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									Top 5 Food to Eat in Hoi An
Many people come to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An for its well-preserved
architecture. Walking around Hoi An, it's easy to get lost in time and be shuttled back to an age
when the river-front city was the largest harbor in all of Southeast Asia. It's very easy to
understand why Hoi An is such a top tourist destination in Vietnam. I, however, came to Hoi An
to eat. It just worked to my benefit that I had such lovely setting to do it!

There are a number of local delicacies specific to Hoi An that can draw a traveler to and
persuade them to stick around Hoi An for awhile. I know because I fell in love with Hoi An's
specialties and ended up eating my way around town for almost two weeks (well, also because I
was having clothes custom-made but more on that in a later post)!

Although many restaurants serve up all the usual Hoi An dishes for a few dollars a plate, heading
to the street stalls is really where you'll get the authentic taste and the local price!

Com Ga
                                             Com ga is as ubiquitous in Hoi An as pho is in Saigon
                                             on so you'll be able to find it on nearly every street
                                             corner. It's a straightforward meal of seasoned rice and
                                             shredded chicken, served with a side of fresh onions,
                                             greens and mint leaves. Nothing about com ga will
                                             change your life but it certainly makes for a filling
                                             meal when you're in the mood for something simple
                                             and fast. The tastiest spot I found was away from the
city center, near my hotel on Hai Ba Trung at the family-run Cafe 619. I'll let you in on a secret
though; their com ga is good, but not half as good as their savory pork. Same meal, different
meat, but trusts me on the pork!

Cau Lau
Cau lau is a bowl of doughy flat noodles served with bean sprouts, green vegetables, slices of
juicy pork and croutons. The secret to a good cau lau is said to come from the water from the
Ban Le well in town. Whatever the secret ingredient may
be, the taste is simply delicious! The best street cau lau
can be found along the river, just outside the Citronella
Restaurant near the old Japanese Bridge. They add sprigs
of fresh mint into their bowl of cau lau, and it makes all
the difference!

White Rose
                                With such a pretty name as White Rose, you can expect
                                something as delicate and light as these steamed shrimp
                                dumpling-like appetizers. Trust me, they're small and you'll need
                                something more substantial for a full meal. In any case, no meal
                                in Hoi An truly starts without a plate of White Rose on the table.

Fried Won Tons
Delicate and crispy fried won tons topped with fresh
ingredients is another Hoi An specialty to help start a meal
right. I'm typically not one to indulge in fried foods, but the
fried won tons are light and tasty, not greasy and oily. With
a number of toppings to choose from such as beef and duck,
as well as vegetarian options, these friend won tons can win
over anyone, no matter how picky an eater.

Dessert at Cargo
                                        Perhaps the best surprise in all of Hoi An is the delightful
                                        bakery found at the wildly popular Cargo restaurant. The
                                        chocolate cheesecake literally changed my life! It's rich,
                                        creamy and the milk chocolate topping is absolutely
                                        divine. So good that I had to have a slice three days in a
                                        row! In fact, every dessert I tried at Cargo was fabulous,
                                        including the cinnamon waffle served hot off the grill with
a scoop of ice cream. Magnificent! An evening is not complete in Hoi An without a stop in
Cargo for dessert and once you try one, you'll find it hard to not keep going back.

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