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					                       Student Learning Outcome Examples

NOTE: The examples below are presented to give you an idea of how SLOs can
be structured and worded with a condition, behavior and standard. These are
not necessarily intended as recommendations for the content of your own SLOs,
as you may or may not agree with the content in these outcome statements.

Part I: The examples below show Course (Instructional) Objectives being
turned into SLOs and are courtesy of Bill Scroggins. (see Student Learning
Outcomes—A Focus on Results for his complete analysis.)

1. English - Old Course Objective Write well-organized, accurate and
significant content.

Statement of Desired SLO Context: Given an in-class writing task based on an
assigned reading,
Objective: demonstrate appropriate and competent writing which
Traits: states a thesis, supports assertions, maintains unity of thought and
purpose, is organized, and is technically correct in paragraph composition,
sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and word use.

2. Psychology - Old Course Objective Analyze behavior following the major
accepted theories.

Statement of Desired SLO Context: Given a particular behavior and its context
(e.g., playing incessantly with one's hair when under pressure in the presence of
the opposite sex),
Objective: describe how the perspectives of behaviorism, humanistic,
psychoanalytic, and biological psychology would interpret that behavior and what
methods might each use to alter that behavior.
Traits: Include theoretical basis, description of causality, and treatment regimen.

3. Biology - Old Course Objective Understand and apply the scientific method.

Statement of Desired SLO Context: Given a hypothesis,
Objective: design experiments and interpret data according to the scientific
method in order to evaluate the hypothesis.
Traits: Include the ability to approach the scientific method in a variety of ways,
formulate questions, design experiments that answer the questions; and
manipulate and evaluate the experimental data to reach conclusions.

4. Film - Old Course Objective Compare and contrast the text and film versions
of a literary work.

Statement of Desired SLO Context: After viewing an assigned film based on a
literary text,
Objective: write a review of the film.
Traits: Include an appraisal of the director's selection and effective translation of
content from the literary text and the dominant tone the director seems to be
trying to achieve, supporting each statement with detail from the text and film and
your personal reaction to the cited scenes.

Part II: The SLO Examples below are from a variety of sources.

1. Air Conditioning

In an applied setting, given instructions and/or demonstrations the student will be
able to:
       1. Identify various air conditioning system configurations
       2. Recommend an appropriate control strategy given a typical system
       3. Create a basic control sequence appropriate for a given system
to industry standards as determined by the instructor.

2. Child Development

Given a description of an infant with a particular disability, students will identify at
least 75% of the parental support and education services available on-site, in-
home, and via community services.

3. Creative Writing

Given several examples of creative writing and after much practice and analysis
of creative writing, the student will be able to write a clear, coherent, well-
organized, well-informed, focused and creative essay that demonstrates
creativity by making unusual connections, looking at something in a fresh way,
noticing unusual relationships or aspects of the topic, pushing beyond surface
observations, challenging what others take for granted, or taking a risk with a
rhetorical technique, an unpopular idea, or a difficult topic.

4. Western Civilization

The student will be able to argue as an historian does by taking a position on a
debatable historical issue, using historical data as evidence for the position, and
raising and answering counterarguments.

5. English Composition
Given several different readings on a single topic, the student will write an essay
that synthesizes the main ideas of the readings, by presenting a perspective on
the ideas that gives more meaning to the readings as a whole than if the main
ideas were presented individually.

6. Spanish

Over the course of the semester the student will write a journal in Spanish with
so few errors in verb tenses, sentence structure, and vocabulary that they do not
interfere with the reader’s comprehension.

7. Biology

Given a compare and contrast research assignment, the student will be able to
conduct original science research and write an original science research report
that includes a formulated hypothesis, an experiment designed on scientific
principles, controlled variables, operationally defined terms, and appropriately
interpreted data.

8. Statistics

Given a specific scenario, the student will be able to conduct a statistical
investigation that includes identifying a problem, developing an hypothesis,
obtaining a random sample, measuring variables, analyzing data, and presenting

9. Dreamweaver Course

Based on customer needs and specifications, create an accessible, professional-
looking five-page Website that reflects the nature of the business and the
intended audience and that includes text, graphics, multimedia, and interactive

10. Critical Thinking

Given a series of statement pairs, the student will be able to differentiate
between statements of fact and statements of opinion, emotional arguments and
logical arguments, prejudiced and unprejudiced statements with 75% accuracy.

11. Automotive Technology 101

While working in an automotive lab, students will – with 100%
accuracy – diagnose and perform regularly scheduled maintenance
including changing engine oil, changing transmission fluid, adding
other fluids, checking tire pressure, measuring tire tread life, and
changing spark plugs.

1. Financial Aid

Given a financial aid packet, read and follow directions to accurately and
independently complete a financial aid form.

2. Career Planning
Apply learned job search skills to identify a career goal(s), the career preparation
needed, and a career path appropriate to one’s personality, skills, interests and

3. Counseling and Student Development

Using learned behavior management techniques, the student will be able to
acknowledge and identify a personal problem, identify source(s) of assistance,
and obtain assistance.


Given a variety of educational planning tools, create and complete a detailed
educational plan and timelline appropriate to one’s personality, skills, interests,
ongoing responsibilities, and values.

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