Seminar Questions by panniuniu


									Seminar Questions

   1. What are two general trends that were observed between apically and basally
      localized wg transcripts when examining their rescuing ability in wg-deficient
      mutants, especially when comparing the high and low expressing lines?

      -apically localized transcripts show significantly greater rescuing ability than
      basally localized transcripts in both high and low
      -the low-expressing apical line still displayed greater rescuing ability than the
      high-expressing basal line

   2. What feature of the proteins in the Wnt gene family supports the idea that the Wnt
      gene family is very highly conserved?

      -the proteins function interchangeably in numerous assays, can be substituted for
      one another without losing function

   3. wg mRNA localization was shown to be _______________ specific. What
      procedure was used to determine what contributed to the localization of the
      transcripts? What did they determine was responsible for the localization signal?

      -Fill-in-the-blank: transcript specific (alternative: give choice of cell/transcript)
      -tested different portions of transcript for ability to localize sequence apically,
      determined 3’ UTR was responsible for apical localization

   4. What were the interesting traits observed when examining WG protein that is
      secreted basally in embryos? (i.e. in terms of its distribution)

      -protein is secreted more efficiently, diffuses more rapidly within the extracellular
      matrix, or is less effectively endocytosed

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