Take Advantage of SK_A's 2.2 Million Healthcare Email Addresses

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					Take Advantage of SK&A’s 2.2 Million
Healthcare Email Addresses
Reach physicians, pharmacists, hospital managers, nurses
and other decision makers
Capture their attention and generate leads with an email campaign. SK&A
offers the largest and most responsive database of verified email addresses
with more than 2.2 million contacts. Reach physicians, pharmacists and others
at their office locations. Select your contacts by specialty, job title, office size,
location, or dozens of other targeting variables.
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                                                                                          Target 2.2 million
                                                                                          Target 2.3 million
                                     Ideas for email campaigns
     Complimentary                    •    Invite physicians to an e-detail               practitioners
        Report                        •    Recruit professionals for jobs
                                      •    Announce a CME program                         1,004,614
                                      •    Send a warning or recall                       Physician emails
                                                                                          Physician emails
   Email Best Practices               •    Introduce a new product
  Improve your email ROI!             •    Recruit for a survey or trial                  886,000
                                                                                          Nurse emails
  Learn how to write better                                                               Nurse emails
     subject lines. Avoid
 poisonous spam words and                                                                 154,570
  punctuation. Comply with                                                                Medical office emails
                                                                                          Medical office emails
     the CAN-SPAM Act.
      Download now.
                                     Why use email for marketing?                         90,978
                                      •    Fast— deploy within 5 to 8 days                108,974 emails
                                      •    Measurable— know your results                  Hospital emails
                                          instantly                                       70,956
                                           Effective— yields the highest ROI              91,113
                                      •                                                   Pharmacist emails
                                      •    Affordable— never pay for postage or           Pharmacist emails
                                          paper                                           36,343
                                      •    Safe— CAN SPAM compliant                       56,134 home emails
                                      •    Easy— take advantage of SK&A’s                 Nursing home emails
                                          experience                                      6,810
                                                                                          Home Healthcare emails

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“I'm glad to be able to get emails with [postal] addresses so I can reach the
                           same people more often!”
                  Elaine Fuerst, Institute of Industrial Engineers
                                     SK&A Information Services, Inc. Since 1982
               2601 Main Street, Suite 650, Irvine, CA 92614, Phone: (800) 752-5478, Fax:(949) 476-2168
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