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					                                             And Then There Were None

                                                   By: Agatha Christie

Chapters 5-6

   1. Upon what does Judge Wargrave reflect about the Seton Case?

       A. He remembers how the defense attorney was so incompetent.

       B. He reflects on how he knew Seton was innocent and took pleasure in sentencing him.

       C. He remembers how beautiful the prosecuting attorney was.

       D. He remembers that “he’d cooked Seton’s goose”

   2. What discovery does Rogers make when he goes to clear the dinner dishes from the dining room?

   3. How did Arthur Richmond die?

   4. Who was Hugo?

       A. He was the uncle of Vera Claythorne’s ward, Cyril.

       B. He was a soldier in the war under General Macarthur’s command.

       C. Emily Brent was engaged to be married to Hugo.

       D. He built the mansion on Indian Island.

   5. What news does Rogers bring to Dr. Armstrong?

   6. What are the guests anxious about their first morning on the island?

   7. What news does Armstrong break to the group immediately following breakfast?

   8. What conclusion does General Macarthur make about their being lured to the island?

   9. What has Rogers particularly upset at the end of Ch. 6?
                                          And Then There Were None

                                              By: Agatha Christie

Chapters 7-8

   1. What does Emily Brent suspect about Mr. and Mrs. Rogers?

   2. Who was Beatrice Taylor?

       A. She was General Armstrong’s wife.

       B. She was a patient who died on the Dr. Armstrong’s operating table.

       C. She was Emily Brent’s servant girl who committed suicide after getting pregnant.

       D. She was Vera Claythorne’s sister who drowned many years before.

   3. How does Armstrong suspect that the Rogers’ killed their employer?

   4. Why doesn’t Lombard believe that Mrs. Rogers killed herself?

   5. What do Lombard and Armstrong conclude about the nursery rhyme?

   6. After their search, what do Blore, Armstrong, and Lombard discover about the island?

   7. Which of the characters has accepted his/her fate and waits patiently for the final outcome?

   8. How has Emily Brent decided to pass the time?

       A. Reading her Bible

       B. Cooking

       C. Knitting on the terrace

       D. Walking on the shoreline, looking for a boat

   9. What is the sound that Blore, Armstrong, and Lombard hear from upstairs?

   10. After searching the entire house, what do Armstrong, Blore, and Lombard conlude?

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