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					                      @SELECT - ACTIVATING A SAVEDLIST

Colleague allows the user to enter a savedlist name on a screen rather than having to key
in many IDs. The function is the @SELECT function. To process a specific group of
records (to build a select statement or to use an existing saved list of records), enter
@SELECT to access the selection screen at the lookup prompt.

Once Colleague redisplays the LookUp prompt, enter # to process records from the
selection one at a time. If you leave the screen to look at another screen or record, to
reactivate your list, key in @@ on the screen upon your return to continue processing.

If you do not process all the records in the saved list, enter @SAVE to create a saved list
of the unprocessed records. After saving the unprocessed records you can continue
working on this screen, using the standard LookUp options to locate other records.

This sample assumes there is a savedlist keyed on the PERSON file since the SPRO
screen is keyed by the PERSON ID. The savedlist is named BT

1. Go to the screen you will be using and at the lookup prompt, key in @SELECT

2. The PSC screen opens. In the field SAVED LIST NAME enter your savedlist name.

In our sample, BT is the name of the savedlist, and it has 5 records in it.

Optionally you can add selection or sort criteria. In this sample the list is sorted by Last
Name (this is highly recommended!). The format of the command must be correct, in
capital letters, with the correct names for the fields used (OIT can help you here.)

                                                                                 Oct. '07 OIT
3. When you save out of PSC, you are told the record count, and will be returned to the
screen on which you want to use the list.

                                                                             Oct. '07 OIT
4. When returned to the screen you started from, key in # to "get" each student on your
list. Key in @ to get the last one you just retrieved and # to get the next one.

                                                                              Oct. '07 OIT
5. If you go to another screen in the same session, you can pick up where you left off by
keying in @@ in the Lookup box.

6. If you do not finish processing all your records but want to make a list of those still
remaining, key in @SAVE at the Lookup box.

7. Colleague will ask you to enter a new name for the list of remaining records (or enter
END if you want to end the list).

8. For example, after starting with savedlist BT with 5 records, and having processed
some of them, I can create a new list of who is left by entering a new name for the

                                                                                 Oct. '07 OIT
A new list called BT.MORE is created, so I can use that when I return to this task as it
has only those records not yet processed in the savedlist.

8. In another session, when returning to the task to process the remaining records, use the
savedlist previously created by @SAVE by entering it in the Lookup box – key in
@SELECT, then on PSC key in the savedlist name for the remaining records. In this
sample, the name of the remainder list is BT.MORE – and is a savedlist of remaining
records created by the @SAVE command.

9. Click on OK then Update and proceed where you left off, using # to bring up each
successive record until your list is finished (or exhausted in Colleague parlance.)

                                                                               Oct. '07 OIT

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