7. SEWS PPAP Check Sheet

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					Part #                                                                                   Date Audited
Part Name
Supplier Name

Sumitomo Programs Applicable

All answers are Y/N/NA
1. Warrant information
                Correct Form? (CFG-1001 or NAOP 4.5-1 F-PSW
                    Part name and number completed? Agree with design record?
                    Safety/Gov. Marked? Agree with design record?
                    Eng. Chg. Level and date completed? Agree with design record?
                    Additional Eng. Change's and date? Applicable?
                    Weight completed? (4 decimals)
                    Explanation/Comments: Note here if referencing other approved package, e.g. Family tool.
                    Production Rate/ 8 hrs. (PPAP 3rd Edition)
                    1 Warrant per part number
                    Reason for submission
                    DUNS/Supplier code correct
                    EWO (If applicable)

2. Keyed Print/Design record
               Submitted? Is the blue print distributable? (PD-Part Drawing)
                   All dimensions and notes Keyed (if applicable)
                   Customer approval
                   Critical Characteristics called out on drawing

3. Change Documents
                Submitted or designated as N/A on PPAP checklist?
                If submitted, is information documented on the warrant/

4. Dimensional/Inspection Report/Engineering Approval
              Submitted and corresponding to Part Drawing? Signed copy from engineer?
                  Part Number, Name, tool number and ECL Completed?
                  If ECN Number is noted, check "If additional Engr. Change" field on Warrant is completed.
                  Results per cavity/Tool/Line within tolerance or deviation request.
                  ECL level and date of ECL

5A. Material/Performance Test Results
               Submitted? Or designated as N/A on PPAP approval checklist.
                   Supplier Name, part Number, Name, and Laboratory Name Completed?
                   Test results are dated within 1 year of PPAP Submission date?
                   design record change level and date of design record for parts tested.
                   Number of parts tested. (Performance testing only)
                   Evidence of approval.
                   No blanket statement of conformance.
                   Reference Spec if applicable (OnStar or others)
                   Deviation request (If necessary, including time period)

5B. Lab Accreditation
              Submitted Report source company? (Lab Letterhead Rqd.)
                   Valid accreditation? (A2LA, GM-10, ISO Guide 25…)
                   Scope of Accreditation includes the testing performance.
                   Submitted material certification laboratory?

6. Flow Diagram
              Submitted complete and adequate?
                 Part Number/Description?
                 Prepared by & date completed?
                 Numbering sequence follows the PFMEA and the Control Plan.
                 All operation included. (Rework, inspection, …)
                 PFMEA Submitted? DFMEA submitted?
                    FMEA's address all obvious failure modes.
                    All failure modes associated with special characteristics are detailed
                    Part number listed?
                    High severity action plans completed                           (Updated for any part failure history?)
                    Date of completion
                    Complete and adequate

8. Control plans
               Pre-launch (GP12)) submitted, complete and adequate?
               Production Control plan submitted, complete and adequate
                   Part Number/Latest Engineering Change Level (ECL) Completed?
                   Part Name/Description and Supplier name completed?
                   Date of original and Revision completed?
                   Are KPC's Identified?
                   Complete and adequate?
                   MPR requirements are met for product supplied for application to Honda

9. Capability Studies
                Are KPC's submitted?
                    Part number and date documented?
                    Is specification and limits defined?
                    Raw Data included?
                    Variable Study sample Size Correct? (100 pcs)
                    Acceptable variable Study? (PPK and CPK 1.67 min)
                    Attribute Study Sample size Correct? (300 pcs)

10. Gage R&R
                    All gages detailed in the Control Plan submitted?
                    Acceptable % R&R? (less than 10%) or >10% and <30% if breakpoint <37.8 and % Gage R&R <30%
                         (If MSA is used criteria used and decision made.)
                    Part number Completed?
                    Gage number and Name completed?
                    Raw Study Data Completed?
                    Name and Date Completed?

11. IMDS Requirements
              All data submitted and meets IMDS guidelines?
                   Electronic copy to IMDS website? Should use SEWS ID# 56697.
                   Hard copy w/ PPAP?
                   Data contains percentage per raw material? Sum of each subcomponent percentage should equal 100%
                   Is part weight included?

12. SQA Material Approval
              Check IPS ( Integrated Procurement System) to see if part is listed
                  Has part been approved in certification box.

13. X-ray Part
                 Sample Parts
                    Sample parts has been X-rayed NMS0C -                               -
                    Part pass or failed

14. IPP Notification Sheet
                NMEG -
                    Sheet sent with PSW approval to supplier.

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