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Tenant Lease

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This is an example of tenant lease. This document is useful for conducting tenant lease.

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                                     INDIVIDUAL TENANT LEASE
                                                                                              Make copies for:
                                                                                            House Corporation

This Agreement, by and between the undersigned ____________________________ (Student herein),
and his co-signing parent or guardian, hereby agree to rent from the ___(chapter name)___ of the Pi Kappa
Alpha Fraternity (Chapter or Fraternity herein), at ___(name of university)___, living space in the premises
located at the commonly known address of ______(street name, address)______ in _____(city and state or
province)_____ (the Chapter House or House herein), for the period beginning ___(date)___, and ending
___(date)___, all in accordance with the below provisions. Student agrees and understands that the (legal
name of house corporation) , a non profit corporation in the state or province of ______________________
(House Corporation herein), is the landlord to which the Chapter has contractual responsibilities and to
which the Chapter has assigned its rights in this agreement.

    1.   Student agrees to accept any room assigned to him at the Chapter House. Student further agrees
         to maintain his assigned room and its contents, as well as the entire Chapter House, in good
         condition and in strict accordance with the House Rules of the Chapter. In addition, Student
         agrees to abide by and obey any and all Federal, State / Province and local laws, as well as the
         Chapter’s by-laws and the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity’s “Standards of Retention of
         Membership, Officer Status and Chapter Charter in Good Standing”. Student hereby agrees that
         the House Rules and by-laws may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of the
         Chapter officers, or any other controlling governing body of the Chapter, or the House Corporation.
         A copy of the current House Rules are attached hereto and made a part hereof. Student shall not
         use, permit, assist in, or condone the use of, the Chapter House for any unlawful or improper
         purpose or commit any unlawful or improper activity therein. Student agrees to report any unlawful
         or improper activity immediately to the Chapter officers or House Corporation.

    2.   Chapter agrees to furnish a room and the necessary facilities to Student. Any grievances
         regarding the operation or maintenance of said Chapter House shall be made in writing to the
         chapter president or the designated representative of the House Corporation.

    3.   Student agrees to pay a total “annual” rental rate, for living space only, of $__________________,
         payable in installments to the Chapter in the following manner:
         Any rent payment made more than 5 days after its due date must include a $25.00 late charge.

    4.   It is hereby understood that no student will be granted living space in the Chapter House who has
         not executed a room contract for the period. No new contract will be accepted from a student
         whose account is delinquent with the Chapter.

    5.   Upon signing this contract, Student shall pay the chapter the sum of $__________________ as a
         security deposit which shall be returned to the student within 45 days of the end of the period of
         this contract (even if the room is vacated prior to the last day of the period of this contract) after
         deducting any amounts due from Student under this contract including but not limited to cost of
         repairs, rent and late fees. Student is responsible for the condition of the space assigned to him
         and the common space in the House. If the individual(s) perpetrating damage to any common
         area of the House cannot be identified, the necessary monies to repair such damage will be taken
         equally from the deposits of all the tenants and out-of-house members’ deposits (if out-of-house
         members were required to pay a deposit). If funds are extracted from Student’s deposit during the
         contract period, to address any of the above items, Student must replenish the deposit within
         seven (7) days. This security deposit may remain with the Chapter for consecutive room contract
         periods, however, Student must pay any deficiency in any existing security deposit before he will
         be allowed to enter into a new room contract.

    6.   The undersigned Student is and will be held responsible for all damage he and/or his guest(s)
         causes, either accidentally or willfully, to the Chapter House or its contents. No alterations shall be
         made to any part of the Chapter House or its contents without the specific written permission of the
         House Corporation or its representatives.
 7.   Utilities (electric, gas, and water) shall be provided at no additional charge, however, see the
      House Rules for any restrictions or extra charges regarding personal appliances.

 8.   In the event the proper local authorities render the Chapter House uninhabitable due to fire,
      explosion, or other catastrophe, this contract shall be considered null and void. However, should
      such uninhabitability be caused by Student’s neglect or mistreatment, he shall remain responsible
      for his obligations described herein.

 9.   If during the period of this contract Student, for any reason, ceases to be a student member or
      pledge of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, or if Student violates or does not comply with any
      provision of this contract or the House Rules or By-Laws of the Chapter, he shall be subject to
      removal from the Chapter House, and hereby waives any and all rights to due process and to
      proper notice of eviction procedures, and shall move out of the Chapter House immediately upon
      notice to do so.

10.   Student agrees, if he moves out of the Chapter House for any reason, whether on his own account
      or at the request of the Chapter, before the end of the school year, he will pay the full amount of
      this Contract, including but not limited to rent and meal plan fees, for the remainder of the contract

11.   Access to the roof shall be limited only to qualified personnel performing maintenance and/or
      repair work. Student agrees and understands that should he go on to the roof, he does so at his
      own risk and herein holds the Chapter and House Corporation harmless of any liability associated
      such an illadvised act.

12.   Student hereby purchases the full meal plan as offered by the chapter. The total meal plan rate for
      the rental period is $_____________and shall be payable in the following manner:

13.   Student agrees that the Chapter and House Corporation assume no responsibility whatsoever for
      the personal property of Student. All personal property of Student located on the premises shall at
      all times be there at Student’s sole risk, and the Chapter and House Corporation shall not be liable
      for any loss or damage thereto or for any theft thereof. Student should ascertain whether or not
      his personal property is covered under his parent or guardian’s homeowner’s policy. If not, it is
      recommended he obtain his own “renter’s policy”.

14.   Student and all parties claiming under Student hereby fully, finally, totally and completely release
      and discharge the Chapter, House Corporation, and the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity,
      Inc. (“International Fraternity”) and their respective members, pledges, employees, agents,
      servants, officers, directors, representatives, other chapters, and any other entity whose liability is
      derivative by or through said released parties from all past, present and future claims, causes of
      action and liabilities of any nature whatsoever, regardless of the cause of the damage or loss, and
      including, but not limited to, claims and losses covered by insurance, claims for property damage,
      expensed, reimbursements, repairs and maintenance, claims and damage for personal injury,
      claims and damages for premises liability, claims and damage for torts of any nature, and claims
      for compensatory damages, consequential damages or punitive/exemplary damages. Student
      and all parties claiming under Student covenant not to sue Chapter, House Corporation,
      International Fraternity, or their respective members, pledges, employees, agents, servants,
      officers, directors, representatives, and other chapters.

15.   Student shall pay the cost of any reasonable expenses incurred in collecting any delinquent
      monies owed by him to the Chapter. In the event it shall become necessary for the Fraternity to
      commence legal action to enforce this Agreement, Student agrees to pay to the Chapter on
      demand any and all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in connection therewith.

16.   Chapter and House Corporation will decide together on what dates the Chapter House will be
      closed during the contract period. Student shall be given at least a two week notice of any closure
  17.    The undersigned Parent or Guardian hereby binds themselves to be responsible for all provisions
         of this Contract, including but not limited to all financial obligations described herein.

  18.    The Chapter’s rights contained herein are assignable to the House Corporation should the
         Corporation demand or be willing to accept such assignment, and Student hereby agrees to any
         such assignment.

   19.   The conditions and covenants of this agreement extend and are binding upon the heirs, executors,
         administrators, representatives, agents, and successors to all parties, unless and until otherwise
         revised or terminated. If for any reason any clause or paragraph herein is deemed unenforceable,
         in whole or in part, all parties agree that the remaining enforceable portion of the clause or lease,
         as the case may be, shall be binding and remain fully enforceable.

   20.   The Student agrees and understands that a property management firm may be used, to act on
         Chapter and/or House Corporation’s behalf, to conduct duties delegated to it by Chapter and
         House Corporation which shall include but not be limited to bill and collect rent, manage security /
         damage deposits, check Student in and out of room and thereby conduct inspections of Student’s
         assigned room and common areas of the House. If a management company is used, Student
         agrees to cooperate with the management company as it fulfills its duties in representing the
         Chapter and/or House Corporation.

Tenant Lease Accepted By Student and Parent or Guardian:

Student’s signature: ____________________________________________________ Date __________________
Student’s name printed:________________________________________________
Social Security Number _________________________________________________
Telephone Number ______________________ Email ________________________
Parent or Guardian signature: ____________________________________________ Date __________________

Parent or Guardian’s name printed: _______________________________________
Social Security Number _________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip _________________________________________________________
Business phone______________________Home phone _______________________

Tenant Lease Accepted By Chapter:

Chapter President’s signature ____________________________________________ Date___________________

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