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									Music in Libraries:
               Just the Basics
                                   Music Reference
                               Preconference Workshop
                               SEMLA Annual Meeting
                                      Greenville, North Carolina
                                          October 9, 2008

                               Presented by

      Chris Durman                                Grover Baker
       Music Librarian              Librarian/Coordinator of Research Collections
 George Devine Music Library                 The Center for Popular Music
   University of Tennessee                 Middle Tennessee State University
Learning Outcomes
• Name the questions to ask in a music reference interview.
• Identify the most common formats for music materials.
• Recognize the difficulties in finding songs and
  instrumental music, and how to overcome them.
• Describe components that are used in a CLASSICAL
  MUSIC title.
• Name free internet sites (and paid electronic resources like
  WorldCat) to use in answering music reference questions .
• List basic music reference materials their library may want
  to purchase.
The Reference Interview
• What does the patron really want?
  •   recording?
  •   printed music?
  •   video?
  •   lyrics?
  •   other information?
• Audio:
  •   compact discs
  •   records (LPs, 45s, 78s, etc.)
  •   digital (MP3, wav, wma, aif)
  •   tapes (cassettes, reel to reel, 8 track)
• Video:
  • DVD
  • VHS
• Print:
  •   full score (conductor’s score)
  •   miniature score (study score)
  •   vocal score (piano/vocal score)
  •   score and parts
  •   piano reduction
  •   choral score
• Print:
  •   sheet music
  •   fakebook (real book, lead sheet, chart)
  •   tablature
  •   facsimile
  •   libretto
The Reference Interview
• Your turn!

          Role play
Searching the Library Catalog
• Challenges and solutions
  • uniform titles
      Many music libraries have guides on uniform titles:
      College of St. Catherine -
      Indiana University -
      University of Washington -

  •   subject headings
  •   content notes
  •   limiters
  •   wildcards and truncation
Searching the Library Catalog
• Your turn!

      Try this at home!
Reference Tools
•   dictionaries and encyclopedias
•   thematic catalogs
•   guides to research
•   discographies
•   song indexes
•   music databases
•   directories
Don’t Forget These
•   liner notes
•   biographies
•   general encyclopedias
•   non-music databases
Reference Tools
• A few free online resources (see
  handouts for more)
  • Sheet Music Consortium
  • Performing Arts Encyclopedia
  • UT Song Index
Music in Libraries:
    Just the Basics

    Thank You!

     Special thanks to Jeanette Casey
          and the MLA Educational
        Outreach Program for their
        help preparing this workshop

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