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					Fun and Games!

     Name           Focus / good for…                      Explanation                     Equipment       Safety / points to note
Under / over        Warm up              Participants line up behind each other and       Ball             The line will ‘walk’ so
                                         pass a ball over their head then the next                         make sure there is
                                         person passes it under their legs and so on.                      enough at the front and
                                         When the ball reaches the last person the                         keep moving players
                                         last person runs to the front and starts                          down.
                                         again. The game ends when everyone has
                                         been to the front. Can be made competitive
                                         by doing it in teams.
Side to side        Warm up              As above but the ball is passed round the        Ball             As above
                                         side of each player.
Relays              Warm up activity,     Straight running race to a cone and back       Various e.g.     Define boundaries / end
                    competition, lots of  Include obstacles such as going through a      cones, balls,    points, make sure there
                    people in limited        hoop or over a bench                         bean bags,       is plenty of room
                    space                 Balance a bean bag on their head, no           hockey sticks,   between teams, only 1
                                             holding it in place, start again if they     hoops            person from each team
                                             drop it                                                       should be running at
                                          Skill practice – e.g. dribble a football                        any time
                                             round cones, hockey dribbling, bounce a
                                             ball etc
                                          For very energetic kids – number 1 runs
                                             round the cone and back then number 1
                                             and 2 run there and back, then number
                                             1,2 and 3 etc so the first person will run
                                             as many times as there are people in the
                                          Use your imagination!
Sharks and fishes   Warm up, fun, team 1 person is the shark and stands in the            None             Define the boundaries,
                    work                 middle of the hall / area. The other people                       ensure the shark is
                                         are fishes and stand at one end. When the                         gentle when catching
                                         shark shouts ‘swim’ the fish have to run past                     the fish (i.e. no
                                         the shark to the other end without being                          grabbing or hitting)
                                         tagged. If a fish is caught they become a
                                         shark and can help to catch the other fish.
                                        The last person to be caught starts as the
                                        shark in the next game.
Domes and          Good fun             Place plenty of marker cones on the floor –    Lots of          Very competitive!
dishes                                  half facing upwards (dishes) and half facing   marker cones     Spread the cones out as
                                        downwards (domes). Teams have one minute                        much as possible to
                                        to try and turn over as many cones as they                      avoid kids bumping into
                                        can – one team makes domes the other                            each other, be very
                                        makes dishes. At the end count up who has                       strict with stopping
                                        most.                                                           signal (kids will try to
                                                                                                        cheat and continue
                                                                                                        turning cones!)
Robbing the nest   Fun, team work,      Split group into equal teams and spread        Cones or balls   Very competitive!
                   skill practice       teams around the hall / space. Place lots of   or bean bags     Referee may need to be
                                        balls, bean bags, cones whatever in the                         very strict and add
                                        centre area. When the whistle is blown one                      extra rules. Watch out
                                        person from each team runs to take an item                      for loose equipment on
                                        from the middle and returns to the team so                      the floor
                                        the next person can go. When all the items
                                        have been taken the game stops and each
                                        team counts how many they have. Only one
                                        item can be taken at once.
                                        Progression – as above but when the items
                                        have all been taken from the centre teams
                                        can rob each other’s nests for one minute.
Circle and hoop    Cooperative game     Everyone stands in a circle and holds hands.   Large hoop       Be aware if anyone is
                                        A large hoop should be placed somewhere                         wearing large earrings
                                        around the circle within the link (so the                       or jewellery items that
                                        hoop could only be removed by someone                           the hoop could get
                                        letting go of hands). The hoop is passed                        caught on, or bulky
                                        around the circle by people stepping through                    items of clothing
                                        it, no hands allowed!
Ball passing       Cooperative / team   Everyone stands in a close circle and passes   Ball             Encourage sensible
                   work game            the ball around the circle as fast as they                      behaviour – adding a
                                        can. Everyone must touch the ball. Can be                       competitive edge can
                                        made competitive by splitting into 2 circles                    make people rush and
                                        and racing each other                                           get silly.
Bench game         Cooperative / ice   Everyone stands randomly on a gym bench.         Gym bench       Watch for people falling
                   breaker activity    They have to re-arrange themselves                               off, no shoving or
                                       according to names (alphabetical order),                         pushing, some people
                                       birthdays, height etc without stepping off                       may feel uncomfortable
                                       the bench                                                        being in such close
                                                                                                        proximity to strangers
Human knot         Cooperative game    Everyone stands in a circle and puts out         None            Be aware of hands and
                                       their right hand, they hold someone else’s                       arms at funny angles!
                                       hand. Do the same with the left hand making                      Do not force anything,
                                       sure it’s a different person to the first. You                   hand holds can be
                                       are now in a big tangle! By working together                     adjusted but not let go.
                                       stepping over, going under, turning round                        Beware of personal
                                       untangle to make a continuous circle.                            space issues
                                       Progression – attempt to do without
Blind fold trail   Communication       Working in pairs, one partner is blindfolded.    Blind folds,    Do not make the trail
                                       The other partner holds onto the blind           cones,          too complicated. Make
                                       persons elbow and guides them round a trail      benches etc     sure the guide partner
                                       / obstacle course. They should give good         for obstacle    is going at an
                                       specific instructions.                           trail           appropriate speed and
                                       Progression – No talking allowed, use body                       gives proper instruction
                                       language and movement to guide your                              / warning of obstacles
Drawing partners   Communication       Working in pairs sat back to back. Number 1      Pens and        Excellent for enforcing
                                       draws a picture / diagram. They then have        paper           the need to be specific
                                       to give instructions to their partner to                         when giving
                                       enable them to draw the same picture. No                         instructions!
                                       looking! No names of articles can be used to
                                       describe the picture e.g. you cannot say
                                       draw a table, you can only use shapes and
                                       sizes to describe. Compare pictures  Swap
Line tag           Warm up             Tag game using the line markings on a hall       Line markings   No running. Gentle
                                       floor. One or 2 people are ‘it’ and try to tag   on hall floor   tags, no hitting
                                       the other players. Only allowed to move
                                       along the lines and cannot jump lines, only
                                  change lines where there is an intersection
Jelly beans      Warm up          Kids run round and leader shouts out the          None
                                  following commands randomly:
                                  Jelly beans (shake whole body)
                                  Broad beans (stand with arms and legs
                                  Runner beans (run around)
                                  Jumping beans (jump up and down)
                                  French beans (make moustache with index
                                  fingers and say ooh la la!)
                                  Baked beans (crouch down in a ball)
                                  Any other beans you can think of!
Traffic lights   Warm up          Put green cones at one end of hall, red           Green, yellow   Leave space between
(Version 1)                       cones at the other end and yellow cones in        and red cones   the cones and the walls
                                  the middle. Shout any of the 3 colours and                        so people don’t crash
                                  the kids have to run that area.
                                  Progression - start to get kids out if they get
                                  it wrong or are too slow.
Traffic lights   Warm up, skill   Give a command for each colour e.g. green –       Green, yellow   Make sure there is
(version 2)      practice         run around, yellow – jump up and down, red        and red         enough room for what
                                  – stop. Shout out the commands randomly.          cones. Sports   you are doing and the
                                  Can be used as skill practice for different       balls /         number of people
                                  sports e.g. green – dribble football, yellow –    equipment
                                  stop ball and turn around, red – pass to
                                  another player and so on.
                                  Progression – instead of shouting out the
                                  commands hold up a coloured cone. This will
                                  make the kids keep their head up and
                                  concentrate more
Colours, numbers Warm up,         Lay out 3 lines of cones, each line a             Coloured        Leave plenty of space
and countries    concentration    different colour. Split the participants so       cones           between lines. Make
                                  there is roughly the same amount on each                          sure the participants
                                  line. Shout out 2 of the colours. Participants                    are spread along the
                                  on these colours swap places.                                     line and watch out for
                                  Progression – add a number to each of the                         bumping into each
                                  colours so for example, red and 1, blue and                       other.
                                  2, green and 3. Now shout out a combination
                                  of colours and numbers to swap places
                                  Progression – add the name of a country to
                                  each line so for example, red, 1 and India,
                                  blue, 2 and Britain, Green, 3 and Russia.
                                  Shout out a combination of any colour,
                                  number or country.
Side lines       Warm up,         Similar to above. Use cones of 2 different       Cones of 2      Good game for
                 concentration    colours. Make 2 lines parallel to each other     different       concentration as
                                  (about 2 metres apart), alternating cone         colours         participants cannot just
                                  colours. Line the participants up behind                         follow each other.
                                  each other between the 2 lines. For                              Leave plenty of room
                                  example, the first participant should be                         between participants.
                                  lined up with a red cone to their left and a
                                  yellow cone to their right, the second
                                  participant would have the colours the
                                  opposite way round and so on. Shout out
                                  varying commands of red, yellow, left or
                                  right and the participants have to move
                                  either way to touch the relevant line.
French cricket   Fun game, team   Group stands in a circle, fairly close           Cricket bat     Make sure the bowlers
                 work             together. 1 person stands in the centre with     and a soft ball are not stood too close
                                  a cricket bat; their legs are the wickets.                       to the batter. Use a soft
                                  People round the outside bowl a ball at the                      ball so the batter
                                  person in the middle trying to hit the batters                   doesn’t get hurt. Bowl
                                  legs. Bowlers can pass the ball between each                     under arm only keeping
                                  other to get the best angle. The batter                          the ball low. Make sure
                                  protects their legs by using the bat to hit                      all the people in the
                                  away the ball; if their legs are hit they are                    circle get a fair turn at
                                  out and the next person bats.                                    bowling and batting.
Kwik (Quick)     Fun game         Number all the participants in sequence.         Stumps or       Be aware of ability
Cricket                           Number 1 bats first, 2 is the wicket keeper      similar, 2      level and adjust the
                                  and 3 can be bowler (depending on group it       cones, 1 ball   game accordingly. If
                                  might be better for the leader to bowl). The     and 1 bat       indoors the ball must be
                                  batter must run whether they hit the ball or                     caught with one hand if
                                  not (this can be altered to must run only                        it comes off a wall.
                                         when they hit the ball). The batter keeps
                                         their own score – to the cone and back is 1
                                         run. They can be caught out or bowled out.
                                         Can’t be out on their first go. Rotate players
                                         so each takes a turn at wicket keeping (and
Non-stop cricket   Fun game. Useful if   Similar to above but the group is split into 2   Stumps or        Be aware of ability
                   there are lots of     teams. The batting team sit on a bench or        similar, 2       level and adjust the
                   participants          the floor to the side and behind the stumps.     cones, 1 ball    game accordingly. If
                                         The batter can be got out same as above but      and 1 bat        indoors the ball must be
                                         as soon as they are out the next batter must                      caught with one hand if
                                         take their place, as the bowler does not stop                     it comes off a wall.
                                         bowling. Teams swap roles when all the
                                         batting team is out.
Cats in the        Warm up               Set out a relatively small square area and       Soft ball and    The ball must be aimed
corner                                   section off the four corners. 1 person is on     means of         lower than chest
                                         and stands in the middle with a large soft       sectioning off   height. Use a soft ball
                                         ball. The other players stand in any of the      areas (e.g.      and no throwing too
                                         corner areas. When the ‘it’ player shouts        cones or use     hard. Make the area a
                                         ‘cats in the corner’ everyone has to move to     line markings)   suitable size for number
                                         a different corner while the ‘it’ person tries                    in the group
                                         to hit them with the ball. If someone is hit
                                         they can either lose a life or swap with the
                                         person in the middle.
Balloon            Skill practice and    Group split evenly. Have 1 or 2 large mats       Mats, gym        Ensure enough space is
volleyball         development           (or enough individual mats for each person)      bench,           allowed for the number
                                         on both sides of a gym bench. The players sit    balloons,        of players. If
                                         or kneel on the mats and use a balloon           (volleyball      progressing onto proper
                                         instead of a ball. Base the game on              net and          volleyball try to show
                                         volleyball and add rules or adapt when           volleyball)      correct technique for
                                         necessary.                                                        hitting the ball
                                         Progression – build up to a full game of
                                         volleyball with a proper ball
Run around         Skill practice        Can be done for badminton, tennis or table       Enough           Make sure there are no
                                         tennis. Players line up behind each other,       rackets or       obstacles or
                                         roughly same number on each side of the          bats for each    obstructions at either
                                          net. First player hits the shuttle cock over to   player.          side / edge of the net
                                          the player on the other side then runs anti-      Relevant         or table for when
                                          clockwise round to the other side and joins       equipment        players are running
                                          the back of the queue. Each player can only       depending on     round. All players must
                                          hit the shuttle once before running round.        sport            run in an anti-clockwise
                                          Progression – If a player misses or sends the                      direction. When players
                                          shuttle out of play they are out. As the                           are out they must
                                          number gets fewer, players have to run                             remain out of the way.
                                          faster until there are 2 players left. The
                                          final 2 players play for a winning point.
Team gates         Fun, skill practice.   Can be used for hockey, football or               Cones, bibs,     Referee needs to watch
                   Useful for a large     basketball. Split into equal teams. Each          ball and any     carefully and stop any
                   number of              team should be given a goal line with goal        other relevant   play that gets too
                   participants in        markers. The team stands linking arms on          equipment        enthusiastic. If playing
                   limited space          their line and must not come off it. Team         depending on     hockey ensure that
                                          members should be numbered. Place a ball          sport            hockey sticks are not
                                          (and 1 hockey stick for each team) in the                          raised above knee
                                          middle of the area. Call out a number; that                        height.
                                          number for each team comes out to the                              If play is going on too
                                          middle and tries to score a goal in any goal                       long impose a time
                                          apart from their own. When a goal is scored                        limit.
                                          players return to their team, whichever
                                          team scores gets 1 point.
Circuit stations   Fun, skill practice.   Either make up the stations yourself or give      Random bits      If you are doing a
                   Useful for a large     bits of equipment to the participants and get     of equipment;    fitness circuit make
                   number of              them to come up with something.                   use what’s       sure the participants
                   participants in        Could be as simple as seeing how many times       available.       have a good warm up
                   limited space.         you can bounce a ball on a bat. Use your          Mats, cones      before starting or start
                   Improve fitness        imagination!                                                       with gentle circuits. To
                                          Fitness circuits could include star jumps,                         progress you can
                                          step ups, push ups, skipping etc                                   gradually increase the
                                                                                                             time spent at each
Parachute games    Good fun. Can also     As a warm up you can tell a story about           Parachute,       Cat and mouse should
                   be used to keep        going out to sea in a ship. Start in the calm     balls, bean      be played with care.
                   group in confined      harbour and gradually get further out to sea      bags             Participants should
              space               with maybe a big storm – i.e. start shaking/               remove their shoes.
                                  waving the parachute gently and gradually                  Make sure the cat is
                                  build up.                                                  reasonably gentle and
                                  Mushrooming – has to be a coordinated                      only crawls rather than
                                  effort of taking the parachute really low and              stands.
                                  then lifting above everyone’s head. Tell                   The ‘shark’ should also
                                  people to swap places, for example if they                 tug at peoples feet
                                  have blonde hair, if they have brothers or                 gently.
                                  sisters etc.
                                  Cat and Mouse – one person goes under the
                                  parachute (the mouse) and one person
                                  crawls on top of the parachute (the cat).
                                  The people holding the parachute wave it so
                                  that it is difficult to make out the mouse.
                                  The cat has to try and catch the mouse.
                                  Sharks – one person crawls under the
                                  parachute and everyone else sits round the
                                  edge with their feet and legs under the
                                  parachute. The shark goes round and tugs at
                                  people’s feet – the person the shark ‘eats’
                                  screams and disappears under the parachute
                                  and becomes another shark.
                                  Ball games – Place 1 large ball on the
                                  parachute and work as a team to roll the
                                  ball around the edge of the parachute.
                                  Use a few balls and try to knock them off by
                                  shaking the parachute (could also use bean
Fruit salad   Fun game, not       Either sat on chairs or stood at a marker       Cones or   Watch out for people
              much space needed   cone in a circle. Give each participant the     chairs     bumping into each
                                  name of a fruit, e.g. apple, pear, banana.                 other.
                                  One person should be stood in the middle.                  Can use other
                                  Call out one of the fruits, those people have              categories
                                  to swap places and the person in the middle
                                  has to try to get one of the places leaving
                                  someone else in the middle instead. If you
                                          shout fruit salad everyone has to swap
Fruit Basket        Fun game, not         Place coloured cones around the room and         Different       Ensure plenty of space
                    much space needed     give them a name of a fruit (red cone =          coloured        between cones
                                          strawberry, green = apple etc). Shout out        cones
                                          commands such as skip to the apple, hop to
                                          the strawberry
Frogs and lily      Fun game,             Place enough cones around the room for one       Cones or        Don’t let the game drag
pads                energetic             each, these are lily pads. The kids are frogs    hoops           out too long – there will
                                          and have to hop / jump around. When you                          be a lot of kids ‘out’
                                          shout ‘stop’ each frog has to find a lily pad.                   early on.
                                          Take 1 or 2 lily pads away each time until
                                          there is only 1 left. Frogs who don’t get to a
                                          lily pad are out
Heads,              Coordination, speed   2 lines of kids, (about a metre apart) each      Small           Watch out for bumping
shoulders, knees                          child should be facing a partner. Place a ball   equipment       heads!
and toes                                  / cone / bean bag etc in front of each           e.g. ball,
                                          child’s feet. Leader does the actions and        bean bag,
                                          words of head shoulders knees and toes, at       cone, rubber
                                          some point they say the magic word (e.g          ring (enough
                                          Scooby doo) and each kid has to try and pick     for one each)
                                          up their object before their partner
CD Player           Warm up               Shout out following commands:                    No equipment    Tell kids to beware of
                                          Play = walk                                                      where they are going
                                          Pause = stop / stand still                                       when running
                                          Fast forward = run forwards                                      backwards
                                          Rewind = run backwards
                                          Eject = jump up and down

Head it, catch it   Coordination and      Kids should be in circle or horseshoe. Stand     Large soft ball Try to make accurate
                    concentration         in the middle and throw a ball to individuals                    throws and be careful if
                                          giving the command ‘head it’ or ‘catch it’. If                   anybody is wearing
                                          they get it wrong they lose a life (or are                       glasses
                                          out). Progression: do the opposite of the
                                          command, e.g. if you say ‘head it’ they
                                          should catch it etc
Catch it, clap    Coordination and   Similar to above but without heading. Each      Any ball
                  concentration      person has to clap before catching ball. If
                                     they forget or clap without the ball being
                                     passed to them then they lose a life or are
Rhythm game       Concentration,     Sitting in circle. One person leaves the room   No equipment   The person must keep
                  observation        and another is chosen to be the rhythm                         changing the rhythm so
                                     setter. They choose to clap or click their                     the guesser has chance
                                     fingers etc and everybody in the circle must                   of working out who it is
                                     follow. They should change the rhythm
                                     frequently and when the person returns to
                                     the room they must guess who is the leader.
Captains coming   Warm up, fun       Shout out various commands                      No equipment   Beware of space
                                     Captains coming = everybody stands to
                                     attention and gives captain salute
                                     Climb the rigging = pretend to climb the
                                     ropes / nets
                                     Scrub the decks = bend down and pretend to
                                     scrub the floor
                                     Port = run to the left side of hall
                                     Starboard = run to the right side of hall
                                     Captains ball = find a partner and start
                                     Lifejacket = find a partner, stand back to
                                     back and link arms
                                     Starfish = stand like a starfish
                                     Any others!
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