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									UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 11/22/2011                       1998 REG. SESS.      98 RS BR 1816

       A RESOLUTION adjourning the Senate in loving memory and honor of Larry


       With deepest respect, we pay homage and tribute to Larry Gilbert.

       WHEREAS, Larry Gilbert, an accomplished golfer from Lexington, was the loving

husband of Brenda Plyant Gilbert and the dedicated father of two sons, Lawrence Allen

Gilbert, Jr., and Christopher Bryan Gilbert; and

       WHEREAS, Larry Gilbert was deeply admired and respected for his incredible

talent in the game of golf; and
       WHEREAS, despite this great loss, admirers and loved ones can take comfort in the

legacy he left behind, which included winning the state's PGA Player of the Year 11 times

and being a three-time Kentucky Open champion; and

       WHEREAS, we can also remember him proudly for his accomplishments that

extend beyond the boundaries of the Commonwealth such as his victories at the Ford

Senior Players Championship in July 1997; the Vantage Championship; the Dallas

Reunion Pro-Am; and the Senior Tour PGA, as well as being a three-time National Club

Pro champion, two time runner-up.

       WHEREAS, Larry Gilbert expressed his faith and trust in Jesus Christ as his

personal Savior, and we therefore have full confidence that he rests in peace in Heaven

today; and

       WHEREAS, Larry Gilbert was known to family, friends, and colleagues as an

caring, soft-hearted person; and

       WHEREAS, the passing of this great sportsman leaves a void in the hearts of his

family, friends, and colleagues, and on the greens of Kentucky; and

       WHEREAS, all who knew and admired Larry Gilbert will grieve over their loss,

and he is mourned across the length and breadth of the Commonwealth;

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UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 11/22/2011                      1998 REG. SESS.       98 RS BR 1816

Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of

       Section 1. The Senate express its profound sorrow at the passing of Larry Gilbert

and wishes his family the peace that emerges from knowing he will live on in the hearts

of the many whom he befriended throughout his full and meaningful life.

       Section 2. When the Senate adjourns this day, it does so in loving memory of Larry

Gilbert honoring him for his countless examples of courage, heroism, and sportsmanship.

       Section 3.   The Clerk of the Senate is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this
Resolution to Brenda Gilbert, 505 Cromwell Way, Lexington, Kentucky 40503 and to

Reverend Whit Criswell, Southland Christian Church, P.O. Box 2338, Lexington,

Kentucky 40523.

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