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									THE                                           Bark                                                                  September 2010

                                                                                                                 Welcome Bulldogs!

Welcome, All Garfield Families!                          GHS Website (
                                                                                                                Welcome	                  1
                                                         An outstanding source of information about
September is here and we’re excited to start the                                                                Principal's	Letter	       2
                                                         everything going on at GHS.
2010–2011 school year. Our community thrives                                                                    Senior	Family	Notes		     2
by all of us pitching in—we encourage all families       GHS Tracks (           Tracks	and	Bark	          2
to find a way to get involved. There are three           A PTSA blog intended to give parents additional        College	Access	Now	       3
great benefits to volunteering: it helps the school,     help finding essential information about Garfield.     Legislative	Issues	     3-4
you get a feeling of satisfaction, and people who        Check the Tracks for newly posted Bark articles        Counselors	               4
volunteer generally have a better impression of          and fresher news than the monthly newsletter is        Testing	Info	           5-6
their school. So give it a try! Contact our volunteer    able to provide (see article this issue).              Library	Update	           6
coordinator, Ann Bergman (abbergman@gmail.                                                                      SAVE				                  7
                                                         Garfield Notes. A non-PTSA Yahoo group
com or 328-0678), or the school office, and they                                                                Garfield	Calendar	      8-9
                                                         email list providing information for and from
will help you find something that works for you.                                                                Nurse's	Notes		       10-11
                                                         parents, teachers, and staff at GHS. To subscribe,
                                                                                                                PTSA	Roster	             12
This year the PTSA is continuing its focus on the        send your name and how you are related to the
                                                                                                                "What's	Happening"	 13-15		
Read Right program, offered to students reading          Garfield community to garfieldnotes-subscribe@
                                                                                                                Membership	Form	         16
below grade level. Also, we are hoping to see a big
change with the career center. Last year the career      The Bark. A monthly PTSA newsletter that covers
specialist position was eliminated, so we will work      school and PTSA news. Find current and back              Translators: Are
to make sure students have access to the career          issues under “PTSA” on the Garfield website.             you available this
center this year. Another focus this year will be                                                                 year? Is anyone
student safety: we will strive to keep the Seattle       The Messenger. The student-written-and-                  willing to translate
Police Department position at Garfield. And we           produced newspaper available online on the               this newsletter,
                                                         Garfield website as well as by subscription.             on request, into
will be doing cultural and community outreach.
                                                                                                                  Spanish, Somali,
Make sure you check out the roster and calendar          Freshman families, join us for the freshman BBQ          Chinese, or another
in this issue. They will give you a better idea of the   September 9 at 5 pm, and if you can, stay to             language?
many facets of the PTSA. You are also welcome to         cheer on the girls’ soccer team as they play their       Please contact
join us for monthly board meetings as well as the        first home game. September 20 at 7 pm in the             Teresa Nemeth
general membership meetings.                             Commons we’ll have our first general meeting,            at 325-8320 or
We know keeping track of what’s happening at             and we’ll cover safety, security, and navigating
Garfield is a challenge for parents, students, and       Garfield. Be sure to mark your calendars for                       Thank you!
staff. Here are some ways to stay informed:              September 30, 7 pm: it’s the Garfield Open

                                                                                       House (“Curriculum
                                                                                       Night”), preceded by             Garfield is a
                                                                                       the Sports Boosters’     rich and varied mix of
                                                                                       spaghetti dinner at      people participating in
                                                                                       6 (watch for details).   sports, drama, service,
                                                                                       There will also be       music, and all manner
                                                                                       meetings with            of interest groups. A
                                                                                       counselors at 5, and     lot of great things go
                                                                                       with administrators at   unnoticed because
                                                                                       6:30 pm.                 we are all so involved
                                                                                     Here’s to a fabulous       with our own projects.
                                                                                     year in the doghouse!      Please consider sharing
                                                                                                                your activities with the
                                                                                     Jayn Foy, PTSA             wider community by
                                                                                     Co-President               submitting an article
                                                                                   or photo to the Bark.
                                                                                     323-7785                   Encourage students
                                                                                     David Foutch, PTSA         to write, too! Send to
                                                                                     Co-President               Teresa Nemeth, editor,
                                                                                     323-0923                   tel. 325-8320. We look
                                                                                                                forward to hearing from
              PTSA board members at the annual retreat, June 5, 2010                                            you!

The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter                                                                                            1
                                                                             Senior Families:
                                                                             Sign Up for Our Email List
                                                                             How did this happen so fast?
                                                                             The “One Last Year” is here!
                                                                             My name is Holly Morris Jacobson and I am
                                                                             the ’11 senior class rep. It is sure to be a busy
                                                                             year for all of our kids and families. To keep us
                                    From Principal                           together as a community and informed of all of
                                    Ted Howard                               the senior activities and family matters, we have
                                                                             created an ’11-specific class email list for parents
                                                                             and guardians. Please send your name, student’s
                       Dear Garfield Families,                               name, and best contact info to 2011garfield@
                                                                    and we will keep you informed. We
                       Welcome back! We are so excited to begin this         promise we won’t spam you.
                       school year! Our custodial staff and our teachers
                       have been working all summer to prepare the           If you don’t have access to
                       school for your arrival. Rooms are clean and          email, or if you have a question,
                       floors are polished, waiting for students. I am       give me a call at 769-7185.
                       confident we have strategically positioned            AND SAVE THE DATE FOR
                       our school to achieve tremendous success this         GRADUATION!
                       school year. Without question, we will face many
                       new challenges in our                                 Graduation for 2011 will be
                       pursuit to be a school of                             Tuesday, June 14.
                       excellence; however, I
                       believe we possess all the                            Tracks + Bark = Wedding of Web
                       necessary ingredients to
                       overcome any obstacles                                and Print                 P
                                                                             To keep up with the Bark                      RI
                       and attain our goal of                                                                                 N
                       student success.                                      online, where we are hoping

                                                                             to post more current
                       Let’s make this school                                articles, go to GHSTracks.
                       year a year of many successes and great results. and look
                       If at any time you wish to have a conference          for the Bark icon. The Tracks blog is an excellent
                       with your child’s teacher or teachers, please         way to keep up on PTSA news. To sign up for
                       don’t hesitate to call us at (206) 252-2270. I look   email notifications, please email Craig Seasholes
                       forward to meeting you and working together to        at, or simply subscribe on
                       support the students here at Garfield High School.    the site itself. Would you like to stop receiving
                       Sincerely,                                            the Bark in your mailbox? Please email Teresa
                                                                             Nemeth at OR, mark your
                       Ted Howard                                                                                          ✃
                                                                             preferences on this form, clip it, and return it
                                                                             with the rest of your first-day packet forms.

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2                                                                            The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter
College Access Now Is Recruiting
Qualified Juniors Who Want to
Go to College!
By Greg Abbott
If your student is an incoming junior, would like
to attend college, has at least a 2.0 grade average,
and qualifies for free or reduced-price student
lunch, then College Access Now (CAN) is the
program for you and your student. With the start
of the new academic year, CAN will be recruiting
about 30 motivated juniors to work with our
wonderful staff of AmeriCorps volunteers on-site
at Garfield to begin the process of identifying
colleges your student will apply to when he or
she is a senior, writing first drafts of the personal
essays that most colleges require, getting ready
to take a college entrance test (ACT), and visiting                               Garfield CAN class of 2010
colleges that are very interested in getting to
know prospective students as early as their junior      with the juniors. Our wonderful program director,
year.                                                   Jennie Flaming, is often at Garfield during the
                                                        week providing oversight and support for the
The juniors will attend a weekly after-school
session geared to preparing the student for the
intense period in the fall and winter of senior         If your student is a senior, but missed out on CAN
year when applications must be sent and financial       last year, let us know. We can’t promise to take
aid forms and scholarship applications have to          any additional seniors into the program at this
be submitted. CAN has been very successful at           point, but there may be a lot of assistance that we
accommodating schedule complications and                can still provide.
extracurricular activities, so don’t be deterred!
                                                        We look forward to meeting a great new group
The CAN program is free of charge. It is                of juniors this year, who will become the CAN
appropriate for students who wish to go to a            grads of the future with the opportunity to go to
two- or four-year college or university, including      college!
community college, Washington state universities,
and private and public institutions of higher           Greg Abbott is PTSA liaison to CAN and a CAN
education throughout the United States. CAN             board member and volunteer counselor.
has consistently received fantastic institutional
support from Mr. Howard, the counseling staff,
teachers at Garfield, and the PTSA.
We have had a 100% success rate for several             Legislative Issues: Hot!
years with participating students. CAN graduates
currently attend Washington community colleges          By Janis Traven
and universities and many of the most highly
regarded private colleges and universities,
including Amherst, Bowdoin, Stanford,                   Hello all, and welcome back from what I hope was
Occidental, Pomona, and many others. Of critical        a refreshing summer. I’m your legislative chair,
importance: these students have, with CAN’s             Janis Traven (mom of junior Harrison Linsey),
help, been able to obtain necessary financial aid       and my role is to represent you at the State PTA
from their chosen colleges and from many private        Legislative Assembly in October. Before, during,
scholarship sources.                                    and after that time, I’ll keep you informed
                                                        on what legislative issues and elections affect
Even if you haven’t previously given college much       Garfield, and I’ll provide you with the information
thought, now is the time! We would love to meet         and tools to become grassroots activists.
your student and answer any questions you or
your student may have.                                  If you think that following legislative issues
                                                        regarding education is yawn inducing, think
Our on-site staff of AmeriCorps volunteers
                                                        again. This is some of the hottest action around—
includes Katie Panhorst, a 2010 Middlebury
                                                        and you and your students get to make a huge
grad who will work with CAN seniors, and Craig
                                                        difference in the outcome.
Pilawski, a 2006 grad of Western Michigan
University. Craig will be the point person working                                       Continued on page 4

The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter                                                                   3
                                                Legislative notes continued from page 3   deadlines. The scholarship profile is also
                                                                                           due on October 1 to be considered for several
                                                   While the past legislative              of the select scholarships. Submitting a late
                                                   session produced progress               scholarship profile may mean missed scholarship
                                                   in education reform, it was             opportunities.
                                                   not significant enough for
                                                                                           All Grade Levels: Here’s one more reminder
                                                   the state to be a contender
                                                                                           to mark your calendar for Curriculum Night,
                                                   for Race to the Top funding.
                                                                                           September 30. Counselors will be available at 5
                                                   There will be ongoing
                                                                                           pm to meet with grade levels in designated areas.
                                                   challenges to maintaining
                                                                                           Please follow the directions on signs.
                                                   the current funding for
                                                   education.                              Grade Changes, PE Waivers, and Occupational
                                                                                           Education Waivers: The deadline for grade
                                                  I know, however, that                    changes is in early October. Please verify that your
                                                  continuing presence of                   PE waivers from last year’s spring sports have
PTA parents in legislative offices (Parent Power) makes a huge difference in               been processed by checking your academic history.
Olympia. I encourage you to write, call, email, or visit your elected officials            The deadline for last-semester PE waivers and
and let them know what you think. Often!                                                   occupational education waivers is October 1. The
                                                                                           next deadlines are in March, so plan ahead!
More on the State PTA Legislative Assembly in the next issue. Until then, feel
                                                                                           Progress Reports and End of First Quarter: To
free to contact me at 285-7375 or
                                                                                           assist you in monitoring your student’s progress,
                                                                                           progress reports and report cards are mailed out
                                                                                           every 5 weeks. The first 5-week progress reports
                                                                                           will be mailed shortly after October 15, and the
Notes from the Counseling Office                                                           first-quarter report cards will be mailed shortly
                                                                                           after November 15. Please check the Source for
By Ken Courtney
                                                                                           additional updates on your student’s progress.
Welcome to the start of a new year, from the counseling office!                            You may also request that your student pick up a
                                                                                           progress report in the counseling office to hand
A key for success is communication. The Bark continues to be a great
                                                                                           carry to any or all of their teachers, at any time you
resource, as well as Garfield Notes, Tracks (get signed up with the PTSA),
and the Daily Bulletin (available online at the Garfield website www.ghs. The Source is also a great way to communicate with your               Reminder: Go to the GHS website for the Daily
student’s teacher (there is a link to teacher emails!) and to stay up on their             Bulletin. Keep informed!
                                                                                           Have a GREAT year!
The start-of-school packet contains some very important papers. Please
read them carefully. Verify that your phone numbers (home, work, and cell!)                   COUNSELING OFFICE
are correct, and add your email if you haven’t already! This will make sure that
you get school mailings and will help school staff keep you informed of your                  Office Hours: 7:45–2:45 on school days.
student’s progress.                                                                           Secretary Nicole Petty        252-2304
All students should have Naviance accounts (the 9th graders will be added                     Fax                           252-2412
soon and will receive their orientation). If a correct email is used, we are able
to send out mass emails to students notifying them of important dates and                     COUNSELOR CONTACT INFORMATION:
issues. Please remind them to update their account!                                           Grade 9 / College and Career Center
Each year we have students who miss out on benefits because they do not                       manager:
fill out the Free Lunch Form completely—it’s not only about food! Be                          Leanne Hust                   252-2364
sure that you sign up for these benefits by checking all the boxes and signing                        
the front of the form. This puts your student’s name on a list to receive free
college tests and admission waivers, as well as class fee waivers and much                    Grades 10–12:
                                                                                              A–Ha      Sam Labi            252-2365
Seniors: The counselors will be meeting individually with their seniors                                
regarding graduation and post–high school plans. This often involves the
                                                                                              He–O      Ray Willis          252-2367
letter of recommendation and college application process. Make sure that
your senior does this important senior meeting beginning the third week of
September!                                                                                    P–Z       Ken Courtney        252-2366
October 1 is the deadline to request a letter of recommendation for your
Early Decision/Early Action schools. December 1 is the deadline for letter                    Academic Intervention Specialist:
of recommendation forms to be presented to counselors for regular                             Gretchen Wilkinson      252-2362
applications in early to mid-January. Please be conscious of these                              

4                                                                                          The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter
All About Testing
By Gretchen Wilkinson, Garfield academic                                        DATES TO SAVE!
intervention specialist
                                                        Please write these down, and don’t schedule doctor, dentist, or
What’s New with State Testing?
                                                         any other type of appointment that requires your child to miss
The name stayed the same—the HSPE, or High             school. Missing these test days will make it more difficult for your
School Proficiency Exam. Thank goodness for                       child to satisfy this graduation requirement.
small favors. However, there’s lots that IS new
this year, especially for sophomores and freshmen                    Writing - March 15, 16, 17 (yes, this has also
(classes of 2013 and 2014).                                                  changed to 3 days of testing)
Classes of 2011 and 2012                                                         Reading - March 22
   ✓ Must pass Reading, Writing, and Math.
                                                                                  Science - April 12
   ✓ Math alternative of 2.0 credits after 10th-
     grade year accepted as alternative.                   Math - TBD but must happen in the last 3 weeks of school
   ✓ Cut scores on ACT and SAT accepted               All of the above dates are set by the state and are mandatory. The
     as alternative for passing for Reading,                            next test time is in August 2011.
     Writing, and Math after taking and not
     passing the HSPE.                                                                   s
   ✓ Collection of Evidence (COE)—this is               10th and 11th Graders, Save the Date: October 13, PSAT
     the creation of a portfolio of work and
     is available for Reading and Writing. For        That day, all 9th and 12th graders have late arrival. Test results will
     seniors, the COE is due in January 2011;           arrive by January, just after Winter Break. Encourage your child
     for juniors, the COE is due in June 2011.           to pick them up. The results break down how students did on
     Submission does not guarantee passing.           individual questions, and it’s a great way to see how your child will
     This becomes available as an option after          do on the national SAT tests. The 11th graders’ scores will enter
     taking and not passing the HSPE tests.
                                                           them into the running for National Merit Scholar, which can
Classes of 2013 and 2014                                               be a boost on college applications.
   ➢ Must pass Reading, Writing, Math, and
     Science. THIS IS NEW!                           MAP, or Measurement of Academic Progress
   ➢ The Math 2.0 credits after 10th-grade year      What is this?
                                                     A district-mandated assessment for all 9th- and 10th-grade students two
   ➢ The Math test is now called “End of             times a year. Actually, it is now happening K–10, as of this year.
     Course,” or EOC. Students must pass
     both Algebra 1 EOC and Geometry EOC             How is it scored?
     to graduate. The testing will happen
                                                     It’s a computer test using multiple-choice questions for Reading and Math.
     sometime (TBD) in the last 3 weeks before
                                                     The score is computed instantly. It’s an adaptive test, so it adjusts to each
     the end of school. Tests will be taken in
                                                     student’s ability to answer questions correctly. Thus, it “adapts” to the
     each student’s math class over 3 days.
                                                     appropriate level of questions, allowing each student’s skill level to be
     Results will arrive sometime in September
                                                     quantified. The result is a number, called a RIT score.
     or October. Since this year is the first
     year for this change, there are many            What will this tell me?
     unanswered questions. Keep reading the
     Bark, and I will share the details as I learn   It can potentially tell you where your child needs extra support in Reading
     them. The most important thing to keep in       and Math. Each subject is broken down into elements that comprise the
     mind: passing these end-of-course tests is      building blocks for success. Because the assessment is given in early October
     a graduation requirement.                       and then again in May, you will now have a quantitative way to answer the
                                                     question, Has my child advanced his/her learning in reading and math?
   ➢ Passing the Science test is now a
     graduation requirement. THIS IS NEW!            Be forewarned

   ➢ ACT and SAT will remain as an alternative       Some students will see their scores go down. Last year was the first year
     way to pass (after taking and not passing       Garfield was required to give this assessment, and it was only given to
     both Algebra 1 and Geometry tests or            9th graders. Many of the students showed little or no change. This can be
     taking and not passing Reading and/or           discouraging for students. Parents can step in with positive encouragement.
     Writing).                                       Remind your children that this is one assessment, not a statement of who

                                                                                                                   Continued on page 6

The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter                                                                                        5
       All About Testing continued from p. 5
    they are and what they can accomplish. It’s
    a one-day snapshot. Ask them the #1 and #2
    questions below.
    Why?      Here are the factors to consider:
     1. Did the student take it seriously? Some
        students have difficulty sitting at a
        computer for over an hour taking a
        multiple-choice test that is not connected
        to any class or grade. It’s a new mind-set
        for them to be able to see quantitatively
        how they might be learning in these two
     2. Were they feeling ill that day, or were they
        overly tired, or were they distracted? All of
        these elements can affect the outcome.          Library and Tech Update
     3. The amount of growth anticipated                By Janet Woodward, GHS librarian
        statistically on this assessment is very
        small—sometimes 1 or 3 points on the
        RIT scale. As your children get older, they     Welcome back, families! The library looks forward
        learn at a different pace than 2nd graders.     to another busy year supporting the school
        They are now refining and solidifying what      community with its resource, information,
        they have learned, combined with new            and reading needs. We anticipate helping new
        subject information. This is the critical-      students get their computer accounts and
        thinking part of learning, the making of        orienting them to all our services. Check out the
        connections between subjects. Thinking          library section of the school website to learn more
        is more difficult to quantify, thus the RIT     about our services.
        scale for growth is smaller.
                                                        In addition, the library will be working with the
    How will I learn my child’s score?                  photography classes on the Qwest grant that
                                                        was awarded to document the Central Area, and
    Ask your child. There won’t be a mailing. At
                                                        with history and LA classes involved with other
    this point, the most efficient (and yes, we hear
                                                        grants from the American Library Association,
    you about stuff not getting home) way to pass
                                                        National Endowment for the Humanities, and
    this along to you is via your child. They will be
                                                        the Washington State Library. More on those
    setting their own learning goals for the year
                                                        initiatives as they get under way in the fall.
    based on their October scores. ASK THEM.
    Please.                                             As the sole supervisor of a multifaceted facility,
                                                        I could use some assistance in clerical tasks with
    The district is working on making the scores
                                                        materials and other organizational activities.
    more accessible, possibly on the Source. They
                                                        Also, there is an opportunity to contribute
    may decide to do a mailing. Stay tuned as this
                                                        content to the school website if you help manage
                                                        a sports team or school club. Many wonderful
                                                        parents and guardians have contributed each year
                                                        in all these areas, and their help has made a real
                                                        difference. If you are interested in volunteering,
                                                        please contact me at jwoodward@seattleschools.
        Questions about testing?                        org or 252-2359.

                     Contact me at

                      or 252-2362.

6                                                       The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter
Students Against Violence                             SAVE kids will also be developing a weekly movie
                                                      night and discussion group at a local coffee shop,
Everywhere (SAVE) Club Reborn                         open to the community.
at Garfield High School                               Earlier this year, after a brief presentation by
By Holly Jacobson                                     some of the SAVE kids, the organization was
                                                      officially adopted as a sponsored project of the
In 2009 some Garfield '11 students got
                                                      Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, providing
together to reinstate Students Against Violence
                                                      an opportunity to keep the program sustainable
Everywhere, a student-led club that had a
                                                      and strong.
history at Garfield and throughout the region
but dissipated when its parent organization was       SAVE seems to represent the best of Garfield.
retired. Fueled by a desire to take positive action   Garfield kids care about their community, they
to help curb the rise of youth violence and create    take initiative, and they have fun during the
a dialog about how students could create positive     process. They put tremendous energy, creativity,
change in the community, SAVE took the school         and spirit into all that they do. They believe in
year to reinvent itself.                              the idea of possibility. Watching these kids at
                                                      work, becoming leaders and developing even more
SAVE is focused on three areas of activity to
                                                      leadership opportunities for other kids, certainly
achieve its goals:
                                                      gives this parent a sense of great hope for the
  1) Giving students a voice in creating              future.
  solutions in the community to combat
                                                      SAVE's staff adviser is Samuel Labi. The parent
  2) Creating a dialog through forums for
                                                      adviser is Holly Jacobson (
  students and the community
                                                      For more information, contact SAVE at
  3) Developing a mentor program for
                                             or call Emerson Morris
  students to provide positive guidance by their
                                                      North (Garfield senior) at 683-1780.
The initial response was powerful. Within one
day of the students posting a group on Facebook,
over 200 fellow students signed up. Regular
meetings were held, and by the end of the school
year, SAVE had promoted some forums for                             Are You Interested in Hosting an
students to discuss issues relevant to their own                      Italian High School Student?
experiences and observations. Forum topics
included “Oppression Through Words,” which                   How about having an Italian high school student live with you
led to a discussion of the power of how students             for a semester or year and possibly having the opportunity
communicate with each other.                                 to visit him/her in Italy? Ergon, an Italian Student Exchange
The SAVE kids participated in community forums               organization and a partner of Northwest Student Exchange in
sponsored by the mayor and other organizations               Seattle, is looking for American families willing to host 16- to
to provide a youth's perspective particularly                17-year-old Italian high school students.
concerned with curbing and addressing youth
violence. By June the students had also developed            Ergon devotes special care to selecting the students and
from scratch a weekly summer peer-to-peer                    matching them with prospective host families. Through
mentoring program called SAVE Summer,                        our organization, Italian students are currently attending
partnering Garfield High School upperclassmen                Ballard, Roosevelt, and Mercer Island high schools, and
with incoming ninth graders to meet once a week
over the summer for activities and guidance                  students and host families are greatly enjoying this
on making positive choices in high school. The               experience.
Garfield Community Center provided the space,
and the kids procured in-kind donations for food
                                                             Hosting a foreign student is a great opportunity to share
and organized all activities and discussions on              American life with a young person from another country,
topics of nonviolence.                                       learn about a different culture, and build friendships abroad.
 In the fall the program will shift to one-on-
                                                             If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Gunnel
one mentoring to continue to provide guidance                Tanimoto, our Seattle coordinator, at
throughout freshman year and to sustain the                  Past and present host families would be happy to share their
growth of the program, thereby encouraging                   experiences with our program.
leadership development in SAVE and the
community. Additionally, they will be taking on
about a dozen more eighth graders as mentees.

The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter                                                                                   7
                   Garfield Calendar, 2010–2011
    September 2, 12 noon Staff appreciation: welcome-back luncheon
    September 7, 8:30 am–3 pm Student orientation and pictures
    September 8, 8 am–2:30 pm First day of school!
    September 9, 5 pm BBQ for freshman families; stay for girls’ soccer game
    September 16, 6–8 pm PTSA board meeting in the library, all are
    September 20, 7–8:30 pm PTSA general membership meeting in the
      Commons: “Navigating Garfield: A Panel for Parents”
    September 24 Teacher requests for small grants due to PTSA for fall
    September 30, 7 pm Open House (“Curriculum Night”). Meet with
      counselors beginning at 5, administrators at 6:30.
    October 1 & 2 State PTSA legislative assembly at the SeaTac Marriott
    October 8 No school: Professional Development Day for teachers
    October 13, 7 am Staff appreciation: light breakfast. PSAT.
    October 21, 6–8 pm PTSA board meeting in the library, all are
    November 11 Veterans’ Day holiday
    November 18, 6–8 pm PTSA board meeting in the library, all are
    November 22, 7–8:30 pm PTSA general membership meeting in the
      Commons: “State of the School”
    November 25–26 Thanksgiving holiday
    December 15, 7 am Staff appreciation: holiday breakfast
    December 16, 6–8 pm PTSA board meeting in the library, all are
    December 20–31 Winter Break
    January 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday
    January 20, 6–8 pm PTSA board meeting in the library, all are
    January 27 Last day of the semester
    January 28 Day between semesters—no school

8                                  The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter
                 Garfield Calendar, 2011 cont.
 January 31, 7–8:30 pm PTSA general membership meeting in the
   Commons: district speaker, budget priorities, elect nominating
   committee to fill next year’s positions
 February 11 Teacher requests for small grants due to PTSA for spring
 February Eighth-grade visits
 February 17, 6–8 pm PTSA board meeting in the library, all are
 February 21–25 Presidents’ Day holiday, Midwinter Break
 February TBD PTSA Focus Day in Olympia
 March 15–17 HSPE Writing
 March 18 No school: Professional Development Day for teachers
 March 22 HSPE Reading
 March 24, 6–8 pm PTSA board meeting in the library, all are
 March TBD Bubblin’ Brown Sugar dance contest
 April 12 HSPE Science
 April 18–22 Spring Break
 April 28, 6–8 pm PTSA board meeting in the library, all are
   welcome: officer slate proposed, budget proposal voted on
 April 29–May 1 Washington State PTSA Annual Convention
 May 4, 7 am Staff appreciation breakfast
 May 19, 6–8 pm PTSA board meeting in the library, all are welcome
 May 23, 7 pm PTSA general membership meeting in the Commons:
  officers elected, budget approved, PTSA awards presented
 May 30 Memorial Day holiday
 June 4, 8:30 am–12:30 pm, PTSA yearly retreat
 June 14 Graduation at Memorial Stadium, followed by post-graduation
 June 21 Last day of school! (unless extended due to snow days)
 June 22, 12 noon Staff appreciation: end-of-year luncheon

The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter                           9
     Nurse’s Notes

                           I am delighted to be
                           full time at Garfield for
                           ’10–’11. I look forward
                           to working with you and
                           your student to manage
                           any acute or ongoing
     health concerns. Although I am a school
     district employee, I share space with the Teen
     Health Center. I am located across from the
     main office.                                        Immunizations

     Meds at School?                                     Immunizations are important to keep all our
                                                         students safe and healthy. Moreover, they are
     Students who take meds regularly or who need        required for continued attendance at school.
     any meds occasionally at school must have an        Noncompliant students are excluded at Garfield.
     “Authorization for Medication” form on file         Immunizations are available from your provider/
     with the school nurse. Yes, this even includes      clinic, many pharmacies, or the Garfield Teen
     meds like Tylenol and ibuprofen, as well as         Health Center (a wonderful on-site resource).
     allergy meds and inhalers! You can download         Contact me for any questions or to update your
     the form at          student’s immunization status.
     area/healthservices/forms/medauth1.pdf, on
     the GHS website, or stop by my office. It is also   For July ’10–June ’11, all students must have
     in the first-day packets. Complete the parent       completed their Diptheria/Tetanus/Pertussis
     section, return it directly to me, and I will fax   series, Polio series, Measles/Mumps/Rubella
     it to your doctor/clinic for authorization. This    series and Hepatitis B series. Varicella (chicken
     form must be renewed each school year and           pox), Meningococcal, and HPV vaccines are
     allows students to carry their meds or leave        recommended but not required.
     a supply, in original containers, in the nurse      Free and Reduced Lunch—Food Isn’t the
     office. Please do not send it mixed in with         Only Benefit!
     other forms to the main office, as it can then
     take weeks before I see it!                         If your student is eligible for free/reduced lunch,
                                                         please complete the form you received in your
     If your student were caught in a disaster and       first-day packet or ask for another. All students
     stranded at school for several days, would          need the option of a healthy breakfast and lunch
     he or she have the needed meds? Does your           to fuel their brains and be successful at school.
     child ever forget meds at home? Families are        Studies show that kids who eat breakfast do
     strongly encouraged to keep a 3-day disaster        better in school than kids who don’t. This includes
     supply of meds (in original containers) at          better math and reading scores, better classroom
     school with the nurse, along with their consent     behavior, and better attendance. Students also
     forms. Having a back-up supply is particularly      qualify for a variety of fee waivers if they have
     important for students with inhalers, epi-          qualified for free/reduced lunch, so don’t forget to
     pens, diabetes, and seizures. In addition,          sign for the “other benefits” too. PSAT, SAT, ACT,
     students with inhalers and epi-pens must have       and college application fees are just a few! It also
     demonstrated correct usage to the nurse in          assists GHS in qualifying for additional federal
     order to self-administer.                           and/or state education dollars. What a deal to help
                                                         fuel your student for a successful day at school!

                                                                               Nurse's Notes continued on page 11

10                                                       The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter
   Nurse's Notes continued from page 10
Backpacks—Pack it Light, Wear It Right!
Aching back and shoulders…weakened muscles…
tingling arms…stooped posture? Carrying too
much weight in a pack or wearing it in the wrong
way can lead to pain and strain. Parents can take
steps to help students load and wear backpacks
the right way to avoid health problems.
It is recommended that a loaded backpack weigh
no more than 15% of a student’s body weight,
yet the average student carries a pack weighing
almost one-fourth their weight and 3 out of 10
carry up to a third of their weight at least once
per week. Load heaviest items closest to the back
of the pack. Arrange items so they don’t slide
around. Are all items really needed? Can some be
hand carried? Consider a wheeled bag if the pack
is still too heavy.
The way packs are worn also has an impact.
Lower positioning of the pack approximates the
body’s center of gravity and has the least effect
on posture. Use both shoulder straps and make          September is National Alcohol and Drug Ad-
sure they are well padded. Wear a waist belt if        diction Recovery Month
available. Adjust the shoulder straps so that pack
fits snugly to the back. The bottom of the pack        When you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, some-
should rest in the curve of the lower back but         times the littlest things in life are hardest to bear.
never more than four inches below the waist.           But there is hope. People with addictions can get
(For more info, visit the American Occupational        treatment and celebrate life’s little things again.
Therapy Association at                  Recovery can give them back their lives. This
                                                       year’s Recovery Month theme is
Blood Drive at GHS on Thursday, October 14
                                                       Join the Voices for Recovery: Now More
Again this year we are hosting a Puget Sound           Than Ever!
Blood Drive at GHS. All Garfield students and
staff are encouraged to donate! Anyone at least        Celebrate recovery efforts, use internet and
16 years old is eligible to donate. Written parental   community resources to gain more information,
permission is required for all first-time donors       and understand the benefits that investing in
who are 16/17 years old. Everyone needs picture        treatment can have on those who enter recovery,
ID. If your student is donating, encourage him or      on their families, and on the larger community.
her to eat a big breakfast.                            Substance-use disorders are a treatable public
                                                       health problem that affects us all.
High school–based blood drives supply 20% of
all donations. Garfield students are helping save      More information or referrals to treatment are
lives! Donors can see the school nurse or Post         available at:
members for more information.                          24-hour Crisis Line, 1-800-244-5767 or 461-3222
                                                       24-hour Alcohol and Drug Helpline, 722-3700,
                                                       GHS Nurse Office or Teen Health Center
                                                       I want all our students to have a healthy and safe
                                                       year. Please see me if you have questions or con-
                                                       cerns, or if you just want to say hi! I am delighted
                                                       to be back!

                                                       Chris Cordell, RN, MA, NCSN

The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter                                                                   11
                                      Garfield High School PTSA Roster, 2010-2011
Position                                     Name                Phone #1      Phone #2                         eMail

                                                             Executive Positions
Co-President                    David Foutch                     H)323-0923    C)250-2284
Co-President                    Jayn Foy                         H)323-7785    C)850-5153
Secretary                       Mig Schaaf                                     W)757-8138
Treasurer                       Tom Gaffney                      H)723-9227    C)356-5722
Annual Fund Co-Chair            Susan Cathcart                   H)325-4848    C)850-0273
Annual Fund Co-Chair            Lauri Palmer                     H)723-5854       
Small Grants Co-Chair           Gretchen Jacobsen                H)328-4775       
Small Grants Co-Chair           Marie Doyle                      H)323-6128    C)321-6129
Volunteer Coordinator           Ann Bergman                      H)328-0678    C)910-0138

                                                             Appointed Positions
12th Grade Class Rep.           Holly Jacobson                                 C)769-7185
11th Grade Class Rep.           TBD
10th Grade Class Rep.           August Drake-Ericson             H)324-0541    C)423-4834
9th Grade Class Rep             Edna Sawyer                                       
9th Grade Class Rep.            Amy Summers                                    W)522-4104
Advocacy & Legislative Comtte   Janis Traven                     H)285-7375       
ASB Liaison and School Spirit   Steve Cunetta                    C)953-7751    W)902-3203
ASB Student Rep.                Chara Lynch
Building Leadership Team Rep.   Ellen Markman                    H)329-1205    C)478-1264
College Access Now (CAN) GM     Greg Abbott                      H)383-1777       
College Access Now (CAN) GM     Caroline Perkins                               C)992-2880
Cultural Outreach               Thu-Van Nguyen                   H)324-8058    C)619-6158
Faculty Representative          Gretchen Wilkinson                             W)252-2362
Family Directory                Liz Bottman                      H)526-5777       
Family Directory                Sandy Johnston                   H)938-6714    C)234-6609
First-Day Packet Coodinator     Faith Conlon                     H)285-7479       
First-Day Packet Coodinator     Tammy Luthy                      H)322-3784       
Freshman BBQ                    Jill Mc Cormick                                W)226-8035
Freshman BBQ                    Brigid Anderson                  H)725-9676    C)384-5056
Freshman Families Welcome
                                Tammy Luthy                      H)322-3784       
Garfield Black Parents Assoc.   TBA                                            C)816-2246
GHS Tracks Blog                 Craig Seasholes                  H)722-5234       
Grant Writing                   Meg Goldman                                       
Grant Writing                   Sara Robertson                   H)325-6595       
Membership and Welcome          Celia Brown                      H)723-1490    C)402-7247
Membership and Welcome          Molly Seaverns                   H)937-1014    C)353-1787
Military Recruitment Monitor    Kathy Barker                     H)328-2804       
New Teacher Welcome             Cindy Osborn                     H)283-6721       
New Teacher Welcome             Holly Jacobson                                 C)769-7185
Post GM                         Ellen Aggard                     H)527-9302       
Post GM student rep             Roxi Ko, Krishni Seasholes
Read Right GM                   Vangie Peaslee                                    
Safety Liaison                  Tadd Perkins                                   C)240-2539
School Board Liaison            Jane Fellner                     H)329-6588    C)334-4784
Sports Booster Co-Chair         Diane Loui                                     C)228-6573
Sports Booster Co-Chair         Dave Richardson                  H)760-1931       
Staff Appreciation              Susan Barkan                     C)898-5297    W)221-3124
Staff Appreciation              Lisa McNelis                                   W)938-4086
Staff Appreciation              Cindy Osborn                     H)283-6721       
Urban Scholars GM               Amma Anang                                        
Web Master                      Gregory Mace                                   C)661-0252

12                                                                                  The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter
                  What’s Happening at Garfield?
                      And for updates, check the calendar on the school website:

                         Garfield Jazz

                                                                                          Garfield Drama

                                                                                                                   Fall Play: Shakespeare’s
                                                                                                                   As You Like It
                                                                                                                   COME AND SEE OUR
                                                                                                                   STUDENTS AND STAFF
                                                                                                                   October 28, 29, 30,
                                                                                                                   November 4, 5, 6
                                                                                                                   Quincy Jones
                                                                                                                   Performance Center
                         Members of the Garfield High School jazz band perform at         2010–2011 Season Overview
                         the Essentially Ellington competition, winning first place for
                                                                                          (check the STAGE website for updates:
                         the fourth time.
                         Picture from The Seattle Times
                                                                                          October 7, 3:15 and 7 pm: 4 Plays in 4 Days

                         Friday, October 15, 7 pm                                         January 14, 7 pm: Children’s Show (TBD), Quincy
                                                                                          Jones Performance Center
                         Band I: Earshot Jazz Festival Opening @ Triple
                         Door                                                             February 3, 4, 5, 11, and 12 at 7 pm, and February
                                                                                          10 at 3:30: Winter Show (TBD)
                                                                                          May 25, 26, 27, June 1, 2, 3, and 4 at 7 pm: spring
                         Friday, November 19, 7:30 pm                                     musical: Chicago!
                         Band I: Kick-Off Concert @ Quincy Jones Per-                     Dramatic Paws: Student-Directed Short Plays in
                         formance Center                                                  the Black Box Theater
                                                                                              •    Dramatic Paws I
                         Friday, December 10, 8 pm                                                 November 18 at 3:15 pm and
                         Band I: "Best Jazz for the Holidays" @ Seattle                            November 19 at 3:15 and 7 pm
                         Center House                                                         •    Dramatic Paws II
                                                                                                   January 20 at 3:15 pm and January 21
                         Saturday, December 11, 11 am                                              at 3:15 and 7 pm

                         Band II: Winterfest @ Seattle Center House                           •    Dramatic Paws III
                                                                                                   March 24 at 3:15 pm and March 25 at
                                                                                                   3:15 and 7 pm
                                                                                              •    Senior-Directed One Acts
                                                                                                   June 8 or 9, 3:15 and 7 pm

The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter                                                                                             13
By Janis Traven
Upcoming Season
Garfield Orchestra students, under the direction
of conductor Marcus Tsutakawa, are already
tuning up for the 2010–2011 season. The award-
winning Garfield Orchestra performs a series
of Foyer Concerts in Quincy Jones Auditorium
during the school year, as well as accompanying
the Messiah Sing-Along, and the elegant Winter
Waltz at Benaroya Hall. Orchestra students will
perform side by side with the Seattle Symphony
this year. Dates and times for all concerts can be
found at

                                                                                       Chamber Ensembles
                                                                                       Consider hiring a Garfield chamber music
                                                                                       ensemble (traditional strings as well as ensembles
                                                                                       of woodwinds, brass, and combinations of
                                                                                       strings and woodwinds) for your next private
                                                                                       party or corporate event. Chamber ensemble
                                                                                       performances support travel and scholarships for
                                                                                       Garfield Orchestra. For more information, contact

     A Garfield Chamber Ensemble entertains guests at a special event held at the
                           Japanese Garden in August.

                                     Don’t Wash That Car!
                                     Friends of Garfield Orchestra (FOGO) will take
                                     care of that for you! FOGO’s fall car wash will take
                                     place Sunday, September 19, from 9 am to 3 pm
                                     at the Montlake 76 gas station, just south of the
                                     Montlake Bridge next to the Hop-in Market (2625
                                     E Montlake Pl E). Baked goods and music will
                                     accompany your sparkling car.

14                                                                                     The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter
   Fall Sports Preview
   By Jim Valiere                                                                                  3:45 PM
                                                                           9/10                    @ SKYLINE
                                                                           FRI                                              3:45 PM
   We welcome some new coaches this fall season.                                                   TENNIS
                                                                                                   BOYS JUNIOR              TENNIS
   Quauthli Martinez is our head girls’ soccer coach                       7:00 PM                 VARSITY                  BOYS JUNIOR
   and Jake Putnam is our new volleyball coach. Both                       @ SAMMAMISH             Skyline Tennis Courts    VARSITY               3:45 PM
                                                                           FOOTBALL                                         Amy Yee Tennis        @ INGLEMOOR
   bring a wealth of experience, passion for their                         BOYS VARSITY                                     Center                TENNIS
                                                                                                   7:45 PM
   sports, outstanding assistant coaches, and fresh                        Sammamish Stadium       @ SEATTLE PREP                                 BOYS JUNIOR
   perspectives for our programs. We are grateful to                                               SCHOOL                   5:30 PM               VARSITY
                                                                           12:00 AM                FOOTBALL                 SOCCER                Inglemoor Tennis
   have a cadre of coaches at Garfield committed to                        VOLLEYBALL              BOYS VARSITY             GIRLS JUNIOR          Courts
   creating positive extracurricular experiences for our                   GIRLS JUNIOR            Memorial Stadium         VARSITY
                                                                           VARSITY                                          Location: TBD         5:30 PM
   students.                                                               Location: TBD                                                          @ ROOSEVELT
                                                                                                   MON                      7:30 PM               SOCCER
   Our football team has a new look and a new                              9/13                                             SOCCER                GIRLS JUNIOR
   attitude, and we are very excited about the                             MON                     3:30 PM                  GIRLS VARSITY         VARSITY
   upcoming season. The team opens against Lake                                                    GOLF                     Location: TBD         Memorial Stadium
                                                                           3:30 PM                 BOYS VARSITY
   Washington at the Southwest Athletic Complex (at                        @ SKYLINE               Jackson Park Golf Club   9/24                  7:30 PM
   Chief Sealth High School) on September 2 at 5 pm.                       GOLF                                             FRI                   @ ROOSEVELT
                                                                           BOYS VARSITY            5:30 PM                                        SOCCER
   The Garfield Sports Boosters are planning the                           Plateau Club            VOLLEYBALL               7:00 PM               GIRLS VARSITY
                                                                                                   GIRLS JUNIOR             FOOTBALL              Memorial Stadium
   annual raffle. Tickets are $10 and the grand prize                      9/14                                             BOYS VARSITY
   is $1,000, second prize $500, and third prize $250.                     TUE                     Garfield Main Gym        Memorial Stadium      9/29
   The raffle sales will culminate with an adult Old                                               Location: TBD                                  WED
                                                                           3:30 PM                                          7:00 PM
   School Dance in October (date, time, and place                          SWIMMING                7:00 PM                  SOCCER                3:30 PM
   to be announced soon), and at that FUNdraiser                           GIRLS JV-VARSITY        VOLLEYBALL               GIRLS VARSITY         GOLF
                                                                           Southwest Pool                                   Starfire              BOYS VARSITY
   we will draw the names of the raffle winners. This                                              GIRLS VARSITY
                                                                                                                                                  Jefferson Park Golf
                                                                                                   Garfield Main Gym
   fundraiser is very important to the viability of our                    3:45 PM                                          9/25                  Club
   GHS athletics program. The Sports Boosters will also                    @ ROOSEVELT             9/21                     SAT
                                                                           TENNIS                  TUE                                            4:00 PM
   sponsor the spaghetti dinner on Curriculum Night.                       BOYS VARSITY                                     9:30 AM               CROSS COUNTRY
                                                                           Lower Woodland          3:30 PM                  @ NEWPORT             BOYS AND GIRLS
   Following is the September sports schedule.                             Tennis Courts           @ ROOSEVELT              (BELLEVUE)            JV-VARSITY
   Complete schedules for all teams can be found on                                                SWIMMING                 SWIMMING              Lincoln Park
                                                                           3:45 PM                                          GIRLS JV-VARSITY
   our GHS website under “Sports” by clicking on                           TENNIS
                                                                                                   GIRLS JV-VARSITY
                                                                                                                                                  5:30 PM
                                                                                                   Queen Anne Pool          Mary Wayte Pool
   League Minder then following the prompts.                               BOYS JUNIOR                                                            VOLLEYBALL
                                                                           VARSITY                 9/22                     9/27                  GIRLS JUNIOR
                                                                           Amy Yee Tennis Center   WED                      MON                   VARSITY
                                                                                                                                                  Garfield Main Gym
9/1                      9/7                     9/9                       9/15                    3:30 PM                  5:30 PM
WED                      TUE                     THU                       WED                     GOLF                     @ NEWPORT             7:00 PM
                                                                                                   BOYS VARSITY             (BELLEVUE)            VOLLEYBALL
3:30 PM                  3:30 PM                 3:45 PM                   4:00 PM                 Jefferson Park Golf      VOLLEYBALL            GIRLS VARSITY
@ REDMOND                @ ISSAQUAH              TENNIS                    @ REDMOND               Club                     GIRLS JUNIOR          Garfield Main Gym
GOLF                     GOLF                    BOYS VARSITY              CROSS COUNTRY                                    VARSITY
BOYS VARSITY             BOYS VARSITY            Amy Yee Tennis Center     BOYS AND GIRLS JV-      4:00 PM                  Newport Main Gym
Bear Creek Country       Snoqualmie Falls Golf                             VARSITY                 CROSS COUNTRY                                  9/30
Club                     Course                  3:45 PM                   Hartman Park            BOYS AND GIRLS JV-       7:00 PM               THU
                                                 @ ISSAQUAH                                        VARSITY                  @ NEWPORT
9/2                      4:00 PM                 TENNIS                    5:30 PM                 Lincoln Park             (BELLEVUE)            3:45 PM
THU                      VOLLEYBALL              BOYS JUNIOR               VOLLEYBALL                                       VOLLEYBALL            @ EASTLAKE
                         GIRLS VARSITY           VARSITY                   GIRLS JUNIOR            5:30 PM                  GIRLS VARSITY         TENNIS
5:00 PM                  Location: TBD           Tibbetts Park Tennis      VARSITY                 @ WOODINVILLE            Newport Main Gym      BOYS VARSITY
FOOTBALL –Lake                                   Courts                    Garfield Main Gym       VOLLEYBALL                                     Eastlake Tennis
Washington               9/8                                                                       GIRLS JUNIOR             9/28                  Courts
BOYS VARSITY             WED                     4:30 PM                   7:00 PM                 VARSITY                  TUE
Southwest Athletic                               SOCCER                    VOLLEYBALL              Location: TBD                                  3:45 PM
Complex (Chief Sealth)   3:30 PM                 GIRLS JUNIOR              GIRLS VARSITY                                    3:30 PM               TENNIS
                         GOLF                    VARSITY                   Garfield Main Gym       7:00 PM                  GOLF                  BOYS JUNIOR
9/4                      BOYS VARSITY            Garfield Football Field                           @ WOODINVILLE            BOYS VARSITY          VARSITY
SAT                      Jefferson Park Golf                               9/16                    VOLLEYBALL               Jefferson Park Golf   Amy Yee Tennis
                         Club                    6:30 PM                   THU                     GIRLS VARSITY            Club                  Center
2:30 PM                                          SOCCER                                            Woodinville Main Gym
@ HAZEN Jamboree         6:00 PM                 GIRLS VARSITY             3:30 PM                                          3:30 PM               5:30 PM
SOCCER                   VOLLEYBALL              Garfield Football Field   @ SKYLINE               9/23                     SWIMMING              SOCCER
GIRLS VARSITY            GIRLS JUNIOR                                      SWIMMING                THU                      GIRLS JV-VARSITY      GIRLS JUNIOR
Hazen High School        VARSITY                 7:00 PM                   GIRLS JV-VARSITY                                 Southwest Pool        VARSITY
                         Garfield Main Gym       @ CEDAR PARK              Boehm Pool              3:45 PM                                        Memorial Stadium
2:30 PM                                          CHRISTIAN                                         @ NEWPORT                3:45 PM
@ HAZEN Jamboree         7:15 PM                 VOLLEYBALL                3:45 PM                 (BELLEVUE)               TENNIS                7:30 PM
SOCCER                   VOLLEYBALL              GIRLS VARSITY             TENNIS                  TENNIS                   BOYS VARSITY          SOCCER
GIRLS JUNIOR             GIRLS VARSITY           Cedar Park Christian      BOYS VARSITY            BOYS VARSITY             Amy Yee Tennis        GIRLS VARSITY
VARSITY                  Garfield Main Gym       gym                       Amy Yee Tennis Center   Newport Tennis Courts    Center                Memorial Stadium
Hazen High School

       The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter                                                                                                                15
               Garfield High
PTSA LOCAL #   School PTSA                                                                                                    NON-PROFIT
               400 23rd Avenue                                                                                               ORGANIZATION
  6.15.467     Seattle, WA 98122                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                             SEATTLE, WA.
                                                                                                                           PERMIT NO. 02403

 Ted Howard

 PTSA Co-Presidents:
 Jayn Foy and David Foutch

 Editor: Teresa Nemeth

 Mark Linsey

 G & H Printing, 329-9888

                             Join the Garfield PTSA and be part of something great.
                             Start the school year out right by joining the Garfield PTSA or renewing your membership. As a group we support
                             vital programs—such as small grants to teachers, field trip scholarships, Read Right, Cultural Relations, and
                             teacher-appreciation events. We also help you connect more easily with the Garfield community. By joining you
                             also help increase the influence Garfield has within the Seattle and statewide PTSA to advocate for issues that
                             impact our students. Complete and return the membership forms in the first-day packets, or simply use the
                             information below to join immediately. We have membership scholarships available—so join now.
                             Questions? Contact Molly Seaverns, 937-9520,, or Celia Brown, 723-1490,
                             NAME ________________________________________________________________
                             ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________
                             CITY, STATE, ZIP _________________________________________________________
                             PHONE ________________________________________________________________
                             STUDENT(S) ____________________________________________________________
                             EMAIL ________________________________________________________________
                             Mail check/money order (payable to GHS PTSA) or Visa/MasterCard info to:
                             PTSA Membership, Garfield High School, 400 23 Ave. Seattle, WA 98122

                             Membership Levels:
                                 $26 Family (2 adults + all GHS students)
                                 $16 Individual
                                 $8 Student/Faculty/Low Income
                             $50 Gold Membership—pay for your own household membership and sponsor another Bulldog family!

16                                                                                      The BARK Garfield High School PTSA Newsletter

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