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					OPEN AGE ACTIVITIES - WESTMINSTER TIMETABLE - numbers column refers to address list overleaf
NORTH WESTMINSTER AREA                                                          SOUTH WESTMINSTER AREA
       MONDAY                           Ref                                             MONDAY                              Ref
  9.15 Walking to Fitness (PP)            3 Edward Wilson School                 12.00 Seated Yoga                              6 Holy Apostles Hall
 10.30 Monday Over 50s                    8 Juniper House                         1.00 Advanced Yoga                            6 Holy Apostles Hall
 11.00 Line Dancing (PP)                 18 Stowe Centre                          2.30 Keep Fit Class                           5 Glastonbury House
 12.00 Arab Womens Aerobic's (AA)        14 Penfold St.(start to be confirmed)         TUESDAY
  2.00 Art                               20 Warren Court                          2.00 Tai Chi                                 10 Millbank Estate
      TUESDAY                                                                          WEDNESDAY
  2.00 Chair Exercise (PP)               18 Stowe Centre                          1.00 Art & Craft                              5 Glastonbury House
  2.30 Yoga (PP)                          1 Beethoven Centre                   For more information please contact Open Age
      WEDNESDAY                                                                MAIN OFFICE                                  For North Westminster
 11.00 Monthly Mens Morning (1st wk)      8 Juniper House                      1 THORPE CLOSE                                      8964 1900
 12.00 Water Splash (PP)                  7 Jubilee Sport Centre               LONDON
  2.00 Avenues Over 50s                   8 Juniper House                      W10 5XL
  2.00 Ballet (AA)                       18 Stowe Centre                       SOUTH OFFICE                                 For South Westminster
  2.00 W9 Monthly Group (1st week)       15 Rayne House                        METHODIST CENTRE                                    7352 4532
  2.00 W.Members Mthly Mtg.(last wk)      8 Juniper House                      155A KINGS ROAD
  2.30 Pilates (PP)                       4 Emmanuel Church                    LONDON
  3.00 Computer 1 to 1 Class            Enquire at main office                 SW3 5TX
      THURSDAY                                                                 email:
  1.00 Arab Womens Chair Ex. (AA)        21 WECH (start date to be confirmed)
  1.30 Active Citizens 50+ W2            17 St Stephens Church
  1.30 Chair Exercise 50+ (WAES free)    17 St Stephens Church                               NEW FUTURES 50 PLUS EMPLOYMENT 1 -TO -1 HELP
  1.30 Tap Dancing (AA)                   9 Methodist Church
                                                                               Make an appointment to see the employment counsellor who can help with all
  2.00 Tai Chi (AA)                       1 Beethoven Centre
                                                                               aspects of finding work, training and choices for older people living in wards along
                                                                               the Harrow Road
 10.30 Tai Chi (AA)                      12 Paddington Arts
 11.30 Walking to Health (AA)            13 Paddington Rec.ground              Open Age works across Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster. For
 12.00 Water Splash (PP)                  7 Jubilee Sport Centre               detailed weekly programmes across all areas please contact our offices as
  7.15 Yogaletes (PP)                    19 Warwick Community Centre           above

NEW! Exercise to Music (PP) - Women only exercise group with English/Arabic speaking tutor - date and time to be confirmed
AA ='Active Age' Programme - FITNESS FOR OVER 50s in North Westminster
PP='Positively Physical' in Queens Park, Harrow Road & Westbourne wards

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