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					                           21st Century Maricopa
                           Meeting Agenda & Minutes
                         21CM A08R2– Mandatory In-Person New                                       Meeting Rules
      Meeting Name                                                                     • Start on time, end on time
                         Student Orientation                                           • Stay on track
                                                                                       • Monitor your own participation
       Meeting Date      October 27, 2010                                              • Limit side conversations
       Meeting Time      2:30pm – 4:30pm                                               • Respect each other’s ideas and work
                                                                                       • One speaker at a time – don’t interrupt
                         Rio Salado Conference Center                                  • Be an active listener
                         Live Meeting Link: Click Here                                 • Honor confidentiality
                                                                                       • Disagree and clarify when appropriate
                         Audio Conference: 480-517-8900 / 800-729-1197 x8              • Be willing to invest the time for inquiry
                         Conference ID: 1379                                           • Consider the entire system
                                                                                       • Build shared meaning
                                            • Keep an open mind
                                                                                       • Have deliberate patience
                     Alyssa Moniuszko
                     Jason Martinez
                     Jim Simpson
            Optional Trung Tang
 Work Team Name Mandaotry NSO
   Project Website Click Here
Email This Document To Dick.Root@RioSalado.Edu

Meeting Agenda & Objectives
Recommendation: A08 – Recruitment – Mandatory Orientation (8)         R2: Implement a MANDATORY in-person orientation
program for ALL first-time, degree, certificate and transfer-seeking students

    1. Action Items
    2. Agenda Items
    3. Next Steps

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   4. Next Meeting
   5. Summary
Meeting Notes
    Asked Jason & Jim to give overview with 21CM across district to help get started with recommendation #2
          o Look at progress from other teams
          o 21st Century charge was given to the council & implementation was also considered.
          o Got very involved
                  Went forward with one recommendation, but now working on the in-person section of the
          o From research on 1st recommendation, this seems like a good idea
          o Dr. Harper Marinick also supports it
          o This may be a good way to bring students on campus
          o Possible concern over funding for this recommendation
          o Most have been doing in-person orientation as part of student success initiative
                  Dollars from district
                  Also,how can they enforce it being mandatory
                  How do we interpret mandatory?
                  What are the consequences?
          o Don’t worry about the funding now
          o More successful students if they have in-person orientation
                  Students don’t to ‘optional’
                  Possibly address expectations to make it mandatory
          o Maria wants us to move to implementation phase
          o Did a lot of work for 1st recommendation.
          o Want the team leads to summarize the end result of research and report
                  Have done 99% of work
                  Just need to create a report stating what steps need to happen next & a high level timeline.
          o Some of the other components
                  Financial Aid and Debt Management workshops
                          Suggest separate process
                          May not be appropriate for NSO to be responsible for this
                          Maybe move that component to Financial Aid Council
          o Don’t need to get into implementation details, but what do we need related to details?
                  Online was the easy piece
                  Lot of different ways to make it mandatory (front-end or back-end of process)
                  This is causing anxiety and uncertainty
                  Implementation plan – dollars to allocate, resources, when to do at each college – those things
                     can wait
                  Can determine how much you want to enforce the ‘mandatory’ NSO
                          May be difficult reaching consensus
                          Tough to decide
                          Can be more than one recommendation
                                  o X% think one thing & x% think another method
                  Many things are included in IT piece of the report
                  Tracking of the cohort will help
                          Another 21st Century team worked on this (A09-A11-Student Success through ITS)
                  If students don’t get into cohort, after the 45th day, they are dropped from the cohort.
                  It will track what events the students have completed
                  This council should agree with broadest definition of cohort
          o If they are going to change the recommendation at all, they need to get approval from the sponsors
                  Many students don’t know if they are full/part time at the time they register
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                      Maybe stay with first time students
             o   Writing the recommendation for the broadest recommendation, regardless of current resources
             o   Satisfied with the cohort definition – no modification to the recommendation
             o   Sub-recommendations:
                      They already have learning outcomes they agreed to speak directly to as part of orientation
                                All outcomes happen during ‘orientation experience’
                                Challenging to mention all of these occur in in-person orientation
                                May be easier to mention that these happen overall, not specifically in the in-person
                                       o Need to agree on this prior to moving forward
                                       o May be too much information to provide students at first
                                       o CPD class already covers this anyway
                                       o Also need to agree on length of in-person orientation session
                                       o Provide information to the students when they need it – ‘pre-college
                      Mentoring – does this need to be part of the sub-recommendation or can it just be a table with
                          a signup?
                                Can be included in NSO when created/approved
                      Can move Debt Management to Financial Aid
                                Can provide brochures to Financial Aid for debt management, etc.
                                Financial Aid should be addressed at a high level as part of orientation, but should be
                                  addressed in detail by Financial Aid
                      Goal Setting
                                Some colleges have built into Advisement process vs. orientation
                                Introduction of concept could be done in online piece (college woud have to have a tool
                                  such as iGoal, etc.)
                      College Public Safety
                      Tuition payment plan options
                      Student identifications cards
                      MCCCD student support services
             o   Can they say that the NSO Council has already come up with learning outcomes for these?
                      Can move debt management out, but rest should stay
                      Does the team agree that the sub-recommendations should be included/addressed in some part
                          of orientation
                      Agreement on components

       How do you make it mandatory? What does mandatory mean?
           o Options:
                   Literature says its mandatory, advisors guide them to sign them up & leave it at that? 0
                           Do this now
                           No “teeth”
                   Checklist option – stays on their checklist & advisor can see on their to do list & remind them? 0
                   Orientation is connected to college success class (CPD150 or AAA115) which is part of
                     graduation requirement? 6
                   If don’t do mandatory experiences prior to end of semester, they get blocked/prevented from
                     enrolling in 2nd semester? 4
                   Prevent self-service until NSO completed? 5
                   Prevent self-service in 1st term? 0
                   Prescribed experiences – if don’t comply, get dropped from courses by the 45th day? 0

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             o    Some colleges don’t think of it as blocking enrollment, they don’t allow students to self-serve in the 1st
                       Once they have gone through the experiences in their 1st semester, they can self-serve
                       If had capacity, could probably do this
                       Would be good to force advisement (mandatory) as well
                       Students would be glad to have someone else go through registration for them
                       Maybe change mindset – not a negative consequence, but just they way things work
                       Some students don’t like to self-serve anyway
                       Others self-serve students are very comfortable
                       Send mixed messages: open entry/open exit, but not really open
                                Making mandatory orientation will not necessarily change this view
                                Open = provide access
                                We want to set them up for success
                                Communication Plan should be part of the implementation plan
             o Three recommendations for mandatory definition
     Dollar/staffing implications? Addressed in the first report for online, not in-person
             o Would help
             o How determine?
                       Look at projected numbers, cohort, and projected numbers per student & extrapolate it
                                District IR could provide cohort total and amount of people taking orientation class
                       Advisement & testing did it this way
                       Each team member to provide amount spent per student on orientation & send to Vivian &
                           Barbara for the academic year.
                       Minimally, include a Grade 10 resource across Maricopa
                       Would be ok to not put a financial figure on it. Just mention that it needs to happen with
                           existing college/district budget/funding – at the VP level
     Want this completed by Friday
     No need to meet again
Next Steps
     Jim & Jason to sum-up the criteria in a report
             o Provide a solid case to make this point
Next Meetings
     N/A
Official Summary for Public Website
     The team discussed details of the sub-recommendations that are a part of this recommendation. They also
         agreed upon a few possible definitions of ‘mandatory’ for the orientation course. Jason and Jim will create a
         draft of the final report to be reviewed by those in attendance today. The team will review and send comments
         immediately to Jim & Jason so the final report can be submitted by Friday.
Action Items
Who                           Assignment                                Comments                                Due Date
Jim & Jason                   Write final report & send to team                                                 10/29
                              members at today’s meeting to

Issue Bin Items

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Issue                                              Comments

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Executive Summary
Clarified Recommendation
Clarified Sub Recommendation
Consolidated Recommendations
Three Pillars Area
Strategic Directions
How does the recommendation align with the 21st Century Guiding Principles?
Review and Analysis Methodology Used
Review and Analysis Methodology Detail
Work Team Findings/Decisions – Issues, Risks and Mitigation
Action items for Implementation of Strategy
Measurable Outcomes and Measures of Accountability and Success
Estimated Cost to Implement
Estimated Savings
Cost Impact/Budget Needs Description
Additional Considerations/Comments

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