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					          Northern and Yorke
          Natural Resources Management Board                                                                        FA C T S H E E T N O . 1 . 0 0 1

                                                                                                                                  September 2006


Lower North Group
                                        Blanket Wipers
Northern and Yorke                       Blanket wipers are adapted from weed wipers         Advantages
Natural Resource                         and provide a robust, inexpensive way of
Management Board
                                         applying herbicide directly onto weeds.             •   Increased operator safety due to
                                                                                                 no spray drift.
Ph: (08) 8847 2544                       Northern and Yorke Natural Resource
Fx: (08) 8847 2500                       Management Board has constructed its own
                                         blanket wiper to help manage Cape Tulip and
                                                                                             •   No spray drift and risk of off-target
                                         other tall weeds in the region.

                                         The device gives a total width of four metres
                                                                                             •   Chemical applied to target plants and
                                                                                                 little is applied to non-target plants.
                                         and incorporates a 50 litre electric spray
                                         tank that can be demounted from the unit for
                                         transport purposes
                                                                                             •   Application opportunities are not lost or
                                                                                                 delayed due to windy conditions.

                                         Principles                                          •   Home-made units are inexpensive and
                                                                                                 simple to construct.
                                         •     A vertical strip of carpet which acts as a
                                               wiper surface is passed across weeds,
                                               which are taller than the surrounding
                                                                                             •   Units are easy to use.

Main Office                                    pasture or crops.                             •   Units are robust with few moving parts.

                                         •                                                   •
Northern and Yorke NRM Board
PO Box 175
                                               Small metered doses of chemical are               Blankets are easy to clean and replace.
                                               pumped via the spray tank and controller
41-49 Eyre Road
Crystal Brook SA 5523
                                               onto the carpets.                             •   Small amounts of chemical mix is applied
                                                                                                 per hectare.
Ph: (08) 8636 2361
Fx: (08) 8636 2371
                                         •	    	 he	chemical	mix	then	flows	to	the	
                                               bottom edge of the carpets which pass         Information on hire fees and delivery of                            across the taller target weeds applying       the blanket wiper can be obtained from
                                               chemical to them.                             the Northern and Yorke Natural Resource
                                                                                             Management Board’s Lower North
                                         •     The carpets are given a degree of rigidity
                                               by a heavy rubber material placed
                                                                                             authorised officers on (08) 884 72544.

                                               behind them.

                                         •     Blanket wipers may be positioned in front
                                               of a vehicle or as a trailing version.

                                         •     It can be adjusted to the desired height to
                                               selectively tall target weeds.

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