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111104 Law School Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes


									Law School Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes
November 4, 2011

Name                       Title
Jay Conison                Dean, Law School
Mark Adams                 Vice Dean, Law School
JoEllen Lind               Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Laura Dooley               Professor, Law School
David Welter               Professor, Law School
Zachary Calo               Professor, Law School
Justus Morris              Professor, Law School
Steve Probst               Asst Dean for Students and Educational Services Librarian
Diana Blaney               Sr. Executive Director for Finance and Operations
Christopher Childers       Sr. Executive Director of Markets, Career Planning & Admissions
Christine Corral*          Executive Director of Career Planning
Diann Lapin                Executive Director of Admissions
Tracy Fronk                Director of Strategic Initiatives
Lisa Hollander*            Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Bryan Rogers               Valparaiso University Law Student
John Zeglis                National Council
Tom Boyt*                  National Council and Professor, College of Business
Zahra Nwabara**            Director of Admissions
Jeremy Telman**            Professor, Law School
*absent, **guest

Meeting Minutes & Next Steps:

I. Review/Revision of Mission, Vision, and Goals (ref. Strategic Plan Draft document)
II. Next Steps

      Send survey to students, faculty, staff, regional and national council members, including
       mission, vision, and high level goals - Tracy
      Review Mission/Vision/Goals with Provost Council - Jay
      Sub-Committees to Initiatives review – All (prior to 11/18 meeting)
           o Goal 1 sub-committee (Calo, Fronk, Lind, Zeglis) to review Goal 2 Initiatives
           o Goal 2 sub-committee (Boyt, Adams, Blaney, Fronk)to review Goal 3 Initiatives
           o Goal 3 sub-committee (Dooley, Corral, Probst, Rogers) to review Goal 4 Initiatives
           o Goal 4 sub-committee (Lind, Calo, Childers, Welter) to review Goal 5 Initiatives
           o Goal 5 sub-committee (Childers, Lapin, Rogers, Morris) to review Goal 6 Initiatives
           o Goal 6 sub-committee (Adams, Hollander, Welter, Zeglis) to review Goal 7 Initiatives
           o Goal 7 sub-committee (Blaney, Boyt, Corral, Morris) to review Goal 1 Initiatives
      New Sub-Committee to develop Initiatives for Goal X
           o Chris Childers (Chair), Bryan Rogers, Steve Probst, Lisa Hollander & Mark Adams
      Confirm availability for proposed spring meetings/retreats - All

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 am.
Next meeting: Friday, 11/18/11, 7:30-9:00 am in Heritage Hall, Room 217


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