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This is an example of fund raising ideas. This document is useful for conducting fund raising ideas.

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									                                           Fund Raising Ideas
                             St Martin’s CE VA Primary School, Scarborough

   Gift Day – Major initiative fund raising. Official meetings at different times of day, invitations for people
    to attend, formal presentation of plans, diagrams, artistic impressions, etc. Pupils input describing how it
    might affect them. Gave the initiative a name (Breaking The Boundaries), phased the work to make it
    more achievable. Believed it was possible. Raised £26,000 by individual small donations, one off large
    lump sums and payments made over a year in instalments. Officially dedicated the area, a role of
    honour for those who wished to be mentioned. Can only do this once in living memory of course!
   Buy a brick scheme – not used this (yet!) so not too sure how it would pan out but I guess it’s just what it
    suggests – maybe a brick would be worth £5.
   Casual Day – we have a strict uniform code. Before half term breaks we allow pupils to come to School
    in casual clothes and ask for a donation of a £1 (more, less or nothing is also acceptable). We
    sometimes use the money for charitable donation or for BTB funds. Brings in between £180 - £350.
   School Calendar – the children draw themselves and the adults and we organise a calendar that is sold
    for £2.50. The calendar runs from January to December, can be organised in various ways (everyone
    who has a birthday in January has their picture published on the adjacent page to January, classes and
    adult groups, family groups, etc.), We sell it at the Christmas Fair and through the School Office this
    term (Autumn). We keep 25% of the profit to offset costs. We could send the format on if required to
    help the process along. Last year we made £227.50.
   School Christmas Cards – Y6 paint religious scenes and we photograph these to be used as card fronts.
    They are usually painted in the style of an artist hence cover curriculum areas of art and history.
    Children are named in the card (they paint in pairs) and the paintings decorate the Church and the Hall
    through Christmas. We sell them for 25p and last year we made £340.25.
   Ice Skating – JLC Skating from Thirsk (01845 577304) comes and lays a covering over Hall floor,
    provides all the gear and people are given a time slot. £3.50 a slot, very popular with everyone (except
    me because of health and safety!) and last year it raised approximately £400 and we took £250 profit.
   Wild West Extravaganza – Ceilidh Band for organised knees up. Aimed at the children with parental
    supervision. Food provided hot dogs, burgers, popcorn – very simple. Everyone dressed up – Guess
    the Staff – Wanted posters with disguised staff. Good publicity and a team of helpers required. Very
    popular and raised approximately £500.
   Infant and Junior Productions (annually) pay to get out rather than get in! People are always extremely
    generous – we just gather donations rather than a fixed amount – last year £540            was taken over 5
   Games Night – all sorts – Guess who? Yes and No Game, etc., made £233.50, good family event.
   Dragons’ Droppings (to coincide with St. George’s Day) – not the real McCoy! Broad beans scattered in
    a measured, marked out area for children to find (smaller area and more droppings for Infants). Timed
    search and recorded on sponsor sheet. Children raised money according to how many droppings they
    found. I provided 9 small prizes for the overall winners – bags of dragon droppings – chocolate covered
    raisins!! We raised £1,678.25 and it was effortless! Also added to the dressing up, cooking and
    celebration of St. George’s Day.
   School Photographs – Tempest are brilliant. We use this money to top up our School Fund and we
    always take at least £450 – this year we made a profit of £567.
   For Children in Need, Y6 arrange a Christmas Market. They make up/bring in Games, cook cakes and
    biscuits, make jewellery and picture frames, pets need to be named, etc., etc. Each class is allocated a
    time spot in the afternoon and spend their money as they wish engaging in all the activities. Last year
    the children raised £435.84.

All these events took place over the last year. Summer Fair made £2585.69 and Christmas Fair made
£2234.47 – could provide list of events if needed. Realise that most schools do most of these fund raisers.
In previous years we have engaged successfully in the following –

Christmas Extravaganza – local businesses invited to attend – about 20 came, charged them £15 for a table
for two hours. Adults only, glass of wine on entry. Uninterrupted Christmas shopping – strangely only
women attended!! Profit was approximately £500. Businesses donated a raffle prize. Team of two set up
the event.

Grand Draw – secret for success was to procure all prizes through donations. Major prize was a holiday for
4 at Primrose Valley. Direct approach (in person if possible) to large local companies. Used parent
contacts. Took well over a £1000.

Smartie tube fill – children were given Smarties (donated if possible) then fill tubes with money raised
approximately £1000 and was really easy to organise.
Match box fill – beware some gross things were included!! This was another sponsored event and was a
nightmare to organise because everything had to be counted, some live things were included and a precious
something was lost in the count. It raised a lot of money but we would be reluctant to repeat the experience!
One family filled the box with grains of rice, complained when they did not win because we forgot to say any
one item was to be included once only.

Car boot – and all its vagaries. We are still considering this but there would appear to be lots of organisation
– toilet facilities, litter collection, access, emergency vehicle access, etc. There is no doubt we would make a
pot of money because there is no initial outlay and we would sell refreshments for additional income. It
would need to be held during a very good weather spell to maintain the field surface and we may have a
problem with traffic flow and parking.

Donkey drop – Our neighbouring School, Wheatcroft, have used this fundraiser. Mark off an area of your
field, borrow a donkey, grid the area and people place an amount on the grid reference. If the donkey
‘drops’ on your grid reference, you win! Could be the donkey doesn’t drop but that’s life!

Bags2school – a firm collects good clothes, shoes and other stuff and sells it on at a low cost to people who
need it (abroad, I seem to remember). They use staff who might find employment difficult to find and they
reimburse School according to the weight of stuff collected. Brings in £100’s rather than thousands but
everything helps.

Discos – separate Infants and Juniors, play dancing games with Infants, competitions with Juniors, CD music
would do unless you have a captive parent DJ like we did, sell refreshments, police toilets and you are
guaranteed at least £250 each disco with 270 pupils.

Jumble Sales – so hate these! The idea is to sell everything – insist on clean items in good repair and
children’s clothes ‘move’ better than adults. Could include toys, books, etc. if feeling brave. It’s been a few
years since we’ve held one so can’t say what takings might be possible. I know we always had mountains of
stuff to take to Charity but always made good money.

Treasure Hunt – Families pay a sum for a Treasure Map of clues and a supper. Always held this in the
Summer but often the evening would be rained off. Smashing group activity, really promoted School family
ethos. Whoever won had to plan the next trail!

Race Evenings – not really kosher for Church schools! Was in a community school at the time. Made lots of
money because there was bar – so many sins!! Races can be on IAW, model critters or adults can be
horses!! Need 4 touts offering competing odds and a knowledge of how the real thing operates. Race
tickets sold in advance of the evening.

Balloon Race – very un-environmentally friendly, hence don’t use it any more but it did make a huge amount
of money for very little outlay. Helium and balloons were sponsored by local industry whose name appeared
on the tag. Balloon furthest away from school won a good prize. Each tag cost £1.

School Fairs – Still our largest annual fundraisers. Summer Fair 2007 raised £1997!! Trick is to appoint two
or three co-ordinators, plan early, ask for donations for prizes and pray for good weather! People come with
a limited amount of money to spend so keep attractions/stalls that give school a percentage of the profit to a
minimum. Choirs, Morris dancing, school band – anything with the children taking part will pull in the adults.

Fashion Show – local businesses bring clothing, children model and wine sales add to percentage of clothes
sales donated by businesses.

Weekenders – clothing for ladies. Very popular and School gleans percentage depending on sales.

Virgin Vie – beauty products, similar process as Weekenders.

Auction of promises – the more unusual, desirable the promise the higher the bids. Secure an entertaining
auctioneer for entertainment value.

Highest Bid – sealed bids for desirable donated children toys/books etc. Cuts out the need for a venue,
auctioneer or time in School – photograph items and display in School.

Car parking – Parents buy ticket for £1 and, if picked out of hat, are allowed to park in the School car park for
a period of time (5 weeks I think ours was). Great if your parking problems are the same as ours.
100 Square – buy a square for £1. Prizes are allocated to certain numbers. Very easy to organise.

Webb Ivory – catalogues given out and School reaps percentage of sales. Can be a nightmare for organiser
if people don’t pay up.

Yellow Moon – catalogue, children’s gifts, toys, all sorts of things

School catalogue – Details of items to be sold are written up and sent into School together with contact
details. School organises publishing of catalogue, which could be sold and charges 50p per item.
Catalogues sent out through pupil post. Not tried this one but local school has raised a lot of money from it.

Children bring to School a gift to the value of £1. Adults can help out too and then children bring £1 to buy a
gift. Could be used for Christmas presents, birthday presents, etc.

                             Kirkby & Great Broughton CE VC Primary School

In order to involve the children (and therefore the parents!) we decided to hold a champagne and balloons

We invited all parents and village community. House Captains greeted guests, champagne was handed out
on arrival to visitors, Y6s showed groups around the accommodation which had already been completed and
Chair of Governors and Head addressed everyone in an area which had only been partially completed so
that fund raising was at the front of everyone's mind! We decided if we left it until all the building work was
completed then it would be harder to motivate people to dig deep.

A chocolate fountain with strawberries was also provided - to the delight of grandparents and children.

At a given point an invited celebrity launched the balloons which were helium filled and provided a very
visual "aah" moment for everyone. Balloons have been found as far away as Germany and Belgium. A
deadline of 4 weeks was given with 4 cinema tickets as the prize for the furthest travelled balloon.

Other ideas have been sponsor a brick and the website. We have a huge totaliser at
the front of the school and the children paint the next smiley face on when we reach the next marker. The
PTA are also organising a Spring Ball, an Auction of Promises and the children are doing various smaller
fund raisers which they can show on the justgiving website with their own page.

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