Literature Review 3

					AJ Gottron

Mrs. Vyas

Senior Project

September 19, 2011

          I asked the question “What is Javascript and how is it used?” I have heard Javascript is a

key tool in coding and I knew nothing about it. I asked a similar question about using Flash

earlier but it was too complicated, and this is the next best thing to it while still using HTML. I

found my information from, a very useful source for learning web design and


          Javascript adds functionality and more versatile use in web design. It is known as the

scripting language of the Web. It is the most popular scripting language on the internet and

works with HTML. Javascript works like Flash, but still uses basic coding. For example, when

people think of web animation, they think of Flash, but Javascript can do it too. A picture can be

coded to have rollover animation and clickable animation. Rollovers are when the cursor moves

over a picture and it moves or changes, and same goes with the clickable ones once a picture is

clicked on.

          The source I found answered my essential question and went in depth on my topic. This

makes me understand Javascript a lot more and will help me in my progress of learning more

and more about this topic. Javascript is a large language of coding and will take many years to

fully understand every in and out.

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