Timeline by adamgottron


									Date              Description of Step
Day 2 (8/31)      Timeline Draft Due
         1-Sep    Look at designs and trends
         3-Sep    Start designing home page
        10-Sep    Write "about me" section
Day 8 (9/15)      Revised Timeline Due
        16-Sep    Start designing about me page
Day 9 (9/19)      Checkpoint Conference #1
        22-Sep    Pick out art pieces for my portfolio
        23-Sep    Pick out photography pieces for my portfolio
        24-Sep    Pick out graphic design pieces for my portfolio
          1-Oct   Start designing gallery page
Day 16 (10/7)     Checkpoint Conference #2
          9-Oct   Start designing contact page
        15-Oct    Finish designing all pages
        20-Oct    Splice all web pages
        25-Oct    Start web coding
Day 22 (10/27)    Checkpoint Conference #3
        30-Oct    work on coding
        10-Nov    Finish coding
        15-Nov    Figure out domain/ host
        17-Nov    Publish website
Day 30 (11/18)    Checkpoint Conference #4
Day 34 (12/5)     Product due in class- teacher, peer, and self evaluation

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