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Types of Interview Questions


									Types of Interview Questions

Close-ended Question

       Do you like working on a team?

Open-ended Question

      What types of people have been the easiest to work with? What types of have been the
hardest? (Follow-up: Why?)

Behavioral Interview Question

     Give me a specific example of how you went about working more effectively with a difficult

       1. Getting Behavior
          o What did you actually do?
          o What was your reaction to that?
          o What was your very first step?
          o What was the next thing you did?
          o Can you a little more specific?
          o If I were in the same room with you, what would I have seen you doing?
          o Can you walk me through that conversation, meeting, etc? What happened first?

       2. Getting Outcomes
          o How did it all turn out?
          o What was the final result?
          o What happened after your part in the story was over?
          o How have things gone since then?
          o Is there anything else that would be useful for me to know about the situation?

Competency-Based Interview Question

Tell me about a specific time when you did strategic or long-term planning for a business unit you
were leading?

      What was your personal role in the planning effort?
      How did you approach this planning task?
      What information did you consider?
      What were some key components of the plan you developed?
      What was the outcome?

Themes to Listen To:
    Strong personal role in conceptualizing the strategy
    Gathering and using market data to guide the strategy
    Broad organizational perspective
    Linking own unit’s strategy to the broader organizational strategy
    Identification of business trends
    Recognizing implications for own business unit
    Identifying strategic business opportunities

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