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					E1150                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                      June 17, 1998
joint declaration with the Appeal of Con­                 Mr. Speaker, permit me to tell you more                   HONORING ANGEL RUIZ
science Foundation have reaffirmed their               about the success story that is East Tech High
commitment to building a multi-ethnic,
multi-religious and multi-cultural society in
                                                       School. Today, students run to their math and                   HON. BOB SCHAFFER
Bosnia and Herzegovina. We in turn pledge              science classes, and many work hard to ob­                            OF COLORADO

them our support in strengthening their cou­           tain the 3.00 Grade Point Average necessary             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
rageous stand for peace and tolerance in               to become involved with the FIRST program.                      Wednesday, June 17, 1998
their country.                                         All twelve members of the initial FIRST team
  It remains our challenge to help dissemi­                                                                    Mr. BOB SCHAFFER of Colorado. Mr.
nate to the widest possible audience their             have graduated and are now enrolled in four          Speaker, I rise today to honor Angel Ruiz, a
message of ‘live and let live’. The Dayton             year engineering programs at university levels.      ninth-grader at Thompson Valley High School,
Peace Accord signed by political leaders re­           East Tech High School is the epitome of a            who has recently been named Youth of the
quires implementation by the people. To this           phoenix rising from the ashes, considering it        Year by the Boys & Girls Club of Loveland.
effect the top religious leaders in Bosnia and         was scheduled for closing those short five           The winner of this prestigious award is se­
Herzegovina, united in the newly created
Inter-Religious Council of Sarajevo can                years ago.                                           lected among those who won the Youth of the
make an invaluable contribution.                          The East Tech Student Engineering/FIRST           Month award for 1997. Ruiz was honored with
                                                                                                            the monthly award in September.
                                                       Team currently has 40 members. It was this
                                                                                                               As an active member of the Boys & Girls
                                                       team that recently finished 9th out of 150           Club of Loveland for a little over a year, Ruiz
      PERSONAL EXPLANATION                             teams at the National Science and Math Com­          participates in a variety of service oriented
                                                       petition in Orlando, Florida. And it is this team,   projects. He regularly spends his time after
             HON. TODD TIAHRT                          selected from 200 other teams, to have their
                    OF KANSAS

                                                                                                            school quizzing younger children on spelling
                                                       Robotics team along with eleven other teams          works and math tables and enjoys the oppor­

                                                       from across the country, participate in the ro­      tunity to serve as a role model for those he tu­
           Wednesday, June 17, 1998

                                                       botics competition this week on Capitol Hill.        tors. He also serves as a staff member where
  Mr. TIAHRT. Mr. Speaker, yesterday I was                East Technical High School, along with the        his duties include cleaning the club, managing
unavoidably detained and missed two votes.

                                                       aid of the NASA/Lewis Research Center who            membership renewals and orienting new
The first, agreeing to the Senate amendments                                                                members.
                                                       introduced FIRST to the School, has sparked
on H.R. 1847, the Telemarketing Fraud Pre­                                                                     Mr Speaker, it is important to note that over
vention Act; and the second, passage of                the intelligence in these students that came so
                                                                                                            the past year Angel Ruiz’s Grade Point Aver­
House Resolution 401, the Sense of the                 close to being extinguished with the slated
                                                                                                            age has soared from 1.5 to 3.8 on a 4 point
House that Social Promotion Should Be                  closing of their high school. This team is indic­
                                                                                                            scale. As a Member of Congress representing
Ended. I support both measures and had I               ative of the talents that lie beneath the surface
                                                                                                            Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District
been present I would have voted ‘‘yes’’ on roll­       of many young people in urban environments
                                                                                                            where Angel Ruiz lives and devotes his time
call No. 232 and No. 233.                              who never receive a chance or get the impact
                                                                                                            to serve his community, I am proud to honor
                                                       of a program like FIRST.
                                                                                                            this youth for his great contribution to the town
                                                         Mr. Speaker, I am proud to share stories of        of Loveland and to our entire state.
A     SPECIAL SALUTE TO EAST                           programs like FIRST that exist and get our
    TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL FIRST                        young people involved in the fields of math
    PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS                                                                                        HONORING ALAN R. WALDEN
                                                       and science. In fact, I am now told that more
                                                       students try out for East Tech’s FIRST team
             HON. LOUIS STOKES                         than they do for basketball and football com­                HON. BENJAMIN L. CARDIN
                     OF OHIO                                                                                                 OF MARYLAND
                                                       bined. This program was the spark, but I feel
    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                       that the students in East Technical High
           Wednesday, June 17, 1998                    School had it in them all along. These stu­                    Wednesday, June 17, 1998
   Mr. STOKES. Mr. Speaker, I would like to            dents need to be commended today for the                Mr. CARDIN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
call the attention of my colleagues to a very          perseverance and hard work they have                 honor Alan R. Walden, who is retiring in July
special event taking place on Capitol Hill this        shown. I am sure these students have even            from his broadcasting career of 44 years.
week. On Thursday, June 18, 1988, Capitol              more success awaiting them in the future.            Throughout his distinguished journalism ca­
Hill will host a staged robotic competition, the                                                            reer, Mr. Walden has covered almost every
‘‘Capitol Hill Robotics Invitational’’. This invita­     Thank you Mr. Speaker for allowing me the
                                                                                                            major national and international event and he
tional will involve eleven high school robotics        opportunity to share this special success story
                                                                                                            has set a standard of excellence in journalism
teams from across the nation. This even un­            with my colleagues. Once again, I would like
                                                                                                            that is hard to match.
derscores an innovative program known as               to congratulate the students of East Technical          Every weekday morning, thousands of Balti­
FIRST. FIRST, (For Inspiration and Recogni­            High School for their achievements and for a         moreans wake up to Alan Walden’s thorough,
tion of Science and Technology), is a national         job well done.                                       in-depth news reports as the anchor of
nonprofit group founded to promote interest in                                                              WBAL–AM’s morning show. He uses his in­
                                                           EAST TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL MEMBERS
math, science, and technology. It partners en­                                                              sight and knowledge to give listeners an im­
gineers from major corporations and small                Orlando    Antongiorgi,   Michael   Bors,          portant perspective on regional, national and
businesses, scientists from the National Aero­         Kaishaelia Brown, Jaria Chatmon, Rita                international events. On weekday evenings,
nautics and Space Administration, the military,        Greeham,    Sha’Lawnda    Griffe,   Breesha          listeners also can hear his insightful com­
and mentors from universities, with high               James, Jesse Mathis, Aja Maxwell, Mario              mentary on ‘‘Walden Ponderings.’’
school students around the country.                    Mendes, Drew Odum, Kanita Parra, Khadijah               Born in New York City, Mr. Walden has won
   Regarding the ‘‘Robotics Invitational,’’ I          Qadaar, Shakina Shields, Sierra Smith,               virtually every major broadcast journalism
would also like to take this opportunity to            Christi Sutton, Sophia Syed, Bobby Vannoy,
                                                                                                            award. His career has included jobs as news
                                                       Sharonda Whatley, and Tiffany Neal.
share a story with my colleagues. a story of a                                                              director of radio stations in New York, Boston
school that five years ago implemented this              EAST TECHNICAL FACULTY TEAM MEMBERS                and Cleveland, and vice president of Radio
new program dedicated to improving students                                                                 News for Metromedia Inc. In addition, he
                                                        Jan Berlin, Sarah Broadnax, Terry Butler,
proficiency in science and math. Five years            Mary Carter, and Jerome Seppelt.                     helped bring broadcast journalism into a new
later this high school has an attendance rate                                                               age as one of the principal architects of NBC
of 82 percent. The enrollment has increased                  NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE                 News and Information Service, the first 24­
to 1400. Seventy-one percent of the students                   ADMINISTRATION EMPLOYEES                     hour-a-day news network in the United States.
pass the State Proficiency Tests. When the               Donald Campbell, Director, Joann Charles­             As senior correspondent for NBC Radio
Robotics Invitational is held on Capitol Hill I                         ´
                                                       ton, Alicia Gonzalez, Larry Greer, John              News specializing in international affairs and
plan to be on hand to cheer on a very special          Hairston, Dan Kocka, and Mary Palumbo.               domestic politics, Mr. Walden has covered the
team from this school. The name of this                                                                     Camp David Peace Accords, SALT II, the
                                                                    CORPORATE SPONSORS
school is East Technical High School, and I                                                                 Falkland Islands War, the invasion of Gre­
am proud to say that this school is located             Lora Johnson/TRW          and    Julie    Rehm/     nada, the civil war in El Salvador and the Pan­
within my Congressional District.                      Battelle.                                            ama Crisis.

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