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					FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                   April 14, 2008

Hong Kong Mode Lingerie 2008 Ended with Successful and Promising Results

Organized by Eurovet, the world’s leading French lingerie and beachwear trade show
organizer with over 20 years of experience, the second Hong Kong Mode Lingerie
which was held on April 8 2008 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition
Centre marked a successful finale.

The Hong Kong Mode Lingerie 2008 provided the best sourcing platform for buyers
and exhibitors around the world showcasing specialized lingerie aspects with the
highest quality. This year there were 36% of supplier showcasing fabrics, 26%
accessories, 15% lace and 12% embroideries for lingerie and beachwear. Over 152
exhibitors from 16 countries participated in this largest lingerie show in the industry in
Hong Kong this year, a 31% increase comparing to last year. Among these 152
exhibitors, 33% came from China, 29% from Hong Kong, 21% from Asia and 17%
from all around the world.

The Hong Kong Mode Lingerie 2008 were for visitors from the intimate apparel
industry only and it attracted 3,600 visitors from 48 countries, a 3% increase
compared to last year in terms of number of visitors and 15% increase in terms of
visiting countries. The attendance was of the best quality with the general managers,
heads of purchasing department as well as buyers joining the fair. Among the
visitors, over 76% were directly involved in sourcing and retailing. It was proven that
the Hong Kong Mode Lingerie was a major international sourcing event for visitors as
there was significant increase in visitors from key fashion capitals around the world
such as France (23% increase compared to 2007), Italy (63% increase), Spain (41%
increase), the United Kingdom (58% increase) and the United States (70% increase).
Top 10 visiting countries were as follows:

          1        Hong Kong           1,952        6         Thailand          65
          2          China              778         7          France           60
          3          Taiwan             115         8        South Korea        47
          4          Japan               89         9           Italy           38
          5     The United States        73        10         Germany           35

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Hong Kong Mode Lingerie 2008 Ended with Successful and Promising Results

The profound experience in lingerie trade show has made Eurovet the authority in
trend forecast of lingerie industry. During Hong Kong Mode Lingerie, intensive
seminars and conferences were organized to discuss various aspects on lingerie,
fashion and market forecast as well as sustainability program for lingerie brands
attracting both buyers and exhibitors. Speakers from various renowned companies
such as Carlin International, France, Invista Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic
University Hong Kong, La Federation, Paris or Concepts Paris spoke during these 2

In addition, in order to provide a communications and networking platform for both
buyers and exhibitors, a cocktail reception was organized in the evening of the first
exhibition day with exclusive outfits display and catwalk with live jazz music. As the
highlight of the exhibition, Eurovet especially brought the award-winning pieces and
prototypes of the “haute lingerie” from the Ultra Lingerie from Eurovet’s International
Lingerie Show 2008. These pieces were the original and luxurious creation of
brands and fabric specialists featuring the lingerie making expertise, avant-garde lines
and new materials with the theme of Ultra Modernity.

With the phenomenal success of the second Hong Kong Mode Lingerie, the lingerie
and beachwear industry will gather again at the Shanghai Mode Lingerie on
October 17-18 for another highly specialized, selective and comprehensive sourcing
platform with participation of leading international and Asian lingerie and beachwear

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