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									                         P. O. Box 93404; Lakeland; Florida; 33804-3404; USA. Cell: (863) 660-2444
             Graphic Art Designs for Christian-based web-site’s is a department in cooperation with “God’s Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.”

                                           Web Design or Hosting Agreement
              Church or Ministry Name:               The '99- Ministry
              Contact Name and Title                 Terry & Brenda Henshaw; Founders; Executive Director
               Street Address                       ;
               City, State, and Zip Code
               Work
               Cell                                 (918) 60-3988
              @ & www - Address:                                   Web-site URL: http://www.               .    /
              Graphic Art Web Design                 Paul van Beek
              Start Billed Amount:                   $2,000
              $1,000 to be billed before work begins $1,000 due when site is uploaded to domain; Active web-site in use!

The price of your (Graphic Art Web Design) website design starts with the including two revisions. The first revision may include major
layout changes or even a complete (re)-design! The second revision includes only text or content changes. All text is to be sent
electronically in a format that can be copied. Any additional design changes or typing will be billed at an hourly rate of $____

“Graphic Art Web Design” agrees to do the following for the above stated price:
Hosting & Setup
“Graphic Art Web Design” will provide Web site hosting for (EarthLink $19,95 / month) (when continue under Web-host of God's
Outreach Ministry int. Inc.) of web-host-space, of data transfer, (+ email addresses is possible). Client will approve Terms of Service -
agreement before hosting begins. After the initial (when web-site becomes for active use; free hosting period) hosting will be with
active hourly rate depending on the amount of work-time; billed in the agreement + additional cost like web-host provider etc...

Pictures will be added on your request. Depending on the editing, design and space, it will be formatted in the right way, without
slowing down the downloading process of the pages!
                                                          Payment Information:
Visa      xxxx              MC     Xxxxxxx               AMEX xxx                       Discover xxx                        Check #
Credit Card #:          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                CVV2#:        xxxxxxxxxxxxx           Exp. Date: xxxxxxxxxx
Name as it appears on card:                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Billing Address (if different from above):
City, State and Zip Code:
Once payment has been submitted to “Graphic Art Web Design”, this document shall represent a binding contractual agreement
between the undersigned and “Graphic Art Web Design”. Because this agreement represents a business to business transaction, the
endorsement of this contract affirms that the undersigned operates a business and agrees that no refunds shall be granted by “Graphic
Art Web Design” for rendered services. In addition, the client agrees to defend and indemnify “Graphic Art Web Design” against any
third-party claims that result from the content of the client’s site. These claims include, but are not limited to, slander, libel, copyright
violation, plagiarism, claims involving legality issues, non-Christian language; and/or other suits based on the content or subject matter
of the client’s website. This agreement is governed by, and shall by analyzed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Florida. All
parties involved agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the courts of Bartow, Florida/ Polk, within Clark Polk County and
expressly agree to give such forum original jurisdiction. If any provision of this agreement is held by a court of law to be invalid, this
shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions within the agreement. The aforementioned constitutes the entire agreement
between all involved parties and may only be modified in writing, complete with signatures of all parties involved.

By signing below I attest to the fact that I have read this contract and understand and accept the conditions contained
within it. I am giving permission to Paul van Beek to create an informative web-site

Authorized Signature: _____________________________________Date: November 22, 2011
                 Your Name; Founders; Executive Director

                           P. O. Box 93404; Lakeland; Florida; 33804-3404; USA. Cell: (863) 660-2444
              Graphic Art Designs for Christian-based web-site’s is a department in cooperation with “God’s Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.”
Is most of the homepage 'above the fold' i.e. not much more than one screens in height at 1024 x 768 screen resolution, which the majority of people
now use? And is it a jumping-off point to the rest of the site, rather than a page that tries to give too much information?
The homepage should be a brief and enticing pointer to other pages, and not give too much information itself. (For instance, a long welcome letter is
not suited to the homepage.) This is people's normal web experience and expectation - they will often not read or even notice extra information only
visible by scrolling. And every inner page of a website should normally have a single subject and purpose.

Is the overall balance of color, graphics, white-space and text, harmonious and gentle on the eye? (Ask someone with an eye for graphic design to give
an honest answer)
Graphic design and layout can make the same text look readable and interesting, or completely off-putting. Research shows that people make a very
quick judgment about a site, largely based on its appearance, and will quickly click away if it does not hold their attention. Incidentally, because a large
majority of users have 1024 x 768 resolution, consider making your website 'fluid' (i.e flowing into the available screen space) rather than 800 pixels fixed

Are there no more than about 10 different link options in the main menu?
Research shows that too many choices will confuse users. You do not need to list every page or category of your church website within the main menu.
More Links can be added into the Web-Directory-page or “search-machine” in your welcome-page!.

Is your website quick to load, even on a dial-up connection?
Not everyone has broadband. Some graphic-heavy church websites (especially with animated graphics) can be slow even on broadband. 'Quick' means:
there should be readable text visible within three or four seconds, and most graphics within perhaps six seconds.
Also, do not make the site dependent on browser plug-ins which are not near-universal.

Have you tested the church website in different browsers, using varied font-size settings and screen resolutions, and resolved issues such as text
disappearing or obscuring other content, etc?
A site design may looks ideal in one browser or range of settings, yet be irritating or even unusable in a different browser or screen resolution. And never
display on a website 'best viewed with browser X'. The site must be usable in all browsers, and also if possible, for mobile phone web users. So far as it is

Have you asked willing people with no church background to visit the website and explain their impressions?
This is really usability testing - but instead of monitoring how easy it is to move around the site and find specific topics, you are trying to look at your
website through a non-attendee's eyes. What impression are they receiving of the website's ethos, message, and use of language.
Use people of both genders for this testing. Male and female brains really are wired differently - they respond to different issues and notice different
things! And when new people join the fellowship (especially those with a non-church background), find out if the site played a part, and how they feel it
could be improved.

Does all text added to your site go through:. a procedure of proof-reading for typos, spelling, grammar, and to impose a consistent house-style?
A revision process to reduce word-count and improve clarity!?
Poor spelling, grammar or punctuation will reduce the credibility of any website. And all written text should be checked and revised, by someone other
than the writer.

Is there a photo of people on the homepage, more prominent than any picture of only the church building?
Church is about people and relationship, not buildings. And one picture tells a thousand words. Many church websites omit this vital element.
Almost all popular magazines and book-covers display faces - because human interest is what we respond to.

Does the overall website offer a specific welcome to different categories of people, such as youth, married with families, different ethnicities, retired
people, etc.; and clearly reflect this diversity of membership within the site content?
Be specific, and tell people about any special activities for each group. If the site text is welcoming, yet photos only show people of over 60 or under 25,
other groups may feel excluded.

Is it easy to find news about upcoming events?
Important activities should not be buried several pages deep. Put clear links to them on the homepage.

Can you easily update your site? Is there outdated news on the church website which should have been removed?
Few things look worse than links to 'forthcoming events' which were actually two months ago! Check for anything that gives the impression that page
material is dated and unchanged. Areas of a site can be easily forgotten.

Do you offer a newsletter (distributed by email or RSS feed) about events?
Build relationships through the gentle reminder medium of a newsletter, preferably distributed by both email. Of course, such news should be user-
friendly to outsiders. This may work best as a different newsletter from that for your committed members.

Do you also include a link to a privacy policy (probably in the page footer)?
A privacy policy explains how the church will securely keep information such as email addresses and other personal data. It is a legal requirement for
non-profit websites in some countries.

Is your street address, including state/county/district, postal code, country, and phone number, shown in the footer of the homepage?

                           P. O. Box 93404; Lakeland; Florida; 33804-3404; USA. Cell: (863) 660-2444
              Graphic Art Designs for Christian-based web-site’s is a department in cooperation with “God’s Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.”
Search Engines need this information for 'local search'. Include the street address in a small font on your homepage footer, or ideally on every page. Of
course, this information should also appear on a specific 'contact us' page too.

Are your church name, town, and area, also clearly included in 'title tag' coding on your home page, and does this title code use the full 70+ characters
available for this purpose?
There are many similar Church/Ministries names around the world. A considerable number of churches do not include their town in this title tag, and
even when they do, the state/region and country are often missing! Be more specific in your title code! Do not waste space with filler words such as
'Home page'. But with “Welcome” as example!

Do inner pages of your website also carry custom 'title tag' code that describes each individual page?
A meaningful and comprehensive 'title tag' is probably the most important single contribution to a particular page being found using search engines.
Take time to learn other 'search engine optimization' and promotion options too!

Does each page also have a 'meta description' in the page head, giving additional enticing information about that page?
Although some search engines create their own description (the descriptive text that displays in a search result below the first line), others may use the
'meta description' if it appears on a page.

Does your site score well on an HTML and CSS validation test?
Although it can be hard to obtain total compliance with validation standards, reasonably valid websites may get higher search engine rankings, be more
likely to function well in a range of browsers..

Do you encourage visitors to bookmark the website?
Busy people do not tend to do things unless reminded! You can use a one-click script (as this page uses). A 'favored' graphic will also make your
bookmark more noticeable.

Have you submitted the church site address (URL) to the main international search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), secular national and local lists and
directories, and Christian find-a-church directories?
It is also very important to get your site listed with Google 'Local Search'. Your denomination is likely to have a church listing system too.
Although in rare instances some search engines may find you automatically, normally a manual submission is necessary. Also find other suitable sites to
submit your site to. Your local online newspaper may also accept paid-for adverts. The more incoming links to the site, the better your page ranking. Your
aim is for the church website to be in the top 10 on a Google search for 'church your town'.

Do you analyze your website visitor statistics?
Your site's hosting company should provide you with detailed statistics online, or offer you a daily/weekly download of 'raw statistics' which you can
process using your own software. These statistics will include: keyword searches used to find pages, and referring sites
Landing pages, leaving pages geographical location of visitors - right down to town level, specific page-to-page pathways taken by visitors through the
site. An understanding of how visitors are finding and using your site will help you to improve page title keywords, menu links, site content, and much

Is there a clear street map on your website, which prints well?
This may seem obvious, yet many church sites do not include a map.

Do you give clear information about public transport links, road access, and parking?
Make it clear for people, giving bus routes and times, parking options, and other issues. These should be easy to print.

Are 'contact us' options easy to find: phone (with office times), postal address, and email?
Make it easy for people! Incidentally, offering a 'contact form' (rather than displaying an email address online) will stop 'spambots' from 'harvesting' your
email addresses in order to send spam.

Is your website URL easy to remember?
Reason: Make it easy for people to remember where to find your site. If you are choosing a domain name for the first time

Is your website URL printed on your roadside noticeboard, all publications and leaflets, letterheads, press adverts and news releases? Is it also included in
email footers of official church emails?
Use every means to remind the public about the site. Incidentally, few churches really make sufficient use of the free exposure that the media can give

                                                    Example Monthly EarthLink billing
                        P. O. Box 93404; Lakeland; Florida; 33804-3404; USA. Cell: (863) 660-2444
            Graphic Art Designs for Christian-based web-site’s is a department in cooperation with “God’s Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.”

                                                       NOT FOR THE '99 MINISTRY
                                                     If under the God's Outreach Ministry Web-site's

Remit To:                       Account Number: xxxxxxx
                                       Page: 1
 Earthlink, Inc.                Invoice Number: xxxxxxx
 P.O. Box 6452                     Billing Date: 05/16/09
 Carol Stream, IL 60197-6452
                               Previous Balance: 19.95
                               Balance Due:     0.00
 Bill To:                      New Charges:     19.95
 Client X
 Lakeland, FL 33810

Date Description              Qty Price     Amount

    Previous Balance                                 19.95

04/17/09 Charge to VISA                                  -19.95CR
    Adjusted Beginning Balance

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