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									          Understanding the Benefits of Desktop Virtualization in SMBs

SMBs that have a mobile staff, aggressive growth plans with increased security measures can enjoy
tremendous benefits by adopting desktop virtualization. Perhaps due to the general perception that it is
too complex or costly, it is the enterprises that have been quicker to adopt virtualization. SMBs usually
have specific technology requirements that entails them to seek out solutions that vary from products
intended for bigger companies. They often place greater significance on cost savings and on protecting
business vital systems and data. There are various SMBs looking for virtualization and feeling
overwhelmed by the possibility of deploying such solutions. With the right implementation, SMBs can
reap the rewards of a virtualized environment that addresses IT concerns like failure rates, cost of
management, data security and backup reliability.

In any IT investment, scalability is an essential feature and desktop virtualization offers a host of other
benefits as well.

        Saves Time
        Not only can a virtual desktop can be deployed in a matter of a few minutes, the time saving goes
        on even after the original deployment. With end users having the option of accessing their
        desktop from any remote location, desktop virtualization facilitates businesses to continue work
        even when employees are out of the office. As tech support can deploy upgrades and patches to all
        virtual desktops concomitantly, there is a decline in the maintenance tasks too.

        Saves Money
        With desktop virtualization, there are savings in time as well as money. As SMBs make use of less
        expensive thin client machines instead of costly personal computers, and this results in the saving
        of finances on customary desktop maintenance. As desktop virtualization permits easy day-to-day
        maintenance and support tasks, there is a time the new found free time be assigned to other
        projects that can directly boost business profits.

        Sensitive data stays protected on the company server with desktop virtualization. There is an
        extra level of protection against viruses and malware. There is an immense reduction in the
        probability of passing on a virus as end users have no local hard drives.
Anytime Access
Remote desktop access is made convenient and end users can access their desktops regardless of
where they are with desktop virtualization. With this convenience of computing is undeniable and
there is also a continuous rise in the number of traveling and telecommuting employees. And
deployment of a virtual desktop delivery surrounding makes day to day management for IT
staffers easy.

For small and medium sized businesses that are exploring the possibility of a change in their
existing infrastructure, desktop virtualization is the solution. However SMBs looking to adopt
virtualization solutions need do so cautiously in order to garner the maximum return on
investment. Although the benefits for SMBs may be less publicly hyped, but are no less

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