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    STOP Paying For Backlinks And START Ranking #1

Taking It To The Next Level - BONUS GUIDE
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 Anthony Devine                             Craig Mako
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                                    Disclaimers / Legal Notifications

       Copyright © 2011 by Anthony Devine and Mako Enterprises LLC. All rights reserved.

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While the publisher and authors have used their best efforts in preparing this ebook, they make
no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents
herein and specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose. No warranty may be created or extended by sales representatives or written
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limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.

Income and Earnings Disclaimer

You and you alone, are responsible for any income you make or fail to make. This guide makes no
promises of realized income or ranking placement within search engines. You recognize and
agree that the authors have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections,
representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings, or that you
will earn any money, with respect to your purchase of this ebook, and that the authors have not
authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others.

Any earnings or income statements, or any earnings or income examples, are only estimates of
what we think you could earn. There is no assurance you will do as well as stated in any
examples. If you rely upon any figures provided, you must accept the entire risk of not doing as
well as the information provided. This applies whether the earnings or income examples are
monetary in nature or pertain to advertising credits which may be earned (whether such credits
are convertible to cash or not). There is no assurance that any prior successes or past results as
to earnings or income (whether monetary or advertising credits, whether convertible to cash or
not) will apply, nor can any prior successes be used, as an indication of your future success or
results from any of the information, content, or strategies. Any and all claims or representations
as to income or earnings (whether monetary or advertising credits, whether convertible to cash or
not) are not to be considered as "average earnings".

Affiliate Disclaimer

Per the FTC’s recent policy update that requests we be transparent about any and all affiliate
relations we may have in this guide, you, the visitor or customer, should assume that any and all
links in this guide are affiliate links. If you utilize these links and visit the resulting site, a cookie
may be set in your web browser that may cause us to receive compensation if you make a

Resell Rights

You do NOT have any resell / reprint / distribution rights to this guide.

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Quick Tips On Using These Bonuses:
 IMPORTANT: With ALL .edu and .gov blogs and
 forums, it’s highly recommended you wait 7-10
 days after registering to any such forums before
 entering your URL in the signature box as many
 webmasters and moderators have a quick
 trigger finger deleting new members they
 perceive as only commenting on their blogs
 and/or joining their forums to add their
 signature and anchor text in a forum post.

 Also, ONLY post relevant comments that make
 sense when you begin contributing to the
 blog/forum, otherwise you run the risk of your
 comment, post and/or membership being
 deleted without warning!

 Finally, avoid posting the same exact comments word-for-word on each
 blog/forum you post on, as you want to avoid “blog spam”. If you don't vary your
 text a bit you run the risk of Google not giving your backlink the importance it
 deserves and simply ignoring it as duplicate content in their engine.

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     BONUS #1: Free .edu Blog Finder
What if I told you there is a FREE online tool to quickly identify .edu blogs that
contain your keyword AND provide a DoFollow backlink pointed to your that something that would interest you? ;)

Well, this easy tool is available for use right now, and can be found here:


To use this quick .edu blog finder, enter your keyword in the search bar, click enter,
and let it find the Google search results for DoFollow blogs for that keyword.

Yep, it's THAT simple, and less than 5% of the Warrior Forum even knows it
exists...let's keep it our little secret ok?

Just manually go through the list it produces and begin harvesting these great
sites for your own backlinking purposes, being sure to look out for those sites that
perfectly match the content you're after for maximum relevancy.

It's free, it's simple, it works. Love it!

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BONUS #2: Two .gov Blogs You Can Use NOW
   I use many .gov websites for my promotional backlink efforts, and the two
   included here are a couple of my absolute favorites for rapid results and quick
   ranking movement:

                      Blog # 1 -
         a) At home page, click "Register"

         b) Enter the following where specified:
               i)     Username
               ii)    E-mail
               iii)   Password
               iv)    Verify Password
               v)     Agree to Disclaimer and Submit

         c)    Enter your website address

         d)    Agree to Disclosure

         e)    Enter Confirmation Code and click Submit

         f)    You are now registered. An e-mail containing your user activation
               code and instructions to activate your account will be dispatched to
               your e-mail address you provided when registering. Accept
               confirmation e-mail

         g)    Wait 7-10 days for account to pass human moderation. Now go back
               to homepage and click "Login"

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      h)     Enter your Username and Password, then click "Enter"

      i)     Go to "Edit Profile" and click on same (Edit Profile)

      j)     Go to "Signature" and enter the following BBCode in the signature

      k)     Click “Submit” and you're done!

    Blog # 2 - NY Chief Information Officer Wiki Forum:

      a)     At the “Log in / create account” page, click on "Create an account"
             and enter the following information on the next page:

                    i)     Answer math question accurately to bypass spam filter
                    ii)    Input Username
                    iii)   Input Password
                    iv)    Retype Password
                    v)     Input E-mail and Real Name (optional)

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      b)    Click "Create Account" and you will come to the "Login Successful"
            screen where it will state: "Welcome, your account has been created.
            Do not forget to change your Wiki Preferences."

      c)    Wait 7-10 days for account to pass human moderation. After, go back
            to your account and click "Wiki Preferences" and go to "User Profile

      d)    Add your signature, just as in #1 above, which is:


      e)    Save your changes and that's it!

Well, that wasn't too painful now, was it! In about 5 minutes you added two
great backlink resources from .gov websites to your arsenal of great backlinking

After you get through the 7-10 day waiting period to make sure some overly-
aggressive moderator doesn't delete your new profiles you'll potentially receive
backlinks through your signature addition that can last far longer for months...or
even years!

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BONUS #3: 100+ Social Bookmarking Sites
  It always pays to experiment with backlinks on new sites, and on this page we're
  placing a site link that features a tremendous supply of mostly DoFollow social
  bookmark sites, many of which we're using ourselves to improve our rankings and
  drive traffic.

  It comes from the folks at Webmaster Junction, who monitor and maintain the list
  on a weekly basis to make sure there are no dead links or sites blocking new
  backlinks, which means you won't waste time as you pursue your many options:


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BONUS #4: Four MORE Automated Tools
 With the following 4 free bonus tools, you can obtain up to an additional 3,200+
 backlinks at the push of a button.

 The quality isn't anything to write home about, but, remember as a part of your
 natural link-building profile, Google EXPECTS to see a mix of low-quality AND high-
 quality sites linking to you.

 If you go with just one or the other, as most people do, Google sees it as a form of
 manipulation, because they know it's impossible for a site to have ONLY high
 quality or ONLY low quality backlinks across the board.

 Use each of these on all of your sites, at a pace of one of them per week. Which
 means you'll use all 4 of them in a month per site. This way link velocity remains
 constant and Google sees an unending flow of new links to your sites always:

              Enter your URL and keyword, then click “Submit.” You now have
              up to 2,523 backlinks, each with an index-helping automatic ping.

              Enter your URL, then click “Submit” and get up to 324 backlinks from
              this submission site.

              Enter your URL, then click “Submit” and get up to 342 backlinks to
              your website.

              Again, just enter your URL and click “Submit” and get up to 104
              backlinks to your website or web page. As an added bonus,
              this site allows you to enter your RSS feed for additional backlinks.

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BONUS #5: Six Additional Weblog Directories
  More free goodness, this time in the form of 6 more high-PR weblog directories
  you can use to boost your link juice considerably.

        1. (PR9)
        2. (PR5)
        3. (PR5)
        4. (PR5)
        5. (PR7)
        6. (PR3)

  Here's yet another link for you to check out:

  This site has a list of submission URLs for RSS and
  blog directories that you can submit your blog or
  RSS feed to, all of which are fully updated on a
  daily basis.

  There are easily over 200 directories to choose
  from, making this an excellent resource you'll
  want to take advantage of.

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BONUS #6: Get Your OWN Free .edu Blog
Yep, it's true and it's just as it sounds. Go to to create
your own .edu web page AND blog for free!

Once registered, you may add all sorts of data to your web page, including
comments, books, papers and much more.

Also, there's a link to add your own blog posts, too, and you're able to add
relevant content on almost any topic you are “researching.”

Make sure all of your hyperlinks are relevant to your post's written content, as
abusing your .edu web page and/or blog, or not following site rules, may result in
your account being terminated and your IP address banned. Just use common
sense and you'll be fine.

Here are the quick instructions on how to create your .edu blog in less than 5 minutes:

         1.   Go to
         2.   Click “Sign Up” in top right corner
         3.   Enter first and last name, email address and click “Join”
         4.   At second page of sign up checkmark the “Independent Researcher”
              box; and enter your “Primary Research Interest" to trigger the auto-
         5.   Click “Confirm”
         6.   Enter new “Password” and do the captcha. Click “Save”
         7.   Skip through rest of optional set up and click on your name in top
              right hand corner, which takes you to your web page
         8.   At web page, click “Add Blog Posts” to go to your blog, or, you can add
              other forms of relevant content

That's it, have fun with your new .edu web page and blog! Make use of its backlink
power as time passes and you'll see why these are so desired in our industry...

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BONUS #7: Three High-PR Auto-Accept Forums
   Okay, this is your last bonus, and it's one you can use immediately.

   Below you will find short explicit instructions to get high quality backlinks from
   forums for Adobe, WordPress and Mozilla! These forums are quick and easy to
   join, so you can get your backlinks quickly:

         1.     Adobe –
                a)   Click on "Register" and follow the directions
                b)   Be sure to include your website in your profile
                c)   Post relevant content to one or more forums, preferably with
                     anchor text
                d)   After you post, you'll have a backlink from Adobe!

         2.     WordPress –
                a)   Click on "Forums"
                b)   Click on "Register"
                c)   After you complete registering, go to Forums home page and
                     find the following thread: "Your WordPress – Strut Your Stuff"
                d)   Click on thread and post something to this effect: "Please
                     check out my new WordPress blog about "Add Your Keyword"
                     at and suggest any improvements
                     and/or other comments. Thanks for your help!"
                e)   After posting, you'll have another high PR backlink!

         3.     Mozilla –
                a)    You are at forum sign up page, join per directions
                b)    Be sure to include your website in your profile
                c)    You will use your signature for your backlinks
                d)    Make a relevant post, enter same
                e)    After entering your post, you will have added your third
                      backlink from a PR9 forum in less than 15 minutes!

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Well guys, if you follow the main FastAttackLinks guide, along with this bonus
guide, and do a bit of research each day, you'll have dozens, if not HUNDREDS or
even THOUSANDS of sites depending on your niche to use and take advantage of
at NO cost to you to get a never-ending flow of backlinks to your sites.

Stay disciplined and you never know where this may lead you, it wouldn't surprise
me to see some of the more entrepreneurial Warriors who absorb what the guide
teaches opening their OWN paid-backlinking services to re-sell their new skills to
new people in IM who don't have the information to find and use their own
backlink sources.

That's just one example of how applying what you've learned lets you develop
out-of-the-box ideas, along with building up your own network of sites.

Thanks again for your support, and congrats on making it through
are now a free backlink expert! :)

                 Anthony Devine
                 Warrior Forum: awdevine

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