-ZPass Group.

Equal Opportunity:

The E-ZPass Group and its member agencies are equal opportunity employers.

Application Procedure:

      Respond in writing by March 15, 2011
      Make sure that your resume includes a chronological work history.
      Send your cover letter and resume, to include salary requirements to:

             Search Committee
             E-ZPass Group
             119 Lower Beech Street, Ste. 200
             Wilmington, DE 19805

             Or Email to:

Employment Conditions:

A candidate selected from one of the member agencies of the E-ZPass Group may
continue to receive all salary and other benefits, which the employee would otherwise be
entitled from his/her current agency. A candidate who is not from a member agency may
be hosted by one for purposes of salary and benefit administration, but would not have
any residual status with that organization.

This position is located in Wilmington Delaware. An employee of a current Member
Agency requesting continued employment at their home agency would be considered.
                                  Job Description
                            E-ZPass Technology Manager

The E-ZPass Technology Manager is a full-time position created to provide technical
assistance to the E-ZPass Group (EZG) and its associated committees. This position is
located in Wilmington Delaware, and reports to the E-ZPass Group Executive Director.

The E-ZPass Technology Manager shall perform such duties as assigned by the
Executive Director. Key among these is to assist the Technical Committee with the
following tasks:

   1. Develop and coordinate tracking program of key components of the E-ZPass
      system to quickly identify problem components.
   2. Work with E-ZPass equipment vendor to develop remediation program if problems
      are identified.

   3. Coordinate technology procurement activities to facilitate deployment of equipment
       procured under contract for the E-ZPass Group..
   4. Actively participate in regional coordination activities on behalf of the EZG.
   5. Represent the EZG and the Technical Committee on DSRC activities at regional
       and national levels (I-95 Corridor Coalition, OmniAir, etc.).
   6. Participate in national and regional organizations promoting national tolling
   7. Evaluate current arrangement of Intellectual Property (IP) protection (via escrow)
       and determine whether current arrangement or alternative arrangements should be
   8. Review Scope of Work and submittals of escrow agent which holds information on
       E-ZPass equipment.
   9. Monitor Managed frame Relay Services (MFRS) and assist new agencies in
       connecting their Customer Service Centers (CSC) to MFRS.
   10. Evaluate alternatives other than MFRS to transmit tag data and toll transaction
       data among CSCs.
   11. Review E-ZPass equipment vendor’s proposals to upgrade equipment and
       maintain follow-up action item list and coordinate comments from the Technical
       Committee in regards to vendor proposals.
   12. Keep abreast of possible Federal Communications Commission (FCC) actions that
       have potential impacts on operation of the E-ZPass system and develop position
   13. Produce agendas and minutes of Technical Committee meetings and maintain a
       list of follow-up action items.
   14. Prepare technical papers in areas such as tolling interoperability, violations
       processing and All-Electronic Tolling (a.k.a., Cashless Tolling).
   15. Assist the IAG Technical Committee with other assigned activities.
   16. Coordinate the start-up of ETC operations or integration of current operations for
       all new members of the IAG.
   17. Coordinate the relocation of VPN nodes to support Member adjustments in their
   18. Maintain the IAG’s Policy Matrix, Inter-CSC File Specifications and Settlement
   19. Prepare budget recommendations for the Technology Committee and for any
       technology related studies, survey or other work needed during the next year.
   20. Supervise any studies carried out on behalf of the Technology Committee under
       the guidance of the Chair of that Committee.
   21. Routinely assess systems security and develop recommendations for improving
       security for all data transfers within the IAG.
   22. Monitor and maintain the E-ZPass Group information technology network and
       systems, consisting of phone, internet, website and email systems.

Minimum Qualifications:

A degree from an accredited college or university in engineering, computer science or a
closely related field plus at least five (5) years of satisfactory progressively responsible
full-time professional experience in Electronic Toll Collection or similar technology or with
communications networks in a public agency or major private organization.

Desirable Specialized Knowledge and Other Attributes:

   1) A Master’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science or a related field of study
      from an accredited college or university.

   2) Public sector experience, particularity in a tolling agency.

   3) Progressively responsible experience in the design and implementation of data
      collection and reporting systems, for technical analysis, and forecasting

   4) An understanding of the technical aspects of reciprocity, interoperability and other
      E-ZPass related systems.

   5) Experience working with RFP’s and contracts.

   6) Project management experience including cost benefits analysis, scheduling and
      progress reporting.

   7) Ability to work with personnel at all levels in member agencies, including executive
      management, in an effective, persuasive, and professional manner.

   8) Understanding of emerging technology in areas of web connections,
      telecommunications, video conferencing and networking is desirable.

   9) Experience in web related interfaces, security and operations is desirable.

   10) Excellent oral and written communications skills, especially in presentations.

   11) Experience in E-ZPass and Customer Service Centers or payment system
       association/company, financial clearinghouse organization, or financial services
       processing company.
  12) Exposure to other disciplines such as business and strategic planning and/or

  13) Ability to function independently and effectively in a complex organization, with a
      demanding and diverse technological, political and geographic environment.

  14) Advanced proficiency in database, spreadsheets and presentation software
      applications as well as other analytical tools.

  15) Travel is required.

PROPOSED SALARY: The salary will be commensurate with experience.


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