Handwriting_Analysis by liwenting


									1.                   Loopy handwriting

     *Loops* Loopy letters tend to be larger in scale. Loops tend to come from individuals that are very
     social and open in nature. Introverts and quiter individuals have less loops or no loops at all.

2.             Tight spacing

     *Spacing* The space in between letters correlate to the mindset of the individual. The more space
     between letters, the more open minded. The less space, the more closed minded.

3. *Size* The size of the letters define love and logic. The larger the letters the more loving and
   freindly the individual is. The smaller the letters the more consistent and self-motivated the
   individual is.

4.                    Heavy handed

     *Force* The force of the pen on paper shows how the individual deals with situations. The heavy
     handed, bold letters show strength and strong decisions about situations. The light handed letters
     show an even keeled personality that goes with the flow.

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                    If someone has very neat handwriting it means that the person is reliable and
good at communicating. But if the person has messy writing it indicates that the person may be very

                      When people write with large letters it means that person likes to be the center of
attention, but if a person writes in small letters they are shy and have a good eye for details.

                  If the handwriting slopes to the left the person is good at keeping their feelings to
themselves, and if it slopes to the right the person will always be honest with you and open to

                 When someone writes and their letters don't touch in their words it shows the person is
artistic. if the letters join the person is very cautious.

                      Rounded writing means the person is logical and a bit of a perfectionist. But if
the letters are pointed the person is quick thinking and perceptive.

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Look at how the letters connect. If they connect in a simple manner without using any unnecessary
strokes then this is someone who thinks on his feet and sees the whole picture.

Notice the size of the letters. If they're large with very little space in between them this person is
friendly and likes to be around large groups of people. If the letters are small this person is very shy
and likes to be around just one or two friends.

Check out the slant of the letters. If they slant to the left this person is rebellious. If the letters slant to
the right then he leans on other people for support. If the letters are straight up and down then she is
genuine but very independent.

Take notice of the length of the upper loops in the letters of the handwriting when you analyze it. Tall
upper loops means he is all talk but no action. Short upper loops mean she is all about getting things

Analyze the lower loops in the letters. If the lower loop is small, then this person says what he feels. If
the lower loops are larger, than she is full of energy.

Keep your distance if the handwriting slants in all different directions because this person is really

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