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					 August 2008                                                                  Web Page                                                             Volume 21 Issue 8

               The Battle of Parkers Crossroads, Tennessee--2008 “Version”

                                                                                                 Parkers' Traveling Winnners: INDIANA Group: Darin & Tonya Jester, Jeff Netser (holding
                                                                                                 Traveling Bugle trophy), Julie Netser, Marilyn Jester, and Tim Brown

                                                                                                 Parkers continued
                                                                                                 entertain a great crowd of CASI cooks, their families, and many spectators by demonstrating
Front row, left to right: Sara Garrett, MS (7th Chili), Tanna Jones, MS (2nd Chili), Candy       life as it was in 1865 for soldiers and civilians. The Nineteenth Alabama Infantry recreated
Arevalo, FL (4th Chili & 2nd Showmanship), Connie Collier, TX (6th Chili). Back row, left to
                                                                                                 many aspects of the life of soldiers and their families living under the constant roar of the
right: Mike Tarply, TN(3rd show), George Kunklem MO (1st Show), Alan Dean, TX (2nd
Chili), Jeff Netser, IN (9th Chili), Tim Brown, IN (10th Chili), Col. Tim Collier, TX(Champion   cannons and gunfire.
Chili!!) Missing from photo: Rick Williams (5th chili), James Murry (8th Chili)
                                                                                                 Along with a fabulous catfish dinner with all the trimmings, provided and prepared by
While General Nathan B. Forrest was outsmarting the Yankees, Colonel Tim Collier of              faithful HOT Pod member Bill Stegbauer and his Memphis cooking team, another well-
Snyder, Texas, was doing the same to the busy multitude of chili cooks, each vying for the       known Texan, Connie Collier, claimed the top Chili award on Friday night. During trophy
Texas-Tennessee Chili Challenge Champion title. As the cannons roared and the chili pots         presentations, many cooks realized that the Indiana “brigade” were there to take home their
simmered, Colonel Collier kept his time-tested and mysterious chili recipe hidden until the      share of coveted chili trophies as well. Many of us were becoming a bit concerned that those
appointed turn-in time. When the billowing smoke had settled and the cutthroat chili cooled,     Texans and Hoosiers were smelling victory!
Colonel Tim Collier and General Nathan B. Forrest were both victorious at Parkers
Crossroads.                                                                                      On Saturday, the 53 chili cooks, representing 11 US states, had the friendly chili battle in
                                                                                                 their encampment. Drenching rain and wind did not dampen their spirits nor lessen the
Upon closer observation, the true winner most possibly was the Parkers Crossroads                success of the delicious pot-luck breakfast, or the raffle tables filled with chili memorabilia,
Battlefield Association. This hard working, charitable group of historians was able to
                                                         Parkers continued next column                                                                      Parkers continued on Page 4

                                                                                                                                                                          Non Profit
   CASI Hot Line                                                     Chili Appreciation Society International Inc.
                                                                     P.O. Box 859
                                                                                                                                                                        US Postage Paid
   888-CASIHOT                                                       Fredericksburg, TX 78624
                                                                                                                                                                        Kerrville, Texas
                                                                                                                                                                         Permit No. 81
If you have a cookoff coming up in the month of
October your cookoff information must be in the
hands of the CASI Upcomings Director by August
15th to meet the 30 day cookoff advertising require-
Page 2                                                                       Terlingua Trails                                                                        August 2008

                                               TallyWhackers                                                                                 ED Pondering
                                                                                                                                   CASI chili cookoffs vary greatly in size and shape. They
                                                                                                                                   range from large, multi-day extravaganzas to small, backyard
                                   There is one link in our communications chain over which                                        events.
                                   we have no control; the United States Postal Service.
                                   Over the past few years, the USPS will lose the paperwork                                       With fuel prices at an all-time high, we face a time of
                                   for one cookoff each year. However, this year they have                                         uncertainty with the future of our cookoffs. We witnessed
                                   reached new heights. At this writing, I am currently in the                                     what happened at the Texas Open this year. There were a
                                   midst of the fourth lost paperwork this year.                                                   large number of cooks but very few motorhomes. This was
                                                                                                                                   very unusual for this event, but it may be a sign of things
                                   This case is a good example of how good communications                                          to come.
                                   can make the best out of a bad situation. The paperwork
for a recent Saturday cookoff and Sunday cookoff were mailed at the same time, but in             I’d like to suggest one formula for assuring success for your cookoffs:
separate envelopes. They were sent very soon after the cookoff and after a few days, the
referee checked CIS to see if they had been posted. When he saw that the Sunday cookoff           1. Work with a charity that is willing and able to help promote the cookoff.
had been processed, but not the Saturday cookoff, he contacted me. We agreed to give              2. Stage your cookoff in a place that has great visibility to the public or hold it in association
it a little more time and when that time elapsed without the Saturday envelope appearing,         with an event that has built-in public attendance.
he proceeded to re-send the paperwork. Of course, it is a hassle to get another check from        3. Arrange the cooks, whether using pop-ups or motorhomes, in a way that invites the
the promoter and copy the paperwork, but the quick action here will prevent this cookoff          public to visit with the cooks.
from becoming a delinquent.                                                                       4. Encourage chili show to entertain the public.
                                                                                                  5. Show participating cooks that you appreciate their efforts to support the cookoff and
There were several “conspiracy theories” bandied about because this particular cookoff            the charity.
contained a very rare point for our President. But we concluded the USPS was to blame,            6. Make an effort to solicit donations from the public through raffles, auctions, People’s
and there were no extraterrestrial forces at work here.                                           Choice competition, or other activities.

Someday, hopefully soon, we will have a better way to get paperwork from you to me; but           If we utilize these ideas, we can attract more sponsors, gain greater exposure and marketing
until we do, we’ll have to rely on the USPS. The thing to remember here is that when you          for CASI, and increase our charitable contributions without further taxing the cooks.
drop that paperwork in the mail, your work is not done. Usually it will take three to four days
for the mail to get to me. Unless I’m out of town, I will process the paperwork within a day      See you at the cookoffs.
or two of receiving it. So, in most cases, you should be able to see that cookoff’s results
on CIS a week after you send it. So keep looking until you see it, and if you don’t, it would     Alan
be wise to contact me.

Again this month there are no delinquent cookoffs, so our new streak is well under way.
So, that makes just one delinquent in the last seven months; that’s great work by our
                                                                                                      Didn't buy at TICC, you still can
referees. The cooks and I thank you.
                                                                                                     Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Bandanas, Baseball Shirts,
Bill Pierson                                                                                         Tank Tops, Ladies T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers and
CASI TallyMaster                                                                                    Window Decals. Aprons, CASI Window Shades, Tote
                                                                                                       Bags. 2006 Posters and some previous years
                            CONDOLENCES                                                                     Dorathy Williams 1-888-227-4468 or email
       Please keep their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers                                 
                            Richard Scott, Odessa, TX
                             Joe Dalton, Houston, TX
                                                                                                                          CASI INSURANCE
                                                                                                    Please make note: the contact for obtaining insurance certificates for
CASI members, please check your personal information                                                cookoffs has changed. To get a certificate (proof of insurance) for your
                                                                                                    cookoff, please contact Michelle Moreau-Account Manager, or Mindy Hines,
in the CASI Information System. Corrections and                                                     Consolidated Insurance Center, Inc., 11403 Cronridge Drive, PO Box 0664,
additions should be sent to CASI Data Manager, Joe                                                  Owings Mills, MD 21117-0664, Phone: 410-356-9500, Fax: 410-363-3520,
Price at                                                                       Email:

                                                                                                                                        Terlingua Trails
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August 2008                                                                    Terlingua Trails                                                                                     Page 3
                                                                                                 Bess continued
                   Bess’ Best                                                                    News for them - Harry and I have been drinking this water for the past couple of weeks and
                                                                                                 we are not going to start boiling the water. JR has brought us in water from the farm, been
Hello to all from beautiful Lamar, Missouri, where the weather
                                                                                                 using it for coffee and the pets. JR told his dad that whatever is wrong with the water keeps
pattern is just like the television soap operas, changing day
                                                                                                 it from being crystal clear, and something else, but it is not life or death and I think Harry
to day. The only thing I ask for is nice weather for the Missouri
                                                                                                 and I have drank dirty water before and survived. But try to go to the grocery store or one
State Chili Cookoff. But if God sees differently, being chili
                                                                                                 of the 3 or 4 handy stops and buy bottled water; have fun, even the spaces for soda are way
cooks we can adapt for about any kind of weather. Several
years ago, our first year in Golden City, we experienced a small
shower that sort of interrupted our cooks’ party and then the
                                                                                                 I ran into a little problem this year with my goody bags for the cookoff. The sponsors were
skies cleared.
                                                                                                 not as generous as in the past, but all tried in some way to help out the cookoff. The crunch
                                                                                                 is being felt by more and more around Lamar each day and week. In fact, I lost four of my
Saturday morning was a nice morning, a little humid, but not a cloud in the sky. Cooks started
                                                                                                 good sponsors from past years who have gone out of business.
arriving and everything was a go for another typical July Saturday Cookoff. The closer it
came to turn-in time, the darker the skies got, and then they opened up and it rained; and
                                                                                                 I started out the column telling you I wasn’t concerned about the weather. I just had to make
boy did it rain. We were fortunate the area of the park we were cooking in had two large
                                                                                                 a wild run to the backyard and take the clothes off the clothesline. I spent two hours washing
covered shelter houses, one being slightly downhill from the other, and both downhill from
                                                                                                 and hanging them out and didn’t want that to go to waste. One of those ‘Show Me State’
the entrance to the park.
                                                                                                 July afternoon showers. No, I don’t use a clothes dryer. I have one but am trying to save
                                                                                                 on electricity, and besides, they smell better when hung out on a clothesline to dry. Only
Judging was done in the lower shelter house, the rain kept coming down, and the water was
                                                                                                 a couple of drawbacks, you have to watch they don’t get sun bleached and keep an eye out
starting to back up. We had water everywhere. Ten minutes after awards, the sun came out
                                                                                                 for the birds.
and the sky cleared. For all of you who attended, you remember what a rain and GOOD TIME
                                                                                                 We stopped at The Farmers Market on the way home from Mass and bought a bunch of
                                                                                                 groceries. All that stuff that is going to make us sick. I picked up several nice-sized fresh
This time next Saturday we will be 45 minutes from turn-in and for all who braved the odds
                                                                                                 tomatoes, a mess of green beans, and some new potatoes. Harry likes them slightly boiled
facing all the chili cooks to attend - Thank You!
                                                                                                 and then fried. Betty (JR’s fiancée) called and said she was coming to Lamar to cook the
                                                                                                 Sunday afternoon meal for all of us. So I picked up a couple of watermelons. They were the
Harry keeps reminding me when I speak of all the weather flukes we are having that any year
                                                                                                 old fashioned kind – the big dark green type - and I gave 5 cents a pound for them; not one
ending in the number 8 will bring bad and devastating weather. I am beginning to think that
                                                                                                 of those melons you give $6.00 for at Wally World and is no bigger than a soccer ball.
is what I am going through getting this 2008 State Chili Cookoff behind me.
                                                                                                 I think Betty really is coming over to see Austin. This is the first time he has been home
We had the tomato scare, now it is supposed to be the peppers not the tomatoes. Then if
                                                                                                 since he graduated in the middle of May. Harry tells everyone he has gone off to war. He
you buy your groceries from a couple of name chain stores (which I am not going to mention),
                                                                                                 has been working in Kansas and Nebraska for a construction company that extracts methane
we have the ground beef (or as we call it here at the retirement White House - hamburger)
                                                                                                 gas from landfills. Austin traded his roping pony for a big yellow Caterpillar for the summer,
that is supposed to make you sick. I know they call it something else but I am not going
                                                                                                 or at least they are trying to teach him how to operate a Cat. I would like to see that.
to take the time to look up how to spell it.
                                                                                                 Harry has it pictured like the Elvis Presley movie where Elvis went into the Army and they
Then if that was not enough, Lamar is under a boil order for the water. All the people who
                                                                                                 taught him to drive a tank on a remote part of the Army base. Austin is learning to drive
wear the white hats say “nothing to worry about” and they do not know why a level of
                                                                                                 a Cat on a landfill and the only thing he can mess up is to run over the trash.
something called a nigunt goes from .05 to 7.0 in the holding area.
                                                                                                 Well, I am going to slip out of here for now. I need to start making my list for the state cookoff;
We found out yesterday that our three water towers are empty and have been for a couple
                                                                                                 I think I am as nervous as the first chili cookoff I put on many years ago.
of weeks. Seems like every time they fill the towers, the water checks bad. I guess our big
town has tried to keep this under wraps but somehow it got out and now we’ve got a boil
                                                                                                 It’s Tuesday morning and we have news on the water problem for Lamar. Last night, the Fire
order. Today’s paper said it would run through at least Tuesday because no one would be
                                                                                                 Department was doing the yearly tests on the fire trucks pumps at the city lake. All this
in Jefferson City to lift the order (Jefferson City is our state capital.)
                                                                                                 trouble the City had with the drinking water turned out to be a broken fill pipe. I wonder
                                                                                                 if Monday night was not pressure testing night how long it would have gone before being
                                                                                                 found. One of the fire department divers replaced the pipe and a test on the water showed
                   Important Insurance Notice                                                    the nigunts, or whatever, gone from our drinking water.

                                                                                                 It’s just the joys of small town living. Harry tells everyone “don’t go past the city limits sign
   If you are holding a cookoff, please make sure the venue has their own                        because the earth is flat, and if you do you will fall off”.
   insurance before having them listed as an additional insured on the CASI
   certificate for that event. Holding a cookoff at a location that does not have                Running late and have to go get Cheyenne. She is going to help me the rest of the week
                                                                                                 with the chili cookoff.
   insurance, and basically sharing the CASI insurance for their liability, could
   have catastrophic consequences to our insurance and ability to continue                       Remember to “Start Slow & Then Taper Off.”
   holding cookoffs.
                                                                                                 Bess & Harry
   The purpose of CASI insurance is to protect CASI and is not to protect
   those too foolish to protect themselves.

Page 4                                                                     Terlingua Trails                                                                    August 2008
                                                                                                     Renewing Members                      Dani C Medlin – Dallas, TX

           CASI Membership Report                                                              Cathy Allcorn – Denton, TX
                                                                                                                                           Keith Miller – Madison, NC
                                                                                                                                           Robin Miller – Madison, NC
                                                                                                                                           Jeff Netser – Seymour, IN
                                                                                               Candace Arevalo – Wellington, FL
             John Goforth - Membership Chairperson                                             Frank Arevalo – Wellington, FL
                                                                                                                                           Julie Netser – Seymour, IN
                                                                                                                                           Jim Paddack – Sanger, TX
                                                                                               Debbie Ashman – Bastrop, TX
                         Thank you to all of our members who have renewed their annual                                                     Melvin Sanders – Amarillo, TX
                                                                                               Steve Ashman – Bastrop, TX
                         dues. If you have a question about your membership, please call                                                   Shirley Sexton – Dallas, TX
                                                                                               Harold Beaman – Richardson, TX
                                                                                                                                           Rick Sievering – Rockville, MD
                         me (830) 832-5070 or email me ( It is so        Millie Bingham – Amarillo, TX
                                                                                                                                           Kelly Talavera – Kyle, TX
                         encouraging to receive all the new membership applications – both     Jim Birch – Seabrook, TX
                                                                                                                                           Robert Talavera – Kyle, TX
                         individuals and corporate. To see our members renew and reaffirm      Monette Birch – Seabrook, TX
                                                                                                                                           David Thordarson – Bloomfield, IA
                         their faith in the CASI organization is very gratifying. If you see   Karen Bowden – Malakoff, TX
                                                                                                                                           Jim Trietsch – Waco, TX
                                                                                               Gary Brignon – Waxahachie, TX
                         any of these members at cookoffs in your area, I encourage you                                                    Dick Wagner – Little Rock, AR
                                                                                               Kelly Brignon – Waxahachie, TX
                         to make a new friend and extend a warm CASI welcome. Thank you.                                                   Jessie Waguespack – Austin, TX
                                                                                               Bill Britton – Laramie, WY
                         PLEASE NOTE: ADDRESS FOR MEMBERSHIP-                                                                              Eric Williams – Terrell, TX
                                                                                               Linda Buschel – Red Oak, TX
                                                                                                                                           Michael Williams – Mocksville, NC
                         P.O. BOX 841, COMFORT, TX 78013-0841                                  Jeannette Cardenas – Austin, TX
                                                                                                                                           Tammy Williams, Terrell, TX
                                                                                               Jack Curry – San Mateo, CA
                                                                                               Weldon Daniels – Wichita Falls, TX
                                                                                                                                           CASI would like to welcome back these annual
  Our New CASI Members:                                                                        Debbie Greenlee – Springdale, AR
                                                                                                                                           members and some of our past members who have
                                               Michael Hrcek – Duvall, WA                      Don Greenlee – Springdale, AR
                                                                                                                                           joined us again.
                                               Khristina Jauch – Morrill, NE                   William Hess – Eugene, OR
Donna Anderson – Sutherland Springs, TX
                                               Shelley Kroencke – Lenexa, KS                   Gary Holmes – Springdale, AR
Justin Bailey – Redfield, AR                                                                                                               Remember if you’re moving, let us know. Your
                                               Larry Kuntschik – Katy, TX                      Derrick Janisz – Tarpon Springs, FL
Ron Baker – Ennis, TX                                                                                                                      Trails will not follow you without an address
                                               Nelda Matheson – Amarillo, TX                   Kenny Jones – Reidsville, NC
Douglas A Barnhart – Riegelsville, PA                                                                                                      change. You can either call me (830-832-5070) or
                                               Michael Park – Bastrop, TX                      Pat Langley – Garland, TX
Mary Bowen – Pocola, OK                                                                                                                    email me at
                                               Eric Scott – Pennington, NJ                     Tim Lawler – Severna Park, MD
Beth Boyd – Stafford, TX
                                               Josh Seabolt – Collinsville, OK                 Sherril Lloyd – San Angelo, TX
Chris Branham – San Marcos, TX                                                                                                             Need to know when your membership expires or
                                               Aegina Smith – Amarillo, TX                     Margaret Lopez – Pampa, TX
David Buntrock – San Antonio, TX                                                                                                           how to get in touch with a friend, visit the CASI
                                               Jordan Tenison – Warrensburg, MO                Steven A Lopez – Pampa, TX
Kenneth Davis – Morrill, NE                                                                                                                Information site (CIS). It can answer those questions
                                               Amy Torres – Walker, LA                         Greta Maturo – Niceville, FL
Keith W Fry – Panama City Beach, FL                                                                                                        and a whole lot more! I hope each of you will take
                                               Ryan Torres – Walker, LA                        Jimmy Maturo – Niceville, FL
Steve Goebel – Van Buren, AR                                                                                                               the time to add your phone numbers and email
                                               Joe Trigo – Bastrop, TX                         Amanda McDonald – Amarillo, TX
Anna Hoffelder – Laramie, WY                                                                                                               addresses to your data. You never know who might
                                               Val Velitschkowski – Apache Junction, AZ        Bill McDonald – Amarillo, TX
                                                                                                                                           give you a call!!!

                                                                                                                              Parkers continued

                                Corporate Membership                                                                        or silent auction of 20 lovely “Champion” baskets, or the live
                                                                                                                            stove auction for a Wendell Rankin custom-painted stove.
                                                                                                                            The "Challenge” day progressed to announcements,
                                  John Goforth - Membership Chairperson                                                     confirming our previous “victory” concerns as the Saturday
                                                                                                                            winners were announced, and Colonel Jim Ezell presented
                                                               Comanche Trails - Terlingua, TX                              the “traveling bugle” to the Indiana bunch for their
                                                               Cycletek - Terlingua, TX                                 overwhelming support.
                            PLEASE WELCOME
                                                               Desert Sports - Terlingua, TX
                            AND THANK THESE                    Dumb Blond Enterprises LLC - Kansas City, MO             With the help of Colonel Richard Knight, and his bride Carol,
                             CASI MEMBERS.                     Forever Resorts, Chisos Mountains Lodge - Big            along with so many others, the 14th Annual Battleground Chili
They have invested in our Society as Annual Corporate          Bend Natl. Park, TX                                      Cook Off was great success. We were able to re-unite with many
Members. If you live in their area, PLEASE stop by and thank   Goshawk Environmental Consulting, Inc. - Kyle, TX        old friends and were honored to make several new ones. Chili
them personally.                                               International River Runners - Austin, TX                 cooks demonstrated once again their dedication to cooking chili
                                                               Lake Country Lanes - Marble Falls, TX                    for charity, while demonstrating their commitment to enduring
Please Welcome Back Our Returning                              Long Draw Pizza - Terlingua, TX                          friendships.
Corporate Members                                              Dr Steve & Ann Meyer - Dallas, TX
                                                               Mitchell Resort & RV Park - Perrin, TX                   Thank you to all who made this special week-end a major victory!
Lake Country Lanes – Marble Falls, TX                          Mockingbird Hill - Bronte, TX
Dr. Steve & Ann Meyer – Dallas, TX                             Monosite, Inc. - Odessa, TX                              Preston and Susie Shaw
Passport America – Long Beach, MS                              Passport America - Long Beach, MS                        Heart of Tennessee Pod
Red River Conference Center – Red River, NM                    9 Fingers Jeep Tours - Odessa, TX
Rio Bravo Security – Terlingua, TX                             Pelican’s on the Bayou - New Iberia, LA
                                                                                                                             Keep Doin’ What Ya Love and Lovin’ What Ya Do….
Southwest Canopy of Texas, Inc. – Houston, TX                  Purple Haze Jeep Club - Gardendale, TX
                                                               Quilts, Etc by Marguerite - Terlingua, TX                            Cooking Chili for Charity with CASI!
                                                               R&R Construction, Inc. - Monahans, TX
        CORPORATE MEMBERS                                      Red Lion Spicy Food Company - Red Lion, PA
                                                               Red River Conference Center - Red River, NM                    Southwest Canopy of Texas, Inc. - Houston, TX
Ballenger & Associates - DeLeon, TX                            Renfro Foods, Inc. - Fort Worth, TX                            Southwest Horn Toad Raisers Assn. - Odessa, TX
Big Bend Motor Inn - Terlingua, TX                             Rio Bravo Security - Terlingua, TX                             T&K Dairy - Snyder, TX
Big Bend River Tours, Inc. - Terlingua, TX                     Saltwater Cowboy Cantina - Terlingua, TX                       Terlingua Auto Service - Terlingua, TX
Carefree RV Resorts - Scottsdale, AZ                           San Antonio Pod CASI - San Antonio, TX                         Thunderbird Machinery - Odessa, TX
Carpenter Law Firm - Austin, TX                                Snake River Chili - San Marcos, CA                             Vineyards of Texas - Canyon Lake, TX
Chisos Mining Co. Motel, Inc. - Terlingua, TX                  Southwest Abstract & Title Co. - Rankin, TX                    WPI Firefighter’s Fund - Ft. Worth, TX
August 2008                                                                Terlingua Trails                                                                         Page 5

                                    TALLYMASTER'S                                                               Qualified As Of
                                                                                                                 July 15, 2008
                           YEAR-TO-DATE COOK0FF-OFF
                                  STATISTICS                                                                                           294 Lee Bailey, Maumelle AR
                                                                                                      COOKS                            295 Terry Graves, Wichita Falls TX
                                                                                                                                       296 Sherree Duncan
                                     REQ COOKOFFS CHILIS                       MONEY        243 Mary Stephens, Canyon Lake TX
                                                                                            244 Chuck Hawthorne, Wichita Falls TX        North Richland Hills TX
STATE                                 PTS    HELD JUDGED                      RAISED
                                                                                            245 Sherry Muhlbauer, Wichita Falls TX     297 Dianne Stimson, Crawford TX
ALABAMA                                 6       2     38                    4,000.00                                                   298 H. Ray King, Seguin TX
                                                                                            246 Carol Gibbs, Iowa Park TX
ARKANSAS                               12      22    491                   33,915.00        247 Charles “Chip” Welsh, Red Lion PA      299 Norm Dunn, Sierra Vista AZ
ARIZONA                                12      22    473                   36,684.00        248 Patsy Elliott, El Paso TX              300 Daniel E. “Dan” Bauer
BRITISH COLUMBIA                         6      1      0                    3,000.00        249 Janet Cielencki, San Antonio TX          Alexandria VA
CALIFORNIA                              6       1     28                    1,500.00        250 Meredith Martin, Frisco TX             301 B.J. Barefoot, Burlington NC
COLORADO                                9       3     56                   14,650.00        251 Dick Wagner, Little Rock AR
                                                                                            252 Lynne Murry, Como MS
                                                                                            253 Raymond Pilchiek, Bluffton TX
                                                                                                                                       SHOWS TEAMS
IOWA                                    6       4     69                    6,341.00        254 Jamie Ballenger, De Leon TX            123 Cowgirl Attitude, Sanger TX
                                                                                            255 James Murry, Como MS                     Blackburn, Vickie
ILLINOIS                               12      11    240                    5,538.00
                                                                                            256 Neal Doss, Georgetown TX               124 Dukester Chili, Valley Mills TX
INDIANA                                 6       2     50                   31,000.00        257 Jim Weller, Rockton IL                   Duke, Randall Lee (Randy)
KANSAS                                  6       3    127                    2,987.00        258 Pat Krenek, Houston TX                 125 Doc’s Backbone Chili
LOUISIANA                               6       7    232                    9,597.00        259 Vicki Hebert, Pearland TX                Marble Falls TX
MARYLAND                                9       5     95                    7,250.00        260 Roy Davis, Pasadena TX                   Kinnison, Larry “Doc”
MISSOURI                                6       2     31                    4,000.00        261 Eve DuMond, El Paso TX                 126 Oil Field Trash, Houston TX
MISSISSIPPI                             6       2     51                    2,450.00        262 Lee Roy Childress, Midland TX            Hammock, Larry
MEXICO                                  6       4    173                    6,282.00        263 Dan (Danny) Campbell, Cedar Hill TX    127 Pirates of the Chili Bean
NORTH CAROLINA                          9       7    148                   46,180.00        264 John Daniels, Winona TX                  Portland OR
                                                                                            265 Clint Wooster, Wichita Falls TX          Price, Steven (Steve)
NEBRASKA                                6       1     17                      500.00
                                                                                            266 William C “Bill” Pierson, Batavia IL   128 Warriors of the Crimson P
NEW MEXICO                              9       8    180                    6,016.00        267 W.E. “Bill” Britton, Laramie WY          Longmont CO
NEW YORK                                6       1     22                    2,000.00        268 Anna Holfelder, Laramie WY               Lee, Steve
OKLAHOMA                               12      15    283                   82,624.00        269 Rex W. Jones, Dallas TX                129 Lair of the Fox, Rowlett TX
PENNSYLVANIA                             6      3     48                      687.00        270 Steve Lee, Longmont CO                   Bowman, Toni
SOUTH CAROLINA                          6       2     30                   13,400.00        271 Rocky Kimball, Highlands Ranch CO      130 Chili Head, Conifer CO
TENNESSEE                               9       7    194                   48,600.00        272 Linda Wilkinson, Loveland CO             Booth, Michael
TEXAS                                  12     277  8,987                  543,518.00        273 Cheryl L Pierson, Batavia IL           131 2 Shots 2 Hot, Afton OK
VIRGINIA                                9       5    104                    3,090.00        274 Dan Barefoot, Burlington NC               Britton, Clay
                                                                                            275 Susan Campbell, Amarillo TX            132 Road Dawgs, Greenwood AR
VIRGIN ISLANDS                          6       1     15                   14,000.00
                                                                                            276 Hannah Snyder, Tulsa OK                  Gilliam, Randy
WASHINGTON                              6       1     19                      615.00        277 Jami Gregory, Broken Arrow OK          133 Chili Peg, Mission KS
WYOMING                                 6       1     29                    4,000.00        278 Tom “Tucker” Snyder, Tulsa OK            Velasquez, Peggy
GRAND TOTAL                                   428 12,383                  950,349.00        279 Mike Mayenschein, Owasso OK            134 Copenhagen Lady, San Antonio TX
                                                                                            280 Janie Burruss, San Marcos TX             Schrade, Connie Sue
DELINQUENT COOKOFFS - These are                                                             281 Lil Drake, Houston TX                  135 Lenora’s Zoo Animals, Victoria TX
Cookoffs held before 06/01/08 that                                                          282 Mari Capehart, Seguin TX                 Martignoni, Lenora
results have not been received for!                                                         283 Jeremy Bauer, Clifton VA               136 Lost Texan Salsa, Matagorda TX
                                                                                            284 Herb Ross, Marble Falls TX               Clary, Laura
                                                                                            285 Barbara Benold, Dripping Springs TX    137 King James & The Misfits
                                                                                            286 Steve Goebel, Van Buren AR               Comfort TX
                          Remember Loved Ones                                               287 Dara Hopson, Fort Smith AR               Stateczny, Jim
                                                                                            288 Larry Velasquez, Mission KS            138 Slow Byrne Chili, Malakoff TX
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Page 6                                                                    Terlingua Trails                                                           August 2008

                                               Cook Off Winners
May 17, 2008-004 - La Vernia TX                2 Circle E Chili, Vancouver BC           3 Jazz Cafe, La Luz NM                        Bedford TX
Bluebonnet Fest Chili & Bean CCO, 20 CHILIS      Tim Everett                             Annette Price                                Karen Ducote
CHILI WINNERS                                  3 Mad Cow, Langley BC
 1 Janie Burruss, San Marcos TX                  Wayne Fettback                        Jun 7, 2008-002 - Houston TX                 Jun 7, 2008-006 - Queen Creek AZ
 2 Lil Drake, Houston TX                                                               Space City POD 28th Annual CCO, 45 CHILIS     6th Summer Splash, 22 CHILIS
 3 Mari Capehart, Seguin TX                    May 25, 2008-005 - Wichita Falls TX     CHILI WINNERS                                CHILI WINNERS
 4 Sharon Roy, Johnson City TX                  North of Brazos Cookoff, 56 CHILIS       1 Patsy Childress, Midland TX                1 Sandi Garner, Mesa AZ
 5 John Goforth, Comfort TX                    CHILI WINNERS                             2 Jo Frances Turvey, Houston TX              2 Pat Linne, Queen Creek AZ
 6 Mary Ellen Gillen, San Antonio TX            1 Tim Collier, Snyder TX                 3 Larry “Doc” Kinnison                       3 Scott Hamilton, Queen Creek AZ
  7 Marolyn “Mayo” Blair, Houston TX            2 Suzie Manske, Arlington TX               Marble Falls TX                            4 John C. Johnson, Sierra Vista AZ
 8 Blake Sangerhausen, Seguin TX                3 David Lefler, Bardwell TX              4 John Caffey, Rockdale TX                  5 Lylah Raven, Phoenix AZ
 9 James Gillen Jr, San Antonio TX              4 Sharon Neff, Irving TX                 5 Nigel Delgado, Houston TX                  6 Tom J. Klug, Gold Canyon AZ
10 Pat Dreibrodt, Comfort TX                    5 Chuck Hawthorne, Wichita Falls TX      6 Bruce Wilkins, Houston TX                 7 Val Velitschkowski
                                                6 Carol Gibbs, Iowa Park TX              7 Ed Nesbitt, Houston TX                       Apache Junction AZ
May 24, 2008-004 - Wichita Falls TX             7 Kyle Adams, Iowa Park TX               8 Lil Drake, Houston TX                     8 Bob Bell, Chandler AZ
25th Annual Southwest Open Chili, 85 CHILIS     8 Sylvia Riordan, Wichita Falls TX       9 Lynn Delgado, Houston TX                   9 Charlie Elliott, Queen Creek AZ
CHILI WINNERS                                   9 Judy Hawthorne, Wichita Falls TX      10 Earl W. “Who?” Gorhum                     10 Bernard “Bernie” Kowalski
 1 Chuck Hawthorne, Wichita Falls TX           10 Larry George, Livingston TX              Montgomery TX                               Gilbert AZ
 2 Sherry Muhlbauer, Wichita Falls TX          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                     SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
 3 Donell Dickerson, Shawnee OK                 1 Mad Hatter, Wichita Falls TX           1 Tall Girl Frog, Rockdale TX                1 Magic Chili, Gilbert AZ
 4 Sylvia Riordan, Wichita Falls TX              Nancy Graves                              Betty Sue Caffey                            Bernard “Bernie” Kowalski
 5 Tim Collier, Snyder TX                       2 BJ’s Cathouse Chili, Shawnee OK        2 Lost Texan Salsa, Matagorda TX             2 Los Tres Pendejos, Sierra Vista AZ
 6 Kyle Adams, Iowa Park TX                       Bettie Spears                           Laura Clary                                  Ben Berry
 7 Dennis H. Jackson, Iowa Park TX              3 Bob Sundance Chili, Iowa Park TX       3 Pig Stop Chili, Houston TX                 3 Kokopeli Chili Too, Sierra Vista AZ
 8 David Lefler, Bardwell TX                     C R “Bob” Luney                          Sharon Dozier                                Sunny Fichtl
 9 Terry Graves, Wichita Falls TX
10 Sharon Neff, Irving TX                      May 31, 2008-004 - El Paso TX           Jun 7, 2008-004 - Little Rock AR             Jun 7, 2008-008 - De Leon TX
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                            Annual Longhorn Saloon CCO, 21 CHILIS    Our Place Cookoff, 16 CHILIS                 Mason Amstrong Lodge 445, 20 CHILIS
 1 BJ’s Cathouse Chili, Shawnee OK             CHILI WINNERS                           CHILI WINNERS                                CHILI WINNERS
  Bettie Spears                                 1 Carol Straughan, El Paso TX            1 Connie Collier, Snyder TX                  1 Raymond Pilchiek, Bluffton TX
 2 Mad Hatter, Wichita Falls TX                  2 Francisco “Frank” Estrada             2 Preston Nickle                            2 Jamie Ballenger, De Leon TX
  Nancy Graves                                    Albuquerque NM                          North Little Rock AR                       3 Kelly Brignon, Waxahachie TX
 3 Bob Sundance Chili, Iowa Park TX             3 Richard (Dick) Rogers, La Luz NM       3 Bruce Smith, Little Rock AR               4 Jim Trietsch, Waco TX
  C R “Bob” Luney                                4 Rick Hanson, Las Cruces NM            4 Tim Collier, Snyder TX                    5 James Ballard, Waxahachie TX
                                                 5 Ann Hanson, Las Cruces NM             5 Dick Wagner, Little Rock AR               6 J D “Big Jim” McCraw
May 24, 2008-005 - York PA                       6 Raymond Lucero, El Paso TX            6 Linda Nickle, North Little Rock AR           Goldthwaite TX
6th Annual Keystone State Pod CCO, 15 CHILIS     7 Patsy Elliott, El Paso TX             7 Eddie Wayne Sumrall, Little Rock AR       7 Gary Brignon, Waxahachie TX
CHILI WINNERS                                    8 Mike Evins, Las Cruces NM             8 Nancy Coultas, Tucson AZ                  8 Allison Ballard, Waxahachie TX
  1 Christine (Chris) Johnson                    9 Mary L. Rogers, La Luz NM             9 Myrl Coultas, Tucson AZ                   9 Cynthia “Kay” Lefler, Bardwell TX
   Harrisburg PA                                10 Eve DuMond, El Paso TX               10 Lee Bailey, Maumelle AR                   10 Sharon Roy, Johnson City TX
 2 Tim Lawler, Severna Park MD                 SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                     SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
 3 Jack Windsor, Baltimore MD                    1 Pretty Chili, El Paso TX              1 Roadrunner Chili, Tucson AZ               1 Dukester Chili, Valley Mills TX
  4 Kimberly (Kim) Breton, Arnold MD              Raymond Lucero                           Nancy Coultas                               Randall Lee (Randy) Duke
 5 Charles “Chip” Welsh, Red Lion PA             2 Asheep At The Wheel, El Paso TX       2 LDN Chili, North Little Rock AR           2 Trash Can Chili, McGregor TX
 6 Dick DeiTos, Fairfax VA                        Carol Straughan                         Linda Nickle                                 Ernie Nelson
 7 Richard Mazzur, Willow Street PA             3 Texas Wrangler Chili, El Paso TX      3 Dilligaf, Mabelvale AR                     3 Cruel Girl Chili, De Leon TX
  8 Jenny Windsor, Baltimore MD                   Donna Von Gentz                         Debbie Covey                                 Jamie Ballenger
 9 John Iaquinta, Severna Park MD
 10 Nancy Bremer, Upper Marlboro MD            Jun 7, 2008-001 - Organ NM              Jun 7, 2008-005 - Irving TX                  Jun 7, 2008-009 - Longview TX
                                                Bud’s Backyard Pod CCO, 17 CHILIS       Delbert’s Dream for Irving CCO, 27 CHILIS    5th Annual Alley Fest Cookoff, 22 CHILIS
May 24, 2008-006 - Vancouver BC                CHILI WINNERS                           CHILI WINNERS                                CHILI WINNERS
Canadian International Cookoff, 15 CHILIS       1 Richard (Dick) Rogers, La Luz NM       1 Beth Moon, Hurst TX                        1 Kevin Daugherty, Leander TX
CHILI WINNERS                                   2 Michele Ungvarsky, Albuquerque NM      2 Kary Fieseler, Irving TX                   2 David (Dave) Trice, Hallsville TX
 1 S Ian Bayliss, Burnaby BC                    3 Ann Hanson, Las Cruces NM             3 Stephanie Brockman, Irving TX               3 Barry Poole, Lafayette LA
 2 Sylvie Bayliss, Burnaby BC                    4 Don Stoppiro, El Paso TX              4 Cathy Preston, Arlington TX                4 Steve Doss, Shreveport LA
 3 Ruth H. Peach, Tacoma WA                      5 Mary Hernandez, El Paso TX           5 Kelly Killingbeck, Euless TX                5 Stan Moore, Tyler TX
 4 Ken Peach, Tacoma WA                         6 Rick Hanson, Las Cruces NM             6 Laura Cozby, Dallas TX                     6 Pam Jameson, Tyler TX
 5 Betty Duff, Port Coquitlam BC                7 Francisco “Frank” Estrada             7 Ginny Williams, Irving TX                   7 Jack Jameson, Tyler TX
 6 Lynne Brokaw, Seattle WA                       Albuquerque NM                         8 Robert E “Bob” Coats, Irving TX            8 Lou Hewlett, Tyler TX
 7 Fred Roycroft, Port Coquitlam BC             8 Carol Straughan, El Paso TX            9 Tina Barnes, Euless TX                     9 John Daniels, Winona TX
 8 Mike Waterman, Port Coquitlam BC              9 Patsy Elliott, El Paso TX            10 Ron Barnes, Euless TX                     10 Lydia Alexander, Shreveport LA
 9 Jerry Doucette, Surrey BC                    10 Thomas Chaney, Anthony NM           SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
10 Tim Everett, Vancouver BC                   SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                      1 Bull Rush, Irving TX                        1 Excuse Me, Shreveport LA
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                              1 Beat The Heat, Anthony NM              Ginny Williams                               Larry Russell
 1 Pirates of the Chili Bean                      Thomas Chaney                          2 Uownt-Too Chili, Mansfield TX              2 Dr. Dave’s VooDoo Stew
  Portland OR                                   2 Exposure Chili, El Paso TX              Dee Palmer                                   Hallsville TX
  Steven (Steve) Price                            Don Stoppiro                          3 American Legion Family Cooking               David (Dave) Trice
August 2008   Terlingua Trails   Page 7
Page 8                                                              Terlingua Trails                                                                August 2008
 3 Road Warriors Roadkill Chili Brew      4 Larry Velasquez, Mission KS                1 Bad To The Bone, Conifer CO                 Jun 14, 2008-006 - El Paso TX
  Terrell TX                              5 Shelley Kroencke, Lenexa KS                 Michael Booth                                 4th Annual Flag Day CCO, 15 CHILIS
   Larry Wampler                          6 Lee Kroencke, Lenexa KS                    2 Warriors of the Crimson Pepper              CHILI WINNERS
                                           7 Travis McCauley, Pittsburg KS              Longmont CO                                   1 Carol Straughan, El Paso TX
Jun 7, 2008-011 - Frontenac KS            8 Rudy Lintner, Shawnee KS                    Steve Lee                                      2 Thomas Chaney, Anthony NM
 Kansas State Chili Cookoff, 21 CHILIS    9 Colleen Lintner, Shawnee KS                3 Cow Camp Chili, Mitchell NE                   3 Mary Hernandez, El Paso TX
CHILI WINNERS                             10 Steve Dowdy, Kansas City MO                Bob Blackburn                                  4 Marion “Bud” Barrick, Organ NM
  1 Larry Velasquez, Mission KS          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                                                           5 Michele Ungvarsky, Albuquerque NM
 2 Shelley Kroencke, Lenexa KS             1 Matt’s Magnificent Meat                  Jun 14, 2008-003 - Fort Worth TX                 6 Bobby Elliott, El Paso TX
 3 Don Greenlee, Springdale AR              Pittsburg KS                               32nd Annual Cowtown Pod CCO, 124 CHILIS         7 Eve DuMond, El Paso TX
 4 Debbie Greenlee, Springdale AR            Matt Frye                                CHILI WINNERS                                    8 Don Stoppiro, El Paso TX
 5 Lee Kroencke, Lenexa KS                2 Chili Puercos, Mission KS                   1 Ron Barnes, Euless TX                        9 Armando Dominquez, El Paso TX
  6 Mark Bass, Skiatook OK                  Larry Velasquez                             2 Dan (Danny) Campbell, Cedar Hill TX         10 Patsy Elliott, El Paso TX
 7 Dixie Johnson, Lamar MO                 3 UNCLAIMED                                  3 R. Bruce Stewart, Hurst TX                 SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
 8 Rudy Lintner, Shawnee KS                                                             4 Kelly Killingbeck, Euless TX                 1 Beat The Heat, Anthony NM
 9 Colleen Lintner, Shawnee KS           Jun 13, 2008-001 - Parkers Crossroads TN       5 Sally Lee, San Antonio TX                     Thomas Chaney
 10 Melissa Herndon, Tulsa OK             HOT Pod Cookoff, 39 CHILIS                    6 Drucella “Dru” Stewart, Hurst TX             2 Exposure Chili, El Paso TX
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                      CHILI WINNERS                                  7 Frances Sullivan, Ennis TX                     Don Stoppiro
 1 Chili Peg, Mission KS                   1 Connie Collier, Snyder TX                  8 Patrick Sullivan, Mansfield TX               3 Asheep At The Wheel, El Paso TX
   Peggy Velasquez                         2 Sara Garrett, Southaven MS                 9 Beth Moon, Hurst TX                           Carol Straughan
 2 Toad Chokin’ Chili, Shawnee KS          3 Kenneth Swart, Kennesaw GA                10 Bonnie Loxterman, Rowlett TX
   Colleen Lintner                         4 Tim Brown, Indianapolis IN               SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                            Jun 14, 2008-007 - Fort McKavett TX
 3 Hot Stuff Chili, Skiatook OK            5 Susan Dean, Johnson City TX                1 American Legion Family Cooking Tea         Ft McKavett Chili & BBQ Cookoff, 15 CHILIS
   Mark Bass                               6 Tonya Jester, Indianapolis IN                m, Bedford TX                              CHILI WINNERS
                                           7 Myrl Coultas, Tucson AZ                     Gary Hall                                     1 John Goforth, Comfort TX
Jun 7, 2008-012 - Mayer AZ                 8 Lynne Murry, Como MS                       2 Ain’t No Chili Show, Garland TX              2 Sharon Roy, Johnson City TX
 Mayer Daze Cookoff, 15 CHILIS             9 Renee F Moore, Gulf Shores AL               Bill Lester                                  3 Ronnie Wipff, Sonora TX
CHILI WINNERS                             10 Sharon Pinnell, Helotes TX                 3 Belly Buster, Bullard TX                     4 Lynn Wipff, Sonora TX
 1 Maxine N Lee, Cornville AZ            SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                              Bryan McFarlin                               5 Pat Dreibrodt, Comfort TX
  2 Dennis Huff, Wittmann AZ              1 Saguaro Cactus Chili #2, Couch MO                                                          6 Steve Thorp, Sonora TX
 3 Jerry D. Lee, Wittmann AZ                George Kunkle                             Jun 14, 2008-004 - Alsip IL                      7 Kelly Thorp, Sonora TX
 4 Sandy L Lee, Wittmann AZ                2 Mom Jester’s Homemade Chili               Alsip Park District Fun Fest CCO, 16 CHILIS     8 Jack Wilkinson, Menard TX
 5 Mary Ellen Smith, Glendale AZ            Indianapolis IN                           CHILI WINNERS                                    9 Dana Reed, Roby TX
 6 Steven L Smith, Glendale AZ               Marilyn Jester                             1 Bert Centers, Lisle IL                      10 Jo Nell Wilkinson, Menard TX
 7 Baron Oliver, Wittmann AZ               3 Thunderbird Chili, Memphis TN             2 Jim Weller, Rockton IL                      SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
 8 Gene Davis, Phoenix AZ                    Mike Tarpley                               3 Charles “Bill” Thomas                        1 Totally Wacked, Sonora TX
 9 Phillip L Gutierrez, Wittmann AZ                                                      Naperville IL                                  Ronnie Wipff
 10 Denny Kuller, Morristown AZ          Jun 14, 2008-001 - Jonestown TX               4 Georgia Weller, Rockton IL                    2 2 Hot Mama, Menard TX
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                       26th Annual SOT Pod Cookoff, 51 CHILIS        5 Patrick Gustafson, Chicago IL                 Jo Nell Wilkinson
 1 Texas Hot Stuff, Wittmann AZ          CHILI WINNERS                                  6 Bret Centers, Lisle IL                       3 Crooked Opossum, Eldorado TX
   Dennis Huff                             1 Steve Ashman, Bastrop TX                   7 Bob Hall, Taylorville IL                      Gary Gibson
 2 Maxine The Chili Queen                  2 Larry “Doc” Kinnison                      8 Candice Thomas, Naperville IL
   Cornville AZ                             Marble Falls TX                            9 Richard (Rick) Geiger, Chicago IL           Jun 14, 2008-008 - Denton TX
   Maxine N Lee                            3 Betty Sue Caffey, Rockdale TX             10 Brian Gustafson, Chicago IL                 2nd Annual Summer Showdown, 33 CHILIS
 3 Messe Chili, Glendale AZ                4 Barbara Taylor, Cedar Park TX            SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                            CHILI WINNERS
   Mary Ellen Smith                        5 Michael A Mayorga, Seabrook TX             1 Flash N Da Pan, Lisle IL                     1 Lisa Williams, Euless TX
                                          6 Nigel Delgado, Houston TX                    Bret Centers                                  2 Janet Cielencki, San Antonio TX
Jun 8, 2008-001 - De Leon TX               7 Debbie Ashman, Bastrop TX                 2 No Skill Chili, Chicago IL                    3 Jena Whitehead, Dallas TX
 Central Texas Chili Pod, 15 CHILIS       8 Charmaine Rogers, San Antonio TX              Patrick Gustafson                            4 T.J. Cannon, Corinth TX
CHILI WINNERS                             9 Robert E. Schrade, San Antonio TX          3 Karma-dillo Chili, Naperville IL              5 J D Manning, Aubrey TX
 1 Jamie Ballenger, De Leon TX            10 Joe Trigo, Bastrop TX                       Candice Thomas                               6 William E “Bill” Riordan
 2 Brad Ballenger, De Leon TX            SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                                                            Wichita Falls TX
  3 Ernie Nelson, McGregor TX             1 Cowgirl Sue Chili, Austin TX              Jun 14, 2008-005 - Parkers Crossroads TN         7 Jo Ann Smith, Valley View TX
 4 Allison Ballard, Waxahachie TX           Suze Ruff                                  14th Annual Battleground, 58 CHILIS            8 Tina Shoemake, Sanger TX
 5 James Ballard, Waxahachie TX            2 South Side Chili, Austin TX              CHILI WINNERS                                    9 Meredith Martin, Frisco TX
  6 Brad Nelson, Crawford TX                Chris Cook                                  1 Tim Collier, Snyder TX                      10 Jessica Burnham-Hinton, Dallas TX
  7 Jim Trietsch, Waco TX                 3 Tracie’s Texan Show                         2 Tanna M. Jones, Horn Lake MS               SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
 8 Angie Duke, Valley Mills TX               Traverse City MI                           3 Alan Dean, Johnson City TX                  1 Bucking Edge, The, Ponder TX
  9 J D “Big Jim” McCraw                    Tracie Ashman                              4 Candace (Candi) Arevalo                        Jody Wilkins
    Goldthwaite TX                                                                       Wellington FL                                2 Burnt Orange Chili, Sanger TX
 10 Bill Phaunty, De Leon TX             Jun 14, 2008-002 - Chugwater WY                5 Richard “Rick” Williams, Memphis TN           Vic Lambert
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                      23rd Annual Chugwater Chili CCO, 29 CHILIS     6 Connie Collier, Snyder TX                    3 Buffalo Gals Chili, Denton TX
  1 2 Hand Chili, Crawford TX            CHILI WINNERS                                  7 Sara Garrett, Southaven MS                     Cathy Allcorn
   Brad Nelson                             1 William C “Bill” Pierson                   8 James Murry, Como MS
 2 Cruel Girl Chili, De Leon TX             Batavia IL                                  9 Jeff Netser, Seymour IN                    Jun 14, 2008-009 - Pasadena TX
   Jamie Ballenger                        2 Julia Kimball, Highlands Ranch CO          10 Tim Brown, Indianapolis IN                  1st Annual Milton Stanley Jr, 24 CHILIS
  3 Dukester Chili, Valley Mills TX        3 John Montgomery, Golden CO               SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                            CHILI WINNERS
   Randall Lee (Randy) Duke               4 Eddie Vecchiarelli, Golden CO              1 Saguaro Cactus Chili #2, Couch MO             1 Pat Krenek, Houston TX
                                           5 Marc DeBruyne, Denver CO                    George Kunkle                                 2 Vern Gilpin, Katy TX
Jun 8, 2008-002 - Frontenac KS            6 Steve Lee, Longmont CO                     2 Candi Kisses, Wellington FL                   3 Teena G. Miller, Baytown TX
 MO-KAN Pod Cookoff, 15 CHILIS            7 W.E. “Bill” Britton, Laramie WY              Candace (Candi) Arevalo                      4 Doug Hay, Deer Park TX
CHILI WINNERS                              8 Bob Blackburn, Mitchell NE                 3 Thunderbird Chili, Memphis TN                5 Jo Quist, Houston TX
 1 Peggy Velasquez, Mission KS             9 Don Weber, Livingston TX                     Mike Tarpley                                6 Jessie Craig, Pasadena TX
 2 Steve Shepherd, Pittsburg KS           10 Anna Holfelder, Laramie WY                                                               7 Vicki Hebert, Pearland TX
  3 Jerri Dowdy, Kansas City MO          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                                                           8 Diane Spence Barker, Baytown TX
August 2008                                                              Terlingua Trails                                                                           Page 9
  9 Charles Quist, Houston TX                 2 Keith Karaff, Houston TX                    Teena “T.J.” Friedel                          3 Toni Bowman, Rowlett TX
 10 Roy Davis, Pasadena TX                   3 Larry “Doc” Kinnison                        3 Puzzle Time Chili, Hurst TX                  4 David McKee, Rockwall TX
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                            Marble Falls TX                              Bill Sweigart                                 5 Vicki Sanders, Ennis TX
  1 Oil Field Trash, Houston TX               4 Joe Trigo, Bastrop TX                                                                     6 Gary Brignon, Waxahachie TX
   Larry Hammock                             5 Barbara Benold, Dripping Springs TX        Jun 15, 2008-003 - Denton TX                    7 Lou Hewlett, Tyler TX
  2 Wild Bunch, Baytown TX                   6 Michael A Mayorga, Seabrook TX             Sunday 2nd Annual Summer Showdown, 16 CHILIS    8 Allison Ballard, Waxahachie TX
   Diane Spence Barker                       7 Carrie Kinnison, Marble Falls TX           CHILI WINNERS                                   9 Rex W. Jones, Dallas TX
 3 Lone Star Chili Chix, Houston TX           8 Tracie Ashman, Traverse City MI             1 Jody Wilkins, Ponder TX                    10 Bonnie Loxterman, Rowlett TX
   Pat Krenek                                9 Mike Benold, Dripping Springs TX             2 Meredith Martin, Frisco TX                 SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
                                             10 Michael Park, Bastrop TX                    3 Missy McFerren, Grand Saline TX             1 Lair of the Fox, Rowlett TX
Jun 14, 2008-010 - Amarillo TX              SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                             4 T.J. Cannon, Corinth TX                       Toni Bowman
 Elks Lodge Fun in The Sun CCO, 16 CHILIS     1 Tri-2-Go, Bastrop TX                        5 Rick Boyd, Lake Dallas TX                   2 Slow Byrne Chili, Malakoff TX
CHILI WINNERS                                  Joe Trigo                                    6 Jacklyn Randolph, Denton TX                   Karen Byrne Bowden
  1 Carol Lilly, Amarillo TX                 2 Doc’s Backbone Chili                         7 Danny Brumley, Denton TX                    3 Native Texas Chili, Kaufman TX
  2 Susan Campbell, Amarillo TX                Marble Falls TX                              8 Tim Randolph, Denton TX                       James Gowins
  3 Bill McDonald, Amarillo TX                 Larry “Doc” Kinnison                        9 Vickie Blackburn, Sanger TX
  4 Nelda Matheson, Amarillo TX               3 UNCLAIMED                                  10 Tina Shoemake, Sanger TX                   Jun 21, 2008-004 - Fort Smith AR
  5 Amanda McDonald, Amarillo TX                                                          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                             26th Annual Hanging Judge Isaac C, 46
  6 Scott Campbell, Amarillo TX             Jun 15, 2008-002 - Fort Worth TX                1 Cowgirl Attitude, Sanger TX                CHILIS
  7 John Guinn, Amarillo TX                 Sunday Day After Cowtown Cookoff, 22 CHILIS      Vickie Blackburn                            CHILI WINNERS
  8 Melvin Sanders, Amarillo TX             CHILI WINNERS                                  2 Burnt Orange Chili, Sanger TX                1 Steve Goebel, Van Buren AR
  9 Pam Matheson, Amarillo TX                 1 David I Sexton Jr, Grand Prairie TX          Vic Lambert                                  2 Don Greenlee, Springdale AR
 10 Vickie L. Childers, Amarillo TX           2 Tammie Wooster, Wichita Falls TX            3 Bucking Edge, The, Ponder TX                3 Donell Dickerson, Shawnee OK
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                           3 John Daniels, Winona TX                      Jody Wilkins                                 4 Preston Nickle
  1 Bekin’s Best, Amarillo TX                 4 Beth Moon, Hurst TX                                                                         North Little Rock AR
    Pam Matheson                              5 Bill Sweigart, Hurst TX                   Jun 20, 2008-001 - Fort Smith AR                5 Joe Giles, Farmington AR
  2 Hawg Wild Chili, Amarillo TX              6 Teena “T.J.” Friedel, Irving TX            Miss Laura’s Friday Night Social, 30 CHILIS    6 Guy E. Smith, Fort Smith AR
   Carol Lilly                               7 Shirley Sexton, Dallas TX                  CHILI WINNERS                                   7 Erma W. Smith, Fort Smith AR
  3 Campbell’s Kids, Amarillo TX              8 Clint Wooster, Wichita Falls TX             1 Dara Hopson, Fort Smith AR                   8 Patti Watkins, Fort Smith AR
   Scott Campbell                             9 Laura Cozby, Dallas TX                      2 Erma W. Smith, Fort Smith AR                9 Bob Cagle, Bigelow AR
                                             10 G Bert Paine, Keller TX                     3 Bo Prewitt, North Little Rock AR            10 Dara Hopson, Fort Smith AR
Jun 15, 2008-001 - Jonestown TX             SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                             4 Lorinda Crawford, Broken Arrow OK          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
 Day After SOT Pod Cookoff, 19 CHILIS         1 Ain’t No Chili Show, Garland TX             5 James Mosley, Little Rock AR                1 Road Dawgs, Greenwood AR
CHILI WINNERS                                  Bill Lester                                 6 Donell Dickerson, Shawnee OK                   Randy Gilliam
 1 Neal Doss, Georgetown TX                   2 Dream Catcher, Irving TX                    7 Guy E. Smith, Fort Smith AR                 2 3 Frogs VooDoo Chili, Fort Smith AR
                                                                                            8 Joe Giles, Farmington AR                      Patti Watkins
                                                                                            9 Glenda Johnston, Maumelle AR                3 Desperately Cookng 4 You
                                                                                           10 Rheaba Goebel, Van Buren AR                   Fort Smith AR
                                                                                          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                               Jesse Cabalar
                                                                                           1 Sooner Chili, Greenwood AR
                                                                                             David Anderson                              Jun 21, 2008-006 - Horizon City TX
                                                                                            2 Parrot Head Chili, Greenwood AR             Your Bar & Grill Cookoff, 15 CHILIS
                                                                                             Debbie Gray                                 CHILI WINNERS
                                                                                            3 Desperately Cookng 4 You                     1 Armando Dominquez, El Paso TX
                                                                                             Fort Smith AR                                 2 Mary Hernandez, El Paso TX
                                                                                             Jesse Cabalar                                 3 Debra Stoppiro, El Paso TX
                                                                                                                                           4 Marcia Gamino, El Paso TX
                                                                                          Jun 21, 2008-002 - Show Low AZ                   5 Marion “Bud” Barrick, Organ NM
                                                                                           First Annual Summit Health Care, 19 CHILIS     6 Carol Straughan, El Paso TX
                                                                                          CHILI WINNERS                                    7 Gary Buck, Chaparral NM
                                                                                           1 Nancy Egger Klug, Gold Canyon AZ              8 Bobby Elliott, El Paso TX
                                                                                           2 Dick Seehusen, Alpine AZ                      9 Eve DuMond, El Paso TX
                                                                                           3 Norm Dunn, Sierra Vista AZ                   10 Tami Buck, Chaparral NM
                                                                                           4 Shelly Young, Snowflake AZ                  SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
                                                                                           5 Pat Young, Snowflake AZ                       1 Miasis Dragon, Chaparral NM
                                                                                           6 Sue Seehusen, Alpine AZ                        Gary Buck
                                                                                            7 Julie Forney, Show Low AZ                   2 Exposure Chili, El Paso TX
                                                                                            8 Ken Brown, Gold Canyon AZ                     Don Stoppiro
                                                                                            9 Jay Scott McCleery, Peoria AZ               3 Texas Wrangler Chili, El Paso TX
                                                                                           10 Tom J. Klug, Gold Canyon AZ                   Donna Von Gentz
                                                                                          SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
                                                                                           1 Bear Bones, Lakeside AZ                     Jun 21, 2008-008 - Durham NC
                                                                                             David Nunley                                 Bull City Chili Challenge, 15 CHILIS
                                                                                            2 Jail House, Pinetop AZ                     CHILI WINNERS
                                                                                             Bernard Huser                                1 Jackie Koltz, Palmyra VA
                                                                                            3 Forney 5 Chili, Show Low AZ                 2 Fred W. Gann, Salisbury NC
                                                                                             Julie Forney                                 3 Steve Dixon, Summerfield NC
                                                                                                                                           4 Bob Haynes, Houston TX
                                                                                          Jun 21, 2008-003 - Lone Oak TX                  5 Michael “Bubba” Williams
                                                                                           Bull Creek 4th Chili Cookoff, 26 CHILIS          Mocksville NC
                                                                                          CHILI WINNERS                                   6 Jean Lundy, Statesville NC
                                                                                           1 Pat Langley, Garland TX                       7 Kenneth (Kenny) Jones
                                                                                           2 Kelly Brignon, Waxahachie TX                   Reidsville NC
Page 10                                                                    Terlingua Trails                                                                August 2008
 8 B.J. Barefoot, Burlington NC                 3 Don Hoy, Cuero TX                           9 Daniel E. “Dan” Bauer                        2 Lee Bailey, Maumelle AR
 9 Sharon Haynes, Houston TX                    4 Barry Karnei, Weesatche TX                   Alexandria VA                                 3 Danny Jumper, Bryant AR
10 Dan Barefoot, Burlington NC                  5 Linda J. McDonald, Victoria TX              10 David Lorenz, Marlton NJ                    4 Bill Wilkerson, Sherwood AR
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                             6 Robert E. Schrade, San Antonio TX                                                          5 Toni Wilkerson, Sherwood AR
 1 Barefoot’s Toe Jam Chili                     7 Rhonda Ideus, Cuero TX                      Jun 28, 2008-004 - Ottumwa IA                  6 Linda Nickle, North Little Rock AR
  Burlington NC                                 8 Connie Sue Schrade, San Antonio TX           Pro Balloon Cookoff, 17 CHILIS                7 Bo Prewitt, North Little Rock AR
  Dan Barefoot                                  9 Laura Clary, Matagorda TX                   CHILI WINNERS                                  8 J.D. “Butch” Lott, Benton AR
 2 Hot To Trot II, Houston TX                  10 Lenora Martignoni, Victoria TX               1 Mark Zimmerman, Cedar Rapids IA             9 Stuart Frye, Little Rock AR
   Sharon Haynes                               SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                              2 Steve Dowdy, Kansas City MO               10 Debbie Bise, Plumerville AR
 3 Cowgirl Chili Team, Palmyra VA               1 Lenora’s Zoo Animals, Victoria TX            3 Dennis Bertling, Cedar Rapids IA           SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
  Jackie Koltz                                   Lenora Martignoni                             4 Bob Hall, Taylorville IL                    1 Chunk Butt Chili, Alexander AR
                                                2 Copenhagen Lady, San Antonio TX               5 Thomas Mike Shea, Moberly MO                Billy Bearden
Jun 21, 2008-009 - Brownfield TX                 Connie Sue Schrade                             6 Gerald “Gary” Christensen                  2 Spike’s Beer Keg Chili, Benton AR
 7th Annual Great American, 20 CHILIS           3 Buzzard Roost, Weesatche TX                    Cedar Rapids IA                              Terry Callahan
CHILI WINNERS                                    Barry Karnei                                  7 Jim Weller, Rockton IL                      3 Freddy’s Ready, Benton AR
  1 Patsy Childress, Midland TX                                                                 8 Jerri Dowdy, Kansas City MO                 Fred Faulkner
  2 Lee Roy Childress, Midland TX              Jun 28, 2008-001 - Garland TX                   9 Shari Bertling, Cedar Rapids IA
  3 Kathy Hulme, Hobbs NM                      7th Annual Garland Elks Lodge CCO, 53 CHILIS   10 Shelley Kroencke, Lenexa KS                Jun 28, 2008-009 - Tulsa OK
  4 Kathi Hudson, Odessa TX                    CHILI WINNERS                                  SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                            Oklahoma State Cookoff, 24 CHILIS
  5 Morris Bryan, Lubbock TX                     1 Toni Bowman, Rowlett TX                      1 Dumb Blonde Chili, Kansas City MO         CHILI WINNERS
  6 Guy W Bates, Midland TX                     2 Kelly Brignon, Waxahachie TX                   Jerri Dowdy                                 1 Don Greenlee, Springdale AR
 7 Gregg Wilson, Odessa TX                      3 Shirley Sexton, Dallas TX                     2 Duck Blind Chili, Kansas City MO            2 Hannah Snyder, Tulsa OK
  8 Doretta “Dodie” Simpson, Odessa TX           4 Rosa Gonzales, Corsicana TX                   Steve Dowdy                                  3 Jami Gregory, Broken Arrow OK
  9 Ken Large, Odessa TX                        5 Gary Brignon, Waxahachie TX                   3 Pappy’s Peppers Chili, Ottumwa IA           4 Tom “Tucker” Snyder, Tulsa OK
 10 Kelly Draper, Tahoka TX                     6 Chuck Edmonds, Duncanville TX                  John Morrison                                5 Everett Crawford, Broken Arrow OK
                                                 7 Bonnie Loxterman, Rowlett TX                                                               6 Mike Mayenschein, Owasso OK
Jun 21, 2008-010 - Grand Lake CO                8 Stephanie Brockman, Irving TX               Jun 28, 2008-005 - Morrow GA                   7 Debbie Greenlee, Springdale AR
 25th Annual Colorado State Open, 24 CHILIS      9 Mike Rider, Richardson TX                  Morrow’s SummerFest on the Green, 16 CHILIS     8 Clay Britton, Afton OK
CHILI WINNERS                                   10 Jim Ezell, Wichita Falls TX                CHILI WINNERS                                   9 Ivan Crossley, Tulsa OK
 1 Steve Lee, Longmont CO                      SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                             1 Robbie Swart, Kennesaw GA                   10 Joe Spears, Shawnee OK
 2 Rocky Kimball, Highlands Ranch CO             1 Slow Byrne Chili, Malakoff TX               2 Lane Blair, Douglasville GA                SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
 3 William C “Bill” Pierson                       Karen Byrne Bowden                            3 Donna Cobb, Woodstock GA                   1 El Gringo, Bella Vista AR
   Batavia IL                                   2 Bill’s Sea Shack, Garland TX                  4 Jerry Cobb, Woodstock GA                      Stephen O Moore
 4 Linda Wilkinson, Loveland CO                   Bill Irwin                                   5 Hance Patrick, Milledgeville GA              2 2 Shots 2 Hot, Afton OK
  5 Eric Shepherd, Montgomery IL                3 Rock-N-Roll, Lewisville TX                    6 Trey Field, Jasper GA                        Clay Britton
  6 Christi Batie, Loveland CO                    Gale Thedford                                 7 Kenneth Swart, Kennesaw GA                  3 Mexican Sweat, Broken Arrow OK
 7 Lyman Wilkinson, Loveland CO                                                                 8 Robert (Rob) McFall, Marietta GA             Lorinda Crawford
  8 Don Sanders, Aurora CO                     Jun 28, 2008-002 - Bastrop TX                    9 Mitch Williams, Marietta TX
  9 Cheryl L Pierson, Batavia IL                International River Runners, 33 CHILIS         10 Marc Tumlison, Griffin GA                 Jun 29, 2008-001 - Garland TX
 10 Robert Batie, Loveland CO                  CHILI WINNERS                                  SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                            Garland Elks Day After CCO, 42 CHILIS
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                              1 Mike Benold, Dripping Springs TX             1 Fatty Blair’s Bowl of Red                 CHILI WINNERS
 1 Chili Head, Conifer CO                        2 Carrie Kinnison, Marble Falls TX              Douglasville GA                              1 Rosa Gonzales, Corsicana TX
   Michael Booth                                 3 Larry “Doc” Kinnison                          Lane Blair                                  2 Gary Brignon, Waxahachie TX
  2 Freshmates, Parker CO                          Marble Falls TX                              2 Chili., Marietta GA                         3 Toni Bowman, Rowlett TX
   LeMonte Gregory                               4 Michael A Mayorga, Seabrook TX                Robert (Rob) McFall                         4 Delora Goin, Valley View TX
 3 God Bless America, Broomfield CO              5 John Caffey, Rockdale TX                     3 Chili Choppers, Griffin GA                 5 Chuck Hawthorne, Wichita Falls TX
   Karen Hendricks                               6 Pat Dreibrodt, Comfort TX                     Marc Tumlison                               6 Bonnie Loxterman, Rowlett TX
                                                 7 Earl W. “Who?” Gorhum                                                                     7 James Ballard, Waxahachie TX
Jun 21, 2008-011 - Meyersville TX                  Montgomery TX                              Jun 28, 2008-007 - Amarillo TX                 8 Kelly Brignon, Waxahachie TX
 Julie Arndt Memorial Scholarship, 15 CHILIS     8 Barbara Benold, Dripping Springs TX         Annual Moose Chili Cookoff, 16 CHILIS          9 Coby Davis, Garland TX
CHILI WINNERS                                    9 Steve Ashman, Bastrop TX                   CHILI WINNERS                                  10 Judy Hawthorne, Wichita Falls TX
  1 Nadine Karnei, Weesatche TX                 10 Betty Sue Caffey, Rockdale TX               1 Susan Campbell, Amarillo TX                SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
  2 Diana Klade, New Braunfels TX              SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                              2 Pam Matheson, Amarillo TX                   1 Mad Hatters, The, Tyler TX
  3 Mike Klade, New Braunfels TX                 1 Tips For Tots, New Braunfels TX              3 Nelda Matheson, Amarillo TX                  Gil Hewlett
  4 H. Ray King, Seguin TX                        Brandon Frame                                4 Scott Campbell, Amarillo TX                 2 Excuse Me, Shreveport LA
  5 Linda J. McDonald, Victoria TX               2 Doc’s Backbone Chili                         5 Margarett Lopez, Pampa TX                    Larry Russell
  6 Robert E. Schrade, San Antonio TX              Marble Falls TX                             6 Carol Lilly, Amarillo TX                     3 Bringin’ MaMa, Rowlett TX
  7 Connie Sue Schrade, San Antonio TX            Larry “Doc” Kinnison                         7 Vickie L. Childers, Amarillo TX               Bonnie Loxterman
  8 Stan Pitts, San Antonio TX                   3 Tall Girl Frog, Rockdale TX                 8 Amanda McDonald, Amarillo TX
  9 Patricia K. King, Seguin TX                    Betty Sue Caffey                            9 Bill McDonald, Amarillo TX                 Jun 29, 2008-002 - Bastrop TX
 10 Healani Bethke, Weesatche TX                                                               10 Ted Hoover, Dalhart TX                    Sunday International River Runners, 21 CHILIS
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                            Jun 28, 2008-003 - Emmitsburg MD               SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                           CHILI WINNERS
  1 Lenora’s Zoo Animals, Victoria TX           The No BS MDP Backyard Cookoff, 17 CHILIS      1 Hawg Wild, Amarillo TX                       1 Steve Ashman, Bastrop TX
   Lenora Martignoni                           CHILI WINNERS                                     Rodney Lilly                                 2 Herb Ross, Marble Falls TX
  2 Copenhagen Lady, San Antonio TX             1 Jeremy Bauer, Clifton VA                     2 Hell Raisin’ Chili, Pampa TX                 3 Keith Karaff, Houston TX
   Connie Sue Schrade                           2 Douglas Johnson, Harrisburg PA                 Steven A. Lopez                              4 Michael A Mayorga, Seabrook TX
  3 Damn Yankee, Weesatche TX                   3 Jim Parker, Alexandria VA                    3 Bekin’s Best, Amarillo TX                    5 Larry “Doc” Kinnison
   Nadine Karnei                                4 Jenny Windsor, Baltimore MD                    Pam Matheson                                  Marble Falls TX
                                                5 Christine (Chris) Johnson                                                                   6 Carrie Kinnison, Marble Falls TX
Jun 22, 2008-002 - Meyersville TX                Harrisburg PA                                Jun 28, 2008-008 - Benton AR                    7 Mike Benold, Dripping Springs TX
 Day After Cookoff at Meyersville, 15 CHILIS    6 Kimberly (Kim) Breton, Arnold MD            Benton VFW 2256 2nd Annual Chili, 17 CHILIS     8 Betty Sue Caffey, Rockdale TX
CHILI WINNERS                                   7 Bradley “Lew” Wheeling, Reading PA          CHILI WINNERS                                   9 Sherrie Davis, South Houston TX
 1 Karen Reinke, Martindale TX                  8 Tim Lawler, Severna Park MD                  1 Preston Nickle                              10 Barbara Benold, Dripping Springs TX
 2 Nadine Karnei, Weesatche TX                                                                  North Little Rock AR
August 2008                                                              Terlingua Trails                                                                          Page 11
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                          Jul 5, 2008-001 - Georgetown TX              8 Kelly Killingbeck, Euless TX                   Connie Sue Schrade
 1 Doc’s Backbone Chili                       Georgetown H-E-B, 28 CHILIS                 9 Sherree Duncan                                2 BK Cookers, Moulton TX
   Marble Falls TX                           CHILI WINNERS                                 North Richland Hills TX                         John Koch
  Larry “Doc” Kinnison                         1 Alan Dean, Johnson City TX               10 Michael R. Burke, Fort Worth TX             3 One-Legged Flamingo, Seguin TX
 2 NDC Chili, Houston TX                       2 Helen Conley, Mont Belvieu TX                                                             Sue Harwell
  Keith Karaff                                 3 Dianne Stimson, Crawford TX              Jul 5, 2008-005 - Statesville NC
 3 Tall Girl Frog, Rockdale TX                 4 Barbara Herrin, Paint Rock TX            Piedmont Pepper Pod Chili Cookoff, 24 CHILIS   Jul 6, 2008-002 - Marathon TX
   Betty Sue Caffey                            5 Bob Conley, Mont Belvieu TX              CHILI WINNERS                                  4th Annual Mustang Chili Cookoff, 22 CHILIS
                                               6 Kevin Daugherty, Leander TX               1 Daniel E. “Dan” Bauer                       CHILI WINNERS
Jul 4, 2008-001 - Telephone TX                 7 Steve Ashman, Bastrop TX                    Alexandria VA                                1 David “Red Bean” Boone, Odessa TX
 Chili on the Red River, 15 CHILIS             8 Jessie Waguespack, Austin TX              2 B.J. Barefoot, Burlington NC                  2 Betty Ramirez, Marathon TX
CHILI WINNERS                                  9 Wayne Copeland, Oglesby TX                3 Steve Dixon, Summerfield NC                  3 Lynn May, San Angelo TX
  1 Shawn Fulton, Telephone TX                10 James Bauer, Leander TX                    4 Robin Miller, Madison NC                    4 Norma L. Homesley, Manchaca TX
  2 John Pierce, Wylie TX                    SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                            5 Barbara “BB” Burton, Livingston TX           5 Kathy Boone, Odessa TX
  3 Patti Cook, Garland TX                     1 Lost Texan Salsa, Matagorda TX            6 Dan Barefoot, Burlington NC                   6 Tom Cook, Marble Falls TX
  4 C R “Bob” Luney, Iowa Park TX               Laura Clary                                 7 John Rhyne, Mooresville NC                   7 Pat Krenek, Houston TX
  5 Cathy Pierce, Wylie TX                     2 Just For Fun, Mont Belvieu TX              8 Bob Johnston, Kernersville NC                8 Shirley Stateczny, Comfort TX
  6 Meredith Martin, Frisco TX                  Bob Conley                                 9 Jean Lundy, Statesville NC                   9 Debbie Conley, Quanah TX
 7 Jena Whitehead, Dallas TX                   3 Leon River BBQ & Chili, Oglesby TX        10 Jackie Koltz, Palmyra VA                    10 Guy W Bates, Midland TX
  8 Duayne Price, Roanoke TX                    Wayne Copeland                                                                           SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
  9 Jean Skinner, Telephone TX                                                            Jul 5, 2008-007 - Seguin TX                     1 Lone Star Chili Chix, Houston TX
 10 Christi Bussard, Laguna Vista TX         Jul 5, 2008-002 - Sierra Blanca TX            Celebrate the Fourth Party/Chili, 25 CHILIS      Pat Krenek
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                          White Mountain Annual Chili CCO, 15 CHILIS   CHILI WINNERS                                   2 Duck Soup, Manchaca TX
  1 Notubing Chili, Telephone TX             CHILI WINNERS                                 1 H. Ray King, Seguin TX                         Norma L. Homesley
   Jean Skinner                                1 Donna Von Gentz, El Paso TX               2 Sally Lee, San Antonio TX                     3 King James & The Misfits
 2 Chuckwagon Chili, Telephone TX             2 Baltazar “Balta” Vizcaino                  3 Connie Sue Schrade, San Antonio TX             Comfort TX
   Shawn Fulton                                 El Paso TX                                  4 Ken Rodd, Manchaca TX                         Jim Stateczny
  3 UNCLAIMED                                 3 Richard (Dick) Rogers, La Luz NM           5 Lanny Thomas, Seguin TX
                                               4 Eve DuMond, El Paso TX                     6 Mike Klade, New Braunfels TX
Jul 4, 2008-002 - Sierra Vista AZ             5 Marion “Bud” Barrick, Organ NM             7 Sandy Watson, Seguin TX
18th Annual Welcome Home Desert, 27 CHILIS    6 Tami Buck, Chaparral NM                    8 Chunkie Harwell, Seguin TX
CHILI WINNERS                                 7 Sheriff Arvin West                          9 Janie Burruss, San Marcos TX
  1 Norm Dunn, Sierra Vista AZ                  Sierra Blanca TX                           10 Diana Klade, New Braunfels TX
  2 Kathy “Kat” Tomlin, Sierra Vista AZ       8 Pedro Villia, Sierra Blanca TX            SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
 3 Mike Strack, Sierra Vista AZ                9 Mary Hernandez, El Paso TX                 1 Copenhagen Lady, San Antonio TX
  4 Jenny Jacobson, Manmoth AZ                10 Gary Buck, Chaparral NM
  5 Carson Smith, Tucson AZ                  SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                            Famous for our fresh
  6 Penny Dunn, Sierra Vista AZ                1 Miasis Dragon, Chaparral NM
  7 Kimberly A. (Kim) Dunn                      Gary Buck
                                                                                             spices and personal
   Sierra Vista AZ                             2 Boop Boop B Doop, Sierra Blanca TX                service!
  8 Roy Fisher, Sierra Vista AZ                 Billie Dell French
 9 Kevin Tomlin, Sierra Vista AZ               3 Asheep At The Wheel, El Paso TX
 10 Ron Phillips, Sierra Vista AZ               Carol Straughan                                                                                     We're proud to
SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS                                                                                                                              announce that all of
  1 Los Tres Pendejos, Sierra Vista AZ       Jul 5, 2008-003 - Marathon TX
   Ben Berry                                 4th Annual Cowboy Chili Cookoff, 23 CHILIS                                                          the top 10 winners at
  2 Kokopeli Chili Too, Sierra Vista AZ      CHILI WINNERS                                                                                          TICC 2007 use
   Sunny Fichtl                               1 Janita Hinds, Del Rio TX
 3 Que Chili, Sierra Vista AZ                  2 Kathy Hulme, Hobbs NM                                                                            Mild Bill's Spices!
   Penny Dunn                                  3 Pat Krenek, Houston TX

Jul 4, 2008-003 - Stonewall TX
 All American Cookoff, 64 CHILIS
                                              4 Maxine Reed, Houston TX
                                               5 Guy W Bates, Midland TX
                                              6 Norma L. Homesley, Manchaca TX
                                                                                                Mild Bill’s Spices, etc
CHILI WINNERS                                  7 Doretta “Dodie” Simpson, Odessa TX
 1 Larry “Doc” Kinnison                        8 Betty Ramirez, Marathon TX                   Congratulations to customer Debbie Ashman-
   Marble Falls TX                            9 Debbie Conley, Quanah TX
 2 Julie Cloninger, Deer Park TX              10 Paul Mulkey, Hobbs NM                            the current CASI Chili Champion.
  3 John Caffey, Rockdale TX                 SHOWMANSHIP WINNERS
 4 Melodie Smith, San Antonio TX              1 Lone Star Chili Chix, Houston TX                         We are proud of you!
 5 Kyle Bond, Kerrville TX                      Pat Krenek
 6 Steve Nadeau, Boerne TX                     2 UNCLAIMED
  7 Cary Plocheck, Houston TX
 8 Margaret Nadeau, Boerne TX
                                               3 UNCLAIMED
 9 Bill Dees, Bulverde TX                    Jul 5, 2008-004 - Telephone TX
 10 Terry L. Tenery, Kerrville TX
                                              Chili on the Red, 15 CHILIS
                                             CHILI WINNERS
  1 NDC Chili, Houston TX
   Keith Karaff
                                              1 Duayne Price, Roanoke TX
                                              2 David Whitehead, Dallas TX               
  2 King James & The Misfits                  3 C R “Bob” Luney, Iowa Park TX
   Comfort TX                                 4 Terry Graves, Wichita Falls TX
   Jim Stateczny                              5 Mack Walker, Arlington TX
 3 Chili Challenge, Manchaca TX               6 Christi Bussard, Laguna Vista TX                     The only thing “mild” about us is our name.
   Linda Odom                                 7 Greg D. Muhlbauer, Wichita Falls TX
 Page 12                                                                                Terlingua Trails                                                                                 August 2008

                                              Cooking With CASI
Aug 2, 2008-001 - San Antonio TX CASI. 9th             Sandwiches available on Saturday, donated brisket       as well as full box FREEBIES and specials. It’s e one   Festival, Damen Ave. & Roscoe St. Take 90/94 to
Annual ACES Pod Cook Off Held at the Germania          will be appreciated. BBQ meat will be inspected.        massive block party all day long and into the           Addison St. exit. Take Addison east to Damen Ave.
Bowling Club east of San Antonio off IH 10. Take       $500 added money for BBQ, 60/40 payback.                evening so plan to bring lots of throwdown for the      Damen Ave south to Roscoe St. Benefits: St.
Zuehl Rd exit. Zuehl Rd. approx 7 miles east of        Hookups $20 per night, based on 2 night stay.           spectators. If you are short on funds or time, just     Teresa of Avila Food Pantry. Entry fee $20, turn
1604. After exit take right and follow signs to cook   Contact Canyon Land Co for rsvns 830-964-               bring a pot and we will provide the chili. Contact      in 2 PM. Make Checks Payable to Windy City Chili
off,approx 1.5 miles, cook off on right. Do not        3393. See cookoff next day.                             Jen Windsor 410-533-1188            Cookoff. Held in conjunction with Northern Illinois
take Trainer Hale Rd. as in past years, road closed                                                                                                                    ICS cookoff. Contact Mike Usiak 1950 N. Seminary
at Cibolo Creek bridge. Cooks party Friday and pot     Aug 2, 2008-005 - Amarillo TX CASI. Goodwill            Aug 2, 2008-011 - Quinlan TX CASI. Get R Done           Ave. Chicago Il 60614 usiak@sbcglobal .net. 773-
luck Saturday. Friendship bowling after                Chili Cookoff. Held at Slick’s Sports Bar and           Celeste Wigley Benefit. Held at new location,           871-5623 home 773-504- 6805 cell. On advertising
announcements. CASI entry $20.00 Saturday and          Billiards, 814 S Taylor St. Entry fee $20, turn-in      moved from East Tawakoni to Quinlan at 8638             probation per CASI Rule V.A.2.
$18.00 Sunday or $35.00 for both days. Turn-in         3 PM. Lots of fun, live bands and silent auction.       Hwy 34 S next to new Post Office. Entry fee $20
2:00 pm Saturday and 1:00 pm Sunday. CHILI             Contact Millie Bingham 806-376-6604. CHILI              turn-in 1 PM. Beans entry $10, turn-in Noon, 50/        Aug 9, 2008-001 - Odessa TX CASI. Westside
GRIND ONLY. Jackpot beans entry $10.00 turn-           GRIND ONLY.                                             50. Make checks payable to TTT Pod. Please bring        Volunteer Fire Dept CCO Cancelled. Date changed
in 1:00 pm 60/40 split. Chili entry for local & Fire                                                           throw down chili for donation, not for public           to August 16th.
Department $15.00 turn-in 2:00 pm. Dry camping         Aug 2, 2008-006 - Schulenburg TX CASI.                  tasting. Street dancing, live band 6 PM. Contact
,no hookups. Benefits St. Hedwig VFD. Information      Schulenburg Festival CCO. Held in Wolters Park.         Larry Wampler 903-450- 5541. email                      Aug 9, 2008-002 - Little Rock AR CASI. Tom’s
contact Clyde Rogers (210) 415-6855                    Benefits Schulenburg Festival Assn and charities. Eric Williams 469-652-2447            Tavern Cookoff. Held at 9125 Mann Rd. Benefits
( or Happy Hinman (210)        Entry fee $20 turn-in 3 PM. Lots of shade trees,        Benefits Celeste Wigley graduate with liver disease.    Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Entry fee $10, turn-
364-8577. See ya there.                                electrical and water available, but limited, $25 for                                                            in 1 PM. Info Preston Nickle 501-791-72116.
                                                       the weekend. Jackpot beans and bloody mary              Aug 2, 2008-012 - Knickerbocker TX CASI.
Aug 2, 2008-002 - Perrin TX CASI. Black Sheep          contest, BBQ cookoff. Live entertainment all            Knicky Picky Reunion CCO Benefits:                      Aug 9, 2008-003 - Lamesa TX CASI. Large Time
of Texas Held at Mitchell Resort and RV Park 2730      weekend. Arts & crafts, rodeo, carnival and much        Knickerbocker Community Center; Location:               Chili & BBQ CCO Held 1/4 mile West of Lamesa
FM 2210 E. 940-798- 4615. CASI cook-off with           more. Check out website for more info                   Knickerbocker Community Center. Dry Camping             on Hwy 180, Weaver’s Gin Yard. CHILI GRIND
CHILI GRIND ONLY. Second simultaneous Novice           www.schulenburgfestival. org. Contact Virginia          available. Chili turn in at 2 pm Entry fee $18.00.      ONLY. Entry fee $20, turn- in 2 PM. $5.00 entry
Cook-off “Everything But The Kitchen Sink”             Meyer 1714 FM 1579, Schulenburg TX 79856.               CHILI GRIND ONLY. Payable to Concho Valley              for Pinto Beans, BBQ also. Contact Gwyn or
Both turn-in at 2 PM. $20 entry fee. $5 Beans with, 979-561-8573. Sharon Bujnoch            Chili Pod. There will be a BBQ Luncheon at Noon.        Dennis Brackeen. 806-872-2376.
12:00 turn-in. Elvis in the Park Friday night after    825 CR 227, Schulen burg TX 78956.                      There will be a Silent Auction. There will be
free cooks dinner. Free cooks breakfast Saturday 979-562-2410.                        vendors and other activities. Sat night there will be   Aug 9, 2008-004 - El Paso TX CASI. American
AM. Cook-Off, Golf Tournament and games all                                                                    music and dancing. Info: Janice Miller, 3214 Oak        Legion Post 36 CCO Held at 3730 Shell Street (off
benefit Bluebonnet Teddy Bear Patrol. Contact:         Aug 2, 2008-007 - El Paso TX CASI. In Memory            Mountain Trail, San Angelo, TX 76904, 325 947           Montana). Entry fee $18, turn in 2 PM. Benefits
Doris Reed at Mitchell Park, Kevin Wooster 940-        of Mr. “C” CCO. Smokey’s Pit Stop & Saloon, held        8753 or                         American Legion Charities. Make checks payable
733-9221, Bruce Stewart 817-282- 6678. Cottages        at 1700 Zaragosa. Turn-in 6 PM, entry fee $18.                                                                  to Pod of The Pass. Contact Eve DuMond 915-
and RV site fees reduced for chili cooks. For          Charity TBD. Info Eve Du Mond 915-345-4397              Aug 3, 2008-001 - San Antonio TX CASI. ACES             345-4397 or email
directions see park webpages:,      or                            Day After Cookoff Held at Germania Bowling
email:                                                                                 Club. For location and directions see ACES POD          Aug 9, 2008-005 - Tombstone AZ CASI. Vigilante
                                                       Aug 2, 2008-009 - Whistler BC CASI. BC Provincial       cook off on Aug. 2,2008. CASI chili $18.00 turn-        Days CCO. Held on Allen Street in front of the OK
Aug 2, 2008-003 - Fort Smith AR CASI. Fun In The       Open Championship. Held at Dusty’s Roadhouse.           in 1:00 pm. CHILI GRIND ONLY.If you missed it           Corral. Benefits the Tombstone Vigilantes. Entry
Park Belch Pod Cookoff Held at Belle Point Park,       Entry fee $25, turn- in 3 PM. Make check payable        Saturday come out Sunday. Information contact           fee $20. Turn in is 1 p.m. Cooks party the night
1 Belle Point Place. Entry fee $20, turn in 1 p.m.     to Fred Roycroft. Contact Fred Roycroft 604-            Clyde Rogers at (210) 415-63855,                        before at Vigilante Hall. Come cook at one of the
Ground Meat Only. Benefits Great Pepper’s trip to      464-3472 604-312- 4634. , or Happy Hinman at             U.S.’s most historic sites, lets see the Tombstone
Great Pepper’s meeting. Make check payable to                                                                  (210) 364-8577.                                         streets run red again (with Red Chili this time).
Belch Chili Pod. Contact Guy and Erma Smith,           Aug 2, 2008-010 - Severna Park MD CASI.                                                                         Additionally, Tombstone’s first annual SPAM-
479-646-9444, argsmith@prodigy. net. BELCH             Maryland State Championship Held at Broadleaf           Aug 3, 2008-002 - Canyon Lake TX CASI. Day              Mania! Cook your best free style SPAM, entry fee
Pod PO Box 5211, Fort Smith, AR 72913-5211 or          Tobacco 160 Ritchie Hwy.Meat is OPEN, Turn in           After Canyon Lake CCO. Held at the Dam Red              is $5, turn in is 2 p.m. Bring plenty of chili as we
belchpod@                                 time 2 PM, entry fee $20. Cooks meeting 10:30           Barn - Satler Entry fee $18, turn-in Noon. CHILI        expect a large crowd buying tasting cups. Bring a
                                                       AM, breakfast provided for all cooks. Great prizes      GRIND ONLY. See cookoff previous day. Make              canopy as we are cooking on the street. Two nearby
Aug 2, 2008-004 - Canyon Lake TX CASI. 5th             for Top 10 Chili Cooks! First place chili to receive    checks payable to Reva Weatherly or Darlene             RV parks and several hotels nearby, contact Greg
Annual Canyon Lake BBQ & CCO Held at the Dam           a one of a kind hand painted Wendell Rankin Stove.      Evans Cindy or Roger 210-413-            Monger (Mongo) for more info 520- 417-9948 or
Red Barn - Satler Entry fee Chili $18 turn-in 2 PM.    We will also be recognizing the cook who travels        9916, 210-557-9467.                           
CHILI GRIND ONLY. Benefits CASI Scholarship            the farthest to compete with us this year with a $50
Fund. Entry fee BBA $25 per category, or $65 for       gas card!! First place is an auto qualifier and top 3   Aug 3, 2008-003 - Chicago IL CASI. Northern             Aug 9, 2008-006 - Red Lion PA CASI. Red Lion
all. Beans $10. BBQ turn-in LSBS Beans 11 AM, 1/       Maryland residents will qualify for TICC as well.       Illinois Cookoff Held at Retro on Roscoe Street         Street Fair CCO Join us for the 2nd Annual Red Lion
2 chicken at Noon, Pork spare ribs 1 PM, Brisket       Our charity is the Wounded Warrior Project,
3 PM. Make check payable to Reva Weatherly or          whose mission is to honor and empower wounded
Darlene Evans. Cooks dinner 7:30 PM, and Live          warriors. www.wounded This
Calcutta 8 PM Friday night. Live music. Cooks          cook-off is taking place in conjunction with
breakfast 8 AM, cooks meeting 9 AM. Chili info         Broadleaf Tobacco’s 1st Annual REALLY BIG
Cindy McKinzie or Roger Patteson 210- 413-             SHOW: A enormous all day event at their store
9916, or 210-557-9467. BBQ             located in Severna Park, MD. Multiple
info Billy Bob or Reva Weatherly 1-830-899-            manufacturers, FANTASTIC deals, great food and
7150, Darlene or Randy Evans 1- 830-899-7773.          drink. All will be offering buy 3 — get one FREE

                        Use CIS for Your Cookoff Input
 Have you used the CIS to input your cookoff? This is a quick and easy way to provide
 all the information needed. If you have any questions on this process, please contact
 Dorathy at
August 2008   Terlingua Trails   Page 13
Page 14                                                                      Terlingua Trails                                                                      August 2008

Williams Running for Re-Election                                                                                     Don Hoy Announces
                                Dear CASI Members:                                                    His Candidacy for the Board of Directors
                                I am running for reelection to the CASI Board of Directors.
                                                                                                 My name is Don Hoy and I have been a CASI member for 25 years. I am a member of the
                                I have served on the CASI Board for the past six years.
                                                                                                 VASA POD and have held several different offices. I have been the Regional Referee for
                                Currently, I am responsible for the Upcomings in the Terlingua
                                                                                                 our area for the last 15 years. During these years, I have participated at TICC. During the
                                Trails. Every minute of these duties has been a pleasure
                                                                                                 last five years, I have volunteered and worked over 60 hours a week in Krazy Flats and am
                                because CASI Members are among the greatest people on
                                                                                                 involved with the yearly improvements that have been made.
                                earth. I especially enjoy hearing from all the great people
                                that contact me with their upcoming events.
                                                                                                 I can add to the integrity of our organization in a positive way and work for the best interest
                                                                                                 of our members as well as CASI. Many of our members have some good ideas and I feel
                              I also order clothing and supplies for the Concession Stand
                                                                                                 we need to hear more of them.
                              during TICC. For the past eight years I have been a member
                              of the group that cleans, paints and landscapes the CASI
                                                                                                 Running to be a member of the Board of Directors is a challenge and the greater challenge
                              site prior to TICC. This past year, as the acting Ranch
                                                                                                 will be serving on the Board. I feel this will be a very rewarding experience in my life as CASI
Manager, came the responsibility for contracting for the Port-O-Pots and Trash pickup.
                                                                                                 is very dear to my heart. CASI has prospered and should continue to prosper even with
Arrangements were made to have the CASI site roads repaired and the area cleared of weeds.
                                                                                                 the challenges we face today. We can continue to improve TICC along with looking for ways
I am also responsible for ordering the plaques for the new Corporate Members, which
                                                                                                 to keep expenses to a minimum.
includes assembly and mailing or delivery of these plaques.
                                                                                                 I would appreciate your support and your vote. I will gladly answer any questions you have.
Your consideration will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all of you for letting me be of
service to you these past six years on the Board. Please let me hear from you. Granted I
am not much of a public speaker, but I love to “git r done” when it comes to serving the         Don Hoy

Your vote will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely,   Dorathy Williams                                                                                       THANK YOU CASI
                                                                                                  I would like to take a moment as a CASI scholarship recipient to thank you for this
                                                                                                  wonderful gift that you have bestowed upon me. As you know, my name is Samantha
          All-American Chili Cookoff                                                              Sievering and I am a senior at Rockville High School in Rockville, Maryland. A few days
                                                                                                  after receiving the good news that the CASI foundation had chosen me to be one of their
                                                                                                  few scholarship students I got the amazing news that I had been accepted at Boston
                                                                                                  University of Boston, Massachusetts. All this information coming in at once hit me like
                                                                                                  a ton of bricks and I was simply overwhelmed with gratitude towards… well everyone.
                                                                                                  Since then I have continued attending classes at RHS awaiting prom and graduation, all
                                                                                                  the markers of this new life waiting just a few months away. I am still working hard to
                                                                                                  maintain my grades and have begun studying for the ever stressful AP Tests that are
                                                                                                  nearly two weeks away.

                                                                                                  Aside from my academics I’ve become more and more interested in my photography and
                                                                                                  started producing photographs as fast as I can. Just prior to sitting down to write you
                                                                                                  this letter I had been at my school’s art show where a number of my photographs, mainly
                                                                                                  portraits, were being showcased. The weather has also become a lot nicer up here in the
                                                                                                  Northeast so I have been attending some cook-offs with my father that I previously
                                                                                                  avoided due to fear of the cold. I’ve enjoyed every moment spent there from slicing and
                                                                                                  dicing to falling asleep in the folding chairs and, if nothing else, the sense of community.
                                                                                                  The community created within these meetings is touching and in merely a few atten-
                                                                                                  dances I have felt this overwhelming warmth that is uncharacteristic of most other
                                                                                                  competitions. To find a neighboring tent to be so interested in aiding and passing around
                                                                                                  hints and techniques is certainly not a trait one would find in nearly any other competitive
                                                                                                  environment and seems to be truly unique to the CASI cook-offs.

                                                                                                  Again, I would like to thank you and the CASI foundation for your immense kindness
             Sue Caffey, Keith Karaff, and Jessie Waguespack presenting                           in aiding me through my college career. I will try my best to keep you up to date on the
                         Keith with a SOT POD Qualifer Pin                                        on goings of my life and academics. I look forward to September and the opportunities
                                                                                                  you have helped open to me. In the meantime though, I will remain in Rockville enjoying
The Second Annual All-American Chili Cookoff was held at Becker Vineyards on July 4 in            the constant simmering smells of spices wafting from the kitchen as my father tries out
Stonewall, Texas. Sixty-four cooks gathered to enjoy each other’s company, celebrate              new recipes for the next big cook-off.
Independence Day, and raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. Visitors to the winery enjoyed
talking with the cooks and generously contributed to the charity in return for chili samples.     Thank you!

Mama Sue Caffey won the People’s Choice competition with $90 in donations, and Keith
Karaff won Show with his watermelon seed spitting contest.
                                                                                                  Samantha Sievering
August 2008                                                                       Terlingua Trails                                                                           Page 15

         Foltz Announces Candidacy                                                                          Nickle Seeking Board Position
                                       To CASI Members, Great Peppers and Board Members:
                                                                                                     I am seeking a position on the CASI Board of Directors because:
                                       I am excited to announce my candidacy for the CASI
                                       Board of Directors and look forward to seeing many of         I have been cooking with CASI since 1981. I feel that I have the knowledge and experience
                                       you at the upcoming Great Peppers Meeting in Amarillo.        to be a CASI Board member.
                                       I have a great desire to help and believe I can be
                                       effective working with the Board to help our organization     While I was on the Board, I enjoyed working with the Board and for CASI in helping to put
                                       grow and flourish.                                            on the TICC.

                                    Many of you may know me as the 2004 TICC winner. I               I would appreciate your consideration in this election.
                                    am a proud lifetime CASI Member and have served in
                                    several capacities with Pods in the Dallas-Ft. Worth             Yours in CASI,
                                    area. I served as Pepper Popper of Cowtown Pod and
                                    assisted Dale Reinecker in making last year’s Cowtown            Preston Nickle
Cookoff the biggest one yet. I am ready to serve all CASI members as a Director.

I believe my experience with Boy Scouts, my church and several other charitable organizations
over the past 20 years will be a good resource for me to draw upon for my work on the Board.
I realize there is a lot of time, effort and just plain hard work that has to be done to make TICC
successful each year, and I am willing to make that effort on behalf of all CASI Members.

I welcome questions and comments from everyone concerning anything related to CASI
and the Board of Directors. If you don’t see me at a cookoff, my e-mail is
and my cell phone is 214.914.3733.

Know that I am committed to CASI. Thank you for your consideration.

Roger Foltz

            Marathon TX            4th Annual Mustang Chili Cookoff
   4th Annual Cowboy Chili Cookoff

Left to Right: Debbie Conley, 9th; Pat Krenek, 3rd; Betty Ramirez, 8th; Norma
  Homesley, 6th; Maxine Reed, 4th; Kathy Hulme, 2nd; Paul Mulkey, 10th;
    Janita Hinds, 1st; Guy W. Bates, 5th; and Doretta "Dodie" Simpson, 7th

                                                                                                               1st Place winner, David “Red Bean” Boone, Odessa TX
Page 16                                                                                  Terlingua Trails                                                                                August 2008
Street Fair CCO. The street fair features over 150       Spring TX 77373. WWW.Courtney’s
arts, crafts and food vendors, and live entertainment. Entry fee $20 turn-in 2 PM. CHILI
Entry fee is $20, turn-in is 2:00 PM and meat is         GRIND ONLY. Make checks payable to Courtney’s
cooks choice. Held at parking lot of Center Square.      Crusade. Info contact Keith Karaff,
Contact Chip Welsh  , Lionel Lopez 832-798-6641.
717-309-8303. Make check payable to Keystone
State Pod.                                               Aug 16, 2008-005 - Red River NM CASI. Hot Chili
                                                         Days,Cool Mountain Nights Held in Brandenburg
Aug 10, 2008-001 - Olympia WA CASI.                      Park, 101 W. River St. Benefits Red River Valley
Washington State Open Championship. Automatic            Charter School. Entry fee $15, turn-in 2 PM. Make
qualifier for TICC. Held at Farmer’s Market 700          checks payable to Colorado Chili Pod. Contact
Capital Way N. Benefits Friends of the Market.           John Montgomery, 1670 Broadway, Suite 3000,
Turnin time: 1PM Homestyle, 2 PM CASI Entry              DEnver CO 80202. 303-831-5000.
Fee: $20 CASI, Homestyle $5 if you do CASI; if not
then it is $20 Checks Payable to: Ken Peach              Aug 16, 2008-006 - Quihi TX CASI. 1st Ever Quihi
Information Contact: Ken Peach Contact Address:          Roadhaus CCO. Held at Quihi Roadhaus, Quihi
3125 148th St E., Tacoma, WA 98446. Contact              Texas. 1936 Fm 2676. 2 miles east of Hwy 173 on
Phone Number: 253-537- 4591, Email                       FM 2676 towards Rio Medina. Cooks Party on Preregistration Deadline                 Friday Night, Aug. 15th. Over night camping
August 1 2008.                                           allowed, no hook-ups. Auction and Raffle to be held
                                                         on Sat. Aug 16th at 4pm. Chili Turn in, 2 PM.
Aug 16, 2008-001 - Lamesa TX CASI. Large Time            Cooks meeting at 11 AM Entry fee $20. Bloody
Chili & BBQ CCO Cancelled. Date changed to               Mary Contest $10 entry fee, turn-in Noon. All
August 9th.                                              proceeds to benefit Medina County Child Care
                                                         board. We will have a dance both Friday and
Aug 16, 2008-002 - Odessa TX CASI. Westside              Saturday night. For more info: Call Shelly @ 210-
Volunteer Fire Dept CCO Held at Allbright &              287-7745 or 830-426-8688. shellylee189@
Associates Yard, 8011 Andrews Hwy. Benefits     Make check payable to Quihi Roadhaus.
Westside VFD. Entry fee $20, turn in 2 PM. Make
checks payable to Black Gold Chili Pod. Contact          Aug 16, 2008-007 - Everman TX CASI. 1st Annual
Merle “Squirrel” Schoenhoff. 432- 664-7647, or           Happy Armadillo CCO Held at the Happy Armadillo
shop 432-366-8897. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Some                (a Texas Honky-Tonk) at 1701 Everman Parkway
electrical hookups, plenty of room.                      in Everman. Take the Everman exit from I-35
                                                         south and go east 1.2 miles. Look for the big sign.
Aug 16, 2008-003 - Indianapolis IN CASI. Indiana         RV parking available; no hook-ups. Entry $20
Pepper Pod Chad Jester Memorial CCO. Held in             CASI, turn in 2:00 p.m. CHILI GRIND ONLY.
Bel-Aire Park, I-465 to Kentucky Ave, on the west        Benefits the Texas Tradition Chorus who will
side of Indianapolis. Go north on Kentucky Ave,          perform Saturday afternoon. Cooks party Friday                                                                Aug 17, 2008-003 - Tacoma WA CASI. Puget Pod
                                                                                                               Pondarosa is a family oriented clothing optional
turn right on Tibbs and Bel-Aire Park will be on the     night and live band Saturday night. Goody bags to                                                             Cookoff. Held at 3125 148th St. Benefits Puget
                                                                                                               naturist resort, located east of Dallas at 32891 Hwy
left.Registration 8:00 AM, Cooks meeting at 9:00         the first 20 who register. See next day cookoff,                                                              Pod. Turnin 1 PM, entry fee $15. Checks payable
                                                                                                               64, go 2.7 miles and watch for high fence on left,
AM. 1:00 PM turn in with awards at 3:30PM. Entry         same location. For information contact Gary Napier                                                            to Ken Peach. Contact: Ken Peach 3125 148th St.
                                                                                                               turn left into drive. Pondarosa is an AANR member
fee is $20.00 make checks payable to the Indiana         at (817) 225-5744 or e- mail at                                                                               E., Tacoma, WA 98446. 253- 537-4591 Email
                                                                                                               and under the original ownership and management
Pepper Pod. Other categories include: Anything                                                                              CHILI GRIND ONLY.
                                                                                                               of Rita Ellis. Chili (beef) $20 1 PM turn-in. 50/50
Goes $15, Fire/Police $15, Jr’s Division $5 (AG/
                                                                                                               beans $5 noon turn-in. 50/50 drawing. Make checks
Fire/Police $10 w/CASI entry). Make checks payable       Aug 16, 2008-008 - Alpine AZ CASI. 13th Annual                                                                Aug 22, 2008-001 - Terlingua TX CASI. Friday
                                                                                                               payable to Pondarosa Resort CCO. RSVP for
to the Indiana Pepper Pod. Music Fest and Classic        Alpine Chili Society Pod CCO. Held at Alpine                                                                  Terlingua Cookoff. Held at Community Center.
                                                                                                               limited RV hookups and rental units. Tent camping
Car Show on site during the cook- off. For more          Rodeo grounds. Benefits Alpine Volunteer Fire                                                                 Turn- in 7 PM. Entry fee $20. CHILI GRIND
                                                                                                               available. For details and directions, go to web site
information contact Darin or Tonya Jester at 317-        Dept. and other local charites. Turn in 1:00 p.m.                                                             ONLY. Contact Diane, Mel FitzHenry 432-371-
                                                                                                      or contact Rita or
856-3231,        Indiana     Pepper     Pod       at     Dry camping. Other events: People’s Choice,                                                                   2681. Cooks dinner served at 5 PM.
                                                                                                               Cindy at the Pondarosa office 903-865-1104 or at Proceeds from this           BBQ, Jack-pot beans, SPAM! For information
                                                                                                      Cooks party Friday
event to benefit Pod Charities.”                         contact: Dick Seehusen, 928-339- 1840,                                                                        Aug 22, 2008-002 - Corsicana TX CASI. North of
                                                                                                               at 6:30pm. $5 pot luck dinner Saturday night and
                                                                                                                                    Waco Pod CCO Held at Gander Mountain, 3301
                                                                                                               live band 8:30pm - 12:30am. Contact Larry
Aug 16, 2008-004 - Spring TX CASI. 1st Annual                                                                                                                          Corsicana Crossings Blvd. From I-45, take exit
                                                                                                               Wampler for CASI info 903-450-5541. Per CASI
Lifestyles Unlimited and KR-Rejuvenation Golf            Aug 16, 2008-009 - Wills Point TX CASI. 1st                                                                   #229 (Hwy 287) go East on 287 and take first right
                                                                                                               Rule V.A.2 on advertising probation.
Tournament Benefits Courtney’s Crusade. Held at          Annual Ponderosa Resort CCO benefiting the                                                                    onto Corsicana Crossings Blvd. Plenty of paved
Cypresswood Golf Club, 21602 Cypresswood Dr,             Myrtle Springs Volunteer Fire Department.                                                                     parking, no hookups. Entry fee $18.00 turn-in at
                                                                                                               Aug 17, 2008-001 - St Thomas VI CASI. 2008
                                                                                                               Texas Society of the Virgin Islands. Held at #2         8pm (CHILI GRIND ONLY). Cook’s party -
                                                                                                               Brewer Bay on Brewers Beach. Benefits St Thomas         entertainment. See info for Saturday cookoff.
                                                                                                               Search and Rescue, Dial A Ride, VI Institute for        Benefits NOW Pod for Great Peppers meeting
                                                                                                               Performing Arts. Queen Louise Home for Aged,            fund. For more info contact Kay Lefler 972-646-
                                                                                                               Family Home Network. Entry fee $25 turn-in              5159, 972-872- 2297,
                                                                                                               Noon. Make checks payable to Texas Society of
                                                                                                               Virgin Islands. Contact Erik Ackerson P.O. Box          Aug 22, 2008-003 - Stafford TX CASI. Sweetheart
                                                                                                               306926 St Thomas VI 00803 340-473-8706.                 Cookoff. Held at 10150 W Airport Blvd, for
                                                                                                               Register by 9 AM August 17th. Meat requirement,         Handicap Children. Entry fee $20 turn-in 8 PM.
                                                                                                               beef. Automatic qualifier for TICC.                     CHILI GRIND ONLY. Contact Bert Hall 713-
                                                                                                                                                                       433-2888 or 713-775-8280. See cookoff next
                                                                                                               Aug 17, 2008-002 - Everman TX CASI. Sunday              day.
                                                                                                               After Happy Armadillo CCO. Held at the Happy
                                                                                                               Armadillo (a Texas Honky-Tonk) at 1701 Everman          Aug 23, 2008-001 - Las Cruces NM CASI. Las
                                                                                                               Parkway in Everman. Take the Everman exit from          Cruces VFW#6917 Indoor CCO #2 5845 Bataan
                                                                                                               I-35 south and go east 1.2 miles. Look for the big      Memorial West. From Las Cruces, NM take Hwy
                                                                                                               sign. RV parking no hook- ups. Entry $18, turn in       70 East to the Porter Drive Exit. Take this exit
                                                                                                               12. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Previous day cookoff,             and use the “turn- around” lane to loop back to the
                                                                                                               same location. For information contact Gary Napier      VFW Hall. Traveling West on Hwy70, take the
                                                                                                               at     817-225-5744          or     e-mail      at      Porter Drive Exit to the first stop sign. Proceed
                                                                                                      Benefits local                 from that stop sign to the VFW Hall on your right.
                                                                                                               charities.                                              Entry fee $18 turn-in 2 PM. Make checks payable
August 2008                                                                                 Terlingua Trails                                                                                           Page 17
to NMCS. Contact Bud Barrick P.O. Box 268                721- 1580, 319-365-2944 chiliman1955@
Organ NM 88052. 575- 382-5107,                  Automatic qualifier for TICC.
                                                         Aug 23, 2008-007 - Lebanon TN CASI. Tennessee
Aug 23, 2008-002 - Terlingua TX CASI. Bronze             State Championship CCO. Held at the Ward
Goat Cookoff. Held at Community Center. Entry            Agricultural Center in Lebanon TN at the site of
fee $20 turn-in 2 PM. Contact Dorathy Williams           the largest county fair in Tennessee, the Wilson
432-371-2595. Beautiful Bronze Beer Drinking             County Fair Automatic qualifier. Travel money
Goat for 1st Place Chili by Lloyd Goldwire. Fish Fry     for Terlingua. Entry fee $25, turn-in 1 PM. Benefits
sponsored by the Terlingua High School, starts at        Brooks House Homeless Shelter for Women and
noon.                                                    Children. Make checks payable to HOT POD and
                                                         mail to Carol Knight, 2003 Dorchester Dr, Lebanon
Aug 23, 2008-003 - Corsicana TX CASI. 2nd                TN 37090. Carol Knight 615-444-1383 OR 615-
Annual Dawg Daze of Summer CCO Held at Gander            449-6676 Visit
Mountain, 3301 Corsicana Crossings Blvd, from I-         website: http://.wilsoncountyfair .net/contests/
45, take exit #229 (Hwy 287) go East on 287 and          chili.htm. CHILI MEAT OPEN.
take first right onto Corsicana Crossings Blvd.
Plenty of paved parking, no hookups. Entry fee           Aug 23, 2008-008 - Eugene OR CASI. Kickoff
$20.00 turn-in 1 PM (CHILI GRIND ONLY);                  Cookoff: Chili & Quackers. Location TBA. Entry
Junior division (ages 8-17) entry fee $10.00 turn-       fee $20, turn-in time 2 PM. Benefits ShelterCare.
in 1 PM (CHILI GRIND ONLY); 50/50 Beans                  Contact Carla DeVore or Brad Bassi, P.O. Box
entry fee $10.00 turn-in Noon. Bring those pets          23338, Eugene OR 97402. 541-686-1262.
for a fun pet contest. Benefits the Navarro County
Animals at Risk Foundation. Also see info for            Aug 23, 2008-009 - Denton TX CASI. 80th Annual
Friday cookoff. For more info contact Kay Lefler         NTSF & Rodeo CCO. Held at 2217 N. Carroll Blvd.
972- 646-5159, 972-872-2297,            Entry fee $20 turn-in 2 PM. Entry fee includes
                                                         ticket to rodeo, limited hookups $20. Pot luck
Aug 23, 2008-004 - Ocala FL CASI. Central Florida        party Friday night. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Vickie
Appaloosa Horse Show and Chili Cookoff. Held at          Blackburn 940-
Ocala Equestrian Center, 1601 SW 60th Ave.               391-6998, Delora Goin 940-230- 3238.
Entry fee $20, turn-in 1 PM. No canopies needed, Benefits NTSF 2000.
indoor covered arena. Horse show during the              Per CASI Rule V.A.2, on advertising probation.
cookoff. Ramada, Golden Palms, and other hotels
at Jct 175 and State route 27. Contact Candi,            Aug 23, 2008-010 - Oklahoma City OK CASI. 561-795-5888. Benefits           Tony Newcomb CCO & T-Shirt Party Held at 5600
Scholarship fund for the Equestrian Children.            Tulsa Drive. ELS General Fund Tony Newcomb.
                                                         GRIND ONLY Turn-in 7 PM. Contact Joe Spears
Aug 23, 2008-005 - Stafford TX CASI. 17th                128 Amber Ridge Shawnee, OK 74801. 405-650-
Annual Auxiliary 151 CCO. Held at 10150 W                3354. Per CASI Rule V.A.2, advertising probation.
Airport Blvd, for auxiliary charities. Entry fee $20
turn-in 2 PM. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Beans 50/50,             Aug 23, 2008-011 - Marshall TX CASI. Lady Elks
turn-in 1 PM entry fee $10. Contact Bert Hall 713-       Annual Scholarship CCO. Held at 411 E Austin St.
433-2888 or 713-775-8280.                                Entry fee $20 turn-in 2 PM. Make checks payable
                                                         to Marshall Lady Elks. CHILI GRIND ONLY.               Aug 30, 2008-001 - Plains TX CASI. Watermelon           for Cancer Research And RUSTY WEIR CANCER
Aug 23, 2008-006 - Cedar Rapids IA CASI. 25th            Contact John Oswalt 903-407-2586 CASI Rule             Festival Chili & BBQ Cookoff. Held in City Park.        FUND
Iowa State Championship CCO Due to the major             V.A.2 on advertising probation.                        RV electric hookups on first come first serve basis.
flooding in Cedar rapids last month, The Chrome                                                                 Benefits the Yoakum County Connection. Entry            Aug 30, 2008-005 - Pittsburg KS CASI. Little
Horse Saloon was under water and will not be able        Aug 24, 2008-001 - Downers Grove IL CASI. St           fee $18 turn-in 2 PM. Make check payable: Yoakum        Balkins Chili Cookoff. Held at 2nd and Pine Sts.
to host the cook off. The new sight for the 25th         Marys 1st Annual Chili Cookoff Held in conjunction     County Connection Contact Teresa Bell, P.O. Box         Entry fee $20 turn-in Noon. Benefits Support Our
Iowa State Championship Chili cook off will be at        with annual parish picnic. CASI and Open division      931 Plains TX 79355. nannee_bell @           Soldiers. Make check payable to Crawford County
a bar and grill called “Jersey’s” 5761-C. Street SW      chili competition. Games, food, beer tent, lots of     806-456-8345 or 806- 215-1680.                          Bar Assn. Salsa and Wings divisions. Contact Eric
in Cedar Rapids. Take Hwy 30 East from I-380 to          fun. Located on the west side of Fairfield,                                                                    Rosenblad. 620-232- 1330.
C Street and turn South, 1/4 mile on the left in a       approximately half way between 55th St & Ogden         Aug 30, 2008-002 - Fort Wayne IN CASI. Chilifest
small shopping mall. Turn In times 2 PM for CASI         (US 34), 444 W. Wilson St. Entry fee $18 turn-in       Canceled.                                               Aug 31, 2008-001 - San Angelo TX CASI. Labor
chili, 1:30 for Jr. chili and salsa. Fees are $25 for    2     PM.     Contact       John     Gastaldello                                                               Day MDA Cookoff Day 1 of a 2 day Concho Valley
CASI chili, $5 for Salsa and $5 for JR chili. Benefits   j.gastaldello@comcast .net. 630-963-0160. Per          Aug 30, 2008-003 - El Paso TX CASI. The Cockpit         Chili Pod Labor Day MDA CCO, Benefits: Jerry’s
Tanager Place. Jr chili is chili grind only. Hope to     CASI Rule V.A.2, on advertising probation.             Challenge Annual Pod . Pod of The Pass Coookoff.        Kids MDA Location: parking lot of Ashley Furniture
see all of you there. Contact Gary Christensen 122                                                              Held at Cockpit Lounge, 9828 Montana. Turn-in           at 2639 Sunset. Jackpot beans at 12 noon. Entry
10th St NW Cedar Rapids IA 52405, day cell 319-                                                                 4 PM, entry fee $18, Beans and Salsa $5 each entry.     fee $5 Chili turn in at 2 pm Entry fee $18.00.
                                                                                                                Charity TBD. There will be Bean and Salsa               Payable to Concho Valley Chili Pod. This is a 2 day
                                                                                                                Competitions. Info Eve Du Mond 915-345-4397             CCO. See Monday’s information. More info to
                                                                                                                or                            follow. Info: Janice Miller, 3214 Oak Mountain
                         MARK YOUR CALENDAR…                                                                                                                            Trail, San Angelo,TX 76904, 325 947 8753 or
                                                                                                                Aug 30, 2008-004 - Meridian TX CASI.           CHILI GRIND ONLY.
                               save the date.                                                                   TxMusicFestival Chili & Bean CCO.. Held at
                 Come have a GREAT TIME! TX MUSIC FESTIVAL                                                      Bosque Bottoms Cookoff Campgrounds. Entry fee           Aug 31, 2008-002 - Arlington TX CASI. 31st
                                                                               $20 in advance includes music festival ticket for all   Annual Arlingua CCO Held at Elks Lodge #2114,
                                                                                                                3 days. Turn-in 2 PM. CHILI GRIND ONLY.                 601 W. Pioneer Parkway. CASI Division entry
          20 Bands— 3 FUN DAYS Aug. 29-30-31 2008 Labor Day Weekend                                             Contact Christina 817-233-2869. Email                   $20, turn-in 2PM, GRIND ONLY. Junior Division,
   Meridian, TX 76665, BYOB Coolers OK Bosque Bottoms Cook-off Campgrounds,                                     Christina@theunclebillroach Come have         free entry, turn-in 1PM. All qualified Elks are
                     Camping and Motels or just stay for the Day,                                               a GREAT TIME! TX MUSIC FESTIVAL 20                      eligible to participate in an Elk’s division (also
   Texas Hold ‘em Tournaments-Kite Flying-Custom Bike Show Contest-Water Slide-                                 Bands— 3 FUN DAYS., BYOB Coolers OK Camping             GRIND ONLY). Entry is free if participating in
   Buy your tickets on-line in advance & $AVE 817-233-                                  and Motels or just stay for the Day, Texas Hold ‘em     CASI, otherwise it is $15. Jackpot beans (dry white
                                                                                                                Tournaments-Kite Flying-Custom Bike Show                beans from scratch only) $5, turn-in noon. RV
                       2869 CASI Chili Cook-off on Sat.                                                         Contest-Water Slide- Campfire Music. Buy your           parking available, no hook- ups. Lots of shaded
                  You Can HELP FIND A CURE…Benefiting                                              tickets on-line in advance & $AVE                       cooking area under the trees. Cooks party/meal
                          National Foundation for Cancer Research                                      817-233- 2869. You              Saturday night (around 7:00 p.m.). For information
                                                                                                                Can HELP FIND A CURE. National Foundation               contact Ron Barnes or
Page 18                                                                                  Terlingua Trails                                                                                August 2008
Budda Manske budda77@sbcglobal .net.Benefits            Lake Zurich Park & Recreation Dept, 200 S Ramd.         West, 1.5 miles west of Castroville on Hwy 90.          information. Info Janice Miller, 3214 Oak Mountain
Arlington Elk’s charities Junior Division, CHILI        Lake Zurich IL 60047. 847-530-0793.                     Entry fee $20, turn-in 3 PM. Make checks payable        Trail, San Angelo, TX 76904, 325 947 8753 or
GRIND ONLY entry is free, turn-in 1 PM. Make                                                                    to Jeff Cooper. Raffle, silent auction, showmanship.
checks payable to BPOE 2114. Benefits Arlington         Sep 13, 2008-002 - West Tawakoni TX CASI. Red           RV parking with no hookups. Music and Dance
Elks charities.                                         River Valley Pod West Tawakoni 14th Annual              September 12th & 13th, $20 entry. Friday arrivals       Sep 20, 2008-002 - Gonzales TX CASI. First Shot
                                                        Chili by the Lake Cookoff. Held at Tawakoni City        welcome. Hotel 1 miles from site. Contact Jeff          Cookoff. Held at J.B. Wells Park, Hwy 183S and
Aug 31, 2008-003 - Meridian TX CASI. Sunday             Park, 9 miles east of Quinlan on Hwy 276. Benefits      Cooper 830-741-0280, 830-538-2112 861 State             Hwy 97, South of Guadalupe River. Entry fee TBD.
TXMusic Festival CCO. At 76665 Bosque Bottoms           Park Improvements. Entry fee $18 turn-in 1 PM.          Hwy 173 S, Hondo TX 78861. Asking for                   turn-in 2 PM. CHILI GRIND ONLY. IBCA BBQ
Cook-off Campgrounds. Charity TBD. Chili entry          Jackpot Beans entry $5 turn in Noon, 50/50 1st          preregistration but not mandatory. Meat, beef.          Cookoff, Brisket, Chicken, Ribs, Jackpot Beans.
fee $20 in advance includes music festival ticket for   place only. Limited electric hookups. Info Jackie       ALL proceeds for American Cancer Society.               Showmanship. Hookups available. Contact Sissy
all 3 days Chili turn-in time 2 PM, CHILI GRIND         Grose 5640 Hwy 34 South, Quinlan, TX 75474.                                                                     Mills 830-857-6247 sissyM@JDCOins .com.
ONLY. For more info Contact Christina 817-233-          903-883-4916. See cookoff next day.                     Sep 13, 2008-008 - Perrin TX CASI. Texas Music          Shirley Breitschopf 830- 857-4142. See cookoff
2869. Christina@theunclebillroachband .com. See                                                                 Nation Cookoff and Music Festival, held at Mitchell     next day.
cookoff previous day. On advertising probation          Sep 13, 2008-003 - New Braunfels TX CASI. 2008          RV Resort, 2730 FM 2210E. Entry fee $20 gives
per CASI Rule V. A.2.                                   River Rat Run Cookoff. To be held at Mountain           you free pass to Music Festival. CHILI GRIND            Sep 20, 2008-003 - Crane TX CASI. Crane County
                                                        Breeze Camp 201 Mountain Breeze Camp Road in            ONLY. Turn-in 1 PM. Music Festival Friday and           Junior Livestock Held at Crane City Park, limited
Aug 31, 2008-004 - Hanover PA CASI.                     conjunction with the 2008 River Rat Run put on by       Saturday. Contact Dee Palmer 1011 Bluejay Dr,           hookups. Entry fee $18 turn-in 2 PM. Benefits
Pennsylvania State Championship CCO Held in             the South Central Texas Chapter of the San Jacinto      Mansfield TX 76063, 817-473- 0763. Call Mitchell        Crane County Junior Livestock. Make checks
ball field behind the MClinger’s Tavern, Forney         High Roller Motorcycle Club. There is unlimited         RV resort for RV Reservations at 940-798-4615.          payable to Crane County Livestock. Contact Trish
Ave. Join us for the 13th Annual Pennsylvania           self- contained RV and tent camping. Grill house                                                                Barker 432-693-6696. Chili Grind ONLY.
State Championship, Automatic qualifier for TICC.       and bar available. Right on the river, and Mountain     Sep 13, 2008-009 - Mocksville NC CASI. Bubba’s
The event is open to the public from 11 AM to 6         Breeze does offer tube floats, etc. Entry fee for the   Backyard Bash. Held at home of Great Pepper             Sep 20, 2008-004 - Flowery Branch GA CASI. 5th
PM, features popular local entertainment. Entry         whole weekend (Friday thru Sunday) is $25 per           Mike “Bubba” Williams, 485 Pleasant Acre Dr.            Annual Flowery Branch Car Show and Chili Cookoff.
fee $25, turn-in 2 PM. Make checks payable to           person at the gate ($20.00 if you pre-register          Mocksville NC 27028. Entry fee $20 turn-in              Held on Main St. Minutes away from beautiful Lake
Hanover Chili ookoff. There’s also an open chili        online) plus $5.00 to cook chili on Saturday.           Noon. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Make checks payable             Lanier and all its amenities. Open and CASI chili
cookoff & salsa competition. Last year, 7,000           Auctions, raffles, vendors, live music, kid’s           to Piedmont Pepper Pod. Benefits Piedmont               competition, fees, no charge for Open Competition,
people attended and over $54,000 was raised for         activities, fun run, and bike games. Turn in time for   Pepper Pod charities. Contact Mike Bubba Williams       $20 for CASI competitors. CHILI GRIND ONLY.
local charities. The growth of this event has           chili will be 1:00 PM on Saturday. All proceeds         336- 284-4567. Info available        CASI turn-in 12:30, Open turn-in 2 PM. Benefits
resulted in limited available space, so unfortunately   benefit the Comal County & Guadalupe County             at No showmanship no freestyle         Coats For Kids. Enjoy a true Festival Atmosphere
this year no campers or RV’s will be allowed on the     Children’s Advocacy Centers. Contact Trea               CASI only                                               in Historic Flowery Branch GA. Home of cool cars
field during the cookoff. Contact Chip Welsh 717-       “Floozie”        Schmidt       at   830-305-6242                                                                and hot chili. Music, games for the kids, food,
309-8303. Benefits Also, check out       Sep 13, 2008-010 - Little Rock AR CASI. VFW             vendors and local merchants abound. For more info
H.A.R.T. Center and others.                             the website to pre-            9095 Ladies Auxilary Held at 1121 Gamble Road,          on being a contestant or vendor please contact
                                                        register for the weekend and for all the details of     VFW Post 9095, located at Kanis & Gamble Rd.            Steve Soucie, 770-967- 2934,
Sep 1, 2008-001 - San Angelo TX CASI. Labor Day         the weekend!                                            1:00 pm turn in. Entry Fee $25.00. Benefits             or Charlotte Cornett at 678-698-1387.
Cookoff Day 2 of a 2 day Concho Valley Chili Pod                                                                Veterans and Family Relief fund. No Rv hookups Visit web
Labor Day CCO, Benefits: Concho Valley Chili            Sep 13, 2008-004 - Port Coquitlam BC CASI.              Limited space for Motorhomes. Call in advance if Trophies awarded for
Pod charities Location: parking lot of Ashley           Pacific Pod Cookoff. Held at 3422 Lancaster St.         you need motorhome space. CHILI GRIND ONLY.             CASI winners, Cash prizes for Open Competition.
Furniture at 2639 Sunset. Entry fee $5 Chili turn       Entry fee $25, turn-in 2 PM. Benefits Heart &           Contact Jim Smith @ 501-225- 9849 for further
in at 12 noon. Entry fee $18.00. Payable to             Stroke Foundation. Contact Fred Roycroft                info.                                                   Sep 20, 2008-005 - Denham Springs LA CASI.
Concho Valley Chili Pod. This is a 2 day CCO. See 604-464-3472. Make checks                                                                  Louisianna Multiple Sclerosis Chili Cook Off.
Sunday’s information. More info to follow. Info:        payable to F. Roycroft.                                 Sep 14, 2008-001 - West Tawakoni TX CASI. Day           Hosted by the BASS PRO SHOPS and sponsored by
Janice Miller, 3214 Oak Mountain Trail, San                                                                     After Chili By the Lake CCO. Held at Tawakoni           the IBEW Local Union 995, Baton Rouge, La.
Angelo, TX 76904, 325 947 8753 or                       Sep 13, 2008-005 - Westfield IN CASI. Indiana           City Park, 9 miles east of Quinlan on Hwy 276.          Cook off will be at the new BASS PRO SHOP I-12 CHILI GRIND ONLY.               State Cookoff. Details to follow. Tonya Jester          Entry fee $18, turn-in Noon. Info Jackie Grose          exit 10 Denham Springs, La. Live music, auctions,
                                                                         903-883-4916. See cookoff previous day.                 Raffles and door prizes. CASI rules apply, Chili
Sep 1, 2008-002 - Clifton VA CASI. VA State                                                                                                                             Grind Only $20 entry fee, turn in at 1:00 pm.
Championship. Automatic qualifier for TICC. Held        Sep 13, 2008-006 - DeSoto KS CASI. DeSoto               Sep 20, 2008-001 - Water Valley TX CASI.                People’s choice entry $10 turn in at 2:00 pm.
at the Barn, behind 7131 Main St. Entry fee $20         Rotary Chili Cook-Off Held at Zimmerman’s Kill          Almost Last Chance CCO Day 1 of Almost Last             50,000 Northwest Airlines miles to first place
turn-in 2 PM. For INOVA Hospital Kids. Contact          Creek Farm, north of K-10 Highway at the Kill           Chance CCO, Benefits: CASI Scholarship Fund             chili. Good for 2 round trip Northwest Airline
Richard      King     703-631-9198        email         Creek exit. Entry fee is $20.00. CASI turn-in at        Location: Water Valley at Seymour Crossing Harper       tickets anywhere in the continental US. Louisiana                                    noon. Homestyle division turn-in at 12:30pm, fee        Park located on South FM 2034 off of US Highway         unique trophies to top 3 chili’s. Cooks dinner
                                                        is $20.00 ($30.00 for both events). Benefits Gift       87. Limit number of hook ups. $20/ night. Jackpot       Friday night 6:30 to 8:00 in pavilion at KOA.
Sep 6, 2008-001 - Edgerton WI CASI. Chilimania.         of Life Foundation. Contact Robin Stone at 913-         beans turn in at 12 noon, entry fee $5.00. Chili turn   Cook’s meeting 9:00 AM Saturday. For more
Wisconsin State Chili Championship Automatic            585-3130 or Darrel Zimmerman at 913-209-4446            in at 2 PM. Entry fee $18.00. CHILI GRIND               information, please contact Colin or Tonya Bamber
qualifier for TICC. Held at Canal and Henry Streets,                                                            ONLY. There will be a cake auction and a 50/50          at 225-686-2872, email,
one block off stoplight in downtown Edgerton.           Sep 13, 2008-007 - Castroville TX CASI. Medina          pot. Payable to Concho Valley Chili Pod. Saturday       or email, KOA camp
Entry fee $20 includes Salsa Contest, turn-in 1:30      Valley Chili Cookoff. Held at Stangs, 2405 Hwy 90       night Potluck. This is a 2 day CCO. See Sunday’s
PM. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Make checks payable
to Chilimania. Benefits various Community
projects & High School scholarships. Jennifer
Roethe 4327 Woodcrest Dr, Apt 203A Janesville
WI              53546.              608-295-1619

Sep 7, 2008-001 - San Angelo TX CASI. Labor Day
MDA CCO Cancelled, date changed to August 31st.

Sep 8, 2008-001 - San Angelo TX CASI. Labor Day
CCO Day 2 Cancelled, date changed, September

Sep 13, 2008-001 - Lake Zurich IL CASI. Annual
Barn Burnin’ Chili Cookoff. Held at Paulus Park,
200 S Rand, Rt 22 and Rt 12. Entry fee $20, turn-
in 2 PM. Benefits Children Programing. Music,
Food, Beer, Kids crafts. Contact Karen Meyers
August 2008                                                                                  Terlingua Trails                                                                                           Page 19

ground offering 15% discount to anyone associated       Trophies awarded for CASI Division. Freestyle             Crawford State Park. Entry fee - $20.00. turn-in      Sep 21, 2008-002 - Gonzales TX CASI. Sunday
with cookoff.                                           Chili division first place wins $500. and $100 for        Noon. Chili grind only. Make checks payable to        First Shot Cookoff. Held at J.B. Wells Park, Hwy
                                                        first place Salsa & award for Best Booth. Further         Friends of Crawford State Park. Fundraiser for        183S and Hwy 97, South of Guadalupe River. Entry
Sep 20, 2008-006 - Clemmons NC CASI. North              details Held in conjunction             playground equipment. Contact Kevin S. Smith 22       fee TBD. Turn-in Noon. CHILI GRIND ONLY.
Carolina Chili Championship. Held in Tanglewood         with Gaffer District’s Jazz and Harvest Festival          E. Lake Road Farlington, KS. 913-362-3237.            Contact Sissy Mills 830-857-6247 email
Park, 4061 Clemmons Rd, located near Winston            along historic Market Street in Corning. Details at                                                   , or Shirley Breitschopf 830-
Salem. Benefits the March of Dimes. Entry fee $5, Visit Corning Museum of           Sep 20, 2008-013 - Rio Medina TX CASI. 4th            857-4142.
turn-in 1 PM. Contact Judy Roderick email               Glass and Rockwell Museum of Western Art. Make            Annual Talk Like a Pirate Day CCO. Held at Texas, 336- 723-4386.              checks payable to the Empire State Pod. Contact           Spirits Saloon in beautiful downtown Rio Medina,      Sep 21, 2008-003 - Oklahoma City OK CASI.
                                                        Dave Grossman, 75 E. 4th Street, Corning, NY              6 miles north of Castroville on FM 471. Benefits      Oklahoma Women’s State Chili Championship.
Sep 20, 2008-007 - El Paso TX CASI. El Paso             14830;         607-962-         8593;       email         Equine Therapy Center. 2 pm turn in, $18.00 entry     Automatic qualifier for TICC. Held at State Fair-
Chapter Cancer Society CCO. Held at Saturn Car Cookoff held in                      fee Make checks payable to TX Spirits Saloon          grounds, gate 3 off N. May Ave Turn - in 1 P. M.
Dealership located at 7750 Gateway East. Turn-in        Centerway Square.                                         Information: Bob Steinle (210) 912-6146.              GRIND ONLY Entry fee $25 Benefits City Rescue
2 PM. Cooks meeting 10 AM. Entry fee $18.                                                                                                                               Mission Info: Joe Spears 405-275-1164 or cell
Checks payable to Pod of The Pass. Contact              Sep 20, 2008-010 - Bel Air MD CASI. Last Blast            Sep 20, 2008-014 - Bruceville-Eddy TX CASI.           405-650-3354
Donna Von Gentz 915-855- 3129. Carol Straughan          of Summer CCO Cancelled.                                  Bruceville-Eddy Annual CCO. Chili $18.00 turn in
915-852- 3599.                                                                                 2 PM. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Beans $10.00 50/50            Sep 21, 2008-004 - Oklahoma City OK CASI.
                                                        Sep 20, 2008-011 - Garland TX CASI. Kappa Beta            payback turn in noon. Silent aution,hand painted      Oklahoma Men’s State Chili Championship.
Sep 20, 2008-008 - Little Rock AR CASI. West            Epsilon Sigma Alpha International CCO. Kappa              stove to be raffled off on Sunday. Do not have to     Automatic qualifier for TICC. Held at State Fair-
Little Rock Lions Club 36th and Fairpark UALR           Beta a chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha International       be present to win. Unique trophy hand painted by      grounds, gate 3 off N. May Ave Turn - in 1 P. M.
parking lot # 15, Little Rock, AR. 72205, across        is holding there very first chili cook off to benefit     local ems lady. Pot luck supper on Saturday night     GRIND ONLY Entry fee $25 Benefits C. A. R. E.
the street from Lions World Services. Benefiting        the March of Dimes and Easter Seals. The cook off         meat furnished. Next day cook-off for VFD. Contact    Info: Joe Spears 405-275-1164 or cell 405-650-
Lions World Service For the Blind. 1 PM turn in.        will be held at the Garland Elks Lodge, 3825 Duck         Mavis Nelson 245-715- 4075            3354
Entry fee $20.00. BRING THROW DOWN                      Creek Dr. Please contact Phylis Ballard at (972)          cell 254-486-2487 home
CHILI!!! They will be selling tasting cups at the       754-4969. or Chili cook off                                                                  Sep 21, 2008-005 - Bruceville-Eddy TX CASI.
event starting at Noon. All proceeds from the           will have a 1 p.m. turn in, GRIND ONLY. Chili             Sep 21, 2008-001 - Water Valley TX CASI.              Sunday Bruceville-Eddy VFD CCO Chili $18.00
tasting cups go to Lions World Services for the         entry will be $20. Chili will have stoves for 1st, 2nd,   Concho Valley Chili Pod Cookoff. Benefits:            turn in 1 PM. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Hand painted
Blind. This is our third year to have the cookoff and   and 3rd. Bean will be 50/50 with a 12 p.m. turn in        Concho Valley Chili Pod Charities Location: Water     stove to be raffled off do not have to be present to
are expecting more spectators than last year. And       and will pay 1st place. We will also have a raffle with   Valley at Seymour Crossing Harper Park located on     win. Mavis Nelson 254- 715-4075 cell 254-486-
did I mention to BRING THROW DOWN CHILI.                6 tickets for $5.00. Make checks payable to:              South FM 2034 off of US Highway 87. Limit             2487 home
For further information call Tammy Johnson @            Kappa Beta. Dave Hewlett Will assist the cookoff          number of hook ups. $20/ night. Chili turn in at 12
501-920-6100 or 501-664- 7100 or call Bruce             214-695-3806. There will              noon Entry fee $18.00. CHILI GRIND ONLY.              Sep 26, 2008-001 - Wichita Falls TX CASI.
Smith @ 501- 312-8715            be camping for RV/s with a fee of $10 a night, water      Payable to Concho Valley Chili Pod. Saturday          FallsFest Chili Cookoff. Held in Lucy Park. Entry
                                                        and elec.                                                 night Potluck. This is a 2 day CCO. See Saturday’s    fee $18 turn-in 9 PM. Benefits Junior League of
Sep 20, 2008-009 - Corning NY CASI. Empire                                                                        information. Info: Janice Miller, 3214 Oak            Wichita Falls. Make checks payable to Junior
State Pod Cookoff to benefit Health Ministry of         Sep 20, 2008-012 - Farlington KS CASI. Crawford           Mountain Trail, San Angelo, TX 76904, 325 947         League of Wichita Falls. CHILI GRIND ONLY. See
the Southern Tier. Entry fee $15, turn-in 1:30 PM.      County State Park CCO Held at #1 West Lake Rd.            8753 or
Page 20                                                                                  Terlingua Trails                                                                                August 2008
cookoff next day. Contact Lee Cook 631-2626.            Camping Available. CASI Chili Entry Fee: $20;          Contact Lee Cook 631-2626.            free tickets for the concert. So your not a member
RV parking no hookups.                 Turn In Time: 1:00 PM MT. For information              See cookoff previous night.                            yet, join that day and you will be. This should be a
                                                        contact: Paul Mulkey 575-390-6184 or Kathy                                                                    good time for an all day event. Kinda like front roll
Sep 27, 2008-001 - Columbus NM CASI. Pancho             Hulme 575-390-6675 *New Mexico Health &                Sep 27, 2008-005 - Cabot AR CASI. Greystone 2nd        pole. If you need electric please let me know. There
Villa’s Last Chance CCO This CCO is held at the         Environmental Inspections Possible*                    annual Chili Cookoff Held on Hwy 5 from Cabot          are no electrical hookups where we will be camping.
South end of the Pancho Villa State Park. RV                                                                   to he Greystone Development. Entry fee $20 turn-       CASI chili $20.00 Beans $10. FMI: SAMMIE 325
hookups and shelters are available at current park      Sep 27, 2008-003 - Lizton IN CASI. Last Chance         in 1 PM. Make checks to Greystone Communities.         656-8299
fee rates on a “first come, first served” basis.        Chili Cookoff. Held at Lizton Lions Club Park; S.      Benefits Arkansas Childrens Hospital. Golf
Limited local lodging is available at Martha’s Bed      Cherry Street & US 136/W. Main. sponosred by           Tournament Friday the 26th of September                Sep 28, 2008-001 - Columbus NM CASI. Pancho
& Breakfast 575-531-2467 or Hacienda De Villa           Lizton Lions Club. Registration from 8-9am.            benefitting Arkansas Childrens Hospital. Contact       Villa’s 2nd Last Chance CCO This CCO is held at
575-531-1000. Cook’s pot luck Friday evening.           Cook’s meeting at 9am. CASI Turn-in at 12:30pm.        Bo Prewitt 9 Nicole Ct, N Little Rock AR 72118.        the South end of the Pancho Villa State Park. RV
US Passports will be required for entry into Palomas,   Chili Categories are CASI, Police/Fire, Lions Club,                                                           hookups and shelters are availalbe at current park
Mexico and re- entry into the US. Entry fee $18         Anything Goes. CASI $20, all other categories $10      Sep 27, 2008-006 - San Angelo TX CASI. 13th            fee rates on a “first come, first served” basis. US
turn-in 2 PM. Make checks payable to NMCS. Info         or 1/2 price w/CASI entry. In addition there will be   Annual Cookin For Hospice Cancelled.                   Passports will be required for entry into Palomas,
Bud        Barrick          575-382-           5107.    a Dessert Contest. Entry fee is $10 for the Desert                                                            Mexico and re-entry into the US. Entry fee $18,                                 Contest For information or to register contact         Sep 27, 2008-007 - Goldthwaite TX CASI. Last           turn-in Noon. Make checks payable to NMCS
                                                        liztonlastchance@yahoo           .com.       Web:      Point Shootout Cookoff. Benefiting Goldthwaite         Contact      Bud      Barrick      575-382-5107.
Sep 27, 2008-002 - Hobbs NM CASI. United Way                                  Volunteer Fire Dept. Held behind the Fire Station, Benefits Friends of
Chili Festival at Lea County Event Center, next to                                                             75 US Hwy 183 South. Entry fee CASI $18, Local         Pancho Villa Park. GROUND MEAT ONLY.
Zia Park Raceway and Casino. Casino Tour Friday         Sep 27, 2008-004 - Wichita Falls TX CASI.              chili $15,turn-in 2 PM. Kids Chili $10, turn-in
and Saturday Evening; Live Music; Auction, 50/50,       FallsFest Chili Cookoff. Held at Lucy Park. Entry      Noon. 50/50 Beans $10, turn-in Noon. Peoples           Sep 28, 2008-002 - Hobbs NM CASI. Last Chance
Large Craft Show on Site; RV Hook-ups and Dry           fee $20 turn in 2 PM. CHILI GRIND ONLY. RV             Choice. Silent auction and raffle. Ugly boot contest   Chili Cookoff. Held at Lea County Event Center,
                                                        parking no hookups. Benefits Miracle League.           and crazy hat contest. Get the kids involved, cooks    next to Zia Park Raceway and Casino. Benefits:
                                                                                                               supply stove meat, recipe, spices and entry fee.       Eagles Lodge Christmas Shopping Spree For Needy
                                                                                                               Bring chili for peoples choice. RV parking no          Children. CASI Chili Entry Fee: $20; Turn In
                                                                                                               hookups. Goody bags for first 25 to register. Friday   Time: 12:00 PM MT. For information contact
                                                                                                               night cooks party, cooks supply desserts. Contact      Paul Mulkey 575-390-6184 or Kathy Hulme 575-
                                                                                                               Big Jim McCraw 325-648 2676, 817-229-4449              390-6675 *New Mexico Health & Environment
                                                                                                               cell. Email See cookoff next        Inspections Possible*
                                                                                                                                                                      Sep 28, 2008-003 - San Angelo TX CASI. SACA
                                                                                                               Sep 27, 2008-008 - Mineral Wells TX CASI. Sons         POD Chili Off last Chance Chili Cookoff. Held at
                                                                                                               of American Legion BBQ & Chili CCO. Held at            204 E. Ave L. For the San Angelo Cookers
                                                                                                               American Legion Post 75, 75 American Legion            Association. Chili $20.00, turn-in Noon. Make
                                                                                                               DR, Mineral Wells, TX 76067. From the                  checks payable to SACA Pod. For info contact
                                                                                                               intersection of Hwy 180 (Hubbard ST.) and Hwy          Sammie Plant 325-952- 8299, 325-952-2934.
                                                                                                               281 (Oak Ave.) travel west on 180 to the west city
                                                                                                               park turn right on American Legion DR. Benefits        Sep 28, 2008-004 - Goldthwaite TX CASI.
                                                                                                               Charities of the Sons of the American Legion.          Goldthwaite VFD Cookoff. Held behind the Fire
                                                                                                               Entry fee $18, turn-in 2 PM. Other Categories          Station at 75 US Hwy 183 South. Benefits the CASI
                                                                                                               include Jackpot Pinto Beans $10 100% pay back,         Scholarship Fund. Entry fee $18, turn-in 1 PM. See
                                                                                                               Pork Spare Ribs, Beef Brisket, « Jointed Chicken       cookoff previous day. Contact Big Jim McCraw
                                                                                                               $18.00 each category or all three BBQ Categories       325-648-2676,         cell       817-229-4449.
                                                                                                               for $50.00. Other turn in times include Jackpot
                                                                                                               beans 11:00 AM, Chicken 12:00 PM, Ribs 1:00
                                                                                                               PM, and All Chili and Brisket at 2:00. Contact         Sep 28, 2008-005 - Garland TX CASI. Garland Elks
                                                                                                               Roger Hensley: PO Box 1661, Mineral Wells, TX          2008 Last Chance CCO Chili 1st place will be a
                                                                                                               76068 Contact Phone Numbers: 940-325-3048 or           painted stove. Held at Garland Duck Creek Lodge,
                                                                                                               817-357- 2574. Leave message or voicemail.             3825 Duck Creek Drive. Ok here it is for the Dallas
                                                                                                                                                                      area. Last chance cook off for those of you that still
                                                                                                               Sep 27, 2008-009 - Fort Stockton TX CASI. 2nd          want to go to Terlingua. No frills, GRIND ONLY
                                                                                                               Annual Chili & BBQ Cookoff Wine and Music              just cook and turn in and hope you are one of the
                                                                                                               Festival. Held at the Fiesta Ball Room, 1-10 E. US     lucky 10 to get points. Chili entry $18 with noon
                                                                                                               285. BBQ WTBA rules, 50% payback, Grand                turn in. Lots of RV parking with hook ups (water
                                                                                                               Champion $500. A Texas National Brisket                & electric) 1st come 1st serve. No Rain promised.
                                                                                                               Championship. Cowboy Up for CASA. CASI and             Make check payable to Garland Elks Lodge,for
                                                                                                               Open chili $20, turn-in 2 PM. Beans $10, turn-in       their many charities. Info contact Dave Hewlett
                                                                                                               11 AM. BBQ $20 each category or $50 for all.           214-695-3806. davehewlett
                                                                                                               Chicken turn-in Noon. Pork Ribs 1 PM, Brisket 3
                                                                                                               PM. Arts & crafts booths available for 9/26 thru       Sep 28, 2008-006 - Ft Stockton TX CASI. Sunday
                                                                                                               9/28 for $35. Cooks appreciation dinner on Friday      Ft Stockton Cookoff. Held at Fiesta Ball Room, 1-
                                                                                                               night 7 to 9 PM. Gate proceeds to benefits CASA        10 E. US 285. Entry fee $20 turn-in Noon. Contact
                                                                                                               $10 per person per day. Children 12 free. Featured     Mark Schultz 432- 940-7869. See cookoff previous
                                                                                                               bands, Electric Cowboy on 9/26, 8 to 12 PM. The        day. Charity TBD.
                                                                                                               Shades 9/27, 8 to 1 AM. Contact Mark Schultz 432-
                                                                                                               940-7869. See cookoff next day.                        Sep 28, 2008-007 - Dallas TX CASI. State Fair of
                                                                                                                                                                      Texas Chili CCO. Enter Lagow Gate from Fitzhugh
                                                                                                               Sep 27, 2008-010 - Dickinson TX CASI. Almost           Ave cooking area on parking lot by livestock barn.
                                                                                                               Last Chance Cookoff Held at The Spishocks home         Benefits Creative Arts Dept. Entry fee $15 turn-
                                                                                                               at 5605 Jeffery. Plents of RV parking, no hookups.     in 1 PM. Must have coleman pump up stove, no
                                                                                                               Contact Chuck 281-802-7034, or Dorothy 713-            propane allowed. Fire extinguisher required. Meat
                                                                                                               724-4059. Details to follow. See cookoff next day.     must be brought into fair in cooled ice chests. Free
                                                                                                                                                                      fair entry to contestants. Make checks payable to
                                                                                                               Sep 27, 2008-011 - San Angelo TX CASI. Lone            Creative Arts Dept. Contact Creative Arts Dept,
                                                                                                               Star Music Fest & Chili CCO. Location is Neff’s        P.O. Box 150009, Dallas TX 75315 214-421-
                                                                                                               Park between S. Chadbourne and S. Oakes on the         8744. No public tasting. No cooking on grass. No
                                                                                                               river behind the River Stage. Fantasic trophies. All   overnight camping.
                                                                                                               CASI paid members (that are cooking) will be given
August 2008                                                                          Terlingua Trails                                                                                           Page 21
                                                                                                        Held in downtown historic DeLand on East Indiana       YCS. RV parking no hookups. Cook where you
                                                                                                        Avenue 11 AM to 4 PM. Cooks may set up at 7 AM.        camp. Standard Health Department Rules For info
                                                                                                        Live music, arts & craft vendors, and supervised       contact Jerry Lee at or
                                                                                                        kid’s zone. Local celebrity judges for both Open       623- 388-9748
                                                                                                        and CASI contests. Cooks may enter both: $20 for
                                                                                                        either or $30 for both. Open turn-in 1 PM. CASI        Oct 4, 2008-012 - Congress AZ CASI. Arizona
                                                                                                        turn-in 2 PM. Cooks party 5 to 8 PM on Friday at       State Men’s Open Chili Championship. Automatic
                                                                                                        local pub. Please bring plenty of throw-down chili     qualifier for TICC. Cook off site is just south of US
                                                                                                        for public tasting at 11 A.M Benefits West Volusia     71 on Santa Fe Rd. This CASI Sanctioned CCO will
                                                                                                        Historical Society and MainStreet DeLand Assn          benefit Wickenburg Healthcare Alliance dba
                                                                                                        Cooks entry forms and everything else you need to      Congress Health Council. Peoples choice chili
                                                                                                        know is on website: www.greatbowlsofchilicook          starting at 11:00 Red turn in at 2:00 Entry fee $15.
                                                                                                     Contact      Sally     Bohon     at     Make checks payable to YCS. RV parking no
                                                                                               386-736-9494 or Candace               hookups. Cook where you camp. Standard Health
                                                                                                        Knight Arevalo at 561-795- 5888,                       Department Rules. For info contact Jerry Lee at
                                                                                               Make checks payable 623-388- 9748
                                                                                                        to WVHS
                                                                                                                                                               Oct 4, 2008-013 - Dubugue IA CASI. Tri States
                                                                                                        Oct 4, 2008-008 - Paris TX CASI. George Robinson       Largest Chili Cookoff. Tri States Largest Chili
                                                                                                        Memorial Cookoff. Held at Paris/Lamar County           Cook Off Downtown Dubuque at Cable Car Square
                                                                                                        Fair Grounds. From No. Main St. turn East on           4th and Bluff. Benefits: Maria House of Dubuque.
                                                                                                        Hickory St. and go 1/4 mile to gate with cookoff       Turn in times, CASI chili: 12:30, Junior chili 1 PM,
                                                                                                        sign. Entry fee $20 turn-in 1 PM. Make checks          Salsa Noon, Open and business chili 1 PM. Fees
                                                                                                        payable to charity: Red River Valley Fair Assn.        CASI chili $20, Open & Business $15, Junior $10,
                                                                                                        Contact Tim Masters 570 E Center St, Paris TX          Salsa $5. Make check payable to Cable Car Square
                                                                                                        75460. 903-785-7971.                                   Association. Contact Teri Connely 63 Carter
                                                                                                                                                               Court East Dubuque, IL 61025 (yes that is Illinois)
                                                                                                        Oct 4, 2008-009 - Ft Wayne IN CASI. Ft Wayne           815 747-2904 or Cell 563-599-5358
                                                                                                        Chilifest. Held at Headwaters Park, 333 S Clinton.
                                                                                                        Benefits American Cancer Society. Entry fee $25,       Oct 4, 2008-014 - Bandera TX CASI. First Chance
                                                                                                        turn-in CASI Noon. open         for Points Pod Cook-off at Pioneer River Resort
                                                                                                        divisions: Red, White, Verde. Salsa, Sshowmanship.     Hwy 173 and 1202 Maple St. Hosted by Alamo
                                                                                                        Make shecks payable to Chilifest. Contact Bob          Area Pod. Friday night cooks field trip to the 11th
                                                                                                        Anweiler, 618 Professional Park, New Haven IN          Street Bar. Saturday CHILI GRIND ONLY, Entry
                                                                                                        46774.                             260-418-2170.       $20.00, Turn In 2:00. Contact Pioneer River
                                                                                                                          Resort for Reservations (866) 371- 3751, or
                                                                                                                                                               Jennifer Lee for cook- off information (210) 722-
                                                                                                        Oct 4, 2008-010 - Edgewater CO CASI. Chili             2227. An Alamo Area Pod Cook-off, cook- off
                                                                                                        “Near” the Lake CCO. Join us in quaint Edgewater,      Sunday same location.
                                                                                                        Colorado for a day of chili and music...This event
                                                                                                        will feature CASI red, Green and salsa... Awards for   Oct 5, 2008-001 - Austin TX CASI. 2nd Points for
                                                                                                        the top 10 red, top 3 green and top 3 salsa. Fee is    Sight/Sot Pod Details to follow. Contact Sue or
                                                                                                        $15 for first category and $5 for each additional      John Caffey 512-446-2364.
                                                                                                        category. Checks should be made payable to
                                                                                                        Colorado Chili Pod and sent to the following:          Oct 5, 2008-002 - Tomball TX CASI. Day After
Sep 28, 2008-008 - Cooleemee NC CASI.               Water St. Entry fee $18 turn-in 2 PM. CHILI
                                                                                                        Colorado Chili Pod, 1670 Broadway #3000, Denver,       Piney Wood Pod Details to follow. Earl Gorhum
Cooleemee Heritage Day CCO. Held in Historic        GRIND ONLY. BBQ Ribs & Chicken contest.
                                                                                                        CO 80202. For further information please contact       936-447-1060. Entry fee $20 turn in 1 PM.
Cooleemee at the Zachary House, 131 Church St.      Peoples Choice chili. Benefits PACE, Santa Clause
                                                                                                        John Montgomery @ 303-831-5061.
Entry fee $20 turn-in Noon. For the Cooleemee       Parade. Make checks payable to PACE. Contact
                                                                                                                                                               Oct 5, 2008-003 - Geronimo TX CASI. Geronimo
Civitans. Make checks payable to Piedmont Pepper    Lyle Cunningham 3126 E Cedar Hills Dr Chillicothe
                                                                                                        Oct 4, 2008-011 - Congress AZ CASI. Arizona            VFW Post 8456 Annual Chili Cook-Off and Jackpot
Pod. Contact Mike “Bubba” Williams 336-284-         IL 61548. 309-579- 2187, cell 309-696-3280.
                                                                                                        State Women’s Open Chili Championship.                 Bean competition, 6808 North State Highway
4567. visit
                                                                                                        Automatic qualifier for TICC. Cook off site is just    123, 5 miles north of Seguin. $20 entry fee, 1 PM
for more information                                Oct 4, 2008-004 - Tomball TX CASI. 9th Annual
                                                                                                        south of US 71 on Santa Fe Rd. This CASI Sanctioned    turn- in time. Jackpot Beans 50/50 payback turn
                                                    Piney Woods Pod Details to follow. Earl Gorhum
                                                                                                        CCO Will benefit the Congress Senior Citizens,         in at noon. Benefits the local scholarship fund.
Sep 28, 2008-009 - Dickinson TX CASI. Almost        936-447-1060. Entry fee $20 turn- in 2 PM.
                                                                                                        Inc. Peoples choice chili starting at 11:00 Red turn   RVs, campers, and tents welcomed. No hook-ups.
Sunday Last Chance CCO.. Held at the Spishocks
                                                                                                        in at 1:00 Entry fee $15. Make checks payable to
home, 5605 Jeffery. Plenty of RV parking no         Oct 4, 2008-005 - Geronimo TX CASI. Geronimo
hookups. Contact Chuck 281-802- 7034 or             Memorial VFW Post 8456 Annual Chili Cook-Off
Dorothy 713-724-4059. Details to follow.            and Jackpot Beans competition, 6808 State
                                                    Highway 123, 5 miles north of Seguin TX. $20
Sep 30, 2008-001 - Dickinson TX CASI. Last          entry fee, 1 PM turn in. Beans $10.00 50/50                       “It’s All About The Meat, BABY!”
Chance Cookoff. Held at Spishocks home at 5605      payback turn in noon. Benefits the VFW Military
Jeffery. Plenty of RV parking no hookups. Details   Assistance Program. Spend the weekend with us.       written by CASI member and award winning competition cook Keith Mumaw,
to follow. Info Chuck 281-802-7034 or Dorothy       RVs,campers, and tents welcomed. No hook-ups.        is devoted almost entirely to the meat itself. Keith covers topics such as cooking
713- 724-4059.                                      Silent auction and Free dance at 8 PM. Local
                                                    contact Bill Owen, (830) 303-9903,                   methods, spice blending and custom marinades just for meat. You’ll get recipes
Oct 4, 2008-001 - Austin TX CASI. lst Points for See cookoff next day.
Sight/Sot Pod Entry fee $18 turn-in 2 PM. For the
                                                                                                         for chicken, pork, beef, fish, Cabrito and wild game such as venison, quail,
Austin Lions Sight. Details to follow. Sue/John     Oct 4, 2008-006 - Irving TX CASI. Veterans           turkey, duck and geese. There’s even a chapter on making sausage. With over
Caffey 512- 446-2364.           Memorial CCO Held at VFW Post 2494. Entry fee
Make checks payable to ALSCC.                       $20 turn-in 2 PM. Make checks payable to VFW         80 recipes along with a chapter on wine pairing that’s sure to impress your
                                                    2494. Contact Margaret Hobbs 972-513-0593
                                                                                                         dinner guests. ORDER NOW!
Oct 4, 2008-002 - Houston TX CASI. Texas State      email
Open Chili Cancelled.
                                                    Oct 4, 2008-007 - DeLand FL CASI. Florida State
Oct 4, 2008-003 - Peoria IL CASI. Chillin’ On The   Open Championship 7th Annual Great Bowls of          Send $9.95 plus $2.00 S&H to KRM Publications, 212 Lynge, Allen, Texas
River. In conjunction with a two day event called   Fire Chili Cookoff. Top 3 chili 1st place            75013
“Ribbin’ on the River Ribfest”. Held at 200 NE      showmanship automatically qualify for TICC 2009.
Page 22   Terlingua Trails   August 2008
August 2008                                                                             Terlingua Trails                                                                                           Page 23

                                                       Proud Sponsor of the
                                                    CASI Terlingua International
                                                       Chili Championship
Local contact Bill Owen (830) 303-9903, email           Party Friday night. Chili Turn-in 2:00 pm.          per night, $2 sewage disposal available. Chili entry   Oct 18, 2008-002 - Cleburne TX CASI. Cleburne                                    Details to follow. Pioneer RV Resort 830-796-       fee $25, turn-in 2 PM. Benefits the Handicapable       Elks Lodge #811 Fall Chili Cookoff. Cooks party
                                                        3751 Or Kim Hiley 210-286-4275,                     Peru. Car & Tractor Show. Music by Swamp Water         Friday night. Entry fee $20 chili CHILI GRIND
Oct 5, 2008-004 - Bandera TX CASI. First Chance for                                   Stompers, Blue Grass Buddies. Special Olympics.        ONLY. CASI and Elks division. Turn-in 2 PM.
Points Day 2 Held at Pioneer River Resort Hwy 173                                                           Registration see for          Jackpot Beans $5 turn-in Noon. Silent Auction.
and 1202 Maple St. 866-371- 3751. Hosted by Alamo       Oct 11, 2008-005 - Cedar Hill TX CASI. Country      registration and information. Contact Mike Hines       Saturday day morning breakfast 7-9 AM. Live band
Area Pod. Friday night cooks field trip to the 11th     Day of the Hill Cookoff. Chili Grind Only           765-473-6787.                                          Saturday night, cover charge. Held at Hwy 67 & FM
Street Bar. Sunday CHILI GRIND ONLY. Entry              $20.00 Entry - Payable to Country Day on the                                                               1434. Lodge phone 817-645-9079 Jerry Brown
$20.00, Turn In 1:00. Contact Pioneer River Resort      Hill 2:00 PM Turn-in. Benefits to Cedar Hill        Oct 12, 2008-001 - Whitney TX CASI. Whitney            817-645-6117 Free RV
for Reservations (866) 371-3751, or Jennifer Lee for    Food Pantry. Held in old downtown Cedar Hill        Thousand Trails CCO. Held 5 miles north of             hookups, first come first served.
cook-off information (210) 722-2227. An Alamo           on Cedar Street behind Phillips Lumber              Whitney on FM 933. Charity TBD. Entry fee $18
Area Pod Cook- off, cook-off Saturday same location.    Company. Directions: Beltline Road West from        turn-in Noon. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Pot luck               Oct 18, 2008-003 - Ponder TX CASI. Riding
                                                        Hwy 67S into downtown Cedar Hill past Broad         Saturday night. Free RV hook-ups Saturday and          Unlimited Barn Bash Chili Cookoff. Held at 9168
Oct 11, 2008-001 - Midland TX CASI. 8th Annual          Street and RR tracks, left on Roberts and left on   Sunday. See Saturday cook-off ad for the 11TH.         T.N. Skiles Rd. Closest intersection: Hwy 156 &
Breast Cancer Awareness Details to follow. Entry fee    Cedar to cook- off site. Annual Country Day on      Contact Darrell Baxter 972-262-4337,                   T.N. Skiles Rd. Entry fee $20 turn-in 2 PM. Junior
$25 turn-in 2 PM. Benefits Gift of Hope. CHILI          the Hill Fair - Music, Food, Arts and Crafts,       ddbaxter1@ Make check payable to        fee $5. Includes Junior & Peoples Choice Divisions.
GRIND ONLY. Contact Patsy Childress. 432-520-           Games, Entertainment, etc., Starting at 9:00        Thousand Trails Pod.                                   Benefits Riding Unlimited Therapeutic Riding.
4433 or 432-425-4473 patsy@t3wireless .com.             AM and ending at 6:00 PM. Contact: Dick                                                                    CHILI GRIND ONLY. $15 entry fee if registered
                                                        Woodward 214-695-4611 woodwards@                    Oct 12, 2008-002 - Bandera TX CASI. Day After          prior to September 15th. Contact Mary Gwinner,
Oct 11, 2008-002 - Whitney TX CASI. Whitney    4                                    Fall Fest Cookoff. Pioneer RV Resort, Bandera,         9168 T.N. Skiles Rd, Ponder TX 76259.
Thousand Trails CCO. Held 5 miles north of Whitney                                                          TX. Turn-in at 1:00 pm. Details to follow. Pioneer 940-479- 2016.
on FM 933. Benefits Christmas for Children. Entry       Oct 11, 2008-006 - Homosassa FL CASI.               RV Resort 830-796- 3751 or Kim Hiley 210-286-
fee $20 turn-in 1 PM. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Jackpot         Southeast Chili Cookoff. Held at Natures RV         4275,                                Oct 18, 2008-004 - Tulsa OK CASI. White Cane
beans $5, turn-in Noon. Pot Luck Dinner 6:30 Friday     Resort on the waterfront. Entry fee $20, turn-                                                             Cookoff. Cancelled.
night. Bring your favorite dish and let’s party. Free   in 2 PM. RV sites and Cabins available at special   Oct 12, 2008-003 - Homosassa FL CASI. Sunshine
RV Hook-ups Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Make           rates for Chili Cooks, call Frieda at 800- 301-     State Chili Pod CCO. At Natures RV Campground          Oct 18, 2008-005 - Grapevine TX CASI. Stop
checks payable to Thousand Trails. Info Darrell         7880 for reservation at the chili rate. 10359 W     & Resort, 10359 W Halls River Road. Homosassa,         Drop & Roll Chili Cookoff. Held at Bass Pro Shops,
Baxter             972-262-4337                email    Halls River Road. Homosassa, FL 34448, http:/       FL 34448. RV sites and Cabins available at special     2501 Bass Pro Drive, located off TX 121, across See cookoff next day.          / Friday night cooks       rates for Chili Cooks, call Frieda at 800-301-7880     from Grapevine Mills Mall. Entry fee $20 turn-in
                                                        party at the marina lounge. POD cookoff next        for reservation at the chili rate. Entry fee $15,      2 PM. Chili Grind Only. Benefits WPI Firefighters
Oct 11, 2008-003 - Clear Lake/Kemah TX CASI.            day same location. Great places to eat on the       turn-in 1 PM. Contact Candace Knight-Arevalo           Fund. See web site for info and
Kemah Pan Jam CCO. Held one block from Kemah            water front such as The Margarita Bar & Grill,      561-795- 5888, See http:/      forms. Cooks party Friday night, live band. Benefits
Board Walk, 25 miles out of Houston toward Galveston.   home of the 64 Oz margarita. Contact Candace        /                              injured firefight ers, their families and volunteer
Details to follow. Mayo Blair 713-686-4520 713-         Knight-Arevalo email                                                                fire departments. Register by 10/10/08 if you want
443-6040 cell.                                          561-795- 5888.                                      Oct 18, 2008-001 - Bryan TX CASI. Brazos Valley        to be next to your buddy. Contact Robin Williams,
                                                                                                            Elks Lodge #859 3rd Annual Chili CCO. Details to       200 Greenleaf St. Ft Worth TX 76107. 817-870-
Oct 11, 2008-004 - Bandera TX CASI. Fall Fest           Oct 11, 2008-007 - Peru IN CASI. Miami’s            follow. Roger Schoppe 979-862- 7339.                   8006 or 817-229-9750, robin.williams@ williams-
Cookoff. Pioneer RV Resort, Bandera, TX. Cook’s         Hearland Cookoff. Held at Miami County              rschoppe@athletics.tamu. edu.                
                                                        Fairgrounds on Old B-31 North. Camping $20
Page 24                                                                                  Terlingua Trails                                                                                 August 2008
Oct 18, 2008-006 - Crawford TX CASI. 1st Annual        87. Limit number of hook ups. $20/ night. Jackpot        Oct 18, 2008-014 - Shelby NC CASI. The Art of           Benefits Chamber of Commerce. Entry fee $18,
Chili & 9th Annual BBQ Cookoff. At the Crawford        beans turn in at 12 noon, entry fee $5.00. Chili turn    Chili Held in Beautiful downtown Shelby on the          turn-in Noon. Contact Pat Timmons 432- 631-
Saddle Club & Rodeo Arena Located behind the           in at 2 PM. Entry fee $18.00. CHILI GRIND                Court Square. Entry fee $20 turn-in 2 PM. Benefits      5806. CHILI GRIND ONLY.
Tonkawa Falls Park. So come have a blast and add       ONLY. There will be a cake auction and a 50/50           the Cleveland County Arts Council Make checks
to your new years points! There is going to be A       pot. Payable to Concho Valley Chili Pod. Saturday        payable to Piedmont Pepper Pod. Contact George          Oct 25, 2008-003 - Omaha TX CASI. Omaha Fall
LOT going on, Lawn mower races, mutton bustin,         night Potluck. This is a 2 day CCO. See Sunday’s         Doggett 704-482-9995.                   Fest Chili Cookoff Held in downtown Omaha on
An Ugly truck contest 2 categories running & non-      information. Info Janice Miller, 3214 Oak Mountain                                                               Senter Street. Entry fee $25 turn-in 4 PM. Benefits
running vendors,50/50 pinto beans, a BBQ COOK          Trail, San Angelo, TX 76904, 325 947 8753 or             Oct 19, 2008-001 - Bryan TX CASI. Sunday                Omaha Chamber of Commerce. Make checks to
OFF and of course CHILI! Entry fee $20.00 Turn                                  Brazos Valley Elks Lodge #859 3rd Annual Chili          Omaha Chamber of Commerce. Contact Cheryl
in time 2 pm. Charity TBA. CHILI GRIND ONLY!                                                                    Cookoff. Details to follow. Roger Schoppe               Durrett              903-884-3600               0r
Plenty of RV parking No Hook ups! Lot’s of shade       Oct 18, 2008-010 - Culpeper VA CASI. 7th        979-862-7339.     
trees! For more information and early entry forms      CASINOVA Pod/Old House Chili CO Come and
for BBQ, please contact Donna Conrad @                 enjoy the beauty of the Virginia Wine Country and        Oct 19, 2008-002 - Cleburne TX CASI. Sunday             Oct 25, 2008-004 - Santa Theresa NM CASI. 6th
Dangergail, or 254-855-473. For more          participate in the 7th annual Old House Chili Cook       Elks Lodge # 811 Fall Chili Cookoff. Held at Hwy        Annual War Eagles Air Museum CC Held at War
info on the chili cookoff please contact Diane         off at Old House Vineyards, 18351 Corky’s Lane.          67 & FM 1434. Entry fee $18 turn-in 1 PM. CASI          Eagles Air Museum, Santa Theresa Air Field exit I-
Stimson at or 254-486-            This is the CASINOVA Pod Cook-off. The colors            and Elks division. Cooks party Friday night. Saturday   10 at Artcraft Road. follow Artcraft Road, traveling
9206. Make checks payable to Donna Conrad/             of fall are spectacular and the wines tasty. Shirt and   morning breakfast 7-9 AM. Live band Saturday            West. Look for the Museum signs. The Air Museum
Crawford Saddle Club See next day cook off             logo wine glass for the first 20 participants. Contact   night, cover charge. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Contact          is located at the end of Artcraft Rd. Entry fee $18.
                                                       Dick DeiTos 703- 273-5075.                Jerry Brown 817-645-9079           Turn-in 2 PM. Make check payable to New Mexico
Oct 18, 2008-007 - New Braunfels TX CASI.              Entry fee $22, turn-in 2 PM. Make checks payable         See cookoff previous day.                               Chili Society. Benefits War Eagles Air Museum
Fraternal Order of Canyon Men CCO. Held at             to Casinova Pod. Benefits Museum of Culpeper                                                                     Restoration Fund. Contact Joe Price 575-442-
Mountain Breeze Campground Entry fee $18,              History.                                                 Oct 19, 2008-003 - Crawford TX CASI. Crawford           3313, Bud Barrick
turn-in 2 PM. For Fraternal Order of Canyon Men.                                                                Saddle Club & Rodeo & Rodeo Arena next day cook 575-382-5107
General info 830-964-5555 or,            Oct 18, 2008-011 - Livingston TX CASI. Indian            off, directly behind Tonkawa Park, off Hwys 317
RV & camping info 830-964-2484. Bob Walker.            Springs VFD Annual Cookoff. Entry $20, Jackpot           & 185. Turn in time NOON. Entry fee $18.00              Oct 25, 2008-005 - Flatonia TX CASI. Flatonia
                                                       Beans $10 50/50 1st place only. Gumbo $10, 50/           CHILI GRIND ONLY! For more information on               Czhilispiel 36 Czhili CCO. Held on Mainstreet, off
Oct 18, 2008-008 - Kerens TX CASI. Kerens              50 1st place only. We are located 1 block off Hwy        this or previous day cook off contact Dianne            I-10. Entry fee $20, turn-in 2 PM. Make checks
Cotton Harvest Festival Held on wide main street       190 between Livingston & Woodville We will also          Stimson email or 254-              payable to Flatonia Chamber of Commerce. Benefits
of Kerens you can drive directly to your spot. Entry   have a Live Auction Friday night at 7pm. Contact         486- 9206 PLENTY of RV parking NO HOOK                  Flatonia EMS, Fire Depart, Flatonia Scholarships.
fee $20 turn-in 2 PM. Benefits Friends of Kerens       Pat Quinlan.                       UPS! LOTS OF SHADE! So come on out have some            Showmanship 11 to 1 PM. Entertainment El:Young
Library This will be our 4th Annual “Kerens                                                                     fun and start adding to your points for the new year!   Band, No Justice and Grateful Geezers. BBQ
Cotton Harvest Festival” The festival has always       Oct 18, 2008-012 - Wabash IN CASI. Wabash                Make checks payable to Donna Conrad.                    cookoff. Carnival, arts and crafts. Czhilispiel 36 is
been about raising funds to build a new library        Cannonball CCO. Details to follow. Tonya Jester                                                                  October 24th, 25th & 26th. Registration before
building. Thanks to CASI folks we have our new         w w w . c h i l i f o r c h a r i t y . c o m .          Oct 19, 2008-004 - Water Valley TX CASI. Fall           October 13th is $20, after the 13th is $25. Contact
building and it is beautiful. Hope you come just to                            Festival Day 2 Day 2 of Fall Festival CCO, Benefits:    Flatonia Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 610,
see what you helped build. Now, we have to finish                                                               Concho Valley Chili Pod Charities Location: Water       Flatonia TX 78941. 361-865-3920, fax 361- 865-
paying & maintaining this wonderful center of our      Oct 18, 2008-013 - Fayetteville AR CASI. Chili           Valley Park located on South FM 2034 off of US          2451. Flatoniacofc@sbcglobal .net.
fair town. The Cotton Harvest Festival will once       Bowl 2008. Held at Northwest Arkansas Mall 4201          Highway 87. Limit number of hook ups. $20/ night.
again have the children activities, the wonderful      N Shiloh Dr. Benefits the National Fountation for        Chili turn in at 12 noon Entry fee $18.00. CHILI        Oct 26, 2008-001 - Cleburne TX CASI. Sunday
quilt show, horseshoe tournament, target shooting      Brain Tumors. Entry fee $20 CASI, $5 Salsa, $5           GRIND ONLY. Payable to Concho Valley Chili              Cleburne Elks Lodge #811 Date changed to October
tournament many displays of the cotton industry,       Junior. Turn-in 1 PM. There should be a lot of           Pod. Saturday night Potluck. This is a 2 day CCO.       19th.
plenty of arts and crafts and food booths. Lots of     public, CASI cooks will also be entered in the local     See Saturday’s information. Info: Janice Miller,
absolutely beautiful Texas October weather. You        peoples choice division so cook plenty for turn- in      3214 Oak Mountain Trail, San Angelo, TX 76904,          Oct 26, 2008-002 - Terlingua TX CASI. American
gotta come to this one. Contact Cindy Carnegie         and taster kits. Cumulus Broadcasting is co-    325-947- 8753                   Legion Cookoff Held at the American Legion
903-396- 2665.              sponsoring this event along with the Chili Hawg                                                                  about 60 miles south of Alpine on your way to
                                                       Pod of Northwest Arkansas. Info Joe Giles                Oct 25, 2008-001 - Cleburne TX CASI. Cleburne           Terlingua. Entry fee $20 turn-in Noon. Dorathy
Oct 18, 2008-009 - Water Valley TX CASI. Fall 479-236-6125. Debbie                 Elks Lodge #811 Date changed to October 18th.           Williams 432-371-2595. Benefits Legion Building
Festival Day 1 of Fall Festival CCO, Benefits:         Greenlee 479-248-                                                                  Fund.
KLST Christmas Tree Location: Water Valley             1747.                                                    Oct 25, 2008-002 - Crane TX CASI. Road to
Park located on South FM 2034 off of US Highway                                                                 Terlingua Held in Crane City Park, limited hookups.
August 2008                                                                                   Terlingua Trails                                                                                            Page 25
Oct 28, 2008-001 - Terlingua TX CASI. Sotol Pod          1700' rope, over 350 tuggers, and more than a             Nov 22, 2008-001 - Rowlett TX CASI. Twelfth            Nov 29, 2008-001 - Waco TX CASI. H-E-B Waco
Cookoff. Held at the CASI site. Entry fee $20 turn-      thousand spectators. The Tug transforms                   Annual Texas Holiday Chili-bration CCO. Benefits       # 5 Held at 9100 Woodway Dr. More information
in 2 PM. There will once again be a Halloween            Downtown Annapolis and Eastport with a festival-          Amateur Community Theatre of Rowlett. Held in          to follow when date gets close. Donna Conrad or
Costume Contest Tuesday night, first prize is            like atmosphere that includes food vendors,               the 3800 Block of Main St. Entry fee $20.00 CASI       Dianne Stimson 254-486-9206. CHILI GRIND
$300. Dorathy Williams 432-371-2595.                     cheering crowds, all sorts of local color and of          and Local Chili turn in 1:00 PM. Jackpot beans         ONLY. Charity TBD. Entry fee $18, turn-in 2 PM.
                                                         course a chili cook-off. Set up near the Chart House      Noon turn in entry fee $10.00. Make checks
Nov 1, 2008-001 - Terlingua TX                           Restaurant along 2nd St. Entry fee is $20 for CASI        payable to ACT of Rowlett and mail to Tom              Dec 6, 2008-001 - Eola TX CASI. Eola Historic
                                                         Red; turn-in 2 p.m. All CASI rules apply. $10 for         Fulton, 3809 Main ST., Rowlett, TX 75088, 972-         Schoolhouse CCO Benefit CCO: Benefits: Eola
CASI. Terlingua International Chili
                                                         Freestyle Chili; turn in is 3 p.m. There will be a $300   475-4330                                               Historic Schoolhouse: Location: Eola TX. Plenty
Cookoff. Held at Rancho CASI De                          cash prize for the winner of the Freestyle division.                                                             of Dry Camping available; Jackpot beans: turn in
Los Chisos. Must be qualified to                         Anyone competing in Freestyle must enter CASI             Nov 22, 2008-002 - Marble Falls TX CASI. 2nd           at 12 noon, entry fee $5.00. Chili turn in at 2 PM.
cook. Friday is National Scholar ship                    Red. Proceeds go to support: SPCA, Lighthouse             Annual Lake Country Lanes CCO Held at Lake             Entry fee $18.00. CHILI GRIND ONLY. There
                                                         Shelter, Reading is Fundamental and other local           Country Lanes 2 miles North of Marble Falls on the     will be a cake auction and a 50/50 pot. Payable to
Day competition Beans, Salsa Hot                         charities. or 443-878-7999.            left. Come and support our corporate sponsor,          Concho Valley Chili Pod. Saturday night Concho
Wings open to the public. Public                         Make checks payable to Mason Dixon Pod.                   Lake Country Lanes on their 2nd annual CCO. LCL        Valley Chili Pod Christmas Party held in the
may dry camp all week for $30 entry                                                                                have a new bar, pool hall, washer pitching outdoors    Schoolhouse. Meat will be furnished. Potluck for
                                                         Nov 8, 2008-003 - Pflugerville TX CASI.                   in a nice covered beer garden with tables, etc.        the rest of the meal. This is a 2 day CCO. See
fee per person. Contact Alan Dean                        Pflugerville Pfall Chilipfest Held on Main Street in      Cook’s party Fri night and discounts for cooks on      Sunday’s information. Info Janice Miller, 3214 phone 830-                          Downtown Pflugerville. Entry fee $18, turn-in 2           bowling etc. RV parking available. No reason to        Oak Mountain Trail, San Angelo, TX 76904, 325-
868-4313.                                                PM. Charity TBD. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Contact                bring canopy, there is plenty of room in the new       947-8753 or
                                                         Warren McDonald 512-990-1997 H, 512-773-                  covered beer garden. Each cook will receive a ticket
                                                         8684 M. w.d.mcdonald@suddenlink. net.                                                                            Dec 6, 2008-002 - San Angelo TX CASI. SACA
Nov 8, 2008-001 - Gladewater TX CASI. Gladewater                                                                   for the cook’s raffle drawing. Turn-In 2 PM.
                                                                                                                                                                          Pods Annual Toys for Tots Cookoff. Entry fee
KKUS-FM Cookoff. Held at Gladewater Rodeo                                                                          CHILI GRIND ONLY. Entry fee $18 (unless you
                                                         Nov 15, 2008-001 - Denton TX CASI. Foxy Ladies                                                                   $10.00 and 2 new toys. Salsa $10.00 (Fixed on
Grounds, on Hwy 80. Entry fee $20 turn-in 1 PM.                                                                    cook Sat & Sun-entry fee $15 each day) See Cast
                                                         ENF Fundraiser CCO. Held at Elks Lodge, 228 E                                                                    site) Beans $10.00 Open Dessert $10.00 (Fixed on
Should finish by 3 PM. Contact Chuck McKinley                                                                      Off CCO on Sunday. Contact Donnie 830-693-
                                                         Oak. Entry fee $25, turn-in 2 PM. For the Elks                                                                   site)Held at 204 E Ave L. FMI 325 656-8299
903-590- 1913. Benefits East Texas Food Bank.                                                                      4311, Ruby 830-693-3492 We
Sponsored by 1041 The Ranch KKUS-FM, Tyler,              National Foundation. CHILI GRIND ONLY. Cooks              had a lot of fun cooking together in the beer garden
                                                         party Friday night, breakfast Saturday morning.                                                                  Dec 6, 2008-003 - Golden CO CASI. 8th Annual
TX. Paypal paying online by October.                                                                               last year. Come join us this year. LCL is non-
                                                         Turn-in Beans at Noon. See cookoff next day.                                                                     Downtown Golden and Colorado Chili Pod Chili
                                                                                                                   smoking except in the main bar. Benefits Highland
                                                         Contact Delora Goin 940-230-3238, email                                                                          cookoff. Held along Washington Street in
Nov 8, 2008-002 - Annapolis MD CASI. 4th                                                                           Lakes Chili Pod.
                                                Terrissa Johnson 940-                                                                    downtown Golden. Benefits various Golden area
Annual Heat by the Harbor CCO Held along 2nd St
                                                         391-6626.                                                                                                        charities. $15 for red or green, Additional $10 for
in front of the Charter House. Once a year, local                                                                  Nov 23, 2008-001 - Marble Falls TX CASI. Cast
                                                                                                                                                                          green when already entering & red division. Checks
and national attention focuses on the Annapolis                                                                    Off Cookoff. At Lake Country Lanes-2 miles
                                                         Nov 16, 2008-001 - Denton TX CASI. Denton                                                                        payable to Colorado Chili Pod c/o John
Harbor or, as we like to call it, the Gulf of Eastport                                                             north of Marble Falls on left. Entry fee $15 turn-
                                                         Lady Elks Cookoff. Held at Elks Lodge, 228 E Oak.                                                                Montgomery, 1670 Broadway, Suite 3000, Denver,
for competition unlike any in the world: the                                                                       in 1 pm. Chili Grind only. Cast-off trophies &
                                                         Entry fee $20, turn-in 1 PM. CHILI GRIND                                                                         CO 80202. For information, please contact John
Slaughter Across the Water. It is the longest tug of                                                               goodies. Free raffle drawing for all cooks. See LCL
                                                         ONLY. Contact Delora Goin 940-230-3238 email                                                                     Montgomery 303-831- 5061
war over a body of water in the world. The Tug is                                                                  CCO on Sat. Contact Tom Cook 512/769-0679 or
staged between the Maritime Republic of Eastport,        deloragoin Terrissa Johnson 940-            Ruby Ross 830/699-3492. Looking
the MRE, and Downtown Annapolis, featuring a             391-6626.                                                 forward to seeing you in Marble Falls.
                                                                                                                                                                             For more Upcoming Cook-offs,
                                                                                                                                                                                visit WWW.CHILI.ORG

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to CASI Pods, State, Regional and                                                     Full Page 10" X 12 3/4" - $250.00
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      International Opens                                                              1/2 page 10" X 6 1/4" - $130.00
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        As a CASI Pod you are required to put on a pod cookoff                        Bottom Banner 10” X 3” - $90.00
once a year. To help you advertise your pod cookoff we allow                               Business Card - $40.00
each pod to place one quarter page ad in the Terlingua Trails,                       Classifieds - $40 - 2 inch - 3 Months
each year, free of charge. This ad should run the month before                 All Prices Are For Camera Ready Ads (.jpg)
your cookoff occurs. Should you decide that you need an ad                                    Multiple Month Ads:
larger than a quarter page we will simply bill you for the difference          3 to 5 month running ad, 15% discount per month
in price. This ad should not be confused with the article                      6 to 11 month running ad, 20% discount per month
                                                                                  12 months or more, 25% discount per month
advertising your cookoff in the "Cooking with CASI Calendar"
section in the Terlingua Trails. That article will start to run as soon                          Send ads to
as you request your cookoff packet and will run until your                                  Doug "Bucky" Seelig
cookoff occurs.

Send ads to Doug "Bucky" Seelig

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    2007/2008 CASI Board of Directors                     CASI - Chili Appreciation Society International - Membership Application
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Jim Ezell - President / Sponsorship                            Mail form and membership fee to CASI - P.O. BOX 841-COMFORT, TX 78013-0841
3987 Hwy 79 South
Wichita Falls, Texas 76310                                                 Individual Membership: North American Annual Dues are $15.00
Cell (214)392-3499                                                (US, US Protectorates, Canada and Mexico), International Annual Dues are $30.00
E-mail:                                              Lifetime Dues are $225.00 (Not available to our International Members)
Renee Moore - 1st Vice President / Articles Editor                                     Corporate Annual Dues are $100.00 US.
PO Box 5834                                                                                     Please Print Clearly
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Home: (251)949-7000
Work: (251)968-1125                                      Name: ______________________________________________               Your CASI     No.____________
Cell: (251)228-0807                                              (For Corporate Memberships - Owner Name)                                  (Renewals Only)

Bill Pierson - 2nd Vice President/Tallymaster            Corporate/Business Name: ________________________________________________________
P.O. Box 727                                                                        (Corporate Membership Only - List as you wish on your Plaque)
Bativia, Illinois 60510-0727
Home: (630)879-7934                                      Chili Team Name: __________________________________             Occupation: ___________________

Alan Dean - Executive Director                           Street Address or PO Box: __________________________            Telephone No:)(____)____________
112 Leaning Oak Circle
Johnson City, Texas 78636
                                                         City, State, Zip+4: ______________________________          E-Mail: __________________________

Garnier Albus -Treasurer
P O Box 123
                                                                              Upcoming Cookoff Information Sheet
Amarillo, TX 79105-0123
Home: (806)353-0500                                        FILL OUT AND MAIL TO: CASI Upcomings - PO Box 39 - Terlingua, Texas 79852-0039
Cell: (806)679-1952                                        Please list the following Upcoming Cookoff in the Terlingua Trails. Phone 432-371-2899
                                                           or Fax 1-888-227-4468
Ed Blair - Secretary
5122 Autumn Forest Dr
Houston, TX 77091-5004
                                                           Date and City: ________________________________________________________________
(713) 686-4520 Home
Cell: 832-567-5558                                         Cookoff Name:________________________________________________________________
John Goforth -Membership                                   Street Address/Location:_________________________________________________________
P.O. Box 841
Comfort, TX 78013-0841                                     ___________________________________________________________________________
Cell: (830)832-5070
                                                           CASI Sanctioned: _______        Charity: _______________________________________________
Tim Collier - Ranch Manager, Rancho CASI de los Chisos
3300 County Road 461
Snyder, TX 79549                                           Turn-in Time: ___________________          Entry Fee:_____________________________________
Home: (325)573-7014
Cell: (325)575-8282                                        Checks Payable to: _____________________________________________________________
F: (325)574-6868
                                                           Information Contact: ____________________________________________________________
Ken Rodd - Chilicity/Public Relations
P.O. Box 2037
Manchaca, TX 78652
                                                           Contact Address: ______________________________________________________________
Cell: (210)887-8827
E-mail:                                Contact Phone Number:__________________________________________________________
Dorathy Williams - Upcomings
PO Box 39                                                  Preregistration Deadline (If Applicable): __________________      Special Meat: _______________
Terlingua, TX 79852-0039
Upcomings: Phone or Fax 1-888-CASI-HOT                     Mail   Judging Packet    to: _________________________________________________________
Home: (432)371-2595
Doug (Bucky) Seelig-Terlingua Trails
P.O. Box 859                                               Need Rule Book: (Yes) or (No)                         Chili Grind Only: (Yes) or (No)
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624                                Send _______ Boxes of Terlingua Trails - Each box contains 25 copies of the Terlingua Trails
Cell (512) 965-4564
     or                               Send me CASI Judging Cup Tickets (no charge): Yes No , approximate number of tickets: ______
Fax 1-888-227-4468

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